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«Jessica Seddon Wallack Founder, Managing Director Okapi Research & Advisory 9A Coastal Rd, Chennai, India 600090 PROFESSIONAL ...»

March 2013

Jessica Seddon Wallack

Founder, Managing Director

Okapi Research & Advisory

9A Coastal Rd, Chennai, India 600090




Co-Chair, Interdisciplinary and Global Working Group on Short-Lived Climate Pollutants

Institute for Advanced Studies in Sustainability, Potsdam, Germany 09/2012 - present Head of Knowledge Management, Villgro Innnovations Foundation 8/2012 – present Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India Adjunct Professor, School of Public and Environmental Affairs 11/2011 - present Indiana University Bloomington, Indiana Senior Advisor, Indian Institute for Human Settlements 6/2012 - present Bangalore, India 11/2010 - 5/2011


Head of Research, Indian Institute for Human Settlements 5/2011 – 5/2012 Bangalore, India Director, Centre for Development Finance 2/2008 – 10/2010 Chennai, India Professor, Institute for Financial and Management Research 2/2008 – 10/2010 Chennai, India Research Scholar, Global Information Industry Center, UCSD 5/2008 - present La Jolla, CA Visiting Fellow, Institute for Financial and Management Research 3/2007 - 2/2008 Chennai, India Assistant Professor of Political Economy, UCSD 7/2004 – 3/2008 La Jolla, CA 1 March 2013 Research Affiliate, California Institute for Telecommunications and IT 3-2007 – 3/2008 La Jolla, CA Lecturer in Public Policy, Stanford University 2001, 2003 Palo Alto, CA


Council on Foreign Relations International Affairs Fellow Office of Air and Ra

–  –  –

Strategic Advisor for the India Initiative, Calit2 3/2007- 3/2008 La Jolla, CA Creating Public Technology Foundation of India, a government-corporate-NGO partnership to support research, development, and deployment of technologies for sustainable development.

–  –  –

Office of the Chief Economist, Inter-American Development Bank 9/1998 - 9/1999 Washington, DC Member, research team for 1999/2000 Economic and Social Progress Report Development Economics Vice-Presidency, World Bank 8/1997- 8/1998 Washington, DC Researcher, reported to Joseph Stiglitz, Chief Economist of World Bank.

Consultant, Poverty Reduction and Economic Management, World Bank 8/1997- 8/1998 Washington, DC Contributor to internal training and Knowledge Management System (KMS) on Public Expenditure and Decentralization. Fieldwork in Ethiopia and Venezuela.

–  –  –

Engineering & design firm focused on improved biomass cookstoves in South Asia, Africa, Haiti.

Advisory Board, Wilderhill Global Clean Energy Index (NEX) 8/2006 - present Encinitas, CA Index and ETF tracking global clean energy industry.

Advisory Board, Janaagraha Ward Infrastructure & Services Index 12/2007- 12/2008 Bangalore, India Index monitors quality of urban infrastructure and services in India.

–  –  –

Stanford University Graduate School of Business 1999-2004 Stanford, CA Ph.D. in Political Economy. Specialization: Macro Political Economy, Development Finance.

Dissertation: Essays in Data Quality, Investment, and Policymaking.

Awards: Bradley Foundation Dissertation Fellowship, Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research.

–  –  –

2013. “Information and Ontologies: Challenges in Scaling Knowledge for Development,” forthcoming, Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology. (with Ramesh Srinivasan) 2013. “Marketworthiness and Municipal Finance Reforms in India,” forthcoming, Isher Ahluwalia and Ravi Kanbur, eds. Urban Infrastructure. Oxford University Press.

2012. “Moving India, Policies and Priorities in Transport Sector Reform” (with N.K. Singh), forthcoming, Noll, Roger, and T.N. Srinivasan, eds. Indian Economic Reforms. Cambridge University Press.

2011. “Inelastic Institutions: Political Change and Intergovernmental Transfer Oversight in PostIndependence India,” (with T.N. Srinivasan). India Policy Forum 2011-2012 2010. “Outcomes Rule: Getting Development from Development Expenditure,” (with Yamini Aiyer and Jay Chaudhuri). India Review 9(2).

2010. “Fire Alarms in Action: Making Sense of Large-Scale User Feedback on City Services in Karnataka,” India Review 9(2).

2008. “Local-Global: Reconciling Mismatched Ontologies in Development Information Systems,” (with Ramesh Srinivasan). Proceedings of the HICSS, January 2009.

2008. “India’s Parliament as a Representative Institution,” India Review v. 7(2).

–  –  –

2008. “India’s Power Struggle,” in Jagdish Bhagwati and Charles Calomiris, editors, Sustaining India’s Growth Miracle. Columbia University Press.

2006. Federalism and Economic Reform. Cambridge University Press. (edited with T.N. Srinivasan).

2004. “Trade Liberalization and Intersectoral Labor Movements,” Journal of International Economics v. 64(2), December, pp. 411-439. (with Romain Wacziarg) 2004. “Economic, Social, and Demographic Determinants of Political Participation in Latin America:

Evidence from the 1990s,” Latin American Journal of Economic Development, Issue 3, pp.151-182. (with Ugo Panizza and Alejandro Gaviria) 2004. “Political Institutions and Growth Collapses,” Latin American Journal of Economic Development, Issue 2, pp. 147-184. (with Ernesto Stein, Ugo Panizza, Alejandro Gaviria) 2004. “Globalization and the Poor,” De Economist 152(2): 251-272. (With T.N. Srinivasan) 2003. “Superficial Growth? Evaluating Indian Economic Reforms in the 1980s,” Economic and Political Weekly (October 2003, pp. 4312-4316) 2003. “Asian Regionalism and its Effects on Trade in the 1980s and 1990s,” Journal of Asian Economics 14(1): 91-129. (With Ramon Clarete and Christopher Edmonds) 2003. “Political Particularism Around the World,” World Bank Economic Review 17(1): 133-143. (With Alejandro Gaviria, Ugo Panizza, Ernesto Stein)

2000. Improving the Odds: Political Strategies for Institutional Reform in Latin America. Latin American Research Network, Inter-American Development Bank. Washington, D.C. (with Merilee Grindle, Carol Graham, and Eduardo Lora)

–  –  –

2013. “A Bottom Up Approach to Mitigating Climate Change,“ Stanford Social Innovation Review, Summer.

2012. “Market Dharma,“ Caravan. December 2012 2012. “Why You Can’t Trust the Facts About India’s Economy,“ Bloomberg Businessweek. February 29, 2012.

2012. Monthly columns in the Financial Express 2011. “Urban Interstices: Statistical Advocacy and Urban Infrastructure,” in Cityscapes, October 1, 2011.

2011. “State-Level Policy Environments for PPP,” (with Ashwin Mahalingam, Sujatha Srinivan, Thillai Rajan, Venkata Santosh). Policy report for the Department of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Finance, Goverment of India.

2011. “Answers to Policy-Relevant Science Questions,” Report of the Task Force on Hemispheric Transport of Air Pollution, forthcoming, January 2011. (Contributing Author) 2011. “India’s Catastrophic Landscape,” Harvard International Review, forthcoming, January 2011 2010 - Monthly column in Indian Express.

–  –  –

2010. “The Soot Opportunity,“ Harvard Business Review. March 2010.

2009. “The Other Climate Changers,“ Foreign Affairs August/September 2009 (with V. Ramanathan).

2009. “A Tale of Two Transitions: From Public toward Private Provision of Infrastructure in India and Latin America,” Background paper for Inter-American Development Bank (2010). India: Latin America’s Next Big Thing. Washington, D.C.: Inter-American Development Bank.

2009. “The Full Climate Change Tale,“ Mint (India affiliate of the Wall Street Journal), September 23.

2009. “Politicizing Regulation: Not All Bad,“ in Developing Infrastructure Through an Ideal Regulatory Framework.

New Delhi: CUTS. (with Parashar Kulkarni) 2009. “Urban Market-Worthiness: The Gaps in India” paper commissioned by the High-Powered Expert Commission on Urban Infrastructure, Government of India.

2008. “The Context of Poverty,” India &Global Affairs April-June 2008. (with N.K. Singh) 2004 – 2008. Regular columns in national Indian newspapers: Indian Express and Financial Express (with N.K. Singh) 2006. “Electoral Systems and the Personal Vote: Update of Database of Particularism,” (with Joel Johnson). Available at: dss.ucsd.edu/~jwjohnso/espv.htm

2000. Development Beyond Economics: Economic and Social Progress Report 2000. Washington, DC: InterAmerican Development Bank. (Contributor)

1998. Aspects of Decentralization. Washington DC: EDI, World Bank. Author of subsections on Participation, Civil Service, and Economic Growth. (Co-editor, with Jennie Litvack)


2012. “The Other Climate Changers: Social Innovation and Short Lived Climate Pollutants,“ (with V.


2012. “PPPs in Urban Infrastructure in India” (with Ashwin Mahalingam).

2012. Institutional Transformation in India: Infrastructure, Planning, and the Agenda Ahead (with N.K.

Singh). Preliminary paper “Infrastructure in the 12th Plan presented at Stanford Centre for International Development Annual Conference on Indian Economic Development, October 2012.

2012. “Air Quality Management in a New Global Era: Networks vs. States,” (with Terry Keating). Poster presented at Planet Under Pressure, London, March 2012.

2010. “User Innovation in eGovernance Design,” (with Srikanth Nadhamuni). Awarded 3rd prize in MITsponsored “Hidden Successes” International Competition on Urban Reforms. Under review as book chapter for MIT volume.

2009. “Political Economy of Development in India: The Long View,” (with T.N. Srinivasan). Prepared for the 10th Annual Stanford Centre for International Development Annual Conference on Indian Economic Reforms.

–  –  –

2008. “Power Politics: States and Electricity Sector Reform in India” (with N.K. Singh). Presented at the China-India Forum, Singapore, March 2008.

–  –  –

IIHS: Teaching on Municipal Finance, Infrastructure & Development, Urban Law and Governance.

IFMR: MBA course in Nonmarket Strategy in the Indian Context, curriculum development for MA/MBA in Development and Sustainable Finance.

UCSD: Taught masters courses in Economic Policy in Latin America, Political Economy of Development in India, Policy Design, Project Management / Implementation Strategy

–  –  –

2010. Templeton Research Fellowship, Columbia University.

2010. International Affairs Fellowship, Council on Foreign Relations.

2009. Research grant from Australia Development Research Awards for Making Markets Work for the Poor:

Reducing Information Inefficiencies at the Bottom of the Agricultural Supply Chain. (with Shawn Cole and Stefan Hunt)

2008. Awarded 3rd Place in global MIT-sponsored contest Hidden Innovations: Urban Reforms for “User Innovation and Egovernance Design” (with Srikanth Nadhamuni)

2008. Term Membership, Council on Foreign Relations.

2007. Research grant from Center for Pacific Economies for various projects in India.

2006. Named a Next Generation Fellow by the American Assembly, Columbia University

2005. Research Grant for “Electoral Systems and Candidate Incentives,” Academic Senate, UC San Diego

2004. Research Grant for “Federalism and Infrastructure Investment,” Program on Energy and Sustainable Development, Stanford University.

2004. Harvard Academy Fellowship (Declined)

–  –  –

Associate Editor (2008-present): India Review Reviewer, Journal of Economic Literature, Review of Economics and Statistics, Basil Blackwell Press, Cambridge University Press, Economics and Politics, World Bank Economic Review, India Review, Political Research Quarterly, British Journal of Political Science Member, American Economic Association, American Political Science Association, Council on Foreign Relations (Term Member) Board Member, Treasurer, Harvard Club of San Diego (2005-7).


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