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«VOLUME I Project No Financed by EIB Prepared Road Department Foundation WEG Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure COBA Ltd / ...»

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km 42,0 – km 51,570 SECTION




Project No

Financed by EIB

Prepared Road Department

Foundation WEG Ministry of Regional Development and



June 2014 I Table of Contents


1.1 Background

1.2 Objective of the project and Terms of Reference

1.3 Methodology


2.1 Main road Design Criteria and Project parameters

2.2 Project section location and characteristic

2.3 Plan of the road and plain land

2.4 Road pavement construction

2.5 Interchanges

2.6 Underpasses and Culverts

2.8 Construction works

2.9. Waste formation

2.10 Equipment Used During Construction

2.11 A Complex of Ancillary Construction Facilities

2.12 Querries and Borrow Pits



4.1 Climate, Air Quality, Background Noise and Radiation

4.1.1 Climate

4.1.2 Air Quality and Noise

4.1.3 Background level of radiation

4.1.4. Surface water objects and soil

4.2 Physical-geographical Features

4.2.1 Topography and Geomorphology of Project Area

4.2.2 Geology and TectonicsG G

4.2.3 Seismic Risks

4.2.4 Hydrogeology

4.2.5 Engineering-geological features of Samtredia-Lanchkhuti Section of the design motorway

4.2.6 Hydrology

4.2.7 Soils

4.4. Landscape and flora

4.4.1. Landscape

4.4.2 Flora

4.5 Fauna


5.1. Demographic indicators

5.3. Socio-cultural environment.

5.4 Land Acquisition and Resettlement




7.1 Summary of Activities and Anticipated Impacts

7.2 Specific Environmental Impacts

7.2.1 Air Emissions Related to Construction Activities

7.2.2 Noise Impacts Related to Construction Activities and Highway Operations

7. 3 Potential Impacts Related To the Construction Activities

7.3.1. Dangerous geological processes, soil erosion, soil contamination...... 81 7.3.2 Pollution and Waste

7.3.3 Topsoil losses due to topsoil stripping

7.3.4 Impacts on Flora

7.3.5 Impacts on Fauna

7.3.6 Protected Areas

7.3.7 Landscape.

7.3.8 Water use.

7.3.9 Impacts on Archaeological Sites.

7.3.10 Transport related impacts

7.3.11 Infrastructure.

7.3.12 Impact related to quarries

7.3.13 Construction Related Impacts at the Camp Site

7.3.14 Impacts Related to Asphalt Plant and Gravel Braking Mounting......... 88


8.1 Mitigation Measures

8.1.1 Mitigation Measures related to construction works

8.1.2 Mitigation of Long-term and Operation Related Impacts

8.2 Monitoring and enforcement

8.3 Costs of Implementation

8.4 Environmental Management Plan


9.1. Georgian legislation and requirements


BP Bank Procedures CAS Center of Archaeological Search of the Ministry of Culture and Sports CBR Californian Bearing Ratio CPS Country Partnership Strategy CCP Contractor Control Plan CMP Contractor’s Management Plan EIA Environmental Impact Assessment EIB European Investment Bank EMP Environmental Management Plan ESA Equivalent Standard Axel GDP Gross Domestic Product GIS Geographical Information Systems GP Good Practices GPS Global Positioning System HEC – RAS Hydrologic Engineering Center – River Analysis System IFI International Financial Institution JBIC Japan Bank for International Cooperation KP Kilometer Point MoE Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources MLHSP Ministry of Labor, Health and Social Protection MoI Ministry of Interior NTRC National Transport Regulatory Commission NSFSVPP The “National Service for the Foodstuffs Safety, Veterinary and Plant Protection” of the Ministry of the Agriculture OP Operational Policy PIU Project Implementation Unit RDMRDI Roads Department of the Ministry of Economic Development RoW Right of Way TEM Trans European Motorway TRRC Transport Reform and Rehabilitation Center USC Unified Soil Classification


1.1 Background Since 2006, once of the government top priorities is to develop Georgia’s competitiveness as a transit country by improving its transport corridors. This ongoing process is expected to last well into the future.

Promotion of trade with the neighboring countries and development of tourism infrastructures have major importance for the economic development of the country, for which an improved road network is a crucial factor.

The development of the transport sector is essential for the sustainable economic growth and for improving the living conditions of Georgia´s population.

The Georgian Government has given the highest priority to improvements of the East West Highway (between Caspian Sea and Black Sea) and North - South (between Russia and Turkey).

The Government has obtained funding for the sections immediately West of Tbilisi with the construction of a four-lane highway currently underway.

In 2009, the Feasibility Study and Environmental Impact Assessment of the Preferred Recommended Alignment for Upgrading the S-12 Highway between Samtredia – Grigoleti was presented to the Roads Department of the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia. This road section will give continuity to Zestaponi-Kutaisi-Samtredia Road Section of E60 – Highway.

Figure 0.1 – Project Location

1.2 Objective of the project and Terms of Reference The objective of the Project is to allow the passage of the predicted increasing traffic flow and ensure safe traffic and transit cargo movement. The present and predicted levels of traffic flows are referred to in the table below.

–  –  –

2027 2028 2029 2030 2031 2032 2033 2034 2035 2026

–  –  –

According to the terms of reference (ToR) of the Client/Roads Department (RD), and

the contract signed between the RD and the Consortium of Consultants, Samtredia Grigoleti road section of E-60 highway is divided into four main lots:

 Lot 1 - km 0+000- km 11+500

–  –  –

1.3 Methodology A combination of desk studies and site work (sampling observation verification of preexisting data etc.) has been utilized. Site ecological studies, sampling and analysis of air quality, soil and surface water contamination, measurements of background noise and radiation have been conducted. Required environmental and social information has been collected.

The EIA document is structured as main text and annexes. The main body of the EIA text provides description of the relevant sensitivities; impacts and potential mitigation and the EMP and Monitoring plan are developed. The Annexes provide detailed information regarding particular areas and detailed base line information and covers the


Annex 1. Legal Framework and Administrative Structure in Georgia Annex 2.

Environmental Baseline Data, Annex 3. Baseline Contamination Data Annex 4. Air Quality: Baseline, Project Impacts and Mitigation Annex 5. Noise Factor: Baseline, Project Impacts and Mitigation Annex 6. Procedures for Extraction of Plant Species Included in Red List of Georgia from the Natural Environment and Change of Category of Forestry Fund Land Annex 7. Waste Management Plan for Construction Camps and Equipment Yards Annex 8. Information about quarries within the project area Annex 9. List of Contributors to EIA Annex 10. List of References Roughly 6 months of local expert time and 2 months of international expert time went into the report, taking into considering all the stages of environmental assessment (Feasibility Study, preliminary EIA and Final EIA).



2.1 Main road Design Criteria and Project parameters Road geometry is selected based on traffic flow, type of road and terrain to ensure safe and commodity to the user/traffic, and minimizing at the same time to disturb the regions crossed through and its population.

Design was carried out according to TEM standards for highway design, where other international and Georgian standards were also taken into account. Georgian State Standard SST Gzebi 72:2009 “Public roads, geometric and structural requirements”, approved by National Agency of Georgia for Standards, Technical Regulations and Metrology on 9 February 2009, were used namely for local roads.

Construction of 4-lane road is envisaged in the design. Technical parameters adopted

for the road section are as follows:

 Design speed - 120 km/hr;

 Minimum radius of horizontal curve - 3200 m;

 Maximum longitudinal slope - 0.77%;

–  –  –

 Width of paved shoulders by the dividing strip - 1.0 m;

 Unpaved roadside - 0.75 m.

In the approach to the temporary roundabout at the end of Lot 4, a minimum convex curve radius of 50 000 m was used.

2.2 Project section location and characteristic Samtredia-Grigoleti road section starts at km 42+000 and ends at km 51+570. The project alignment is located entirely in the region of Guria namely in Lanchkhuti, is located to the north the existing road Samtredia-Lanchkhuti-Grigoleti because this point allows further perspective development of the route in the directions of Ureki-Choloki 4 and Poti. Based on this construction of roundabout at PK 515+70, which represents a temporary link, is envisaged in the design. Length of project section is 9.57 km.

Radii of horizontal and vertical curves, longitudinal slopes and crossfalls, vertical clearance meet the requirements of 4-lane highway (with dividing strip) based on the Terms of Reference.

Design cross-sections of the road and bridges meet the requirements of 4-lane road.

2.3 Plan of the road and plain land Four-lane road axis is adopted in the design.

Total number of horizontal turning angles on the route is 4: one turning angle - 3200 m, one turning angle - 10000m, one turning angle 20000 m and one turning angle 30000 m.

Super elevations are not envisaged in the design due to the fact that all turning angles exceed 3000 m.

Fig. 2.1. Road plan

Roadway is designed in accordance with valid Georgian and international standards as well as typical design solutions.

Width of roadway envisaged in the design is 28.5 m. Slope of embankment envisaged in the design is 1:1.75.

Cross-sections are mainly designed in the embankments, which according to the abovementioned, is caused by location and dimensions of design engineering structures within the project section (underpasses, cattle passes).

Construction of embankments is envisaged from rock and gravel. The lower part of the embankment is envisaged from rock, the maximum size of which shouldn’t exceed 2/3 of the compacted layer. Compaction should proceed in layers, paying special attention to the quality of compaction. The base of the embankment requires strengthening as it is represented by soft soils.

Strengthening of embankment base in high embankments, mainly at the approaches to bridges, is envisaged by stone (gravel) columns, whilst in relatively low embankments strengthening is envisaged by high strength geotextile. In both cases, layer of separation geotextile is envisaged between the existing soil and the embankment.

Construction of side (drainage) channels is envisaged in the design on both sides of the highway. Design envisages filling of top soil on the embankment slopes, followed by leveling and seeding of grass

5Fig. 2.2 Lot 4 Road Section Location and Layout


2.4 Road pavement construction This chapter describes the pavement solutions adopted for the km 42+000-km 51+570 of the Samtredia – Grigoletti E-60 Highway Section. It includes the analysis of the traffic data and the design of the pavement structures for the current section and interchanges.

The issues concerning construction of pavement were discussed at RD’s Technical Board on 13 May 2013. Asphalt concrete pavement was recommended for the construction due to expected general and non-homogenous settlements.

Proposed pavement structure is based on analytical calculations performed in “BISAR SHELL” Program.

Road pavement structure is designed based on the following data:

 Traffic flow;

 Reliability factor;

 Service life.

Corresponding works for determining traffic flow were carried out, as well as expected future traffic flows for each year of the study were also determined.

Road pavement structure for the current section is adopted analogical of that adopted

for the section km 0+000-km 11+500 (I Lot) and is as follows:

Table 5.15 - Road pavement structure for the current section

–  –  –

2.5 Interchanges This section covers the types and locations of the proposed Interchanges Lot IV - km 42+000- km 51+570 Samtredia-Grigoleti Section of E60 Highway.

The types of proposed interchanges result of the design constraints identified and are the outcomes of previous discussions between the engineers of the Joint Venture (JV) COBA-Transproject and the Roads Department.

The locations proposed for the interchanges have been determined by taking into

account the following, in conformity with Georgian and international standards:

a)Distance between interchanges;

b)Size of urban areas;

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