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«Student Handbook Solomon S. Huebner School Designation Programs The policies and procedures appearing in this Handbook have been approved under the ...»

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Student Handbook

Solomon S. Huebner School

Designation Programs

The policies and procedures appearing in this Handbook have been approved under the

authority of The American College Board of Trustees and constitute official College policy.

All students pursuing coursework through the Solomon S. Huebner School should familiarize

themselves with the contents of this Handbook. The policies presented herein outline both

student rights and responsibilities.

The content of the Handbook may change as necessary to strengthen The College’s procedures and processes. The College reserves the right to revise this Handbook at any time.

All students pursuing designation studies at The American College are responsible for knowing and abiding by the terms of this Handbook.

Questions related to the Handbook may be directed to the Professional Education Department, The American College of Financial Services, 270 S. Bryn Mawr Avenue, Bryn Mawr, PA 19010 or ProfessionalEducation@theamericancollege.edu or by calling 888-263-7265.

Table of Contents I. Huebner School Designation Programs

• Overview of HS Designation Programs • Length of Programs • Program Completion • Experience Requirement • Professional Recertification Requirement • Course Registration • Financial Obligations • Transfer of Credit • Obtaining Transcripts • The College Code of Ethics II. Designation Program Descriptions

• CFP® – Certified Financial Planner® • ChFC® – Chartered Financial Consultant® • CLF® – Chartered Leadership Fellow® • CLU® – Chartered Life Underwriter® • ChSNC™ – Chartered Special Needs Consultant™ • RICP® – Retirement Income Certified Professional® III. Instructional Delivery Formats


• Self-study • Live Webinar • Intensive Review Program (IRP) • Residency (HS 385) IV. Learning Resources

• Blackboard • Textbook • Course Supplement • E-Book Textbook • E-Book Supplement • Course Syllabus • Study Plan • Student Workbook • Video Lectures and Presentations • Audio Lectures • Sample/Practice Exams • Chapter Quizzes/Questions

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V. Student Support Services

• Overview of Student Services • Contacting Faculty • Exam Counseling VI. Library Services

VII. Grading and Examination Procedures

• How Grades Are Assigned • Testing Procedures • Grade Appeals VIII. Continuing Education (CE) Credits

IX. Refund Policies for Huebner School Designation Courses

X. General Contact Information

XI. College Policies

ii Huebner School Designation Programs Founded in 1927 by industry pioneer Solomon S. Huebner, The American College has a long history in providing financial services education. The College graduated its first designees in the Chartered Life Underwriter® (CLU®) program in 1928. Since then, The College has awarded over 200,000 professional designations to individuals working in financial services, serving as a standard bearer for quality education in the field.

Professional designations in insurance, financial planning, retirement income planning, and agency leadership are offered through The College’s Solomon S. Huebner School. The College’s accreditation by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education extends to the Huebner School programs, which are transferable as undergraduate coursework to other accredited colleges and universities.

Length of Programs Huebner School designation programs range in length from 3 to 9 courses. The duration of each course is approximately 4 months, but students complete coursework at their own pace. Most students progress through their declared program one course at a time, taking anywhere from one to three years to complete the program. Others progress more rapidly, completing entire programs in under a year. The College’s 5-Year Rule (see Policy on Satisfactory Student Progress) requires students to complete their declared designation program within five years to maintain the currency of their coursework.

Program Completion To receive a Huebner School designation, students must successfully complete all coursework and pass course examinations in their declared program, meet the experience requirement (described below) with no ethics violations, and agree to comply with The American College Code of Ethics (see below). The Office of the Registrar determines and certifies that a student has completed all requirements. (Note that CFP® certification is awarded by CFP Board, which has its own requirements. Visit http://www.cfp.net/become-a-cfp-professional/cfpcertification-requirements for more information.) Once certified, a student is considered to have graduated with all of the rights, privileges, and obligations pertaining thereto. Designations are delivered to students at their address of record and new designees are invited to participate in The College’s periodic commencement exercises.

Graduates of Huebner School designation programs are required to meet The College’s professional recertification requirement on an annual basis to maintain the currency of their designation(s). The recertification requirement is described below.

1 Experience Requirement Three years of full-time business experience related to the subject area of one’s declared program is required for all Huebner School designations. For example, the following activities

meet the business experience requirements for ChFC® certification:

1. Insurance and healthcare • Field underwriting and management, including sales and service activities, supervision and management of persons involved in sales or services, or staff support of persons in these activities • Company management and operations in positions involving substantial responsibility 2. Financial services and employee benefits • Client service and related management, including direct contact with clients, supervision and management of persons involved directly in the process of providing financial services or employee benefits, or staff support of persons in these activities • Financial institution management and operations in positions involving substantial responsibility 3. Other • University or college teaching of subjects related to the Huebner School curriculum on a full-time basis at a regionally-accredited institution of higher education • Government regulatory service in a responsible administrative, supervisory, or operational capacity • Activities directly or indirectly related to the protection, accumulation, conservation, or distribution of the economic value of human life; these include the work of actuaries, attorneys, CPAs, investment advisers, real estate investment advisers, stockbrokers, trust officers, or persons in other similar occupations The three-year period of required experience must be within the five years preceding the date of the award. An undergraduate or graduate degree from an accredited institution of higher education qualifies as one year of business experience. Qualifying part-time business experience is credited toward the three-year requirement on an hourly basis, with 2,000 hours representing the equivalent of one year of full-time experience.

Professional Recertification Requirement The mission of The American College is to raise the level of professionalism in financial services by promoting ongoing education, ethical practices, and the pursuit of new knowledge for the benefit of society.

The College believes it is critical for its alumni to remain current regarding changes in the financial services profession. The demonstration of current knowledge, as well as ethical conduct, are what distinguish those who have earned a professional credential from The 2 American College from those who have not. The College therefore maintains a professional recertification/continuing education requirement as an essential component of its mission.

From 2006 through 2016, The College maintained its recertification requirement through the Professional Achievement in Continuing Education (PACE) program. The PACE Program is being replaced by the new Professional Recertification Program targeted to launch on January 1, 2017.

PACE participants are not required to take any action at this time, but should continue to track their CE hours as they have in the past.

Course Registration Students may register online or by phone.

• To register online: go to www.theamericancollege.edu and look for “Enroll Now” • To register by phone: call the Professional Education Department at 888-263-7265 Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST Payment is required at time of registration. Consult the College website for the costs associated with different course enrollments.

Financial Obligations Students are responsible for the payment of all financial obligations upon enrollment. Course materials will not be shipped and access to online materials will not be made available until any balance due is paid. No designation will be awarded to any student with a balance due.

Required Student information Specific student information is required at the time of enrollment and at graduation. Most importantly, students are responsible to provide their social security number and current contact information.

Transfer of Credit The American College accepts credit for a limited number of comparable courses taken at other regionally accredited colleges and universities. In general, up to three (3) courses may be transferred into the CFP®, ChFC®, and/or CLU® programs. CFP® certificants may transfer in up to six (6) courses if their CFP® designation was awarded within the past 7 years.

In reviewing an application for transfer of credit into one of our programs, The College will review the title and course description of courses completed externally and compare those to the College courses to which the student wishes to have the credits applied. Transfer of credit is normally granted if The College believes there is a 75 percent or greater overlap in content.

3 Students must be admitted to The American College before any transfer of credit can be posted.

The College’s Transfer of Credit policy can be viewed in the Student Policies section on the College website. Contact the Professional Education Department at 888-263-7265 for additional information.

Obtaining Transcripts Because The American College is a regionally accredited college, many colleges and universities will accept credits earned here as applicable to their programs. It is the receiving institution’s prerogative to decide what credits they will or will not accept. We advise other institutions that our Huebner School courses are worth three (3) credits at the upper tier (junior or senior) undergraduate level. This information is advisory in nature, and receiving institutions can accept or reject it as they see fit.

Students should contact the Professional Education Department (PED) at 888-263-7265 or ProfessionalEducation@theamericancollege.edu to request an official transcript. If another institution requires course syllabi or other documentation of course content for transfer of credit purposes, PED can also assist students in obtaining those documents. Students may view their unofficial transcript online through their student account. There is a fee for obtaining an official transcript.

The American College Code of Ethics To underscore the importance of ethics for our program completers, all Huebner School designees must adhere to The College’s Code of Ethics, which consists of the Professional Pledge and The Canons. A designation may be removed for violations of these standards.

The Professional Pledge “In all my professional relationships, I pledge myself to the following rule of ethical conduct:

I shall, in light of all conditions surrounding those I serve, which I shall make every conscientious effort to ascertain and understand, render that service which, in the same circumstances, I would apply to myself.” The Canons I. Conduct yourself at all times with honor and dignity.

II. Avoid practices that would bring dishonor upon your profession or The American College.

III. Publicize your achievements in ways that enhance the integrity of your profession.

IV. Continue your studies throughout your working life so as to maintain a high level of professional experience.

V. Do your utmost to attain a distinguished record of professional service.

4 VI. Support the established institutions and organizations concerned with the integrity of your profession.

VII. Participate in building your profession by encouraging and providing appropriate assistance to qualified persons pursuing professional studies.

VIII. Comply with all laws and regulations, particularly as they relate to professional and business activities.

The College’s certification officer is empowered by the Board of Trustees to ensure compliance with all of the requirements necessary to obtain and continue using the College’s designations and to enforce the Code of Ethics. The certification officer will investigate any complaints or reports of violations, which may originate with state commissioners of insurance, other public and judicial bodies, individuals, and established institutions or organizations. In certain instances, The College itself may initiate action based on apparent violations.

Violations that may cause the certification officer to begin an investigation include conviction for a misdemeanor or felony, and suspension or revocation of a license or of membership in an established institution or organization.

The American College’s disciplinary process can result in a designee’s loss of the right to use a designation. The process follows a detailed written policy, and if a designation is removed, the appropriate adjustment is made to the designation verification database on DesignationCheck.com.

5 Designation Program Descriptions Following are descriptions of the goal and purpose, intended audience, program learning

objectives, and curriculum of each of the Huebner School designation programs:

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