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«Illustrative Bibliography, Information and Intrigue and Related Volumes, Nov., 2016 **This bibliography contains some of the more important and more ...»

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**A Note on Citations for the Information and Intrigue, Noel Field and The Left’s Odysseys,

and Information Goes to War volumes**

Because of number-of-pages limitations, we decided to limit the number and length of citations

and endnotes in the text and to employ as many space-saving formats as possible. If we used

traditional approaches to citing and using notes, the texts would have been unbearably long.

However, despite the citing parsimony we feel that readers will be more than adequately pointed to evidence and sources.

Illustrative Bibliography, Information and Intrigue and Related Volumes, Nov., 2016 **This bibliography contains some of the more important and more readily available secondary works used in the project. For the primary documents and their sources, see the texts.** Copyright, Colin Burke, 2010 Abbott, Andrew, “Library Research Infrastructure for Humanistic and Social Scientific Scholarship in the Twentieth Century”, in, Charles Camic, et al. (eds.), Social Knowledge in the Making (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2011), 43-87.

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