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«Christian Missionaries Sweeping the Islamic World.2 A Guide to Missionary Tactics..7 Missionary Traps for Muslims..13 ...»

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Responding to

Christian Missionaries Tactics


Christian Missionaries Sweeping the Islamic World……………………....2

A Guide to Missionary Tactics………………….……………….………..7

Missionary Traps for Muslims……………………………….…………..13


The most common questions asked by Christian missionaries

against Islam…………………………………………………...…….….18 What is the best way to convert a Christian to Islam?

60 Questions for the Christian By Hussein Khalid Al-Hussein………….66 Terrorism verses' in the Bible……………………………………………83 Answering questions addressed to the Muslims…………………………85 A final Message to the Christian missionaries……………………………88 (pbuh): peace be upon him (pbut): peace be upon them (The latter two phrases are said by all pious Muslims after mentioning the name of a prophet. They will be assumed throughout this booklet).

١ Christian Missionaries Sweeping the Islamic World By Shiekh Salman Al-Odeh Source : http://www.islamworld.net/tanseer.htm The Islamic world is the land that is full of milk and honey, the way "Peter the Monk" described it when he called for the European Crusades, today the Islamic world floods with Oil too, which is the most important one because the western civilization and economy is based on the consumption of this oil, of which 70% is in the Islamic world.

Christian missionaries are now using new methods in the Islamic world, because the old methods did not prove as effective as the Christian

missionaries thought they were. Some of these new ways are :-

1) They started using Islamic names, for examples one of their radio stations that has a person that is responsible for answering the questions of the listeners is called "Shiekh Abd-Allah", his program is called "Allahu Akbar", other radio stations are called "Sawt Al-haq", "Noor A'la Noor". They can use different names but they use these only to confuse Muslims with their misguided preaching.

2) Building churches that look similar to Mosques : Muslims were turned off from entering churches because they looked different, that also made them feel very uncomfortable with them. They also changed the internal structure of the church to look similar to a Mosque, the people sit on the floor and in lines. They have circles for teaching and that sort of stuff.

They started using a new way for reciting the bible that is similar to the Tarteel of Qur'an. They also try to compare Christ in Islam to Christ in "Christianity".

3) Publishing and distributing misguiding books that talk about the similarities between Islam and Christian faith. They, for example, quote the verse that refers to prophet Jesus (PUH) "Peace Upon Him" as a ٢ prophet, a word and a spirit. They say that is originally the same trinity!

Of course this is a false interpretation, a lie. Allah said he blew in Adam of his own spirit, Allah gave his word to prophets Noah, Abraham, Moses, David and Muhammad (PBUT) "Peace and Blessings of Allah Upon Them" and not only to prophet Jesus. The missionaries base this whole theory on the fact that there are three nouns, i.e just because of the number. One of their other arguments that they say that "In the name of Allah, the most Gracious, the most merciful" means three gods!! not one!

that is a worst lie than the one before, they ignore that Allah has 99 names that we know, and many more that Allah promised to tell his prophet at the day of judgment.

4) They started a new way, not to tell Muslims things as they are, for example not to tell them that Christians believe that Jesus is the Son of Allah, since Jesus himself didn't use that expression, so they use other words like "the spirit of Allah" since it is closer to the understanding of a Muslim. They also use titles that are common between the two religions such as "Assalah", "Assawm", which include Christian propaganda but a title that is used to hunt Muslim readers.

5) The use of Islamic expressions such as "Bismilalhi Al-Rahmani AlRaheem", "Jesus Alaihi assalam", "subhanah Allah", "Allah tabarak wa ta'ala"... calling their churches "Boyoot Allah" (houses of God). They sometimes even claim to accept Islam as a religion from God, but they say that Christianity was not canceled by Islam!

6-It is clear that the missionaries are selling these kind of images for the sole purpose of duping Muslims from non-Arabic speaking background. These Biblical images have also clearly been purposely portrayed with the style of calligraphy to mirror that of the usual Qur'ânic calligraphy familiar to these Muslims who will hence find it difficult to distinguish the two. One only wonders whether such dubious methods are "inspired" from the Holy Spirit, the third member of the Trinity, or from the unholy Devil himself!

–  –  –

6) Making concessions to win Muslims : for examples making Qudas (Christian ceremony) on Fridays not on Sundays to confuse Muslims.

7) Accepting the principle of polygamy. A funny thing to mention, In England, there was a conference in 1409 AD for priests and a big discussion took place about polygamy, many of them totally rejected that issue and said that this is one thing they use against Islam, but they faced the problem that if they didn't allow polygamy they will lose their ٤ campaigns in Africa, after realizing that, they allowed it. There are catholic priest in Africa with 40 wives or more.

8) They say that many Muslims have changed to Christianity and they publish books and cassettes about that. For example the book "Why I become a Christian?" written by "Sultan Muhammad Paul", a weird mix of Christian and Muslim names, they claim in this book that this person was a Muslim from Afghanistan who was the son of a scholar and went to Mecca to do Hajj, asked Allah for one thing which was to give him the true guidance, then the book says they he accepted Christianity, the rest of the book is attacks on Islam that appear to be written by someone who has done a whole lot of research and is very deep into Islamic issues. It is very obvious that this book is false and forged, this is a way that is used quite a lot by Christian missionaries who claim that Muslims (go to Hajj and ask for true guidance and accept their sect.. ).

9) Taking the children from their parents and raising them according to their belief. For example in England they started special Hotels for children where they stay there with no connection with their parents, the workers there speak many languages, funny how most of them are Muslim spoken languages (eg Arabic and Urdu). Another example during the Bosnian war the children who were taken from Bosnia to Italy and France they were raised according to Christians believes, those children they know nothing about their original Islamic religion. Even if these children would discover what happened to them they would still have doubts from what was taught to them.

10) The use of Natural disasters : Such as wars, earthquakes floods,...

etc, The need for food, shelter, medicine, education and clothes are one of the reasons that Muslims may accept Christianity. Muslims had to choose either take "Food + Christianity", or stay a Muslim, but a "Hungry Muslim". It is also sad that the aids that Muslims send were distributed by Christians Agencies these aids were sent by Muslims to their brothers and sisters in Bosnia, Chechnya, Indonesia, Somalia, Sudan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Iraq. Muslims' funds and resources are used to spread the Christian religion and to spread hatred of one Muslim towards the other ("The Cross comes with food for you, your Muslim brothers forgot you").


11) Making conditions easy for new converts from Islam to Christianity:

These converts are treated by other Muslims as a traitor and something shameful, and that is the truth. They also saw that new converts feel left and abandoned, they also do not find full satisfaction with Christianity. A book called (The Christians missionary among Muslims). This book was printed in Lagos in Nigeria and was given to all the missionaries in that area, this book explains how the missionary can get the best results of his preaching. It says: "the Christian missionary must offer a great love for new converts, as well as regular Muslims, be nice to them. Learn about Islam not only to destroy Muslims belief, but also to understand the similarities between Islam and Christianity so that YOU START WITH THESE POINTS. Talk to them about Jesus, tell them that he loves them and that he is their Saviour. Do not argue the faith, give them a general idea, a fast answer, even try to make it as a joke especially the Trinity, or the idea that Jesus is the son of God.

Many Muslims are effected by this missionary activity, and that many Muslims leave Islam and enter into Christianity! add to that the ones who are slightly affected by Christianity they for example leave Islam without entering into Christianity, or accept some of the Christian belief, or help Christians in their activities, or accept that their relatives become Christians then that is a huge number of people! So the missionary activity is doing what it is supposed to do.

It is wrong to think that every Muslim has an impunity against these missionaries, the missionary efforts are very huge, they are starting to give results even it is was a partial success.. Ignorance is also another reason, there are many Muslims who do not know much about Islam. The ignorant Muslim is called to Christianity in cunning ways and so he enters into it. The fact that there is no Islamic preaching to stand in the face of Christian missionary with similar preaching is also another factor, there is not such activity to teach those ignorant Muslims about their religion and warning them about the danger of the missionaries is a reason that made Christianity acceptable among Muslims.

–  –  –

By Mr. Khaled Al-Banaa Source : http://www.islaam.com/Article.aspx?id=251 This guide is intended to improve awareness about the tactics used by some Christian groups and cults. The tactics of Christian missionaries and missionary groups may vary, but there are some basic guidelines to keep in mind that will be helpful in dealing with them.


Some missionaries attempt to develop a rapport with their subject without divulging their own religious affiliation or intention. Christian missionaries are coached by their superiors to avoid using words such as "Christ" or "savior" or "baptize".

If you are not sure about the religious identity of the stranger who begins talking to you about religion, ask him directly about his beliefs and agenda. Be suspicious of an indirect answer.

Remember these people aren't interested in dialogue or trying to improve Anglo-Muslim links but are often in SECURE PAID EMPLOYMENT to Sell Christianity.


When the Christian missionary talks to a Muslim about religion, they may attempt to elicit as many "I don't know" responses as possible, in order to establish their superiority in matters of religion. Don't allow yourself to be intimidated!

Remember, the missionary has studied Islamic beliefs for the sole purpose to "sell Christianity to Muslims". Their hearts are sealed and they are no longer interested in truth. Keep in mind that he is not speaking to you in order to exchange ideas, but rather to create as much doubt in your mind and lead you away from your faith. If you want to learn more about the Qur'an, do so from someone who doesn't have hidden motives. Therefore, feel free to simply end the conversation and walk away.

Remember that many of these questions and associations they are trying to sell have been debunked many times by more learned Muslims. If they were interested in dialogue the would ٧ be speaking to respected elders and community leaders exploring common ground improving understanding and faith in the community, but all one sees are the often the same question again to unsuspecting victims. Ask yourself what do they hope to gain ? However, some of you may want to listen to their arguments and then learn the Muslim response, in order to be better prepared for future encounters. One must also remember that many missionaries intentionally go into Muslim countries and Muslims areas, so they train themselves and create the most seductive "Sales Pitch" they can manage. Once they have finished there training in salesmanship they will target unsuspecting Muslims (the lonely, vulnerable and weak) lacking in knowledge. The following pointers should give you a basic idea of what to look for.

DECEPTION The missionary may tell you that he (or a Christian friend or acquaintance) was once a Muslim, or that he had a solid Muslim education, a traditional Muslim family life, etc. This is almost always a lie, so don't let him fool you. The hidden message that he is attempting to convey is that he came to accept Christianity after knowing and overcoming all of the Muslim objections (Jesus being son of god, Bible being corrupted by man etc.), and therefore, why should you bother to check it out? He may drop certain Islamic phrases or talk about the details of his "traditional" Muslim upbringing, in order to lend more credence to his story. In fact, his "memory" is often the result of careful coaching. The missionary might tell you that he knows the Islamic objections to his arguments, and will then proceed to show how such objectives are ill-founded.

Don't expect to hear the real Islamic response from such a source.

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