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«ISITEP_D4.3.2_20141111_V1.1 ISITEP D4.3.2 - TETRA-TETRAPOL GATEWAY INTERFACES DESIGN Serge DELMAS Cassidian SAS Editor Document Manager: Inter System ...»

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ID: ISITEP_D4.3.2_20141111_V1.1




Serge DELMAS Cassidian SAS Editor

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Inter System Interoperability for Tetra-TetraPol Networks



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Selex ES

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ISITEP_D4.3.2_20141111_V1.1 V1.1

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Document Public classification Approval Status Serge DELMAS (CAS FR)

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Paolo DI MICHELE (SES) Approved by (Coordinator) Security Approval Etienne LEZAACK (BFP) (Advisory Board Coordinator) Date: 11-11-2014 Approval status: Approved Page 1/31 This document is produced under the EC contract 312484. It is the property of the ISITEP Parties and shall not be distributed or reproduced without the formal approval of the ISITEP Steering Committee ID: ISITEP_D4.3.2_20141111_V1.1


Name Company / Organization Role / Title Telecom engineers specialized Cassidian France team Cassidian France in PMR networks Federico Frosali Selex ES ISITEP Technical Coordinator


Name Company /

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Publishable extended abstract This document is a technical description of the interface that will be used to connect a TETRAPOL and a TETRA network in ISITEP. It is based on the technical requirements of D4.3.1 deduced from operational requirements gathered in WP2. It is also based on the preliminary definition of TETRA ISI over IP of WP41. As the definition is not complete when this deliverable is released, it has to make some assumptions and keeps as a back-up solution the usage of the E1 interface to connect TETRA network and ensure the demonstrations within the ISITEP project.

–  –  –



1.1 ISITEP at a glance

1.2. WP43 and status of this deliverable in WP43


2.1. On-air interfaces

2.2. INI – Inter Network Interface


2.4. Access security

2.5. Status on legacy PMR networks external interfaces : TETRAPOL network


3.1. General overview and configuration

3.2. Configuration

3.2. Single GATEWAY implementation

3.3. Dual gateway implementation


4.1. Architecture Overview

4.2. Interfaces:

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1.1 ISITEP at a glance ISITEP (Inter System Interfaces for TETRA-TETRAPOL Networks) project will achieve operational interoperability among European first responders addressing the regulative, organizational, operational and technical level. ISITEP (Inter System Interfaces for TETRA-TETRAPOL Networks) project will achieve operational interoperability among European first responders addressing the regulative, organizational, operational and technical level.

The project will define public specifications of technical and procedural innovations, as well as novel processes for safety applications.

Figure 1: ISITEP framework

The general objective is obtained jointly addressing four components that are coherently defined,

developed and integrated through a novel Framework which is constituted by:

A Mission-oriented Framework containing a standardized model of operational procedures and associated functional radio model A European Inter System Interface (ISI) cloud network integrating the PPDR national infrastructures to allow roaming capability services within a secure framework.

Enhanced User Terminals: integrating TETRA/TETRAPOL technology into a novel terminal architecture based on programmable devices (Tablet, Smartphones).

Interoperability enabling tools including tools for infrastructures dimensioning, training, business model assessment and services for safety operations.

1.2. WP43 and status of this deliverable in WP43

In this work package, a hardware and software solution for ISITEP will be developed so that interoperability between TETRA and TETRAPOL networks meets user requirements dealing with security (key exchanges algorithms, quality of service), performance (low latency) and connectivity (easy to deploy and configure).

This solution will connect to TETRAPOL and TETRA network, providing seamless access to the common services offered by both networks (voice, messaging using SDS and status,...). As part of

–  –  –

the standard ISI over IP protocol, this gateway solution will implement authentication like a TETRA network.

Specific objectives include:

• Verification of Isitep requirements for TETRA-TETRAPOL interoperability.

• Interface design.

• Hardware and software development.

• Unitary testing This deliverable D43.2 constitutes the interface design for the gateway to connect both to TETRAPOL and TETRA networks. This deliverable takes into account TETRA ISI over IP preliminary specification from WP41.

Please note that TETRAPOL ISI is not defined in TETRAPOL specifications and no implementation of such an interface is deployed on existing TETRAPOL networks.

–  –  –


2.1. On-air interfaces Mobiles of different networks use different Air interface protocol. As a consequence, TETRA mobiles cannot communicate under a TETRAPOL infrastructure and TETRAPOL mobiles cannot communicate under a TETRA infrastructure. The study of an enhanced terminal able to roam from TETRA to TETRAPOL is the focus point of ISITEP WP5.

2.2. INI – Inter Network Interface

TETRAPOL ISI is not defined in TETRAPOL specifications and no implementation of such an interface is deployed on existing TETRAPOL networks.

TETRA ISI represents a set of basic services necessary to support communication between home and visited network. ISI is an ETSI standard, which is supported by some TETRA manufacturers.

Currently, a new ISI is developped : TETRA ISI over IP. Preliminary specifications have been provided from ISITEP WP41.

2.3. CONTROL ROOM INTERFACE 2.3.1. TETRA Control Room Interface This interface is not standardized and is specific to any vendor (TCS for Cassidian, ACAPI for Rohde & Schwarz and CAPI for Motorola…). So a media and signalling gateway is necessary to interconnect different networks together. The Control Room interface can include provisioning features and so all use cases are in theory possible.

2.3.2. TETRAPOL Control Room Interface The TETRAPOL Control Room Interface is the only interface available on TETRAPOL to have access to basic services on the TETRAPOL network.

The TETRAPOL Control Room interface is specified in the TETRAPOL specifications and is called CC-API. This interface is not directly accessible on some networks such as Polycom in Switzerland, where an additional layer has been added over the CC-API and the interface is called S-PRO connector.

This interface can be complement with the CC-IS interface to allow provision and setup additional mobiles on the visiting network.

–  –  –

2.4. Access security Each radio terminal of the TETRA or TETRAPOL network shall be registred into the network and is reconnized by its ID.

Therefore, at the gateway level, it shall be possible to authorize or not each radio terminal.to perform one facility or another.

2.5. Status on legacy PMR networks external interfaces : TETRAPOL network 2.5.1. TETRAPOL network System overview

–  –  –

Terminal interface: They are based on a device that has the same functions as a radio or wired TETRAPOL terminal. In particular, they support communications from between an Access Gate (AG) and external interface point, with voice in clear, analog or G711 coded.

Network interface: They are connected on the Control Node (CN) and are considered as infrastructure links. They support CN to CN service with voice coded and encrypted. TETRAPOL Terminal based interfaces TETRAPOL Stand-alone dispatch position (SADP) interface

–  –  – TETRAPOL Control room gateway This gateway provides voice and signalling interfaces from a TETRAPOL CN (Control Node) to a control room.


All voice services

–  –  – TETRAPOL DMO gateway This gateway ensures the continuity between a TETRAPOL group communication and a group of TETRAPOL terminals in direct mode.


Group communication.

Network end-to-end encryption is supported from TETRAPOL users up to the gateway.

Direct mode encryption is supported from users in direct mode up to the gateway.


The conception of the DMO gateway is close from above external radio network gateway. Users can select the TETRAPOL group communication and the direct mode channel they want to connect together. This is done by gateway MMI.

A gateway supports a single communication.


–  –  – TETRA Network interfaces TETRA Inter-System Interface (ISI) The ISI is for connecting two or more TETRA networks and ensures full interworking between these networks: voice and data communications, mobility… The ISI can also be used between non-TETRA networks at least for ensuring interworking communications.

The gateway connects SCN (Switching Control Nodes) on a BRI/PRI QSIG (PSS1) line for individual or call, mobility and supplementary services.


capability for subscribers to migrate to another network mobility management, i.e. location updates to home network HLR individual TETRA direct calls across the ISI PSTN telephone calls when migrated short data messages to individual TETRA addresses status messages to individual TETRA addresses calling party ID delivery joint voice groups to enable group communication between two networks control room workstations to communicate with users in both networks: telephone, direct calls, short messages, data as well as connecting to joint voice groups


The ISI uses a link between control nodes. It carries coded and encrypted voice and uses QSIG signalling.

The connection is achieved via a TETRA SAP (Service Access Point) of the Control Node that converts ciphering and coding of the foreign network into those of TETRAPOL.


Implemented by vendors including ESNFI in TETRA rel 5 TETRA ISDN gateway This gateway interfaces TETRA SCN (Switching Control Nodes) to an external telephone network.

It makes it possible for an external telephone subscriber to be involved into a TETRA individual or group call.

–  –  – TETRA Control room gateway Such gateway is not included in the TETRA standard. However, TETRA control room gateways, based on proprietary API are implemented basically by all TETRA vendors.

–  –  –


3.1. General overview and configuration The TETRA and TETRAPOL networks must be interconnected through a gateway. On TETRA side, we have the choice of 3 possible interfaces (Control Room Interface, ISI and ISI over IP), but for TETRAPOL, only the Control Room Interface is available. In order to facilitate the proof of concept of the interconnection, it is preferred to use at both ends the Control Room interface and to use only one gateway. At the time this deliverable is written, we have only some preliminary specifications of ISI over IP from WP41 and the work of standardisation in ETSI may take a long time. That's why the general considered solution leans upon TETRA control room interface in order to derisk the PoC.

Nonetheless, in the ISITEP context, the TETRA ISI over IP will be commented upon in this document.

The gateway is connected to the two different networks through a Control Room Interface composed of


o E1 for voice (G711 A law) o TCS interface for signalling.


o Analogue Acces Gates (4w+Ti-Ack+RD+PTT loops) for voice o CC-API interface for signaling.

Alternately, in the case of using the TETRA ISI over IP, the gateway is connected to the two different

networks through a Control Room and IP to be defined Interface composed of :


o RTP Tetra for voice (ACELP) o SIP for signalling.


o Analogue Acces Gates (4w+Ti-Ack+RD+PTT loops) for voice o CC-API interface for signaling.

–  –  –

The gateway can be interconnected to at least two networks. Each network has its own network code.

This may vary according to users.

- TETRAPOL (network code : RN) : The network code is defined by 3 digits from the RN number. The user identification called RFSI under TETRAPOL uses 9 digits.

- TETRA : The user identification called ISSI for a subscriber and GSSI for a group under TETRA uses 1 to 9 digits. In the following example, only five digits are managed.

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