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«W elcome to the ninth Early-Stage Life Sciences Technology Conference – our annual showcase for platform technologies and recently formed companies ...»

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April 9, 2013

W elcome to the ninth Early-Stage Life Sciences Technology Conference – our annual

showcase for platform technologies and recently formed companies that are based on

research at Massachusetts research institutions, hospitals and universities.

The Conference continues to be one of the most important events organized by the Massachu-

setts Technology Transfer Center (MTTC) and the Massachusetts Association for Technology

Transfer Offices (MATTO). The program is designed to provide an introduction for the invest- ment and corporate community to some of the earliest stage life-science start-ups as well as a review of some available platform technologies that are in the process of spinning-out of local institutions.

The interaction of our research community, biotech and biomed firms, as well as the investment community makes Massachusetts the most vibrant life sciences community in the world. This conference highlights technologies that are emerging from the research labs and are the build- ing blocks for new companies and products. Today’s presenters will describe to you a broad range of discoveries that could each make a significant difference in healthcare.

We again feature a large number of presenting companies and researchers. The high quality of our applicant pool represents the robustness of the Massachusetts Life Sciences Cluster.

We hope you enjoy today’s program. Please stay for this evening’s closing networking reception that will include poster presentations of all our pitching companies and several additional tech- nologies and will allow all attendees the opportunity to meet individually with our researchers and entrepreneurs.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Merck for hosting our event this year and our heartfelt thanks to Nutter for their sponsorship.

Dr. Abigail A. Barrow, Director, Massachusetts Technology Transfer Center The 9th Annual Early Stage Life Sciences Conference ii April 9, 2013 Merck Research Laboratories ∙ Boston, MA Table of Contents Conference Agenda

Sponsor, Affiliates & Organizer


Nonprofit Affiliates


MALSI 2013, Boston

International Cancer Cluster Showcase – BIO2013

Presenter Profiles

About the Investor Pitches

Acceleration BioPharmaceuticals, Inc.


Amorphex Therapeutics, LLC


Cellanyx Diagnostics

CONTINUUS Pharmaceuticals

Guided Surgery Solutions, LLC


Nano MDx, Inc.

Oasis Pharmaceuticals

Primatope Therapeutics, Inc

Roundhouse Therapeutics, Inc

Sialix, Inc.

Vaxess Technologies, Inc.

Additional Exhibitor Profiles


Calista Therapeutics, Inc

NeuroFieldz, Inc.

Quad Technologies, LLC

Synubi Pharmaceuticals

Tufts Medical Center

Tufts University

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Sponsor, Affiliates & Organizer Sponsor

Nutter McClennen & Fish LLP Nonprofit Affiliates

Massachusetts Biotechnology Council MassChallenge Massachusetts Life Scences Center Massachusetts Medical Angels Organizer

The Massachusetts Technology Transfer Center MALSI 2013, Boston

International Cancer Cluster Showcase – BIO2013

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Sponsor Helping life sciences companies realize value from innovation.

Nutter’s Life Sciences Group has a long track record of working with clients in the life sciences industry throughout the product and enterprise lifecycle. With an understanding of science and

technology and a business savvy approach, our interdisciplinary team provides legal services in:

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Non-profit affiliate The Massachusetts Biotechnology Council is an association of more than 600 biotechnology companies, universities, academic institutions and other organizations dedicated to advancing cutting edge research. We are the leading advocate for the Bay State’s world premier life science cluster. We drive innovation by creating a forum for the biotechnology community to come together. We work to educate policy makers and the general public on the life-changing work biotech companies do every day. Our efforts help influence public policy and advance the economic interests of individual companies as well as the sector as a whole.

Networking & Professional Development We bring members together to discuss relevant business and scientific issues and share their experiences through members-only committee meetings and networking events. These gatherings allow our members to discuss and share their experiences, ideas and advice about the numerous issues and challenges that life science companies face every day. MassBio, through MassBioEd, also offers workforce development courses and training programs for those looking to learn more about specific disciplines within the industry.

Access to Capital & Fostering Innovation With our Innovation Services arm, MassBio is focused on matching our member companies with the resources they need to move cutting-edge therapies from the bench to the bedside. Programs like our Pharma Days series provide a venue for leaders from burgeoning biotech companies to hear about the vision of larger biotech and pharmaceutical companies, venture firms, and nondilutive funding sources, and to make connections that may become successful collaborations or strategic partnerships. MassCONNECT links new entrepreneurs with seasoned biotechnology professionals to provide industry expertise, evaluation, and guidance as a means to help commercialize new ideas. The MassBio Innovation Exchange is a web-based search & evaluation portal designed to accelerate commercialization and make industry business development efforts more effective and efficient.

Purchasing Power By aggregating the purchasing power of the members companies within MassBio, the Purchasing Consortium allows members to have a strong presence in the marketplace and benefit from discounts and top notch customer service. Current Purchasing Consortium contracts allow MassBio members to access savings in key cost centers, including laboratory supplies, office supplies, shipping, waste removal, packaged and bulk gases, instrument maintenance, energy and mobile communications support.

Public Policy & Advocacy Biotechnology is a complex, highly regulated industry. At MassBio, we work to educate policy makers and the public about the specific needs of our companies as they push the boundaries of science to improve our lives. As the state’s leading advocate for our life sciences super cluster, we fight for public policy initiatives and tax incentives in Massachusetts that will enable biotechnology companies to do their best work. At the same time, we maintain an active presence in Washington to help guide federal legislation.

Economic Development & Industry Data MassBio provides expert advice and guidance to help companies find suitable locations and resources as they move to and grow in the Bay State. With initiatives like the BioReady™ Communities Campaign, which rates a municipality’s zoning practices and infrastructure capacity for biotech development, we make Massachusetts a better place for your business. We also collect and disseminate current industry statistics, including employment and VC investment data.

MassBio Signature Events We bring together the various components of the life sciences supercluster through several compelling conferences and programs developed around the needs of our members. These events are opportunities for networking, educating and moving the industry forward. Annual events include the Policy Leadership Breakfast, the MassBio Annual Meeting and the MA CRO/CMO Symposium.

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Organizer The Massachusetts Technology Transfer Center is funded by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Its goal is to support technology transfer activities from public and private research institutions to companies in Massachusetts. To achieve this goal, the Center works with technology transfer offices at Massachusetts research institutions; faculty, researchers, and students who have commercially promising ideas;

and companies across the Commonwealth.


The Center:

• facilitates and accelerates technology transfer between research institutions and Massachusetts companies;

• promotes collaboration between research institutions and the Commonwealth’s technology industry;

• assists in the growth of Massachusetts companies, including startups, by enhancing technological leadership; and

• supports regional and statewide economic development priorities.


The Center supports the commercialization of research technologies through a variety of programs:

The Center provides mentoring to researchers who believe they have a technology that could serve as the basis of a new company. The process includes the development of a business presentation for an expert board of external reviewers.

Commercialization and Entrepreneurial Education seminars and workshops enable researchers to understand the process of commercializing technologies.

Expert technology reviews provide opportunities for Massachusetts research institutes to have external industry experts evaluate technologies and give advice regarding their commercial potential.

Technology Forums allow investors and potential corporate partners to meet with companies formed around technologies developed in Massachusetts research institutes.

–  –  –

The 6th Massachusetts Life Sciences Innovation (MALSI) Day is the biggest day for life sciences startups and innovation in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

This is a high-energy, hands-on event which brings together scientific leaders and business experts to mingle with scientists, post-docs, professors, entrepreneurs, innovators, and venture capitalists.

Business as Usual or Brave New World? Can we learn valuable lessons from life sciences start-up companies that have already been formed and funded? Or are life sciences entrepreneurs entering a “Brave New World” where their path to success is going to be completely different? Our speakers and panelists will consider the current status life sciences and what changes we should expect in the future. How will these changes impact basic research, technology commercialization, investment in new companies, and scientists’ careers?

Panels and Discussion Sessions will include:

Getting to First Base - our panel of CEOs will talk about how they raised new funding  in the last 12 months 7 habits of extraordinary life sciences companies - what habits have made some start ups successful in the past and will these traits still be relevant in the future What will the Academic-Industrial Complex look like in the next decade?

 Which business models will still be relevant in the next five years?

 You want to continue to have a career in science - but what will that be like  in academia or in industry What will the founding teams of start-ups look like - experienced teams or student  entrepreneurs The conference will feature Keynotes, Panels, Innovators' Marketplace, Networking Reception, and our “Brave New World” Poster Competition - great prizes for 3 best posters!


–  –  –

Presenter Profiles About the Investor Pitches

Acceleration BioPharmaceuticals, Inc.

Ralf Geiben Lynn, CEO and CSO Alnion

Steve Lerner, CEO Amorphex Therapeutics, LLC

Robert Thompson, President and CEO Biolom

Asanterabi Malima, CEO and Cofounder Cellanyx Diagnostics

Ashok Chander, CEO CONTINUUS Pharmaceuticals

Salvatore Mascia, Founder and President Guided Surgery Solutions, LLC

Jeremy Benedict, CEO MyoSyntax

Monty Montano, Founder Nano MDx, Inc.

Ranjit Prakash, CEO Oasis Pharmaceuticals

Athan Kuliopulos, CEO Primatope Therapeutics, Inc

Mark Tepper, Founding CEO Roundhouse Therapeutics, Inc

Frederick Jones, Founder and CEO Sialix, Inc.

Jeff Behrens, President and CEO Vaxess Technologies, Inc.

Michael Schrader, President and CEO

–  –  –

About the Investor Pitches Introduction The Massachusetts Technology Transfer Center hosts several conferences a year, each to showcase early stage entrepreneurs in a different technology or industry sector. The heart of each showcase is the ten-minute investor pitches given by selected entrepreneurs followed by a reception in an exhibit hall at which interested attendees can meet the entrepreneurs and network with other participants.

The pool of applicants to present has grown since our inaugural conference in 2005, so we have selected as broad a range as possible, from technologies still in the university laboratory to companies starting to sell product; from the most polished and experienced presenters to those who have never presented to the business community before; from the most cutting edge technology to established technologies that still support an innovative business model.

Business and Technology Maturity The mandate of the MTTC is to help entrepreneurs based in Massachusetts nonprofit research institutions to commercialize their technologies. Thus, we always give priority to applicants from our hospitals and universities. However, we are also working toward economic development in the state, so we welcome entrepreneurs already working in startup companies, giving preference to those who are collaborating with local institutions. Those who have already received significant venture capital are beyond the scope of this section of the conference.

A few presenters are alumni of prior Conferences. They are invited to participate only if they have significant business progress to incorporate into their investor presentation.

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