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«“Everything that Bootcamp For Brains has put together has really given us all sorts of new knowledge that we can definitely put towards our future ...»






Bootcamp For Brains is a one-week skills-building course designed for girls ages 15-17. This unique

program provides girls with the skills required to pursue leadership roles within their community, and

expand their educational and professional pursuits. Over the course of a week, girls from across Canada

gathered to participate in this one-of-a-kind leadership camp.

Bootcampers include girls from each geographic region of Canada and represent a strong diversity in cultures and backgrounds. A true characterization of the make-up of this country, our camp will have a wide-reaching effect far beyond the week. After spending a week with this group of bootcampers, we have no doubt that they will return home and spread the word. Beyond our week together, participants have the opportunity to work with a coach to ensure that they are leveraging the new skills they obtained.

“Everything that Bootcamp For Brains has put together has really given us all sorts of new knowledge that we can definitely put towards our future goals.”




1 | 2016 Recap Report Our mission is to create strong female leaders by providing them with the foundational skills that are critical to successful leadership.


In just one week, participants walk away from our camp with a Bootcamp

For Brains Certificate of Achievement and various key takeaways including:

verbal, non-verbal and written communications skills, from Rotman School of Management and Scout Public Affairs; certification in the deBono Group’s ‘Six Thinking Hats'; and personal financial management skills. Bootcampers also developed digital skills; their individual civic responsibility; and an understanding of global opportunities.

We all need a healthy body to have a healthy mind; Bootcamp For Brains also had a daily component focused on physical and mental health. A professional trainer joined us on campus each day to work with participants to set goals and keep stress at bay by following a tailored fitness program and utilizing Johnson & Johnson’s Official 7 Minute Workout.


Our goal with Bootcamp For Brains was not only to provide girls with skills, but to also provide them with a network of professionals they can rely on in the years to come. Participants had interview experience via mock interviews with representatives from RBC, Air Canada, Export Development Canada, Avanade Canada, and Boyden Global Executive Search.

Bootcampers also practiced their networking skills and gained exposure to foreign affairs at a reception hosted by the Japanese Ambassador. As a result of atten

–  –  –


We believe that one of the most powerful tools a girl can have in her repertoire is the support of her peers. To ensure bootcampers understood how to develop positive working relationships, participants were put into teams for their group projects, where they all put their new skills to the test.

By presenting their work to their peers and a panel of outside judges, participants left Bootcamp For Brains knowing they have the support of numerous young girls all across Canada.

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“I’m definitely motivated to go back to my province, and just work so hard to achieve my dreams and become a part of the world.”



–  –  –

Participants learned how to separate thinking into six clear functions and roles, each of which is identified with a colored symbolic "thinking hat." By mentally wearing and switching "hats," bootcampers learned to easily focus or redirect thoughts and conversations.

Building on the daily theme of practical thinking, Vicki Heyman, Cultural Ambassador to Canada from the United States and former campaign advisor to President Obama, participated in a fireside chat with G(irls)20 Founder & CEO Farah Mohamed.

“Find a network – a group of people different than yourself – different demographics of people that can go in a direction with you to really try and change your landscape, or change the world.” VICKI HEYMAN,



–  –  –

"Proper preperation prevents poor performance."



–  –  –

"Every communication is an opportunity for connection"



Celina Caesar-Chavannes, MP and Parliamentary Secretary to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, shared her personal journey, as well as how she got started in politics. Focused on the importance of connecting, networkting and boldly pursuing opportunities, Celina inspired bootcampers to go after what they want in life. "You have nothing to lose by boldly stepping out of your comfort zone and saying ‘I want this.’"

CELINA CAESAR-CHAVANNES speaking to bootcampers about the Art of Connecting.


7 | 2016 Recap Report


To put their new communications, negotiation, and practical thinking skills to the test, we matched each bootcamper with a representative from one of our private sector and social profit partners.

Each bootcamper had the chance to compete for a current job by interviewing and then receiving personalized feedback to help guide them in their future endeavours.

–  –  –

The day concluded with a private reception hosted by The Ambassador of Japan to Canada, His Excellency Kenjiro Monji, and his wife, Mrs. Etsuko Monji at their residence. The Ambassador began by sharing stories from his diverse postings as Japanese Ambassador across the world, showing that connecting globally can lead to a variety of unique career opportunities. Bootcampers then had the opportunity to practice their networking skills.

AMBASSADOR KENJIRO MONJI and his wife hosting participants at their home.


9 | 2016 Recap Report THE ART OF RISK Tackling the Art of Risk helped participants understand several approaches to risk assessment and analysis. Throughout the day, they established a growth mindset and developed strategies to manage failure. Our first speaker, Josée Gravel, Vice President & General Counsel of Export Development Canada, encouraged bootcampers to take chances in their life: "Don’t regret anything you’ve done. Regret only what you’ve not done."

–  –  –

James Lecky and Robyn Kurbel joined us from Agrium and led bootcampers through their proprietary Journey 2050 program. The program explores world food sustainability & help explore the notion of smart risk and safe failure on the road to success. Decisions are made and adjusted by participants during the program, and impact the environment and economy, at the local and global level.

The day concluded with an interactive workshop featuring RAPtivist Aisha Fukushima. If you ever meet a bootcamper, ask her about her power pose!

–  –  –


11 | 2016 Recap Report THE ART OF SELLING On the first day of Bootcamp For Brains, each participant was placed into a group and assigned a topic for a team project. Throughout the week, each team was alloted time to solve this problem and practice their individual presentations. Our last day was all about showcasing the wide variety of skills the participants acquired throughout the week at Bootcamp For Brains. In pursuit of the coveted Golden Brain Award, bootcampers presented their team projects to each other and a panel of judges. After each group presented, our judges determined which group had the best overall presentation. Group 1, Hype5, prevailed!

–  –  –

Thank you to our amazing judges: Joanne Lalonde Hayes, Founder More Time Moms; Nathon Gunn, Innovation Advisor, Ministry of Innovation Science and Economic Development; and, Jamilah Taib Murray, mother, global citizen, philanthropist, and founder of Sakto Corporation.

–  –  –


13 | 2016 Recap Report


We believe financial preparedness is an crucial component to becoming a successful female leader.

Each day, participants had a session on 'The Art of Finance,' led by a variety of experts in the financial field.

Monette Malewski, President of M Bacal Group (right), presented the concept of leadership through financial independence. Mildred Davis, Managing Partner of Davis Capital Management (left), illustrated the importance of engineering a plan for personal wealth and legacy during The Art of Finance.

–  –  –

Sandra Pollack, Financial Advisor, Founder & Principal at Trimaran Financial; Naomi Morisawa De Koven, Managing Partner of MDK Business Law; and, Susan St. Amand, Founder & President of Sirius Financial Services, also led engaging sessions on The Art of Finance.

–  –  –


Girls on Boards positions female leadership as attainable and beneficial, and not as an exception. Outside of school, there is little opportunity for young women to join recognized and sanctioned leadership roles. Volunteer boards provide young people with an opportunity to learn civic governance and fiduciary responsibility, as well as consensus-building, community development and the trials and tribulations of social change. The lack of access to meaningful leadership opportunities impacts both young women and community boards. Girls on Boards will address the issue from both perspectives.


• Young women across Canada who demonstrate an eagerness to contribute to their community while lacking the necessary skills and access to experience to do so on their own;

• Coaches (men and women) who can dedicate one year to advising one person in terms of being on a board; and,

• Community boards across Canada who may be diverse in principle but not in practice and/or they have expressed an interest in exploring the inclusion of young women. All girls will be trained, veted and evaluated.


15 | 2016 Recap Report


A program of this nature is only made possible with the support of strong and committed partners. It is a result of their support, expertise and commitment that we are able to unleash the potential of girls and young women who are our next generation of leaders.


SUPPORTERS This document was prepared with the support of our partners; it does not however, reflect any opinions or positions of our partners.

–  –  –


17 | 2016 Recap Report ABOUT G(IRLS)20 Launched in 2009 at the Clinton Global Initiative, G(irls)20 places girls and women at the centre of the G20 economic decision-making process. We were the first global social profit enterprise to advocate that female labor force participation (FLFP) be considered a priority for G20 action.

While advocating for change at a global level, we work at the community and individual level by making strategic investments in girls and women, aged 15-25 in 20+ countries. We do this so they can pursue opportunities at home and abroad.

In partnership with the private sector, social profit sector and individuals, we are able to provide:

• Skills building workshops (entrepreneurship, financial preparedness, communications, technology navigation, leadership, etc.);

• A global Summit;

• Global mentorships; and,

• Coaching so that each of our participants can launch their own program/initiative to empower others.

G(irls)20 is also the driving force behind Fathers Empowering Daughters and Girls on Boards.

To learn more, visit www.girls20.org.

–  –  –

“It managed to make me feel like I could do anything.” RACHEL TAM, BOOTCAMPER, TORONTO, ONTARIO

410 Queens Quay Blvd. W., Suite 304 Toronto, ON, M5V 3T1, Canada G(irls)20 is a registered charity in Canada Registration # 831021506RR000 to support our efforts to economically empower girls and women please visit https://www.canadahelps.org/CharityProfilePage.aspx?charityID=s106630

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