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«care guide for Patients and Families Our Legacy and PrOmise tO yOu For over 35 years, Hospice of Dayton and Hospice of Butler & Warren Counties have ...»

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care guide for Patients and Families

Our Legacy and PrOmise tO yOu

For over 35 years, Hospice of Dayton and Hospice of Butler & Warren Counties

have served the needs of our local communities by providing the very best

end-of-life care, support and comfort for any patient or family that needs it.

Our promise is to celebrate the lives of those we have the privilege of serving

by honoring memories, sharing stories and cherishing moments in time. Our commitment is to provide superior care and innovative services that meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of our patients and their families, with an emphasis on compassion, dignity, privacy, and respect when it matters the most.

We provide compassionate care and support to our patients and their families in our Hospice Houses, in their homes, in hospitals, and in extended care and assisted living facilities.

yOur guide tO HOsPice OF daytOn care & serVices While planning the contents of this guide, our goal was to ensure that you receive a convenient reference for everything related to our end-of-life care and services. We understand that as a patient or caregiver, you need confidence, peace of mind, and comfort during this time. Our foremost goal is to provide you support and comfort, and we hope this guide will assist in the process.

As you read on, you’ll find quick reference material, checklists, medical guides, financial information, legal considerations, a section for note taking and much more. If you have questions that reach beyond the scope of this guide, please contact a member of your Hospice Quality of Life Team. You’ll find the numbers you need in the Quick Reference section. Remember, we are here for you.

Kent Anderson Kent Anderson | CEO, Hospice of Dayton 3 celebrating Life stories yOur LiFe, Like aLL LiVes, is FiLLed witH stOries OF… Our staff believes that your story is an important story — not only for you, but also for those who love you, those who know you, those who may never know you, but know of you, and those who will come after you. It is our privilege to share in and celebrate the stories of your life. Through the telling and the listening, we are all forever changed and healed.

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a. cOntacting yOur care team d. additiOnaL inFOrmatiOn We’re Always Here for You A.1 Patient Bill of Rights & Responsibilities D.1 My Quality of Life Team A.2 Discharge D.4 Payments & As

–  –  –

Immediate response to any question is available by calling us at:

937-258-4989 or 877-445-5086 we’re always Here for you

If you experience any of the following, please call us:

• Any time you have questions regarding your care, or services or you have an immediate need • If you need to report a change in condition, such as acute pain, discomfort or breathing problems • Any time you need emergency assistance – please call us before you call 911 • If you fall • If you notice a new or uncomfortable symptom • Whenever you wish to speak with a member of our staff • If you have questions about medical needs or medical supplies, such as the hospital bed, oxygen tank, etc.

• If you have safety questions or concerns • If you have a family caregiver issue, such as if the family caregiver is ill or unavailable to provide care • If you have questions about transportation We are always available for you if you have any questions.


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sOciaL wOrker(s)



OtHer care team memBers





Immediate response to any question is available by calling us at:

937-258-4989 or 877-445-5086 A4


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We have provided this section as a convenient way to capture any questions you may have and allow your Quality of Life Team to respond with answers.

This section will help keep this information readily available if you need it for future reference.




–  –  –

your Quality of Life team As your personal Quality of Life Team, we look forward to meeting your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs through our expertise and commitment to you.

Quality of Life Team members wear name badges so they can be recognized easily by patients and family caregivers as part of the team.

Role of Hospice Team

In addition to providing care and comfort, your Quality of Life Team:

• Provides family support in identifying physical, social, emotional, financial and spiritual needs, with referrals to other community resources as necessary to meet those needs • Educates family caregiver(s) in skills needed for effective care Physician We work directly with your personal physician in the management of your care.

Our nurse will notify your doctor about changes in your needs or status. If you require inpatient care and are admitted to one of our Hospice Houses, your care will be provided by our medical Care team consisting of Physicians and Advanced Practice Nurses specializing in hospice and palliative care. Our fulltime Medical Directors are experts in managing symptoms and work to develop personalized solutions for each and every circumstance. They are certified in hospice and palliative medicine and are available to work with your personal physician at any time.

Care Managers

Nurses serve as care managers. The frequency of visits will depend upon your needs. Your nurse will assess your physical status at each visit and will provide education to you and your family caregiver about how to best provide your care, how to control symptoms, and what to expect next.


Personal Care Specialist

Our Personal Care Specialists help patients with personal care such as dressing, bathing, eating, etc. The number and frequency of visits depend upon the individual needs of patients. Their support also includes light housework and patient meal preparation. Personal Care Specialist support is available in nursing homes and assisted living environments as well as in private residences.

Spiritual Care

We embrace the role of your personal clergy as spiritual counsel and welcome him or her as a member of our Hospice team. We are an ecumenical organization and our chaplains support all religious and spiritual backgrounds; they are available 24 hours a 7 days a week for spiritual support and comfort.

Family Support & Bereavement Care Services

–  –  –

Therapists Innovative treatments are available through physical, occupational, skin, pet, music, massage and art therapies.

Pharmacist Your community pharmacist and Hospice pharmacist will provide written information regarding your medications. Our Hospice pharmacists review medication records to ensure the compatibility of medications and optimal use.

Volunteers Volunteers are available to provide a variety of services to support patients and

families including:

–  –  –

All of our volunteers receive special training and complete background checks to assure their integrity and reliability.

Around-the-Clock Services to Support You We try to help you anticipate problems before they occur or become a concern.

Our nurses, social workers, chaplains, and physicians are always available. If an emergency occurs, please call 937-258-4989 or 1-877-445-5086. A nurse is always available to assist you, including situations in which a medication needs to be evaluated at night, on a weekend, or during a holiday.


Our services & support

We are passionate about patient care and all of the services we are privileged to provide you. We provide comfort, care, and support to patients in their home, in extended and assisted living facilities, in hospitals, and in our Hospice Houses.

We offer patients, families and their caregivers compassion, peace of mind and comfort during difficult times.

–  –  –

Many patients receive care in the comfort of their own home. We offer education and support to family caregivers so that they may gain peace of mind and full confidence while embracing life’s journey with their loved one at home.

Crisis Hospice Care If a patient enters a period of crisis in their home setting, nursing care can be provided on a continuous basis for a period of eight to 24 hours. We provide short-term continuous care management of acute medical symptoms to assure patient care and comfort.

–  –  –

Patient care is also provided in our Hospice House in Dayton, at 324 Wilmington Avenue, and Lorelei’s Place Hospice House serving Butler and Warren counties, at 5940 Long Meadow Drive in Franklin, Ohio.

Our Hospice Houses provide:

–  –  –

Respite care:

Respite care is short-term in-patient care that can be provided to a patient when it is necessary to relieve family caregivers who are providing care. Respite care is available for up to five days at a time and is offered in our Hospice Houses or an extended care facility.

Hospice Care in Extended Care and Assisted Living Settings Hospice patients who reside in a nursing home or assisted-living facility can receive care in their residential environment, benefiting from the combined expertise of the facility’s staff and the Hospice team. We partner with an extensive number of area extended care facilities. Residents and their families are supported with coordinated physical, emotional and spiritual care.

Members of the Hospice staff coordinate with long-term nursing home staff to provide exceptional, flexible and personalized support for each patient. This care option enhances quality of life, allows for superior pain and symptom management, and increases peace of mind for patients and family. Additionally, residents and family caregivers receive seamless, superior care and support on every level. The patient’s medical care will continue to be provided by the attending physician at the nursing facility. Our Medical Directors are available for consultation.

C6 grief & Bereavement The grief experience can impact people at various levels – physically, psychologically, spiritually, socially and emotionally. Sadness and sorrow are normal reactions. It’s important to recognize that grief, as painful as it is, is a necessary part of the process.

Patients and those who are emotionally linked to them commonly experience anticipatory grief. It involves acknowledging the many losses that will occur as health and vitality slip away. Grieving also reminds us of other losses experienced previously in life.

It may help to know that it is not uncommon for patients to feel:

–  –  –

• Frustration and irritation toward family caregivers who may not always be able to meet their needs • Guilt about not being able to care for themselves • Anger about being sick and having to depend on others • Resentment, impatience, fear and anxiety about their illness • Worry about the pain their loved ones are experiencing • Concern about the well-being of those who will survive them

Normal feelings for family caregivers often include:

• Guilt about the ability to meet the needs of the patient • Shame about feelings of resentment, frustration or fear • Fear of not being able to “do enough” • Anger about the role of family caregiver • Fear about the future

–  –  –

Some symptoms are normal to the grieving process and are commonly experienced. Some of the same symptoms are also common to depression. It’s important to know that if such symptoms are experienced in combination, it may indicate a more serious problem.

–  –  –

Spiritual distress/questioning; anger Feelings of despair/abandonment with God C8 Although physical complaints such as headaches, body aches, digestive problems and other health concerns are often part of the grief process, we encourage you to follow up with a physician to rule out other causes.

Patients and family members are encouraged to express their feelings, questions and concerns with the care manager, patient and family support social worker or chaplains.

grief counseling

–  –  –

Pathways of Hope is available to support individuals and groups with counseling services, free of charge and provided by licensed staff. Bereavement counseling through Pathways of Hope is available to those currently enrolled in hospice care (including the patient), as well as those that have previously been a part of the program and have already lost a loved one, and to anyone else in the community who has experienced the loss of a loved one.

Grief education groups as well as grief support groups are open to anyone experiencing loss, as well as groups designed to meet specific types of losses such as death of an adult child or spouse. Your family support social worker can provide information on the groups. Grief support services are available through Pathways of Hope at any time.

Contacting Pathways of Hope:

• Call 937-258-4991 Mondays through Fridays between 8:30 am and 5:00 pm • Call 937-256-4490 or 1-800-653-4490 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

–  –  –

Patient care & safety Patient & caregiVer saFety We realize that safety is of primary importance for patients and family caregivers. We will check your home for safety concerns and offer suggestions if we find situations that may put you at risk for injury or infection.

If you have a safety concern, you can call for assistance at 937-258-4989 or 877-445-5086.

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