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First assignment, March 29, 1935 Undersigned, Hereby is agreed the construction of 20 houses and 4 carriage homes on the Spijkerstraat in Bussum for the account of the Town of Bussum pursuant to the plans and specifications prepared therefore for the price of Twenty Nine Thousand Eight Hundred Forty Two Guilders (fl 29,842).

A. Slokker and Sons



59 ‘SENIOR LIVING’ APARTMENTS Content Introduction 08 Facts & Figures 10 Slokker Development 14 Slokker Building Group 24 Slokker Investments 36 Slokker International 42 07 Introduction Since it was founded in 1935, this family business has grown into a

respected partner in Real Estate, both nationally and internationally:

The Slokker Group. It is a modern organization, with an impressive track record in the construction of private homes and the development, construction and management of retail, office, industrial and warehouse space. The group has developed and built more than 75,000 homes and 27,500,000 sq. ft. of commercial real estate. Its ability to anticipate and react to changing economic and social circumstances shows its flexibility and common sense approach to business. Currently, the Slokker family’s third generation is leading an ever more ambitious organization, which, based on short lines of communication, is exceptionally decisive.

A solid financial foundation allows us to enter into any project, regardless of size or financial structure. Our goal is to maximize the financial and social long-term outcome for all parties involved, while simultaneously delivering sustainable contributions to a high-quality and enjoyable living environment. In the Netherlands, the care and attention we built into our homes was rewarded by the “Keurmerk Klantgericht Bouwen” (Seal for Customer Oriented Construction).

2007 was the third consecutive year in which the Slokker Group was awarded this honor. It means that from the initiation of a project we perform above the established market standards. Obviously, we will continue to try to improve. Innovation is an integral part of our company structure and culture. This is certainly true for the development and application of new home designs, building concepts and production techniques, but also for the continuing education of our employees and our investments in Research & Development.

In this brochure, we acquaint you with the activities and projects that have been realized by the four divisions that make up the Slokker Group. They are presented in the logical order of how they operate on the Dutch market: Slokker Development is the developer, Slokker Building Group is the builder, and Slokker Investments is the investor and manager. For the US and Canadian markets, these disciplines are combined in Slokker International. In Switzerland, Slokker is active as partner in project development under the name Lerko AG. For all these entities, the goal is the same: to distinguish our organization through the delivery of quality products.




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• A family business with over 70 years of experience in real estate development, construction and investment.

• 75,000 houses realized.

• Over 27,500,000 sq. ft. of commercial space realized.

• A diversity of projects: homes, commercial and industrial buildings, golf resorts, care centers, sports facilities, and shopping malls.

• Branches in:

• The Netherlands: Almere, Apeldoorn, Breda, Harderwijk, ‘s Hertogenbosch, Huizen and Zwolle;

• United States: Denver, Jacksonville, Phoenix, Tampa and Washington;

• Canada: Toronto and Calgary;

• Switzerland: Luzern.

• Innovation is a central theme in the history of Slokker.

In the Netherlands, Slokker has initiated:

• Form-work-building;

• Prefabrication for form-work-building;

• Anchor-free cavity wall in form-work-building;

• Wood-frame construction building;

• “Spaarhuis” (energy-saving home);

• “Esprithuis” (user-oriented building - industrial and flexible building - product development oriented);

• 7m20 house;

• Package service;

• Dubo customized; and

• ITS: Industrial building with flexible interior lay-outs.

• We are involved in projects valued over EUR 1,5 billion (US$ 2.1 billion).




–  –  –

Slokker Development is a real estate developer, which operates in the Netherlands from offices in Huizen, ’s Hertogenbosch and Zwolle.

We have been active for decades in specific areas for new residential development as well as inner city redevelopment. Infrastructure and environmental design frequently also become part of our responsibility.

Slokker Development has a distinct vision with regards to (re)developing the product to be built: quality is more important than quantity. Since continuously changing markets require new concepts and solutions for optimal results, we are a flexible and creative partner who approaches problems in a constructive way and who is always searching for new solutions.

Our motivation to produce quality is not limited to the end-product, it extends also to our customer service and support. To make sure that our customer service is of high quality throughout the process, Slokker Development has, in addition to the traditional development disciplines, separate internal departments for buyer information and building support for the end-user.

We feel that first class cooperation between all parties concerned is a key condition to achieve the quality we seek. We continuously try to arrange the best possible cooperation with all parties concerned, thereby respecting interests that sometimes may be conflicting in nature. A substantial part of our projects is developed and realized in partnership with corporations or other partners in the market.

Our basic philosophy will always be equality and openness, with the ultimate goal of creating added value for the end user.

Fulfilling the demands of the consumer is one of the most important values of our company. As society is ever-changing, the needs of the consumer also change constantly. Accordingly, Slokker Development considers research into the needs for different concepts for living and housing a priority. It is therefore not at all strange that consumer-oriented development, progressive and environmentally sensitive building for the long term, and congregate care living concepts have been at the heart of our corporate strategy for years.

–  –  –

Slokker Building Group operates in the Netherlands from its offices in Almere, Apeldoorn, Breda, Harderwijk and Huizen. The head office is located in Huizen. We have the know-how and the resources to realize (large scale) homebuilding projects, to construct commercial and industrial buildings, and to complete inner city re-developments.

No matter what type of construction project it is, our approach is always based on one essential ingredient: complete involvement from beginning to end. Not only with regards to our principals, but we also care deeply about the people who will live in the homes and offices that we build.

Our current annual production volume is approximately EUR 125,000,000 (US$ 175,000,000) of which 70% is completed through its combined role as construction partner, value engineer and project manager and 30% as a general contractor pursuant to a tender process. About 40% of our projects are built against a negotiated market price for our sister entity, Slokker Development. The other 60% are completed for other real estate developers, housing cooperatives and investors. All of our principals can be assured of a keen relation between price and quality.

Our company strongly believes in honesty and integrity. Being straightforward is our first priority. A deal is a deal. It is therefore hardly a surprise that our corporate code of conduct is in conformity with the model of the Stichting Beoordeling Integriteit Bouwnijverheid (Foundation for Evaluation of Building Trade Integrity). In order to deliver a perfect product, our building progress is continuously monitored, evaluated and recorded in practical systems and procedures. All of our construction companies have the Dutch VCA and ISO certification.

Our customers rely on us, and we rely on our 400 employees, the backbone of our company. Only people can make a difference, and that is why we are happy to invest in their training. We have affiliations with training organizations in the regions that we serve. We welcome communication, initiative and good ideas. This why our employees’ involvement is substantial at all levels, which benefits our clients, both in the personal contacts as well as in actual results. Our organization has the seal of Klantgericht Bouwen (Seal for Customer Oriented Construction).

We feel that our responsibility as builders, literally and figuratively, does not end at the front door. People and the environment are fundamental elements of our company philosophy. The Slokker Building Group has with this perspective in mind embraced durable building and renovation from the first day those principles were introduced to the market place.

Our offices in the Netherlands are substantially involved in social activities and initiatives of groups and organizations whose objectives we support and believe.

–  –  –

The most important mission of Slokker Investments is to invest in commercial real estate and residential rental projects for its own account and risk. Its goal is to continually optimize its real estate portfolio, in which the market and the clients are the defining factors. The operational objective is to achieve a market level return in combination with an acceptable risk-profile. The company is based in Slokker’s head office in Huizen, and has a compact and resourceful organizational structure.

Slokker Investments has been active in real estate investments for several decades. Its solid financial structure allows the group to continuously balance its portfolio and to make the necessary adjustments to keep up with the dynamics of the market. At the end of 2006, the value of Slokker Investments’ portfolio exceeded EUR 100,000,000 (US$ 140,000,000), of which 80% was invested in commercial real estate and 20% in rental residential units.

We manage the majority of our real estate investments. This has the advantage that we can stay in direct contact with the requirements and demands of the market. We maintain a flexible leasing philosophy, whereby custom solutions are always possible.

In addition to having its own direct investments, Slokker Investments also invests indirectly via different real estate investment funds.

During the last few years, we also have increasingly become involved as investor in real estate development projects, both nationally and internationally. A good example of this type of investing is the turn-key realization of a sports and fitness centre with swimming pool in Duiven.

A number of these projects have been added to the investment portfolio upon their completion.

In the North American market, Slokker is also active as real estate investment company. A part of those investments are in projects that will be sold, whereby another part may be developed to be held for the long-term. Investments with the long term character are then kept in the portfolio for a number of years after their completion.

The following pages will show you a small selection of the projects that are part of our portfolio.

–  –  –

In the late nineteen seventies, the Slokker group entered the American and Canadian real estate markets. From offices in Denver and Toronto the market was explored and thereafter, initially on a modest scale, projects were developed for our own risk.

When the economy improved in the early nineties, Slokker’s activities were substantially expanded. After the acquisition in 1995 of an existing American / Dutch real estate organization with offices and activities in Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, Tampa, Jacksonville and Phoenix, the main office for North America was moved to Washington DC.

Thereafter activities in Dallas, Orlando, Providence, Maryland and New Jersey (US) and Calgary and Toronto (Canada) were added.

The real estate markets in North America, specifically in the United States, can be characterized by strong trends and rapid changes.

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