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«HEADLINES July 2015 Dear Parents As my first year as Principal of Iona comes to an end, I have been reflecting on our wonderful college and the many ...»

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July 2015

Dear Parents

As my first year as Principal of Iona comes to an end, I have been reflecting on our wonderful college and the

many reasons we have to be proud of being part of this community. For an intermediate and secondary school of less than 300 students, I am constantly in awe at all we are able to achieve when we compare ourselves to our much bigger rivals. An example of this was Iona Pure winning the New Zealand Choral Federations 2015 East Coast Big Sing Competition. Our girls competed against 34 other choirs from 16 schools, many who have much larger student populations than Iona.

Iona also participated in the NZCT Chamber Music Contest, which is the longest running youth music competition in New Zealand and is the only nationwide chamber music competition for young secondary school musicians and composers in the country.

This year, we had three trios competing and we are thrilled that two of our groups were selected for the finals from the 68 groups that participated. Congratulations to The Bai Trio (left), consisting of Allie Chesterman, Imogen Daysh and Bella Greig who received a Highly Commended from the judges. A special mention must also go to Goyishe comprising, Imogen Daysh, Zillah Daysh, Allie Chesterman and Gerard Chesterman (Lindisfarne College). Goyishe were awarded the KBB Award for use of percussion in a chamber music performance. The third group, Us3, comprising Bonnie Allen, Jess Burke and Hannah Perry-Purchas also performed beautifully and having only been together for a few months we look forward to hearing great things from them in the future!

We thank Glenys Kempshall for her wonderful work with all of our chamber groups.

And still on the stage, congratulations to all those involved in Godspell and what a wonderful way to end our semester. Those of you who were privileged to see the show would be aware that it was not a production reliant on the set to enhance the performances - so it was all down to the actors, the music and the costumes and we were certainly not let down!

Not only were there stand out individual performances but the ensemble and the dancers werefull of enthusiasm and energy, building the intensity throughout to the finale. Godspell was an amazing show in so many ways. Our Director of Performing Arts Lisa-Jane Easter and Kathy Atkin from Lindisfarne College succeeded in giving the production a real rock concert vibe with clever and skilful use of the space and the lighting. There was lovely audience interaction and it was impossible not to see how much the cast and crew are enjoying themselves as they went through the performance which was so contemporary that even Miley Cyrus got a mention!

The performers dealt with the complexity of the text in a sensitive manner and although it was humorous, the comedy was always appropriate. The pace of the show moved perfectly and together with the brilliant choreography ensured that the show was as compelling as it was entertaining. All of our young people from both schools put their heart and soul into the performance setting a very high standard for future productions. Many audience members have commented to me that they had to remind themselves that they were at a school show…high praise indeed!

Lisa-Jane and Kathy are to be congratulated for enabling the Iona and Lindisfarne students to flourish over the past five months. Thanks must also go to Mrs Jane Atkinson who was the producer. Jane dedicated an inordinate amount of time to ensure that everything from ticket sales to publicity, catering to finances and everything in between was covered.

To our Head of Music, Miss Georgie Cole who was the vocal coach for the chorus and the leads…as mentioned above, there were stand out performances from young people who had never sung a note before as well as from seasoned performers.

To our Head of Technology, Ms Kirsten Le Bon whose amazing costume designs provided strong visual support of the story and were an integral part of bringing the show to life and giving the characters their identity. This was also a highlight for many in the audience.

This truly was a whole school production and I thank the many Iona staff who were involved behind the scenes. I would also like to thank and acknowledge the Iona PFA for their hard work in organising the interval drinks and nibbles as part of their 2015 fundraising efforts.

We look forward to the next production!

Architecture Awards In other amazing Iona accolades, I am thrilled to announce that at the 2015 Gisborne-Hawke’s Bay Architecture Awards, The Information Resource Centre won the Education Award and The Blyth Performing Arts Centre the Public Architecture Award.

Auckland-based Stevens Lawson Architects received two awards, both of them for new buildings at Iona College.

The jury said Iona College’s Information Resource Centre has a range of distinct learning environments that “inspire, stimulate and encourage open and enquiring minds”. The building is “contemporary and bold in its architectural expression, but respectful of its adjacent historic buildings in form, scale and reference”.

The Blyth Performing Arts Centre at Iona College “commands attention from the moment you enter the school gates”, the jury said. “From the soaring foyer space that connects you to the outside with its lovely relationship to an existing tree, through to the auditorium space, the building benefits from a deceptively simple language and form, expressed in a very honest way.” The Blyth Performing Arts Centre was also awarded The Coffey Education and Arts Property Award (Best in Category) at the Property Council New Zealand and Rider Levett Bucknall Property Industry Awards.

The awards are an annual celebration of excellence in property development judged on economic and financial factors, project vision and innovation (including degree of difficulty), design and construction, owner and user satisfaction, and sustainability and efficiency of operation. The Coffey Education and Arts Property section had the most finalists of any category and is a national competition!

Italy Trip At the end of the term, we said bon voyage to 30 very excited girls and three staff as they winged their way to Italy for a three week cultural tour. I have been following their Facebook posts and it looks like they are having a wonderful time. Mrs Shears and the girls will share more of their adventures with us in a future edition of Headlines.

Shannon Warren Principal

–  –  –

The Year 13 students spent a day working on a community service project. The prefects from Iona College, Lindisfarne College and Woodford House planned the projects and how to involve all the Year 13 students on this day. Their aim was to offer their service back to the Hawke’s Bay community and to allow the Year 13 students at all three schools to work together in teams to make new connections and to experience a service model of community work. The 145 students involved worked in five groups at various places in the district. Each group has provided a report below on their activities.

The Red Group spent the day at the Hohepa Homes in Clive. Tasks included painting the front gate, cleaning the windows, moving firewood, building a pathway and cleaning the guttering. After lunch all of the students put on a concert for the Hohepa residents. We met many interesting and inspiring people who loved to chat. It was a very humbling experience and made many of us appreciate the amazing work that is done for our community at Hohepa all year round. The Iona students in this group were led by Olivia Druzianic and Claudia Karlsson.

The Green Group enjoyed their day working with children at Adventure Learning and the nearby kindergarten in Flaxmere. We spent the morning gardening, turning sandpits and barkpits while getting to know the others in the group. In the afternoon we spent time with the children playing with them and doing various activities. It was a truly enjoyable day. The Iona students in this group were led by Emma Knight and Michelia McBride.

The Gold Group spent the day at Youth Quest at Camp David helping to make the buildings and grounds clean and tidy. The jobs certainly weren't glamorous (for example, cleaning bathrooms covered in green grime) but the work was much appreciated by the owners. It was very rewarding for us to see the improvements around the grounds and make new friendship while doing this. The Iona students organising this group were Sophya Mossman, Tessa Rao and Lucy Richards.

In the morning, the Blue Group led an activities session at Irongate School, working on team building activities with a group of students there.

This was an extremely rewarding experience and it was great to see the children getting so much enjoyment out of the services that we provided.

We then ended the day clearing both the Hastings and Havelock North cemeteries. We never knew how much work and effort was put into keeping the cemeteries tidy and presentable. The day was great fun and we enjoyed getting to know our groups and interacting positively with the community. We all wished that we could organise another Service Day as it was so rewarding and so much fun. The Iona students in this group were led by Florence de Bièvre and Megan Hassall.

The Silver Group spent the day working at the Te Aranga Marae in Flaxmere, with particular focus on the U-Turn Trust work being carried out there. Our tasks included chopping firewood for residents, cleaning the meeting house and helping with the gardening project. It was a great experience to get out and do something that we knew would make a difference to someone's life, especially with a new group of people. The Iona students organising this group were Bridie Casey, Jenny Nimon and Kate Scott.

–  –  –

This term it was Woodford House’s turn to host the always highly anticipated Year 7 and 8 Social. The evening was yet another huge success with the girls enjoying socialising with other schools and dancing the evening away.

Next term, we have the social highlight of the year, the Hereworth Formal Dance, on Friday 14 August between 7.00-9.00pm. Formal dance lessons will be held at Iona during the first few weeks of the term in preparation for this fabulous night! More information will be sent home early Term 3.

–  –  –

The annual Mathletics competition was held in the final week of Term 2.

We entered two Year 7 teams (Hannah Brown, Frances Ebbett-Watt, Boudicca Farquhar, Hannah Johnston, Eva Kershaw and Molly Nilsson) and two Year 8 teams (Lucy Brown, Flora Devonshire, Katherine Ebbett, Peti Fox-Reo, Abbey Lee and Katie Pitcher) in the highly competitive teams’ event.

–  –  –

Our annual Iona Cross Country event was held in perfect conditions. With the construction of the new buildings being complete, we were able to redesign the course this year. The girls ran up behind the Chapel and IRC building. Despite many girls thinking this was not their thing they were pleasantly surprised and decided it wasn’t that bad. As well as competing for usual House points, we also ran a competition between the three main codes with the scores of the first twenty runners in each age group going towards the total for their chosen code.

The final results were:

–  –  –

We took a small team of 11 girls to Gisborne for this event. For the first time this year there was a category for Year 7 and 8 students.

Martha Eade was 6th in the Year 7 age group while the Year 8 team (Brooklyn Bayly, Issy Crichton and Flora Devonshire) finished in 3rd place overall.

All our girls ran well and we were grateful to Rob Tait for driving the girls to Gisborne for this event.

–  –  –

Unfortunately this exchange between Woodford, St George’s, Carncot and Iona which was to be played in Palmerston North was cancelled due to torrential rain. This was very disappointing for our girls but a good call as the day was bitterly cold and wet in Manawatu.

–  –  –

Although this is usually played in Term 3, we saw a window of opportunity which meant we could hold the event in Term 2. It was a beautiful, sunny afternoon and, as always, there was fierce competition between the Houses. All Houses played each other in futsal, netball and hockey. Congratulations to Gartan House who were the overall winners.

–  –  –

Our Year 7 and 8 A and B Netball teams attended the Town and Country Schools Netball Tournament at Onekawa.

The teams played in the second and third divisions of the competition. Each team played five games and both teams were overall winners of their respective divisions.

Congratulations girls and thank you to Kirsty Duff and Amber Rogers for coaching the teams.

–  –  –

This was scheduled to begin on Sunday 21 June but the torrential rain that hit the lower part of the North Island meant teams were unable to travel to Hawke’s Bay. The tournament will now take place on 26-28 July.

–  –  –

Gemma Burnside - Central Region North Island Roller Skating Competition 1st Intermediate Figures 2nd Intermediate Creative Solo 2nd Intermediate Solo Dance Milly Dever - Equestrian - Mahia 2-day Hunter trials 1st Junior Jump 1st Junior Cross Country 3rd Junior Handy Hunter Ellie Tilson - Motocross Winner Junior Woman in Central Region series 2nd overall Central Region series (Junior and Senior combined) 2nd 15-16 year old girls at Central Enduro series in Martinborough

–  –  –

Orienteering Hawke’s Bay Year 7/8 Championships 5th Abbey Lee 6th Paige Stevenson 7th Phoebe Till Hawke’s Bay Orienteering Standard 2nd Lucy Brown

–  –  –

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