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«MINUTES OF NEW ZEALAND BRIDGE BOARD MEETING Held Sunday April 17th & Monday April 18th at Jet Park Hotel Auckland commencing at 9.30am Sunday ...»


Held Sunday April 17th & Monday April 18th at Jet Park Hotel

Auckland commencing at 9.30am Sunday

PARTICIPATING: Kay Nicholas (Chair), Graham Wakefield, Alan Turner, Patsy

Walters, Jenny Wilkinson & Allan Barclay

In Attendance: Richard Solomon- Bridge Development Officer, Alister Stuck Secretary.

Apologies: Arie Geursen - overseas & Patsy Walters- flight delayed


Kay welcomed all to the meeting, in particular Allan Barclay as the successful candidate in the recent Board elections.


Copies of the following minutes were circulated prior to the meeting.

 Board Meetings – 24 March 2011  Resolutions - 4 April 2011 & 6 April 2011 Moved that the Minutes of the Meetings held 24 March 2011 and the record of resolutions passed 4th & 6th April 2011 as circulated be confirmed.

CARRIED 19/2011


 Constitution Changes Graham confirmed registration of changes is still outstanding. It was agreed that the necessary paperwork with be collated during the meeting to enable Graham to register the changes during the following week.

 Preparation 2011 Manual Significant work had been undertaken updating the Manual in readiness for the reprint. The content of the Masterpoint section required further review and it was agreed that Allan Barclay and Graham Wakefield would undertake this project prior to releasing the draft to Claire Woodhall for further editing.

1 A new section F is to be added to the Manual for the various Delegation of Authority Documents. All Committees to review and in some cases create a suitable document for this purpose.

It was agreed to timetable the printing of the Manual so that it would be distributed prior to the National Congress in July. The existing Manual to remain in-force meantime.

 Telecom -Website outage It was agreed that this matter would not be pursued further.

 March 2011 Annual Accounts Alister reported that completion of the financial statements is well underway and tentative arrangements have been made for David Macdonald to complete the Audit in Palmerston North by the end of May.

 Annual Report Kay and Alister to complete.

 Annual Budget Planning Alan Turner reported that the draft budget had been prepared and circulated. It was agreed that any adjustments are to be submitted by May 31 to enable the budget to be ratified at the June meeting.

 System Summary for Junior and Intermediate Events Alister reported that Julie had not completed this project. It was agreed that he would contact Julie to ensure that this is available for inclusion in

–  –  –

 Communication Standards During this segment Kay initiated a discussion regarding the standard and presentation of our written communications. It was agreed that in future, emails are to be coded with a heading that will enable to message to be filed appropriately. This will assist Alister in particular who received upwards of 100 messages daily. It was further agreed that new emails be generated where possible rather than using previous emails (unrelated in content) simply for convenience sake. Email Lists for various user groups would be helpful for all Board Members. Alister & Kay to compile and circulate.


5. BOARD REPORTS  Bridge Development Richard spoke to his Report which had been circulated prior to the meeting. It was noted that initial registrations for the youth weekend are down on the previous year. It was agreed that Richard would collate data from the list of attendees in recent years to gauge what percentage has converted to full Club membership. These findings are to be presented at the June meeting.

Richard advised that he was reviewing the Bridge in Schools initiative arising from the limited "take up" in recent years and was investigating the concept of a School holiday programme as an alternative approach.

 Congress Loss of Trophy – Richard advised that the Trophy for the Intermediate Interprovincial Teams Event had been lost.

Moved that Richard be authorised to purchase a suitable replacement prior to the event in July.

CARRIED 21/2011 A discussion ensued regarding the security of the remaining Trophies and what steps could be taken to ensure that further loses are not incurred. It was agreed that Richard would develop and maintain a Spreadsheet of all NZ Bridge Trophies including the contact details of the current holder. This information is also to be made available to our Archivist Evelyn Hurley.

Donation to Earthquake Appeal – The Congress Committee sought permission to make a cash donation of $3000 to the NZ Bridge Foundations Earthquake Appeal Fund. It was the view of the Board that given the significant capital expenditure budget that the Congress Committee had recently presented, that the funds be retained for this purpose, with the Board to further review the circumstances after the actual financial outcome of the Congress has been demonstrated.

It was noted that the decision did not preclude a collection being taken up from players at the Congress, as has been the case previously for the Tsunami Appeal.

Congress Committee Capex Requirements – A lengthy discussion ensured regarding the ongoing funding requirements identified by the Congress Committee. It was agreed that it was essential forward planning be undertaken to ensure future requirements of the Congress Committee can be funded from Congress surpluses. It was agreed that the Congress entry fees need to be further reviewed to allow for a Capex fund for the future.

3 Richard is to brief the Congress Committee as to these requirements. Further, Richard will coordinate the preparation of a detailed Strategic Plan to include consideration to succession planning and an asset purchasing plan Moved that the Reports & Meeting Minutes from Richard Solomon, as circulated, be received.

–  –  –

 Finance Alan Turner presented the Financial Report. It was agreed that Alan would prepare and circulate this information on a monthly basis in preference to the current practice of holding over to the next face to face meeting. Alister is to provide details of Debtors to be included in Alan’s monthly mail-out.

–  –  –

Senior Nina Hewitt & Dennis McCaughan appointed as the reserve pair.

Open Wayne Burrows & Pamela Livingston to replace Alan Grant & Anthony Ker who withdrew from the team for personal reasons.

Youth Val Gardiner appointed NPC Self Funded Seniors Team The proposal for nomination of a self funded Seniors Team (Robb- New Zealand) comprising Trevor Robb (playing Captain) Andrew Janisz, Les Gould & Gary Duncan was approved subject to the revised conditions applicable to such teams to be published shortly by separate Bulletin.

–  –  –

6. REGIONAL REPORTS Minutes from 5 regions had been received and circulated prior to the Meeting.

No Report or Minutes have been received from the Canterbury Region since October 2010. Alister is to follow this up, and also advise that Jenny Wilkinson would like to attend their next meeting in her capacity as a Board Member.

The pro-active work undertaken by the Waikato Bays Region was noted and acknowledged.

It was agreed that Alister would re-send the Logo to the Regions so that this can be incorporated into their templates. Kay undertook to provide the Regions with address footers if required.

–  –  –

3.50pm Patsy left the meeting

7. GENERAL BUSINESS  Appointment of Recorders Further to Resolution 9/2011 (Feb 2011 Meeting) the appointment of the National & Regional Recorders had been completed. The Board noted the following

appointments for the two year period commencing 1 April 2011:

–  –  –

5  Teaching Project:

It was noted with disappointment that progress with this important project had stalled. It was agreed that Alan Turner would now drive the project and look to assemble the contributors at a meeting to be held during the Congress. Kay has agreed to format and circulate module 1. Alan to report further prior to the June meeting.

 Tournament Taskforce Alister has undertaken to co-ordinate this initiative and will present some initial recommendations at the June meeting.

–  –  –

 Appointment of Delegates to Zone 7 Meeting Alister reported that the Zone 7 Council would meet at the conclusion of the APBF event in Malaysia.

–  –  –

 Coaching Grant Policy Richard has undertaken to review this and to work with Lynne Fegan to draft an evaluation section that will form part of the application process. The evaluation form is to be received and reviewed by the Regional Committees prior to payment of any Grants. It was agreed that the revised document be available for publication by May 31 2011.

–  –  –

Policy Review – Corporate Travel Insurance  The International Committee sought a review of the recent policy decision where the benefit of the organisations’ Corporate Travel Policy had been made available to members of self funded Teams competing offshore.

–  –  –

Alister to update the Bulletin relating to self funded Teams and place on the Website. Graham will draft a separate Code of Conduct Document for self funded teams which would include a comprehensive indemnity in favour of NZB, and a requirement for a declaration by each individual that they will have purchased private Travel Insurance to their own requirements prior to departure.

 Scoring Programme Liaison Following the resignation of Julie Atkinson the Board agreed to appoint Keith Nicholas to act in the capacity in this position and to liaise with Martin Oyston. It was also agreed to host a meeting with Martin during Congress to discuss the ongoing development of the Scoring Programme and to discuss opportunities where by NZ Bridge could make a further investment in the project on behalf of participating Clubs.

–  –  –

7  Board Portfolios It was agreed to defer the review of members’ portfolios until the June meeting by which time the casual vacancy on the Board will have been filled.

 GST on Levies It was agreed that this be added to the “Outstanding Items” List and flagged for further discussion at the August meeting.

 GST on Masterpoints Moved that Masterpoints will continue to be charged at the existing rates as per page E8 of the Manual but that for clarity this page be amended to read + GST where applicable.

CARRIED 35/2011 Regulations Update – Organisation and Running of 10A & 15A Tournaments  Moved that the following paragraph on page B5 of the Manual, namely:Although the running of these events is delegated to the Regions (who in turn may ask one of their Clubs to host the event), NZ Bridge reserves the right to approve the appointment of the Director and the format. Therefore, we urge organisers (the Match Committee) to consult with the Board if there is any doubt as to the appropriate format. The Secretary of NZ Bridge has a list of contact details of NZ Bridge Officials who can assist.

Every effort should be made to appoint a National Director to officiate or at the very least be present in an official capacity to assist a Tournament Director. If a National Director is not available, see Tournament Director’s Policy (page C5)."

be replaced to read as follows:Although the organisation and running of these events is delegated to the Regions (who in turn may ask one of their Clubs to host the event), New Zealand Bridge will appoint the Director for all 15A and above events. In addition final signoff of the Tournament Notice and the event format lies with NZ Bridge by way of delegation to the Chief Director.” CARRIED 36/2011

6.30pm - Meeting Adjourned

8.30am Monday April 18th 2011- Meeting Resumed Apologies: Arie Geursen, Patsy Walters & Richard Solomon

–  –  –

Mileage Rates Allan Barclay sought clarification regarding the Mileage reimbursement rate, and when this was set and reviewed. It was the view of those present that no adjustment to the current Mileage rate of 50 cents per Km was warranted.

–  –  –

NPC Reports- Interprovincial Teams Allan Barclay tabled this item. It was agreed that page D38 in the Manual be amended to include a further duty requiring the completion of a Captains report. This is to be furnished to the relevant Regional Committee on each occasion, as soon after the conclusion of the Interprovincials as possible. Allan Barclay will design and circulate a suitable Template for this purpose.

Workshop- Events Management It was agreed that the Board would host a workshop after Congress to review the management of major Bridge events including the National Congress, with Congress Committee Members invited to participate on that occasion.

9.50 am Meeting Closed Dates of next Meetings 10 June & 11 June 2011 - Wellington 5 August 2011 – Wellington, followed by a Regional Conference


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