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«Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement January 2007 VOLUME 2 APPENDICES A - J Department of Defense Missile Defense Agency 7100 Defense Pentagon ...»

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Missile Defense Agency

Ballistic Missile Defense System (BMDS)

Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement

January 2007



Department of Defense

Missile Defense Agency

7100 Defense Pentagon

Washington, DC 20301-7100

Volume 2

Table of Contents



B.1 Scoping

B.2 Public Comment Period



D.1 Airborne Laser

D.2 Kinetic Energy Interceptor

D.3 AEGIS Ballistic Missile Defense

D.4 Ground-Based Midcourse Defense

D.5 Patriot Advanced Capability-3

D.6 Terminal High Altitude Area Defense

D.7 Arrow Weapon System

D.8 Medium Extended Air Defense System





H.1 Arctic Tundra Biome

H.1.1 Air Quality

H.1.2 Airspace

H.1.3 Biological Resources

H.1.4 Geology and Soils

H.1.5 Hazardous Materials and Hazardous Waste

H.1.6 Health and Safety

H.1.7 Noise

H.1.8 Transportation

H.1.9 Water Resources

H.2 Sub-Arctic Taiga Biome

H.2.1 Air Quality

H.2.2 Airspace

H.2.3 Biological Resources

H.2.4 Geology and Soils

H.2.5 Hazardous Materials and Hazardous Waste

H.2.6 Health and Safety

H.2.7 Noise

H.2.8 Transportation

H.2.9 Water Resources

H.3 Deciduous Forest Biome

H.3.1 Air Quality

i H.3.2 Airspace

H.3.3 Biological Resources

H.3.4 Geology and Soils

H.3.5 Hazardous Materials and Hazardous Waste

H.3.6 Health and Safety

H.3.7 Noise

H.3.8 Transportation

H.3.9 Water Resources

H.4 Chaparral Biome

H.4.1 Air Quality

H.4.2 Airspace

H.4.3 Biological Resources

H.4.4 Geology and Soils

H.4.5 Hazardous Materials and Hazardous Waste

H.4.6 Health and Safety

H.4.7 Noise

H.4.8 Transportation

H.4.9 Water Resources

H.5 Grasslands Biome

H.5.1 Air Quality

H.5.2 Airspace

H.5.3 Biological Resources

H.5.4 Geology and Soils

H.5.5 Hazardous Materials and Hazardous Waste

H.5.6 Health and Safety

H.5.7 Noise

H.5.8 Transportation

H.5.9 Water Resources

H.6 Desert Biome

H.6.1 Air Quality

H.6.2 Airspace

H.6.3 Biological Resources

H.6.4 Geology and Soils

H.6.5 Hazardous Materials and Hazardous Waste

H.6.6 Health and Safety

H.6.7 Noise

H.6.8 Transportation

H.6.9 Water Resources

H.7 Tropical Biome

H.7.1 Air Quality

H.7.2 Airspace

H.7.3 Biological Resources

H.7.4 Geology and Soils

ii H.7.5 Hazardous Materials and Hazardous Waste

H.7.6 Health and Safety

H.7.7 Noise

H.7.8 Transportation

H.7.9 Water Resources

H.8 Savanna Biome

H.8.1 Air Quality

H.8.2 Airspace

H.8.3 Biological Resources

H.8.4 Geology and Soils

H.8.5 Hazardous Materials and Hazardous Waste

H.8.6 Health and Safety

H.8.7 Noise

H.8.8 Transportation

H.8.9 Water Resources

H.9 Mountain Biome

H.9.1 Air Quality

H.9.2 Airspace

H.9.3 Biological Resources

H.9.4 Geology and Soils

H.9.5 Hazardous Materials and Hazardous Waste

H.9.6 Health and Safety

H.9.7 Noise

H.9.8 Transportation

H.9.9 Water Resources

H.10 Broad Ocean Area

H.10.1 Air Quality

H.10.2 Airspace

H.10.3 Biological Resources

H.10.4 Geology and Soils

H.10.5 Hazardous Materials and Hazardous Waste

H.10.6 Health and Safety

H.10.7 Noise

H.10.8 Transportation

H.10.9 Water Resources

H.11 Atmosphere

H.11.1 Air Quality

H.11.2 Airspace

H.11.3 Biological Resources

H.11.4 Orbital Debris




iii Table of Exhibits

Exhibit B-1. Notice of Intent

Exhibit B-2. Local and Regional Publications and Dates

Exhibit B-3. Scoping Meeting Notification List

Exhibit B-4. Example of Scoping Meeting Notification Letter

Exhibit B-5. Media Representatives Contacted

Exhibit B-6. Example of Scoping Meeting Press Release

Exhibit B-7. Public Scoping Meeting Attendees and Comments Provided.............. B-11 Exhibit B-8. Issues Addressed in Scoping Comments

Exhibit B-9. Scoping Comment Excerpts

Exhibit B-10. Notice of Availability for the Draft BMDS PEIS

Exhibit B-11. Local and Regional Publications and Dates for Public Hearing Announcements

Exhibit B-12. Draft BMDS PEIS Notification Letter

Exhibit B-13. Arlington, Virginia Public Hearing Transcripts

Exhibit B-14. Sacramento, California Public Hearing Transcripts

Exhibit B-15. Anchorage, Alaska Public Hearing Transcripts

Exhibit B-16. Honolulu, Hawaii Public Hearing Transcripts

Exhibit D-1. Airborne Laser

Exhibit D-2. Kinetic Energy Interceptor Terrestrial and Sea-Based Concepts.........D-10 Exhibit D-3. Aegis Cruiser USS LAKE ERIE

Exhibit D-4. COMSATCOM Earth Terminal

Exhibit D-5. In-Flight Data Terminals

Exhibit D-6. MDA GMD ETR Test and Test Support Locations

Exhibit D-7. PAC-3 Launch

Exhibit D-8. Example THAAD Missile Configuration

Exhibit G-1. Location of Categorical Exclusions in Agency or Service NEPA Implementing Regulations

Exhibit G-2. National Ambient Air Quality Standards

Exhibit G-3. De Minimis Thresholds in Non-Attainment Areas

Exhibit H-1. Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

Exhibit H-2. Regulation of Activities Near Seabird Colonies in Arctic Regions.....H-11 Exhibit H-3. Hurricane Activity in the U.S.

Exhibit H-4. Examples of Threatened and Endangered Wildlife Species in the Deciduous Forest Biome

Exhibit H-5. Examples of Threatened and Endangered Species of the Everglades..H-42 Exhibit H-6. Near Shore Waters

Exhibit H-7. Federally Listed Threatened or Endangered Species within the Chaparral Biome

Exhibit H-8. Volcanic Hazards (based on activity in the last 15,000 years).............H-63 Exhibit H-9. High Plains Aquifer System

iv Exhibit H-10. Critical Desert Tortoise Habitat

Exhibit H-11. Special Use Airspace in the PMRF/Main Base Airspace Use Region of Influence

Exhibit H-12. Surface Currents of the World’s Oceans

Exhibit H-13. Relationship between Airspace Classifications and Atmospheric Layers...

Exhibit I-1. Projected Number of BMDS and Worldwide Launches (2004-2014) by Amount of Propellant Consumed in Troposphere and Stratosphere....... I-5 Exhibit I-2. Projected Number of Flights Through Stratosphere by Launch and Propellant Type

Exhibit I-3. Weight Fraction of Propellant Emissions for BMDS Launches............. I-8 Exhibit I-4. Weight Fraction of Propellant Emissions for Worldwide Launches....... I-8 Exhibit I-5. Further Classification of Solid-Propellant BMDS Launches during 2004Based on Propellant Consumed in Stratosphere

Exhibit I-6. Estimated Emission Loads to Stratosphere from Proposed BMDS Launches from 2004-2014

Exhibit I-7. Estimated Emission Loads to Stratosphere from U.S. Commercial Launches from 2004-2014

Exhibit I-8. Estimated Emission Loads to Stratosphere from U.S. Government Launches from 2004-2014

Exhibit I-9. Estimated Emission Loads to Stratosphere from Foreign Commercial Launches from 2040-2014

Exhibit I-10. Estimated Emission Loads to Stratosphere from Foreign Government Launches from 2004-2014

vThis page intentionally left blank.ACRONYMS AND ABBREVIATIONS

ABL Airborne Laser ABM Anti-Ballistic Missile ACHP Advisory Council on Historic Preservation AFB Air Force Base AFRL Air Force Research Laboratory AFSPC Air Force Space Command atmospheric interceptor technology Ait ALCOR Advanced Research Project Agency Lincoln C-band Observable Radar Al2O3 Aluminum Oxide (alumina) ANSI American National Standards Institute AMOS Air Force Maui Optical and Supercomputing Station ARS Active Ranging System ARTCC Air Route Traffic Control Center ASIP Arrow System Improvement Program AST Office of Commercial Space Transportation AWS Arrow Weapon System BC/FC Beam Control/Fire Control BILL Beacon Illuminator Laser BMC2 Battle Management/Command and Control BMC3 Battle Management/Command, Control and Communications BMC4I Battle Management Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence BMD Ballistic Missile Defense BMDO Ballistic Missile Defense Organization BMDS Ballistic Missile Defense System BMEWS Ballistic Missile Early Warning System BOA Broad Ocean Area BTS Bureau of Transportation Statistics C2BM Command and Control/Battle Management C2BMC Command and Control, Battle Management, and Communications CERCLA Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act CEQ Council on Environmental Quality CFR Code of Federal Regulations Cl Atomic Chlorine CO Carbon Monoxide Carbon Dioxide CO2 COIL Chemical Oxygen Iodine Laser COMSATCOM Commercial Satellite Communications D&T Development and Test AC-i dB Decibel dBA A-weighted decibel DoD Department of Defense DOT Department of Transportation DSP Defense Support Program EA Environmental Assessment EIS Environmental Impact Statement EKV Exoatmospheric Kill Vehicle EM Electromagnetic EMR Electromagnetic Radiation EO Executive Order EPA Environmental Protection Agency ESG Engagement Sequence Group ESQD Explosive Safety Quantity Distance ETR Extended Test Range EWR Early Warning Radar FAA Federal Aviation Administration FBX-T Forward Based X-Band Radar Transportable FL Flight Level FM Flight Mission FR Federal Register FTS Flight Termination System FY Fiscal Year GBR-P Ground-Based Radar Prototype GEO Geosynchronous Earth Orbit GFC Ground-based Midcourse Defense Fire Control GFC/C Ground-based Midcourse Defense Fire Control/Communications GMD Ground-Based Midcourse Defense GT Integrated Ground Test Hydrogen H2 H2O Water HAA High Altitude Airship HAIR High Accuracy Instrumentation Radar HALO High Altitude Observatory HAP Hazardous Air Pollutant HEL High Energy Laser HCl Hydrogen Chloride ICAO International Civil Aviation Organization ICBM Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile IDC Initial Defensive Capability IDLH Immediately Dangerous to Life and Health IDO Initial Defensive Operations IDT In-Flight Interceptor Communication System Data Terminal AC-ii IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers IFR Instrument Flight Rules INF Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces IRST Infrared Search and Track ISS International Space Station ISTEF Innovative Science and Technology Experimentation Facility KEI Kinetic Energy Interceptor KLC Kodiak Launch Complex LEO Low Earth Orbit Lidar Light Detection and Ranging LRAD Long Range Atmospheric Defense MARTI Missile Alternative Range Target Instrument MDA Missile Defense Agency MDIE Missile Defense Integration Exercises MEADS Medium Extended Air Defense System mg/m3 Milligrams per cubic meter MILSATCOM Military Satellite Communications MOA Military Operating Area MPE Maximum Permissible Exposure MSL Mean Sea Level MSSS Maui Space Surveillance System MSX Midcourse Space Experiment N2 Nitrogen NAAQS National Ambient Air Quality Standards NAS National Airspace System NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration NEPA National Environmental Policy Act NFIRE Near-Field Infrared Experiment NMD National Missile Defense NO2 Nitrogen Dioxide NOX Nitrogen Oxides NOA Notice of Availability NOAA National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration NOI Notice of Intent NPDES National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System NRC National Research Council OCONUS Outside the Continental United States OSHA Occupational Safety and Health Administration PAC-3 PATRIOT Advanced Capability-3 PAVE PAWS Position and Velocity Extraction Phased Array Warning System PEIS Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement PEL Permissible Exposure Limit ppb parts per billion AC-iii ppm parts per million PM Particulate Matter PM10 Particulate Matter with diameter 10 microns or less PM2.5 Particulate Matter with diameter 2.5 microns or less PMRF Pacific Missile Range Facility RCC Range Commanders' Council RCRA Resource Conservation and Recovery Act ROD Record of Decision RTS Ronald Reagan Ballistic Missile Defense Test Site SBIRS Space-Based Infrared Sensor SBX Sea-Based X-Band Radar SDI Strategic Defense Initiative SHEL Surrogate High Energy Laser SIFT System Integration Flight Test SIL Systems Integration Laboratory SIP State Implementation Plan SM Standard Missile SO2 Sulfur Dioxide SOX Sulfur Oxides SPCC Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure START Reduction and Limitation of Strategic Offensive Arms Treaty STEL Short Term Exposure Limit STSS Space Tracking and Surveillance System THAAD Terminal High Altitude Area Defense TILL Track Illuminator Laser TLV Threshold Limit Value TMD Theater Missile Defense TPS-X Transportable System Radar UCAR University Corporation for Atmospheric Research UNEP United Nations Environment Programme U.S. United States USAF United States Air Force USAKA U.S. Army Kwajalein Atoll USFWS U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service U.S.C. United States Code USGS United States Geological Survey VFR Visual Flight Rules VOC Volatile Organic Compound WASP Widebody Airborne Sensor Platform WSMR White Sands Missile Range XBR X-Band Radar

–  –  –

Relevant legislative requirements dictated which entities the Missile Defense Agency (MDA) consulted, and although there are three main resource areas that require consultation and programmatic agreements, MDA worked with additional organizations to ensure completeness of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) process.

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