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The Royal Society

of Edinburgh

Directory 2016/17


DIRECTORY 2016/2017



ISSN 1476-4334

The Royal Society of Edinburgh

22-26 George Street

Edinburgh EH2 2PQ

Telephone : 0131 240 5000

Fax : 0131 240 5024

email: rse@royalsoced.org.uk

web: www.royalsoced.org.uk

Scottish Charity No. SC 000470 Printed in Great Britain by Henry Ling Limited









LAWS OF THE SOCIETY (revised October 2014)




26 March 2014 - 06 April 2016


March 2015

March 2016






The Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE) is an educational charity, registered in Scotland. Independent and non-party-political, we are working to provide public benefit throughout Scotland and by means of a growing international programme. The RSE has a peer-elected, multidisciplinary Fellowship of more than 1500 men and women who are experts within their fields.

The RSE was created in 1783 by Royal Charter for “the advancement of learning and useful knowledge”. We seek to provide public benefit in today’s

Scotland by:

- Organising lectures, debates and conferences on topical issues of lasting importance, many of which are free and open to all.

- Conducting independent inquiries on matters of national and international importance.

- Providing educational activities for primary and secondary school students throughout Scotland.

- Distributing over £2 million to top researchers and entrepreneurs working in Scotland.

- Showcasing the best of Scotland’s research and development capabilities to the rest of the World.

- Facilitating two-way international exchange to enhance Scotland’s international collaboration in research and enterprise.

- Recognising educational effort and achievement by encouraging and rewarding it through the award of scholarships, prizes and medals

- Providing both reactive and proactive submissions of expert advice on a range of topical issues to the Scottish Government (including its Agencies), Scottish Parliamentary Bodies/Committees; the UK Government (including its Agencies) and UK Parliamentary Bodies/Committees.

The RSE’s premises are in the centre of Edinburgh and were extensively refurbished in 1983 to provide suitable accommodation in which to hold lectures, conferences and other meetings. In 1994 the RSE purchased the adjacent

–  –  –

building at 26 George Street which was refurbished during 1998 by the RSE Scotland Foundation and linked to the RSE’s premises to enable further expansion of our activities.

A detailed account of the History of the Royal Society of Edinburgh was written by Professor Neil Campbell and Professor R M S Smellie (former General Secretary) for the Bicentenary Celebrations in 1983. This describes in detail its origins and background. Copies of this volume are available from the Journals Officer.

In 2006, after almost six years of research by Dr Charles Waterston, General Secretary, 1986-91, aided by Mr Angus Shearer, the Society published a biographical list of all former RSE Fellows from 1783 - 2002 (ISBN 0 902 198 84 X). This is available on the RSE website and copies have been sent to the main deposit libraries, as well as Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen and St Andrews University Libraries.

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Vice-Presidents Professor Iain GRAY Professor Neva HAITES Professor Marian SCOTT Professor Sir David WALLACE Professor John WALLACE General Secretary Professor Alan ALEXANDER

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In March 1996 the Society established a connected charitable trust, the RSE Scotland Foundation. The Foundation is recognised in Scotland as Scottish charity number SC 024636 and is registered for VAT. The Foundation plays a leading role in the continued development of the Society’s public outreach activities and manages the premises at 26 George Street, Edinburgh. The President, General Secretary, Treasurer, Curator and a Vice-President of the Society are ex officiis Trustees of the Foundation. The Foundation also has a minimum of four nominated Trustees who are appointed by the Council of the Society.

The Caledonian Research Foundation joined with the RSE Scotland Foundation in March 2009. To ensure a smooth transition, three CRF Governors served as nominated Trustees until October 2012.

Through its activities in 26 George Street, the Foundation meets its objective of preserving and conserving the architectural, scientific and cultural heritage of Scotland. In parallel, the Foundation aims to develop the Scottish public’s understanding of science, engineering and technology and the part they play in increasing wealth and quality of life, and to foster greater collaboration between the academic and business communities in Scotland. The Foundation calls upon the broad intellectual resources of the Fellowship of the Society in the promotion of these objectives.

–  –  –

All staff can be contacted directly by e-mail using the following format first initial and surname@royalsoced.org.uk, i.e. wduncan@royalsoced.org.

uk The following addresses should be used for initial contacts

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1. THE ROYAL SOCIETY OF EDINBURGH, which was instituted by Royal Charter in 1783 for the advancement of Learning and useful Knowledge, shall consist of Fellows, Corresponding Fellows and Honorary Fellows.

2. Only Fellows shall be eligible to hold office or to vote at any meeting of the Society, except as provided otherwise by these Laws.


3. a) The Society shall be governed by a Council, the members of which are its Trustees or Stewards. This shall consist of the following Office-Bearers, namely, a President, five Vice-Presidents, a General Secretary, a Treasurer, a Fellowship Secretary and in addition to these Office-Bearers, Ordinary Members of Council. The total number of such Office-Bearers and Ordinary Members of Council shall not exceed fourteen.

b) The Council shall meet at least twice during each Session. In the absence of the President and all of the Vice-Presidents at a meeting of the Council, or in the absence of more than three of the Ordinary Members of Council, then such a meeting shall be inquorate and adjourned until such time as a quorate meeting may be held.


4. The Council shall invite and shall take into account suggestions by Fellows for new Office-Bearers and Ordinary Members of Council to replace those Fellows whose terms of membership have expired under Law 7. The election shall be by a postal ballot of all Fellows or such other voting system as approved under Law 34 and the list of names of persons recommended by the Council for election shall be issued to the Fellows not less than one month before the Statutory Meeting, which shall be held on a date as determined under Law 44. Except as provided by Law 5, the names of those elected as Office-Bearers and Ordinary Members of Council for the ensuing year beginning on 1 April shall be announced at the preceding Statutory Meeting. Scrutineers shall be nominated as provided for in Law 35. Each person recommended by

–  –  –


8. The Council shall have the following powers:

a) To control all matters concerning the affairs of the Society and set the overall policy and strategy.

b) To delegate to an Executive Committee the conduct of such business of the Society as the Council decides appropriate for its effective management. The General Secretary, the Treasurer, the Convener of the RSE Scotland Foundation, one Trustee except the President chosen by the Council, the Chief Executive and up to three other members of the senior staff chosen by the Chief Executive shall be members of the Executive Committee, and all these members shall be entitled to vote. The Executive Committee shall have power to co-opt other relevant members, but they shall not be entitled to vote.

c) To create specialist advisory committees, including the Audit and Risk Committee, and appoint the members thereof, who may be non-members of Council and to define the terms of remit and powers of such committees.

d) To delegate to such Office-Bearers, Committees and persons to be responsible to Council, the everyday management of such business as it deems expedient to delegate.

e) To appoint the Chief Executive and determine the remuneration and conditions of service of all staff, as advised by the Staffing Committee.

f) To control and manage the investments of the Society, as advised by the Investment Committee.

g) To ensure there are satisfactory internal control systems for financial and risk management, and for the good stewardship of the assets of the Society. To approve the annual budget of the Society.

h) To appoint the Auditors and determine their remuneration.

i) To approve the Annual Trustees’ Report and Accounts.

j) To award the various prizes vested in the Society, in accordance with the terms of the respective deeds of gift.

k) To make from time to time Standing Orders for the regulation of the affairs of the Society.

–  –  –


13. The General Secretary shall be responsible to the Council for the general conduct of the Society’s business, excepting that which relates to finance. He or she shall be Convener, ex-officio, of the Executive Committee and of the Staffing Committee. He or she shall present annually to the Council, the Trustees’ Report to accompany the Annual Accounts. He or she shall present to the Annual Statutory Meeting, the approved Trustees’ Report and such other reports as may be required to inform Fellows of the business of the Council.

14. He or she may attend all meetings of the Society, Council and Committees. He or she shall ensure that proper Minutes are kept of the Statutory and Special Meetings of the Society, and of the meetings of Council and the Executive Committee.


15. The Treasurer shall be responsible to the Council for the proper care and oversight of the Society’s financial affairs and systems of internal control for financial and risk management and the good stewardship of its finance-related assets. He or she shall be Convener of the Investment Committee ex-officio and in the absence of the General Secretary shall convene meetings of the Executive Committee. He shall be a member ex-officio of the Audit and Risk Committee.

16. He or she shall present annually to the Council for its approval or revision a proposed Budget for the following fiscal year showing the main sources of expected income and items of expenditure according to the various Funds for which the Council is responsible.

17. He or she shall also present to the Council the Accounts for the preceding financial year, balanced to the thirty-first of March, prepared in accordance with generally accepted and applicable accounting practice and with relevant legislation. The Accounts shall be audited by a professional accountant appointed annually by the Council and must be approved by Council prior to their presentation to the Statutory Meeting.


17Directory 2016/17


18. The Fellowship Secretary shall be responsible to the Council for matters relating to the election of Fellows, Corresponding Fellows and Honorary Fellows and for ensuring the maintenance of records of Fellows, Corresponding Fellows and Honorary Fellows and Candidates for election to Fellowship. He or she shall be Convener ex-officio of the Fellowship Committee, and may be appointed by Council to be a member, ex-ofcio of the Grants Committee, the Lessells Bequest Committee and the Prize Committees.


19. The Programme Convener shall be responsible to the Council for the organisation of Ordinary Meetings, Symposia and Conferences and other such meetings as may be approved by the Council. He or she shall be Convener ex-officio of the Meetings Committee and a member ex-ofcio of Organising Committees for Conferences, Symposia and other meetings, and may be appointed by Council to be a member ex officio of the Young People’s Programme Committee. He or she shall ensure that a record is kept of Ordinary Meetings, Prize Lectures, Symposia, Conferences and other meetings organised by the Society.


20. The Curator shall be responsible to Council for the Library and for matters relating to the National Library of Scotland. He or she shall have responsibility for ensuring the proper security, care and maintenance of the Society’s furnishings, treasures, pictures, archives and other such property. He or she shall be a member ex-officio of the Editorial Boards.


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