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«The Barnet Group Director of Corporate Services Recruitment Pack January 2016 Property Strategy & Governance   The Barnet Group Director of ...»

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The Barnet Group

Director of Corporate Services

Recruitment Pack

January 2016

Property Strategy & Governance

 

The Barnet Group

Director of Corporate Services


Welcome letter 1

About The Barnet Group 2

The Executive Team 5

The Corporate Services Directorate 7 Job description 8 Person specification 10 Our values 12 Terms and conditions 14 Recruitment timetable 15 Further information 15 How to apply 15 Appendix 1 | Recruitment monitoring form 16 Welcome letter Welcome to The Barnet Group (TBG) and thank you for your interest in the position of Director of Corporate Services. I have recently been appointed as Group Chief Executive and, having appointed Derek Rust as Deputy Chief Executive, we are now working with our Board to recruit to the rest of the new executive team.

This is an exhilarating time to be joining TBG. As one of the first local authority trading companies to be created, we have blazed a trail in terms of growth and innovation in the housing sector and beyond, and are ambitious for more. We have grown from 250 employees to over 400 and now manage over 15,000 properties in addition to delivering the Council’s homelessness service and housing options. We also have Your Choice (Barnet) (providing specialist care and support to adults with a range of mental and physical disabilities. We have a turnover of around £70 million and have recently begun a 500 home development programme (over the next five years) with some of these homes to be delivered by creating a Registered Provider (Opendoor Homes) within the Group.

TBG is proud to be one of the Top 20 UK social housing landlords and an enjoyable place to work. We have a stretching but supportive culture and an excellent relationship with both the Council and the Board. The future of TBG is secure and we will begin a new ten-year management agreement for Barnet Homes in April 2016.

The Director of Corporate Services is a member of the Executive Team and will play an active role in the strategic leadership of TBG, as well as being responsible to the Board.This is a new role and the postholder will help shape our strategic direction, maximise our opportunities for growth and ensure the sustainability of the business. We are looking for innovative and peoplefocused candidates with the ability to work at a senior level within a complex organisation. A track record of translating strategic ideas into deliverable service improvements and commercially viable solutions is essential. Candidates must also have experience of leading at least two relevant service areas, preferably in a regulated sector.

In return, this position offers a unique opportunity to take a leading role in a forward-thinking and growing organisation. You will lead a team with a track record of high performance in a challenging, fast-paced environment, and become part of a culture that prizes development in all.

I do hope that after reading this pack you will be inspired by our energy, ambition and hunger for growth as well as the importance we place on our people. If you would like to discuss this position further, please contact our retained recruitment consultants at Altair Ltd.

Yours sincerely,

Troy HenshallGroup Chief ExecutiveThe Barnet Group

Page | 1 About The Barnet Group Barnet Homes has seen significant growth and transformation over the past three years. We have expanded to deliver homelessness services, built new homes and have created both The Barnet Group (a local authority trading company) and Your Choice (Barnet) (providing specialist care and support to adults with a range of mental and physical disabilities).

Satisfaction in our services continues to grow even as our operating costs fall. We have invested our surpluses into The Barnet Group’s (TBG) future through overhauling our IT, but know we have much more to do in order to achieve our aspirations and those of Barnet Council, our shareholder.

The economic climate, welfare reform and change in the public sector, housing and care means that the next five years are set to be the most challenging in our history. We will meet these challenges head-on and continue to make long-term strategic decisions for the benefit of current and future generations.

With a new long-term management agreement in place for Barnet Homes (and, hopefully, another for Your Choice (Barnet) to be agreed upon shortly), the creation of TBG Flex and Opendoor Homes, and the appointment of our new permanent Chief Executive, we believe that these next five years present exciting opportunities both for us and for our customers. TBG’s new Business Plan sets out our ambitions over this period, focusing on our journey from a ‘Good to Great’ organisation. Our Business Plan ensures that we deliver consistently fit-forpurpose and cost-effective services that meet the needs of our customers and create capacity within the Group to support our customers’ own aspirations.

Throughout the duration of the Business Plan, we will aim to build on our expertise and ethos to become even more successful and become an organisation we are even more proud to lead.

Our strategic priorities The vision of our Business Plan is to move the Group from a good organisation to a great one by 2021. TBG’s ‘Good to Great’ strategy is about being more consistent in our service delivery, thinking differently to solve the challenges we face and focusing on the outcome and impact of our actions more than the actions themselves.

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 Thinking differently and challenging ourselves  We will use our core expertise in delivering quality homes, housing management and care as the foundation for all service improvements, efficiencies and growth  We will combine our expertise and ethos with insight and innovation to deliver the most efficient, consistent and effective services individually and with our partners, including getting more things right first time  We will transform our Group from one focused on activities and cost to one that is focused on outcomes/impacts and the value of our work  Putting people first  We will listen to what matters to our customers, partners and employees and offer real choices  We will support and enable aspiration amongst our employees and our customers  We will enable the people we support, meaning that individuals will aim to do as much as is possible for themselves  We will empower the people we support, meaning that individuals will be provided with enough support to ensure that they can make informed choices and have greater control in their lives  Growing our business  We will seek growth opportunities that support our aspirations of moving from ‘Good to Great’ or ones that provide the opportunity to demonstrate the benefit of our ‘Good to Great’ model  We will look to grow in areas that allow us to increase our economies of scale and share costs without distracting us from our five-year vision  We will seek opportunities for growth which will provide opportunities for the development of the people we support, the staff providing that support and for innovative future service provision Page | 3 History of The Barnet Group Barnet Homes was established as an Arms-Length Management Organisation (ALMO) in 2004, managing approximately 15,000 properties within Barnet. In 2012 Your Choice (Barnet) was created to receive the transfer of Adult Social Care services from Barnet Council, and The Barnet Group was created as the parent company to both Barnet Homes and Your Choice (Barnet).

Later in 2012, Barnet Homes received the transfer of the Council’s homelessness service. In 2013, Barnet Homes began development of the first council housing to be built in the borough for over 25 years and the first three properties were completed in early 2014. Another 40 properties are being developed and are due to be completed in early 2016, with an extra 51 care units due to be completed in 2017.

In 2015, TBG created a subsidiary to Barnet Homes; TBG Flex. TBG Flex is a new employer within the Group that offers flexible terms and conditions. 2015 also saw the creation of Opendoor Homes, which is currently in the process of applying to become a Registered Provider with the Homes and Communities Agency. Opendoor Homes aims to build and own at least 320 homes by 2018.

The transformation from Barnet Homes to TBG and the creation of the subsequent legal entities demonstrates a desire to achieve growth that supports the Group’s aspirations. It also supports our shareholder (the London Borough of Barnet) in addressing some of the many challenges facing Local Authorities.

–  –  –

The Barnet Group – Group parent company wholly owned by the London Borough of Barnet Barnet Homes – Arms-Length Management Organisation with a ten year agreement to deliver housing management and homelessness services within Barnet Your Choice (Barnet) – Adult social care company delivering services across Flower Lane, Rosa Morison, Valley Way, Supported Living, Barnet Independent Living Service and Community Space. In the final year of its initial management agreement TBG Flex – New employment vehicle within the Group offering flexible benefits Opendoor Homes – Applying to become a Registered Provider with the Homes and Communities Agency Across TBG we have approximately 450 employees providing a range of services to both people who live in a Barnet Council property, Care and Support clients from Barnet and other local authorities, and to private customers including the Assist lifeline service. TBG has a turnover of £38 million and a Capital Programme spend of £25 million per annum.

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Vacant – Director of Finance – Currently being recruited to, the Director of Finance will oversee Finance, Treasury Management and Procurement.

Vacant – Director of Operations - Currently being recruited to, the Director of Operations will oversee the frontline housing services including customer services, repairs, housing management and homelessness services.

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Functions PR and Communications – The PR and Communications Team oversees internal and external communications, including management of The Barnet Group’s (TBG) website and intranet.

Community Engagement – The Community Engagement Team is responsible for Barnet Homes’ Resident Involvement, Your Choice Service User and Carer Involvement, and for community development within the borough.

Business Support - The Business Support function is responsible for Health and Safety, Facilities Management, IT and IT projects.

Human Resources - The HR team is responsible for ensuring TBG is an Employer of Choice.

Policy and Strategy - The Policy and Strategy function oversees policy design and implementation, complaint management, freedom of information requests and new business supporting growth opportunities.

Governance and Company Secretary work will be overseen by either the Director of Corporate Services or the Director of Finance.

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Position: Director of Corporate Services Directorate: Corporate Services Reports to: Chief Executive Responsible for: circa 20 employees

Key purpose and responsibilities of the role:

The postholder is a member of The Barnet Group’s (TBG) Executive Team which is responsible to the Board, for the effective leadership, performance, achievement and development of all areas of TBG’s work. As part of the Executive Team the postholder will ensure that our customers enjoy high quality services and that TBG is subject to external validation and scrutiny.

In addition, the postholder has specific leadership responsibility for all of TBG’s Corporate Services including: Human Resources, IT, PR and Communications, Complaints, Policy and Strategy, and Community Engagement. The postholder may also oversee governance and company secretarial work.

Main duties and responsibilities:

 Respond to changing external circumstances and internal priorities by continuously driving the organisation forward and developing the capability and effectiveness of the organisation, specifically within the Corporate Services Directorate  Be a positive and passionate ambassador for TBG and its subsidiary companies, ensuring that effective and productive working relationships are developed with all stakeholders  Identify, evaluate and contribute to opportunities to develop the services and business within TBG’s strategies and objectives, and contribute to the overall success of the organisation  Contribute to the formulation and development of direction, strategy, objectives, and continuous performance improvement, working with the Chief Executive, Executive Team, the Board and Committees  Ensure that TBG’s workforce meets the requirements of the business in terms of both shortterm and long-term plans

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 Effectively manage all budgets and resources related to the Corporate Services Directorate  Provide direction, leadership and support to the management team within the Corporate Services Directorate and through them cultivate an effective, empowered, motivated and highperforming workforce  Identify and act upon opportunities for development and service improvement  Meet all statutory, legal and regulatory requirements for TBG  Be responsible for personal development and maintain professional development activities, keeping up to date with the social housing context, emerging business trends and best practice  The postholder will also be part of a 24-hour emergency on-call rota that includes all executive and senior managers TBG reserves the right to alter the content of this job description to reflect changes to the job or services provided, without altering the general character or level of responsibility.

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1. Degree-level education or equivalent through relevant training/experience

2. Evidence of continuous, challenging and relevant professional development

3. Holds a relevant qualification (desirable)

4. Holds a management qualification (desirable)

Knowledge and Experience:

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