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«12783 CITY OF SHAWNEE CITY COUNCIL MEETING MINUTES JUNE 23 2008 7:30 P.M. Mayor Meyers called the meeting to order at 7:32 p.m. in the Shawnee City ...»

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JUNE 23 2008

7:30 P.M.

Mayor Meyers called the meeting to order at 7:32 p.m. in the Shawnee City Hall Council

Chambers. He welcomed the public and all stood and recited the Pledge of Allegiance, follówed

by a moment of silence.

CouncIlmembers Present Staff Present Councilmember Scott City Manager Gonzales Councilmember Pflumm Assistant City Manager Charlesworth Deputy City Clerk Powell Councilmember Sawyer Councilmember Goode City Attorney Rainey Councilmember Kuhn schmidt City Engineer Wessel Councilmember Straub Public Works Director Freyermuth Councilmember Sandifer Planning Director Chaffee Councilmember Distler Police Chief Morgan Hudson Fire Chief Fire Marshall Mattox Parks and Recreation Director Holman Finance Director Kidney Information Technologies Director Doherty Members of the public who spoke: (Business from the Floor) RAY ERLICHMAN, 7510 Garnett Street.






2, 2008.



On June 2, 2008, the Planning Commission approved FP- 11-08-06, the Final Plat of Willow Ridge, Seventh Plat, generally located at 22535 West 72nd Street, by a vote of9- o and recommended that it be forwarded to the Governing Body for acceptance of the dedications ofland for public purposes.

1 2 (' 8 2


PAGE 2 JUNE 23, 2008




Councilmember Sandifer, seconded by Councilmember Sawyer, moved to approve the entire Consent Agenda. The motion carred 8-0.

–  –  –

Mayor Meyers stated that the Planning Commission recommended 9-0 that the Council approve SUP-09-08-06 to Lucy Tujague's Daycare at 5615 Meadowsweet Lane.

Councilmember Pflumm asked about the asterisk by the exit.

–  –  –

Councilmember Sandifer, seconded by Councilmember Goode, moved to approve SUPa special use permit for Lucy Tujague's Daycare, to allow a daycare with up to ten (10) children in the R- 1 (Single Family Residential) zoning district, located at 5615 Meadowsweet Lane, as per the Planing Commission's recommendations listed in the June 2, 2008 staff report. The motion carred 8-0.



JUNE 03. 2008


Councilmember Straub stated that the Finance and Administration Committee recommended 2- 1 that the Council take no action at this time and directed staff to incorporate a review of purchases to ensure compliance with the Purchasing Manual into the next audit.

Councilmember Sandifer, seconded by Councilmember Kuhn, moved to take no action at this time and direct staff to incorporate a review of purchases to ensure compliance with the Purchasing Manual into the next audit.

Councilmember Straub stated as he discussed at the Committee meeting, the City already has policies and procedures that have not been followed. He stated basically the conversation came down to the past being the past and they can not do anything about it.

He stated he would like to know if after the City does new policies and procedures, if they are actually going to follow them or wil there be a review of some kind on a yearly basis.

Mayor Meyers asked Councilmember Straub to be more specific on the policies and procedures that have not been followed.

–  –  –

Councilmember Straub stated that is true under emergency situations and/or if it was impracticaL. He stated they do not know if the policies and procedures have been followed, because that was his request that they actually do a review to see what has and has not been followed. He stated the recommendation was to do no review.

–  –  –

Councilmember Kuhn stated she just seconded the motion that says that the Council would direct staff to incorporate a review of purchases to ensure compliance with the Purchasing Manual in the next audit. She stated that means by annual review.

–  –  –

City Manager Gonzales stated she believes the direction next year was to put a little more emphasis on the purchasing procedures as part of the audit, so that would be the 2008 audit that they will hear about in 2009.

Councilmember Straub stated to him, the motion is to take no action on this and he thought they should at least review where they are at and they discussed that (at the Committee meeting). He stated he would like to know what has been happening, so the Council knows not to continue to make the same mistakes if they are in fact making mistakes. He stated he is not saying they are making mistakes, but wants to make sure the City staff is trying to be as frgal as possible to see where they can save some money.

Councilmember Pflumm asked if there is going to be a new purchasing manual, or wil they end up using the same purchasing manual they have always used.

City Manager Gonzales replied there is a pretty thorough revision of the document that the staff has been working on for several months. She stated unfortunately it is hard to find the time to get the final draft finished, but they are close to getting it to final form today and only have one more review to complete.

Councilmember Pflumm asked for estimated time of completion.

City Manager Gonzales stated she had hoped about three months ago. She stated June 1 sl was one of her deadlines. She stated July 1 sl is the next deadline, but is now guessing it wil be more around August 1 sI, depending on what else comes up.

–  –  –

Councilmember Sandifer, seconded by Councilmember Kuhn, moved to take no action at this time and direct staff to incorporate a review of purchases to ensure compliance with the Purchasing Manual into the next audit. The motion carred 7-1, with Councilmembers Scott, Pflumm, Sawyer, Goode, Kuhn, Sandifer, and Distler voting aye and Councilmember Straub voting nay.


a) City Council Purchases.

–  –  –

apology to City Manager Gonzales. He stated he sent City Manager Gonzales an email over the weekend and knows she has a lot of other things to do with research, etcetera, so after much thought he thought the bulk of the questions he asked in his email would best be answered in an open forum. He apologized for taking up her time.

–  –  –

RAY ERLICHMAN stated a few things happened at the last couple of Committee and Council meetings and is happy they are discussing procedures this evening on the agenda.

He stated that he did a couple of Open Records Requests and is curious about a few things, one being an issue that Councilmember Sandifer brought up at the last Public Works and Safety Committee meeting.

RAY ERLICHMAN stated one of the items he would like to discuss this evening, has to do with a dinner in Washington, D.C. at the National League for Cities conference. He stated Councilmember Sandifer himself mentioned that two of the councilmembers had a dinner for two staff members of Senator Brownback and Senator Roberts which came to $392.00. He stated the rest of the Council, which he thinks was comprised of five councilmembers and Mayor Meyers because Councilmember Goode was not present, met with other Federal officials and that the cost was about one-half of that.

RAY ERLICHMAN stated his first question is who determines and how does it determine where there should be multiple meetings or who gets to select which dinners to attend, and why did the two councilmembers not just go to the other dinner and save the City some money.

Mayor Meyers deferred to City Manager Gonzales, as that is a question of procedure.

RAY ERLICHMAN stated he thought maybe the particular councilmembers could answer his question.

–  –  –

RAY ERLICHMAN replied that would be Mr. Pflumm and Mr. Straub.

City Manager Gonzales stated the City does not have any written procedures on what councilmembers should and should not do at the conferences. She stated the City has a travel policy, but the intent of the NLC meeting is to meet with federal officials and the City encourages as much of that as possible for the purpose of relationship building. She stated it is certainly up to the individual councilmembers and is their decision as to what they attend and where they go.

RAY ERLICHMAN stated it seemed a little strange that there was one dinner for maybe eight or nine people that ended up costing $200.00 and another dinner for only four people that cost $392.00. He asked for the bang for the buck, with regards to the more expensive dinner.

Councilmember Pflumm said Johnson Drive and K-7 Highway.

–  –  –

Councilmember Pflumm replied that he said nothing.

Councilmember Straub explained what happened and that several of the councilmembers went with Dennis Moore who is a Democrat. He stated Senator Brownback and Roberts are Republicans and their staff, the finance people that actually give money to the different cities went to dinner with him and Councilmember Pflumm. He stated that luckily enough out of all the different cities that were there from the whole state who could have spent time with them and hopefully got money allotted to this city, (the Shawnee councilmembers 1 were lucky enough and doing both sides - half of the Council went with a democratic member and he and Councilmember Pflumm went with a republican member to actually spend time with them and get money allotted to the City.

Councilmember Straub stated like he has said before, the trip to Washington is very valuable and he thinks most of the Council would agree with that statement. He stated they did get quite a bit of money allotted to the City from K-7 Highway and whether or not that was directly because of that dinner or not, he could not say, but he will tell them the more they meet with people and are face to face with the people who make those types of decisions, the better. He stated they actually picked one restaurant and (the other councilmembers) picked another. He stated whether the bill was $400 or $200, he did not know what the limit was and believes there is no specific policy and thinks that was a very valuable meeting.

Councilmember Straub stated that was a $400 meeting and he has heard of several councilmembers who have gone to different cities to meet with people and the whole trip was to meet with those people, so they weigh it out. He restated that he thinks it was a very valuable dinner. He stated if the City wants to make a policy, which is fine with him, and limit the councilmembers to a certain amount, who they can and can not go to dinner with, and how much money can be spent on dinner or can not be spent on dinner is something he is open to, but at this point he thinks that was wide open. He restated that he thinks that was a very valuable meeting. He asked Councilmember Pflumm if he agreed.

Councilmember Pflumm answered yes.

–  –  –

interject a comment to Councilmember Straub.

Mayor Meyers asked Mr. Erlichman to make sure it remains in the realm of questions on the subject on the floor.

RAY ERLICHMAN stated with regards to that dinner, the question would be that there does not appear to be an itemization on the receipt. He stated his next question is if any alcohol was served at that meeting.

–  –  –

Councilmember Pflumm stated he is telling him that he wrote down on his expense report the individuals in attendance.

RAY ERLICHMAN stated there is no indication ifliquor was served.

–  –  –

RAY ERLICHMAN stated the question would be then to show him, because the receipt was not itemized and the receipt needed to be itemized.

Councilmember Pflumm questioned that statement by asking, 'oh yea'.

–  –  –

Councilmember Sandifer stated to set the record straight, that was not Brownbeck or Roberts they took to dinner who are the only two individuals that could personally allocate any money to the City. He stated the senator representatives are not the ones who issue monies to the cities.

–  –  –

Councilmember Straub stated it was super that the other councilmembers went with him and asked Councilmember Sandifer if he does not agree that meeting with the senator's staff is a good idea.

–  –  –

that is not helping them at all. She stated surprisingly on this issue, they will hear her defend the actions of two councilmembers that she often disagrees with on some things and has disagreed with on the policy and what they do or do not need and thinks this discussion is a good example of why they should not box in those policies.

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