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«B R I E F I N G M AT E R I A L S T hursday, M ay 19, 2 0 1 6 12:30 p.m. 4:0 0 p. m. Me e t in g L oc a t i o n : Re g e n c y B a llroo m B - C Hy ...»

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T hursday, M ay 19, 2 0 1 6

12:30 p.m. 4:0 0 p. m.

Me e t in g L oc a t i o n :

Re g e n c y B a llroo m B - C

Hy a t t Re g e n c y H o t e l

1 2 0 9 L S t re e t, S a c r a m e n t o

California State

Association of Counties



Thursday, May 19, 2016 12:30pm – 4:00pm Regency Ballroom B-C, Hyatt Regency Hotel, 1209 L Street, Sacramento, CA


Agenda times are approximate. Matters may be considered earlier than published time.

Presiding: Richard Forster, President 12:30pm BUFFET LUNCH 1:00pm PROCEDURAL ITEMS

1. Pledge of Allegiance

2. Roll Call Page 1

3. Approval of Minutes of February 18, 2016 Page 3 1:15pm SPECIAL PRESENTATIONS Governor’s May Revision of the 2016-17 State Budget 4.

 Michael Cohen, Director, State Department of Finance CSAC Report on the Governor’s May Revision 5. handout  DeAnn Baker & CSAC Advocacy staff

6. CSAC Finance Corporation Report Page 6  Supervisor Linda Seifert, CSAC Finance Corp. President  Alan Fernandes, Executive Vice President

7. CSAC Corporate Partner Remarks Page 7  Steve Bennett, Dominion Voting Systems  Jim Manker, CSAC staff

8. CSAC Operations and Member Services Update Page 8  Graham Knaus, CSAC staff 2:15pm ACTION ITEMS

9. CSAC Policy Committee Reports Housing, Land Use & Transportation Page 19  Supervisor David Rabbitt, Chair  Kiana Buss, CSAC staff Health & Human Services Page 20  Supervisor Ken Yeager, Chair  Farrah McDaid Ting, CSAC staff Government Finance & Administration Page 21  Supervisor Henry Perea, Chair  Dorothy Holzem & Faith Conley, CSAC staff Agriculture, Environment & Natural Resources Page 22  Supervisor Diane Dillon, Chair  Karen Keene & Cara Martinson, CSAC staff

–  –  –

11. Approval of Formation of Joint Task Force on Homelessness Page 26  Matt Cate, CSAC Executive Director

12. Consideration of Proposed CSAC Budget for FY 2016-17 Page 43  Matt Cate, CSAC Executive Director  Supervisor Judy Morris, CSAC Treasurer

13. Consideration of Proposed Amendments to CSAC Constitution Page 49  Matt Cate, CSAC Executive Director  Jennifer Henning, CSAC Legal Counsel

–  –  –


15. Informational Reports without Presentation Page 52  CSAC Litigation Coordination Program Report  Institute for Local Government (ILG) Report  IRS Form 990

16. Other Items

–  –  –

President: Richard Forster, Amador First Vice President: Dave Roberts, San Diego Second Vice President: Leticia Perez, Kern Immed. Past President: Vito Chiesa, Stanislaus

–  –  –

2. APPROVAL OF MINUTES The minutes of December 3, 2015, were approved as previously mailed.


President Forster presented the following Distinguished Service Awards:

Betty Yee, State Controller – for her ongoing commitment to partnering with counties in promoting fiscal health and well-being;

Michael Cohen, State Department of Finance Director – for his instrumental role in accelerating the premandate payments to local governments, as well as the allocation of PILT revenues for the first time in more than a decade; and Joe Dhillon, Senior Advisor to the Governor for Tribal Negotiations – for maintaining open lines of communication with CSAC staff and individual counties which allowed CSAC to provide ample input regarding mitigating local government impacts from off-reservation gaming.


Brian Hicks from BlueCat addressed the Board regarding IT services the company provides. The CSAC Corporate Partnership program currently has 60 partners. The next CSAC regional meeting will be held on March 24 in Shasta County. The 2016 Corporate Partner Guide is being distributed to every procurement and general services officer in California.

5. GOVERNOR’S BUDGET FOR 2016-17 Michael Cohen, State Department of Finance Director, presented highlights of the Governor’s proposed FY 2016-17 budget, totaling $122 billion in General Fund expenditures. He noted that the an economic downturn is expected next year and the Governor is supporting state programs that will help California more readily bounce back from the next recession through workforce training and education transition assistance. He discussed the three components of the Governor’s Public Safety Initiative: expanded credit system for prison inmates who participate in education and rehabilitation programs; parole consideration opportunities for a broader state prison population; and amending the juvenile justice process for convicting juveniles in adult court. The proposal also contains $25 million in public safety money for cities and counties to site re-entry facilities in their communities.


Staff presented an update on CSAC’s top 2016 legislative priorities contained in the Governor’s proposed FY 2016-17 budget.

The expiration of the MCO tax on June 30 of this year is expected to create a $1.3 billion hole in the state’s General Fund, which would result in cuts across multiple programs. The Governor has called a special session on health care to focus the Legislature on passing a revised MCO tax. In his budget, the Governor proposes a revised three-year tiered MCO tax plan based on the type of health plan (commercial, closed-system, and Medi-Cal). Staff reported that the proposal is now being supported by health plans, counties and other stakeholders. Legislative committees should be meeting next week and a vote by the Legislature is expected to take place in the next two weeks.

The Governor’s proposed budget contains a reintroduction of his 2015 transportation funding and reform package that would spend an additional $3.6 billion annually for ten years on a maintenance and rehabilitation of state and local transportation systems and investments in transit. The proposal also includes a number of reforms and accountability measures. Under the Governor’s proposal, cities and counties would receive $1.05 billion annually in new revenue. While this funding would help local governments to start to address significant maintenance and rehabilitation needs, it would not be enough to actually improve the overall condition of the local streets and road system or reduce overall maintenance backlogs. Staff distributed a chart showing the numerous transportation bills currently in the Legislature. None of the current proposals provide enough money for local transportation funding.

Staff provided an update on the Stormwater/Water Conservation initiative which is a measure that would amend Article X of the California Constitution to create a new, optional funding system local agencies can use to finance stormwater management, flood control, sewer and water supply projects, set rates for customers to encourage conservation and reduce water and sewer bills for low-income customers. The 4 coalition has met with both the Legislative Analyst Office (LAO) and the Attorney General’s Office regarding this initiative. The Attorney General is expected to issue a Title and Summary soon. If it is positive, the coalition will conduct additional polling to determine public support. A decision to move forward with a ballot measure via the signature gathering or legislative process will likely not occur until early March, and will be highly dependent upon the results of the polling.

Staff provided an update on November 2016 ballot initiatives. Currently, there are 68 initiatives circulating for signature. Eight measures have qualified so far. The briefing materials contained details on those eight initiatives. Additional measures currently circulating for signatures touch on many issues that could have direct implications for counties, including marijuana legalization, public safety, property tax assessments, water quality and storage, electricity generation, three-strikes reform, minimum wage adjustments, pension and retiree health benefits, and disability access. Initiatives that quality for the ballot and have an impact to counties will be referred by the CSAC Officers to the appropriate policy committees, which will make recommendations to the Executive Committee and Board of Directors.

7. State and Federal Legislative Priorities for 2016 Staff presented the draft CSAC 2016 State and Federal Advocacy Priorities as contained in the briefing materials. Staff noted that the CSAC policy committees and Executive Committee have reviewed the priorities. Staff was directed to identify “Tree Mortality” as a stand-alone issue under federal priorities and add “2-1-1 Statewide” to the list of state priorities.

–  –  –

8. Ratification of Support for Greg Cox, NACo 2nd Vice President Candidate President Forster announced that Supervisor Greg Cox is running for second vice president of the National Association of Counties (NACo) and requested Board of Directors’ support for his candidacy.

–  –  –

Staff noted that there are currently three candidates running for NACo second vice president, and all will have booths at the upcoming NACo Legislative Conference in Washington, DC on February 20-23.

Board members who are attending the NACo conference were encouraged to assist in campaign activities. Supervisor Cox requested that all counties register and attend the NACo annual conference in July in order to achieve the maximum number of votes.

9. CSAC Finance Corporation Report Supervisor Linda Seifert, CSAC Finance Corporation President, reported that the Finance Corporation Board currently has an opening for a county treasurer. Candidates are being vetted now and recommendations will be brought to the Executive Committee for consideration at a future meeting.

Staff reported that the US Communities Cooperative Purchasing program now has 38 suppliers. A list of those suppliers was distributed to the Board. The CSAC Finance Corporation Board voted yesterday to approve a new program related to unclaimed property recovery. Details of this new program will be provided to the Executive Committee and Board of Directors at an upcoming meeting.

10. Conflict of Interest Statement for CSAC Board of Directors CSAC is a California nonprofit corporation. Members of the Board of Directors are subject to certain legal obligations in the performance of the duties of their position. For this reason, CSAC has established a Conflict of Interest Policy for its Board members. Staff requested that all Board members sign the Conflict of Interest Statement and return it to CSAC.

11. Informational Reports The briefing materials contained informational reports on the Institute for Local Government (ILG) and the CSAC Litigation Coordination Program.

Meeting adjourned.

–  –  –

The CSAC Finance Corporation Board of Directors held their Annual Meeting in Riverside County April 28-29, 2016. The Board approved the 2016-17 Budget and received a healthy financial report on the status of the 2015-16 Budget.

Given the projected increase in net revenue for the 2015-16 Fiscal Year, the Board approved up to an additional $300,000 contribution to CSAC for the current year.

A large part of the projected increase in net revenue for the current year is attributable to the success of the California Statewide Communities Development Authority (CSCDA) who reported 29 closed bond transactions this fiscal year, totaling $1,145,186,401. CSCDA transitioned their administrative services contract to Bridge Strategic Partners as of July 2015 and Bridge has done a remarkable job not only maintaining the current lines of new business but also gaining momentum.

Our U.S. Communities Cooperative Purchasing program continues to be a major focus the CSAC Finance Corporation as California counties are missing out on savings by not using the full suite of contracts available. There are currently 37 contracts featuring guaranteed best government pricing but the average usage is only 2 contracts per county. Along with the League of California Cities, we will be co-hosting a series of U.S. Communities Supplier Summits aimed at bringing in county and city end-users to meet with suppliers and learn more about the

program. Upcoming Supplier Summits include:

 May 24th at Victoria Gardens Cultural Center (San Bernardino County)  June 8th at Shannon Community Center (Alameda County)  July – Exact date and location TBD (San Diego County)  July – Exact date and location TBD (Kern County)  September 21st or 22nd (TBD) – Long Beach Convention Center (Los Angeles County)  October – Exact date and location TBD (Sonoma County)

–  –  –

In today’s election market, Dominion Voting Systems sets itself apart with a commitment to customer service, convenience, and a superior use of technology to provide you with the best possible tools to meet your election challenges.

Dominion’s history spans more than 100 years – with roots all the way back to 1895 and the invention of the first ever Direct Recording lever machines in New York. Over the course of the last century, expertise and experience in the development and deployment of voting systems has grown - Dominion leverages this history of innovation through its vast pool of election specialists. Partnering with and learning from top level suppliers and employees in the election automation industry, Dominion is taking part in the world’s most challenging and innovative democracy projects.


Steve Bennett, Regional Sales Manager (909) 362-1715 steven.bennett@dominionvoting.com

–  –  –

This memorandum highlights key activities and initiatives occurring within CSAC operations and member services.

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