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«Fees and Financial Information 2016-17 What matters at Chetham’s is musical potential, not background or ability to pay - around 90% of students ...»

Chetham’s School of Music

Long Millgate


M3 1SB


Head: Mr Alun Jones

Bursar: Mrs Sarah Newman

Chair of Governors: Dame Sandra Burslem

Fees and Financial Information


What matters at Chetham’s is musical potential, not background or ability

to pay - around 90% of students receive up to full funding through the

Department for Education (DfE). This is made possible by the

Government's Music & Dance Scheme, designed to enable young, talented musicians and dancers to receive full time education and training at a specialist school irrespective of parents' financial means.

This guide sets out most of the information families will need when considering applying for a place at Chetham’s. If you have further questions, please contact the Bursar, Mrs Sarah Newman, via her PA, Mrs Joan Grimes, on 0161 838 7211.

Full table of fees from 1 September 2016 Students £ per annum £ per term Day Fee 24,573 8,191 Boarding Fee 31,713 10,571 Chorister Fee £ per annum £ per term Day Student Fee 9,480 3,160 Additional costs (if applicable) £GBP Acceptance Fee 60 Deposit 300 Assessment/Audition 30 Extra Instrument Tuition (Third Study) 690 per annum (230 per term) Overnight Stay 30 per night Parents’ annual contribution to fees 2016/17 for Music and Dance Scheme aided students (not choristers) Relevant Income (£ per One Aided day student One Aided boarding annum) (£ per annum) student (£ per annum) 10,000 0 0 20,000 414 597 30,000 1,413 1,758 40,000 2,412 3,189 50,000 3,462 4,833 60,000 4,812 6,633 70,000 6,264 8,487 80,000 7,764 10,410 90,000 9,264 12,411 100,000 10,764 14,412 110,000 12,264 16,410 120,000 13,764 18,411 130,000 15,264 20,412 140,000 16,764 22,410 150,000 18,264 24,411 160,000 19,764 26,412 170,000 21,264 28,410 180,000 22,764 30,411

–  –  –

Am I eligible for a place on the Schem e?

To be eligible for a place on the Music & Dance Scheme, students must have been resident in the UK for at least two years preceding the first of January of the year in which the place at Chetham's is being taken up.

Special rules apply to European Union students and UK citizens living abroad.

How m uch financial assistance am I eligible for?

If family income is below £12,600 per annum then all School fees will be paid by a grant from the DfE. If family income is above £12,600 pa (for boarding students) or £15,900 pa (for day students) then parental contributions will be based on a means-tested sliding scale. Parental contributions will be adjusted each year based on changes in family income and increases in School fees.

W hat's the annual procedure?

Annually (in June), parents complete a declaration of income. This includes all family gross income, excluding some non-taxable, benefit-type income such as child benefit, mobility allowance etc. The Bursar, on behalf of the DfE, then calculates the total family income and determines the amount of fees to be paid by parents.

O ther assistance If parents are receiving a full grant, the DfE also offers support towards the cost of uniforms. If students live more than three miles from the School then support towards public transport costs at the beginning and end of term might also be available.

Further financial assistance sources might include:

Local Education Authorities • Charitable Trusts - local libraries are normally a good source of • names of Trusts Musicians Benevolent Fund • Chetham’s has a Bursary Fund, which may be able to provide • financial support to parents in cases of extreme hardship Fee paying students Some students, normally those who have been living overseas, may not be eligible for financial assistance through the Music and Dance Scheme.

These students are classed as fee payers. The School has a small amount of Bursary funding available to help support these students and decisions are made each summer regarding who the School is able to support for the following year and how much funding those students will receive. Bursary funding can range from £1,000 for the year up to full fee remission (ie all fees paid by the School).

Details of fees are available from the Bursar and overseas parents are strongly advised to contact her early in the application process.

Choristers Choristers are admitted under a special scheme whereby they receive a grant (currently £5,000 p.a.) from Manchester Cathedral, and parents fund the balance. Parents deal directly with the Cathedral on financial matters but ultimately it is the parents who are responsible for paying the School fees. Choristers are specifically excluded from the Music & Dance Scheme though there is nothing to prevent a former Chorister who passes the mandatory audition subsequently joining the Scheme and continuing to study at Chetham’s.

Acceptance & deposit fee

When a place is accepted, a £60 acceptance fee is payable. This is nonrefundable and covers administration costs. When a student starts at Chetham’s, a deposit of £300 will be added to the first invoice. This will be returned to the parents when the student leaves, subject to all charges being paid. This deposit will be charged to all parents, regardless of income.

General School fees and parental grants are revised as of September each year by the Department for Education. The School acknowledges that some parents may like to pay their school fees monthly. There is a facility provided by the School Fee Plan which may be of interest.

Find out more about at m yschoolfreeplan.com Finance – Frequently Asked Questions Is m y child entitled to a grant from the M usic and Dance Schem e?

If your child is aged between 8 and 18, and has lived in the UK for the prescribed period of time, then they should be eligible for a grant. For the academic year 2016/17, the prescribed period of residence in the UK (including the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man) is from 1st January 2014 to 31st December 2015.

M y child has a UK passport but w e live abroad. W hat happens in this circum stance?

The School would look at the circumstances around your child’s residential status and a grant may or may not be offered. Please contact the Bursar for more information.

M y child has an EU passport. Can w e apply for an M DS grant?

EU students who are aged 16 or over who have lived in the EU for a 3-year period preceding their start date at the School should be eligible for a tuition-only means-tested grant. The boarding fees (£7,140 for 2016/17) are not covered by this grant.

We do not yet have any information as to the impact of the UK leaving the EU on overseas students. As soon as we have any guidance we will share it on the School website and directly with current students who may be affected.

M y child lives outside the EU and has a non-EU passport. W ill he/she be eligible for an M DS grant?

No. Your child would be classed as a fee-payer student. 2016/17 fees for fee-paying students are £31,713 pa (boarding), £24,573 pa (tuition only). Once a student fulfils the residence criterion then he or she will be offered an MDS grant.

How m uch w ill w e have to pay, assum ing our son/daughter w ill be offered a grant under the M usic and Dance Schem e?

It depends on your family income. The table at the beginning of this guide gives an indication of how much should be payable by parents, based on their “Relevant Income”.

W hat is included in “Relevant Incom e”?

Relevant Income includes the gross income received (and receivable) by parents and is normally based on the previous tax year’s figures (for example, for the academic year 2016/17 Relevant Income will be normally based on income for the tax year 2015/16). It includes, amongst other things, salaries, self-employed earnings, capital gains and all unearned income such as rent, interest and dividends. It also includes any unearned income of the children in the family. Amounts sacrificed under Salary Sacrifice Schemes must also be included, as must maintenance payable under court orders, CSA arrangements or formal separation agreements. Capital assets such as savings or property are not included but any income generated from those assets (interest, rent etc) is included.

W hat m ight w e have to pay for, on top of the School fees?

Extra charges, which are invoiced in arrears, may include items such as third study instrumental tuition, music scores, discos, non-uniform day donations, instrument repairs, weekend trips out, taxi fares, concerts/theatre trips, lost property/lost workbooks, damage repairs.

Do w e get an allow ance for our other children w hen the fees are being calculated?

Yes, for the MDS Scheme an allowance is made for all other dependent children. This allowance is deducted from Relevant Income before the level of fees payable is calculated.

O ur other child goes to another independent school and w e have to pay for their school fees. Can this be taken into account w hen the fees are being calculated?

No. The Government’s stance is that parents are entitled to make choices as to how they spend their income but this cannot be taken into account for the Music and Dance Scheme. The School takes the same stance for students who are classed as fee payers.

I have a very large m ortgage. Can this be taken into account w hen the fees are being calculated?

No. The Government’s stance is that parents are entitled to make choices as to how they spend their income but this cannot be taken into account for the Music and Dance Scheme. The School takes the same stance for students who are classed as fee payers.

Does Chetham ’s give any bursaries or scholarships?

Chetham’s has a Bursary Fund which is used to support students who otherwise would not be able to attend the School. Bursaries are not given to students who receive grants from the MDS Scheme. Bursaries are based solely on financial criteria. The School does not award Scholarships.

Can I pay fees in instalm ents?

Parents can pay by monthly instalment, using the services of School Fee Plan, an independent company that runs a school fee payment plan service. Chetham’s itself cannot offer payment by instalments. Please inform the School’s Finance Officer if you wish to use this service.

W hen do I have to pay the fees?

Bills are issued in September for the Autumn term, January for the Spring term and March/April for the Summer term. Bills are payable in full within 2 weeks of issue.

Can I pay the fees by credit or debit card?

The School accepts payment by cheque or bank transfer only. Cash payments, debit and credit card payments cannot be accepted.

How m uch pocket m oney should a student have?

The School cannot recommend any particular amount of pocket money as all students’ needs and family circumstances are different.

W hat is the £50 Account Schem e?

This is a Scheme whereby parents lodge an amount of £50 per term with the School and the student can then, with permission from the Boarding House, withdraw amounts up to £50 during that term. Juniors and students in years 7 to 11 can be included in this Scheme.

If m y child has to leave Chetham ’s suddenly, w hat happens about fees?

Parents are required to give a full term’s notice in writing to the Head if a student is going to leave the School at any time other than at the end of the Upper Sixth form year. If this notice is not given then a full term’s fees in lieu will be charged. Parents should note that the MDS grant is not payable if a student has left the School and so the full term’s fees are not means-tested and for a boarding student would be £10,571 and for a day student £8,191 (2016/17).

Is the Deposit included in the fees?

No, the Deposit is a separate item and is charged as an extra to all parents. It is a refundable amount that is added to the first bill and returned when a student leaves the School, subject to all charges being cleared.

M y incom e has fallen unexpectedly. Can the fees be adjusted?

If there is a significant fall in family income from one tax year to the next, then there is the possibility that the fees can be adjusted. There are more details about this in the Music and Dance Scheme Notes for Parents (see section on Change of Circumstances) which are issued annually to parents on the Scheme.

I’ve just received m y bill and I can’t pay. W hat can I do?

We would ask that parents have emergency plans for times such as these. It is crucial for the School that parents pay their bills on time and in full. If parents are concerned that they may have difficulties during the year in meeting their obligations to the School then they should consider using School Fee Plan, which allows payment by instalments.

Is Chetham ’s part of the Assisted Instrum ent Purchase Schem e?

No, as an independent school, Chetham’s is not part of this Scheme.

I’d like to pay the fees but I have lost the School’s bank details, w hat should I do?

Please contact the School’s Finance Officer.

You’ve notified m e that w e have been aw arded a travel grant from the M usic and Dance Schem e. W hen w ill I receive the m oney?

The travel grant is an annual award and is given as a credit on the termly bill. For example, a travel grant has been awarded for £300, so £100 would be credited against each termly bill. If the travel grant is more than the amount that is owed for other items then the School will issue a cheque for the balance to the parents on request.

You’ve notified m e that w e have been aw arded a uniform grant from the M usic and Dance Schem e. W hen w ill I receive the m oney?

Parents will be notified that they have been awarded a uniform grant when they are sent notification about the fees. Parents should provide receipts for the uniform that has been purchased and the relevant amount, up to the total of the grant, will be credited to their next bill. For example, if receipts are sent to School in September, the credit will be put onto the January bill.

I have a query about m y bill. W ho should I contact?

Please contact the School’s Finance Officer via the main reception desk, 0161 834 9644.

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