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«May 2015 Published by : Director, Information and Public Relations Department, Government of Tamil Nadu, Chennai - 600 009. Printed by : Tamilarasu ...»

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Inspiring Speeches of

Hon'ble Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu

Puratchithalaivi AMMA


Special Publication No. 48

May 2015

Published by :


Information and Public Relations Department,

Government of Tamil Nadu,

Chennai - 600 009.

Printed by :

Tamilarasu Press,

110, Anna Salai,

Chennai - 600 002.


“People are with me

And I'm with the people”

- Hon’ble Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu Puratchithalaivi Amma True to the golden words of Hon’ble Chief Minister Puratchithalaivi Amma, she ceaselessly works towards the welfare of the people of Tamil Nadu.

The inspiring speeches of Hon'ble Chief Minister Puratchithalaivi Amma, delivered on various occasions (05.07.2011 to 21.02.2014) have been published as a book, ‘Inspiring Speeches of Puratchithalaivi Amma’.

This book which is of most valuable importance will inspire the readers and give them an idea of the vision of the people’s chief, Puratchithalaivi Amma, and the novel schemes and achievements of the Government which follows in the path envisioned by her.

I commend the services of Thiru.J. Kumaragurubaran IAS, Director of Information and Public Relations Department and his team for their good work.

M. Rajaram IAS Secretary to Government Tamil Development & Information Dept.

INDEX Sl. Page Content No. No.

1. Speech delivered at the National Council Meeting of the Confederation of Indian Industry - (05.07.2011)

2. Speech delivered during the meeting with the Deputy Chairman, Union Planning Commission - (06.07.2011)

3. Speech delivered during the National Executive Committee Meeting of FICCI - (05.09.2011)

4. Speech delivered during the Valedictory function of the 11th All India Police Rifle and Revolver/Pistol Shooting Competition - (08.09.2011)

5. Speech at the course of the meeting of signing MoU between JCCI and the Guidance Bureau - (22.09.2011)

6. Introductory Remarks during the first meeting of the State Planning Commission - (11.10.2011)

7. Speech Circulated in the 56th Meeting of the National Development Council - (22.10.2011)

–  –  –

8. Convocation address at the 22nd Convocation and Inauguration of Silver Jubilee Celebration of the Tamil Nadu Dr.MGR Medical University - (03.11.2011)

9. Inaugural Speech at the Conference of Collectors and Police Officers - (13.11.2011)

10. Concluding Speech at the Conference of the Collectors- (14.11.2011)

11. Inaugural Speech at the Conference of Police Officers- (14.11.2011)

12. Concluding Speech at the Conference of Police Officers - (14.11.2011)

13. Speech delivered at the CONNECT 2011 - (21.12.2011)

14. Speech at the course of the meeting of signing MoU between Tamil Nadu Industrial Guidance & Export Promotion Bureau and Japan External Trade Organisation- (10.01.2012)

15. Speech delivered during the inaugural function of the plant of Toshiba JSW Turbine & Generator Pvt. Ltd.- (12.02.2012)

ii Sl. Page Content No. No.

16. Presidential address at the release of 'Vision Tamil Nadu 2023 Document' - (22.03.2012)

17. Speech delivered at the conference of Chief Ministers on Internal SecuritySpeech delivered at the inaugural function of Daimler Commercial Plant - (18.04.2012).......... 184

19. Speech delivered during the Special Platinum Celebrations of the I.O.B. - (27.04.2012)

20. Speech delivered at the Meeting of the Chief Ministers on National Counter Terrorism Centre - (05.05.2012)

21. Speech delivered at the Celebration of 76th Utkal Dibas Speech delivered during the finalization of Annual Plan 2012-2013 for Tamil Nadu at New Delhi - (04.06.2012).

23. Speech delivered at the Sesquicentennial Valedictory function of the Madras High Court - (08.09.2012)...........251 iii Sl. Page Content No. No.

24. Opening remarks at the 7th meeting of the Cauvery River Authority at New Delhi - (19.09.2012)

25. Speech delivered at the MoU signing ceremony at ITC Grand Chola, Chennai - (05.11.2012)

26. Speech delivered at the 25th Meeting of the Southern Zonal Council at Bangalore Opening remarks during the meeting held with the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Karnataka on Cauvery River Water - (29.11.2012)

28. Speech delivered at the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations of the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly - (30.11.2012)

29. Inaugural address in the conference of the Collectors and Police Officers Opening remarks at the conference of Collectors - (18.12.2012)

31. Opening remarks at the conference of Police Officers - (19.12.2012)

iv Sl. Page Content No. No.

32. Concluding remarks at the conference of Collectors and Police officers - (19.12.2012)

33. Speech delivered at the 57th Meeting of the National Development Council at New Delhi - (27.12.2012)

34. Speech delivered at the Joint Conference of the Chief Ministers and Chief Justices at New Delhi - (07.04.2013)

35. Speech delivered at the Conference of Chief Ministers on 5th Report on “Public Order” of 2nd Administrative Reforms Commission at New Delhi - (15.04.2013)

Speech delivered at the Conference on 36.

Internal Security at New Delhi on 05.06.2013

37. Speech delivered during the finalisation of Annual Plan for Tamil Nadu for the year 2013-2014 with the Deputy Chairman, Union Planning Commission on 10.06.2013 at New Delhi......... 457

–  –  –

38. Chief Minister Press brief in Tamil Nadu House, New Delhi on 10.06.2013

39. Speech delivered during the Launch of the Diamond Jubilee Year of the Cancer Institute, Chennai on 12.06.2013............. 483

40. Convocation Address delivered at the 155th Annual Convocation of the University of Madras on 17.08.2013

41. Convocation Address delivered during the Silver Jubilee Convocation of the Tamil Nadu Dr. MGR Medical University on 20.08.2013

42. Speech delivered during the Inaugural Function of the Alternative Disputes Resolution Centre and Laying Foundation Stone for Construction of Administrative Block of Madras High Court on 20.08.2013

–  –  –

43. Speech at the Sixteenth Meeting of the National Integration Council at New Delhi on 23.09.2013

44. Speech delivered at the valedictory of the Indian Cinema Centenary Celebrations held at Chennai on 24.09.2013

45. Speech delivered at the inaugural function of the World Chess Championship, 2013 at the Jawaharlal Nehru Indoor Stadium, Chennai on 07.11.2013

46. Convocation Address delivered at the 34th Convocation of the Anna University on 22.11.2013

47. Inaugural address at the Conference of the District Collectors and Police Officers on 11.12.2013

48. Opening remarks at the Conference of District Collectors held on 12.12.2013................ 587

49. Opening remarks at the Conference of Police Officers held on 13.12.2013

–  –  –

50. Concluding remarks at the Conference of Collectors and Police Officers held on 13.12.2013

51. Speech delivered during the meeting with the 14th Finance Commission held at Chennai on 16.12.2013

52. Hon’ble Chief Minister’s reply regarding Power situation in Tamil Nadu to Dr. Sudipto Mundle, Member of Fourteenth Finance Commission - 16.12.2013

53. Speech Delivered at the Valedictory function of the 4th All India Police Commando Competition held on 27.01.2014 at Chennai

54. Speech delivered during MoU signing Ceremony on 21.02.2014 at Hotel ITC Grand Chola, Chennai


–  –  –

I am happy to be with you today on the occasion of the National Council Meeting of the CII. It is hardly 50 days since my Government assumed charge. The development agenda of the Government of Tamil Nadu envisages a great role for the captains of industry.

1 I understand that the origin of the CII dates back to 1895 when 5 engineering firms, all members of the Bengal Chamber of Commerce and Industry, joined hands to form the Engineering and Iron Trades Association (EITA) that underwent a transformation over time and emerged as the most visible business association in India. CII has been our active partner in fostering business in Tamil Nadu.

I am glad to know that CII has chosen the theme "Business for Livelihood" for the year 2011-12. This converges the fundamental themes of spreading growth to disadvantaged sections of society, building skills for meeting emerging economic compulsions, and fostering a climate of good governance.

My Government has the common man as the focal point and improving his standard of living is the central theme of our economic policy.

The famous British economist, Lord Nicholas Kaldor once said that the success of any economic system depends ultimately on the mind-set of the people who make the crucial decisions of a nation's life. All those who have accomplished great things have had a great aim, have fixed their gaze on a goal which was high, one which sometimes seemed impossible to 2 achieve.This applies equally to successful industrialists like you, who have achieved great accomplishments in your own fields as well as to persons like us who head Governments with the people's mandate. Together we need to strive to improve the life of the common man and make our great Nation an economic powerhouse.

According to various forecasts and projections, the medium and long term prospects of India look very promising.Jim O'Neill of Goldman Sachs propounded the famous BRIC thesis in 2001.

Goldman Sachs argues that the economic potential of BRIC nations, namely, Brazil, Russia, India, and China is such that they could become the four most dominant economies by the year 2050.

The BRIC thesis,defended in the paper "Dreaming with BRICs: The Path to 2050", recognizes China and India, respectively, as becoming the dominant global suppliers of manufactured goods and services while Brazil and Russia would become similarly dominant as suppliers of raw materials.

This report predicts a massive rise in the size of the middle class in these nations. In 2025, it is calculated that the number of people in BRIC nations earning over $15,000 per capita may reach over 200 million. According to Goldman Sachs, 3 if India continues to maintain the growth rate of over 8.5%, the Indian GDP is set to surpass Canada by 2015, Italy and France by 2020, UK and Germany by 2025 and Japan by 2030. By 2030, India is set to become the third largest economic powerhouse and by 2050, India's GDP will be very close to that of the United States.India is set to claim its rightful place in the global economic arena.To sum up, the medium and long term prospects of India appear very encouraging.

However, at present, notwithstanding high growth rates, we still have the problem of poverty and inequitable distribution of income and wealth.

I am as always, deeply concerned about this high incidence of poverty.

In 2000, the UN General Assembly had set eight goals for development, known as Millennium Development Goals, to be achieved by 2015. They are: eradicate extreme poverty and hunger, achieve universal primary education, promote gender equality and empower women, reduce child mortality, combat HIV and other diseases, ensure environmental sustainability and develop global partnership for development.

All these are extremely important development targets. In the Millennium Development Goals 4 (MDG), the most important issue is the issue of defeating poverty and making life better for a larger number of people. In 2001, when my Government assumed office, I adopted these Millennium Development Goals as our charter and initiated a number of policy reforms. I announced a 15-point programme to alleviate and eradicate poverty which was my dream. A dream becomes a reality when action is taken towards its achievement. As a result, there was a significant improvement in poverty reduction.

According to a study by the Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative published in 2010 using a Multi-dimensional Poverty Index (MPI) that was computed based on 2005-06 data, Tamil Nadu made significant progress in poverty reduction and was ranked ahead of states like Maharashtra, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh,Kamataka, etc. My dream is to totally eradicate poverty and unemployment in Tamil Nadu. These goals are more ambitious than even the Millennium Development Goals. We are confident of achieving MDC targets before 2015.

Growth and good governance are essential to realize this vision.

Sir Winston Churchill while delivering a speech at Harvard University in 1943 said and I quote: "The empires of the future are the empires of the mind".

5 When my Government took over, I had set for ourselves a goal of making Tamil Nadu the "numero uno" among Indian states.I hold this vision very dear to me and I am confident that my Government will achieve poverty eradication.

Traditionally, Tamil Nadu has been in the vanguard of industrialised states with a strong presence in the manufacture of engineering and auto components, textiles, leather, sugar etc.

In the pre-liberalisation era before 1991, the industrialisation programme was heavily dependent on the licenses granted by the Central Government and the investment of Central PSUs.However, in the post-liberalisation era, since July 1991, with the dismantling of the License Raj, the States had to take the initiative to foster the pace of industrialisation.

In this environment, taking cognizance of the prevailing spirit of competition among the various States in attracting investments, Tamil Nadu was one of the earliest to seize the initiative and announced its Industrial Policy 1992 that became the cornerstone and laid the foundation for the growth of the Manufacturing Sector in the State. This policy facilitated the automobile industry revolution in Tamil Nadu by attracting major projects like Ford, Hyundai and BMW.These major automobile projects triggered 6 a multiplier effect by attracting a large number of auto ancillary industries.

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