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«      The  following  documentation  is  an  electronically‐ submitted  vendor  response  to  an  advertised  solicitation  from  ...»

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The  following  documentation  is  an  electronically‐

submitted  vendor  response  to  an  advertised 

solicitation  from  the  West  Virginia  Purchasing 

Bulletin  within  the  Vendor  Self‐Service  portal  at 

wvOASIS.gov.   As  part  of  the  State  of  West 

Virginia’s procurement process, and to maintain the 

transparency  of  the  bid‐opening  process,  this 

documentation  submitted  online  is  publicly  posted  by  the  West  Virginia  Purchasing  Division  at  WVPurchasing.gov  with  any  other  vendor  responses  to  this  solicitation  submitted  to  the  Purchasing Division in hard copy format.    Purchasing Division State of West Virginia 2019 Washington Street East Solicitation Response Post Office Box 50130 Charleston, WV 25305-0130 Proc Folder : 114123 Solicitation Description : Addendum 03 Pendleton Creek Strip Ph II Proc Type : Central Contract - Fixed Amt Date issued Solicitation Closes Solicitation No Version 2015-11-04 SR 0313 ESR11031500000001948 1 13:30:00





Beth Collins (304) 558-2157 beth.a.collins@wv.gov FEIN # DATE Signature X All offers subject to all terms and conditions contained in this solicitation Page : 1 FORM ID : WV-PRC-SR-001 Line Comm Ln Desc Qty Unit Issue Unit Price Ln Total Or Contract Amount 1 $0.00 EOI Engineering Design Services Comm Code Manufacturer Specification Model # 81100000 *Dates of Service are estimated for bidding purposes only.

Extended Description :

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DEP 16428 November 4, 2015 600 WHITE OAKS BLVD.

BRIDGEPORT, WV 26330 www.thrashereng.com


WV FORM - CEOI Thrasher’s Response to Pendleton DEP16428 Certified Signature Page Attachment B - Thrasher Attachment B - NGE Attachment C November 4, 2015 Department of Administration, Purchasing Division 2019 Washington Street East Charleston, WV 25305-0130 RE: DEP 16428, Pendleton Creek Strip Ph II

Dear Members of the Selection Committee:

The Thrasher Group, Inc. appreciates the opportunity to present our qualifications for the Pendleton Creek abandoned mine land reclamation project. Thrasher is no stranger to DEP AML projects and we ask that you select our team to provide timely, cost effective reclamation plans. Our team has a thorough understanding of your project expectations and our experience in reclamation projects assures project success.

As the Principal-In-Charge, I have assembled a team of professionals who will deliver based on the

following competencies:

• detailed review of the existing conditions of the project area and survey capabilities to assess mapping, control and other field data as well as obtain any additional information that may be required for design,

• ability to provide recommendations and options for improvements,

• development and itemized cost estimates for concepts and final design,

• development of construction plans and technical specifications that are clear and concise,

• ability to provide environmental services including, but not limited to, wetland and stream delineation,

• preparation of project permitting

• construction administration.

Thrasher has built a business reputation that stands on integrity, experience, efficiency and judgement.

In taking this approach, we have assembled an experienced group of professionals to meet the various needs of this project. We look forward to partnering with the WVDEP again to develop a successful reclamation project.

Sincerely, CHADWICK D. BILLER, PE Partner, Principal-in-Charge


A. WV Professional Engineers: Thrasher employs 29 registered PE’s

–  –  –

B. Our reclamation engineering design experience as it relates to the specific project:

• Chad Biller, PE, Principal-in-Charge. Chad has more than 19 years of civil engineering experience with specific emphasis in mine reclamation, site development, highways, roads, bridges, and airports. Mr. Biller has managed the design and construction administration for a number of large grading and drainage projects in West Virginia. These projects have included design for mine reclamation, industrial and business parks, highways, and airports. Mr. Biller is also familiar with reclamation of mine portals, using either wet or dry seals.

• April Rohrbaugh, Staff Engineer has completed the design of four AML projects, under the direction of Chad Biller.

• Richard “RJ” Hovatter, PE has extensive experience in grouting projects for the WVDEP.

C. Available AML Design Team:

Civil PE’s: Chad Biller, Richard Hovatter, Mike Nestor, Dan Ferrell, Ken Moran, Clay Riley, Matt Fluharty, Tom Urquhart, Chad Riley, Robert Milne, Jeff Gola and Doug Forni CAD: John Pitman, Patricia Escoriaza, Michael Oldaker, Jessica Wells, Alex Sutton, Devon Shrewsbury, Wade McKinney BACKGROUND Thrasher is a privately owned engineering firm that specializes in multidisciplinary engineering services.

Established in 1983, Thrasher is built on stable leadership, financial strength and reputation. Our dedication to creative design solutions, well-managed projects and customer service has made Thrasher West Virginia’s largest privately owned engineering firm and an industry leader in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Since our formation, the company has grown to a firm of more than 350 employees. Our diverse staff has the resources to handle many projects, both large and small, simultaneously. Our client base is diverse and includes municipalities, state and federal government agencies, secondary and higher education, pubic and private entities, etc.

–  –  –

Review any provided mapping, complete field survey to verify mapping and obtain any additional Step 1. Adequate Mapping information required for design.

Assess project site and reclamation needs. Provide recommendations and options for improvements Step 2. Project Development and Design including engineering cost estimates. Develop comprehensive plans and technical specifications for successful project bidding and construction.

Provide environmental assessment as needed or required for the implementation of site improvements.

Step 3. Environmental and Permitting Prepare permit applications or application packages to receive project approval based on federal, state and local requirements, including stormwater general permits (NPDES), U.

S. Army Corps. of Engineers permits, and WVDOH encroachment permits.

Provide construction plans and specifications for project bidding. Assist in the bidding procedure, including:

Step 4. Bidding Pre-Bid Conference and responses for requests for information.

Assist the WVDEP with requests for information, engineering during construction, and/or progress Step 4. Construction Administration meetings as required or requested.

Highwall and Ponding Area


Thrasher has, or is in the process of, completing eight Abandoned Mine Lands (AML) projects for the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection (WVDEP). While the scope of the projects varies,

Thrasher has the experience and resources to apply the following design aspects:

Reclaim Refuse Piles: refuse piles were incorporated into the backfill of re-graded highwalls. These areas are then covered with soil and re-seeded.

Highwall Re‐Grading: miles of highwalls have been backfilled and re-graded utilizing plans developed by Thrasher. Balancing the amount of cut and fill and keeping the amount of disturbance to a minimum is a challenge on any AML project. Thrasher has successfully met these challenges on other projects.

Sealing of Portals: Thrasher has developed plans for dozens of wet and modified mine seals for AML projects, including bat gate mine seals.

Sink Hole Repair: shallow mine voids cause sink holes that divert natural streams underground. Thrasher evaluates each site and develops a plan to backfill the voids, thereby reestablishing the original property.

Landslide Repair: three different landslide repair projects have been completed by Thrasher. Each repair required extensive geo-technical design for soldier pile and concrete lagging and concrete segmental gravity block walls, and slip material removel for slope stabilization. These projects were in close proximity to residential areas that required special care during construction.

Drainage Design: all of the AML projects completed by Thrasher have required design of drainage structures.

These have included vegetated, grouted, riprap channels, as well as culverts and storm sewers. Drainage calculations were completed to properly size all conveyences.

Permitting: the permitting process can delay projects if they are not submitted correctly or in a timely manner. Thrasher takes pride in on our ability to quickly obtain permits for our clients. We are able to utilize our excellent relationship with the WVDEP for NPDES permits as well as our relationship with the West Virginia Division of Highways for entrance and drainage permits. We are also experienced in obtaining Army Core of Engineers permits from both the Pittsburgh and Huntington District Offices for stream bank restoration, wetland mitigation and construction, linear transportation and utility line projects, and temporary construction access and dewatering.


Projects ranging from sites for residential housing Thrasher provides full environmental assessment


–  –  –

Our experience includes development of Sediment STORM WATER, SEDIMENT AND EROSION • Rare, threatened and endangered species

–  –  –

Thrasher knows how projects should be built. We INSPECTION provide the knowledge and experience necessary to manage the construction of your project. Our project managers and inspectors are experienced in all types of construction activities. Many of our construction managers and inspectors have years of experience, and are certified by the West Virginia Department of Transportation, Division of Highways for roadwork and materials testing.

Thrasher’s Materials Testing Department is capable


–  –  –

the lab are certified by the State of WV.

Thrasher provides one of the largest networks of


computer aided design (CAD) equipment, software and trained personnel in the State of West Virginia. Civil 3D, Carlson and Microstation V8 software is utilized at 70 CAD stations within the Group. Additionally, equipment includes 10 large format (size E) plotters and 5 large format plotter / scanners.

CAD plans are prepared by both dedicated CAD employees and by staff engineers and engineering technicians in each of the firm’s offices. This equipment allows our design department to perform accurate work quickly and efficiently.


–  –  –

Landgraph Refuse Pile: This project located in Landgraff, WV involved a ± 3 acres exposed refuse site, 500 linear feet of dangerous highwall and streambank restoration of an unnamed tributary of Elkhorn Creek. The scope of work for this project included regrading the refuse site from the unnamed tributary’s stream bank and to reclaim the highwall. Then an adjoining borrow sites were used to obtain sufficient suitable material to entomb the refuse for revegetation. The project site covered a total area of 4.3 acres and reclamation included ±16,000 cubic yards of earthwork.

Stowe Landslide: This project located in Stowe WV, in Logan County, involved a 2 acre landslide caused an abandoned portal blowout. The slide mass was situated directly above a private residence at the base of a steep mountainside. Trees in the mobilized material had already caused damage to the residence’s accessory structures and fence. Based on the subsurface investigation and the slide’s proximity to the residence it was determined that the safest and most efficient way to mitigate the slide and prevent future damage to the residence was to remove slide material and excavate/regrade around the landside to a stable configuration while safely conveying surface and subsurface drainage around and through the site via deep underdrains and riprap/grouted riprap channels.

The slide material upon removal was transported to a nearby waste site, spread, dried and compacted. The project site covered a total area of 2.9 acres and reclamation included ± 6,000 cubic yards of earthwork.

Owl Creek Highwall #2: This Morgantown, WV project involved 3 main sites which includes dangerous highwalls with heights between 20 and 70 feet, AMD water impoundments on highwall benches, exposed refuse on Booths Creek stream bank, open and collapsed portals, and existing non-functioning wet mine seal. The scope of work included regrading the highwall bench and adjoining spoil piles to reclaim the highwalls, installing new or replacing the existing wet/modified mine seals for the portals producing AMD and installing bate gates in the open portals.

As well as, installing underdrains or seep collectors to eliminate ponding areas and constructing conveyances to safely transport stormwater and mine water in and around the site. Any Army Core of Engineers permit was applied for stream bank restoration/repair of Booths creek and a temporary construction access across the stream.

The project site covered a total area of 24.5 acres and reclamation included ± 113,000 cubic yards of earthwork.


–  –  –

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