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«Inspection date 14/01/2013 Previous inspection date Not Applicable This inspection: 2 The quality and standards of the early years provision Previous ...»

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Dollymixtures Nursery Allsorts

Out of School Club

John Wheeldon Primary School, Corporation Street, Stafford, ST16 3LX

Inspection date 14/01/2013

Previous inspection date Not Applicable

This inspection: 2

The quality and standards of the

early years provision Previous inspection: Not Applicable

How well the early years provision meets the needs of the range of children who 2 attend The contribution of the early years provision to the well-being of children 2 The effectiveness of the leadership and management of the early years provision 2 The quality and standards of the early years provision This provision is good  Children enjoy their time in the club, eagerly participating in the varied and exciting activities both on and off site supported by enthusiastic and skilled staff.

 Children's views and ideas are valued very highly as they contribute to the planning of activities. Staff respect their input and empower the children to feel that this is their club.

 Children are supported effectively to develop their ability to work as part of a team through games and activities. This enables them to develop personal social and emotional skills as they share resources, listen to others' ideas and take turns.

 Partnerships with the school and other agencies are established well to offer continuity of care and support for each child according to their ages and levels of ability.

It is not yet outstanding because  Children are not always encouraged to discuss their creative designs and extend their thinking about what they are making.

 Staff have not yet considered extending the use of other forms of communication, in order for children to fully explore differences in society.

Inspection report: Dollymixtures Nursery Allsorts Out of School Club, 14/01/2013 2 of 8 Information about this inspection

Inspections of registered early years provision are scheduled:

 at least once in every inspection cycle. The current cycle ends on 31 July 2016  more frequently where Ofsted identifies a need to do so, for example where provision was previously judged as inadequate  brought forward in the inspection cycle where Ofsted has received information that suggests the provision may not be meeting the legal requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage; or where assessment of the provision identifies a need for early inspection  prioritised for inspection where we have received information that the provision is not meeting the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage and which suggests children may not be safe  at the completion of an investigation into failure to comply with the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage.

The provision is also registered on the voluntary and compulsory parts of the Childcare Register. This report includes a judgment about compliance with the requirements of that register.

Inspection activities The inspector observed activities and interaction in the main school hall and the side  room.

 The inspector spoke with staff and conducted joint observations with the manager.

The inspector took account of the views and comments from parents spoken to  during the inspection.

The inspector examined a range of documentation including records to assess staff  suitability and qualifications, children's records, policies and procedures and children's developmental records.

Inspector Patricia Webb Full Report Information about the setting Dollymixtures Nursery Allsorts out of School Club was registered in 2012 on the Early Years Register and the compulsory and voluntary parts of the Childcare Register. It is situated in John Wheeldon Primary School in Stafford and is one of two settings managed by a private provider. The club serves the local area and is accessible to all children. It Inspection report: Dollymixtures Nursery Allsorts Out of School Club, 14/01/2013 3 of 8 operates from the main school hall, a computer suite and a smaller room for quieter play activities. Children access the fully enclosed school playgrounds for outdoor play.

The club employs seven members of childcare staff. Of these, four hold appropriate early years and playwork qualifications at level 3. The manager holds Early Years Professional Status and two other staff are working towards a level 3 qualification in playwork. The club offers out of school and holiday activities and is open Monday to Friday, during term time from 7am to 9am and 3.15pm to 6pm. During the main school holidays it is open from 7am to 6pm. There are currently 60 children on roll, of whom 18 are within the early years age group. The club supports a number of children who speak English as an additional language and children with special needs and/or disabilities.

What the setting needs to do to improve further

To further improve the quality of the early years provision the provider should:

 enhance the development of children's creativity by encouraging them more often to talk about their creations to discuss what they are making and what materials they may select for their designs  extend children's awareness of differences in society by encouraging them to think about the use of a variety of communication strategies, such as sign language.

Inspection judgements How well the early years provision meets the needs of the range of children who attend Children make good progress in the club. Staff take time to identify and meet individual needs through regular observations and assessment. They know the children well through the effective registration process and the information supplied by parents about their children's likes and dislikes. The children contribute to the planning and share their ideas for activities and outings, charting them on the sheets made available at the start of each week. This promotes a strong sense of belonging and a feeling that this is genuinely 'their' club. Children speak with great pleasure about the staff and the activities they engage in.

Albums show their enjoyment when visiting outdoor venues, such as a castle and a commercial play park during recent holiday sessions. They test out their physical skills and nerve as they scramble over the adventure play equipment, slide down the steep slide and wobble over the wooden bridge. At the castle they dress up in suitable outfits and consider the history and activities of children in the past. They also talk about feelings and emotions as they consider the 'ghosts' that may be associated with the castle.

Inspection report: Dollymixtures Nursery Allsorts Out of School Club, 14/01/2013 4 of 8 Assessment of children's progress is accurate and focused on the areas of learning and development that encourage their relaxation after the busy school day. Staff are skilled in assessing and adapting routines, such as ensuring that there is a physical activity readily available when they arrive. This enables children, especially boys, to expend some of the energy they have and enjoy a robust activity that helps them let off steam. Some children develop their concentration through activities, such as chess and card games. They seek out friendly and familiar staff to join them and take great delight in 'beating' the staff in the games. During some art and craft activities, children are not always encouraged to talk about the design of their creation or discuss the materials they may need to find and use.

They do however, work well together when they are setting out the car and train tracks or taking turns with the giant stacking blocks. Much hilarity is had when the tower clatters to the ground and they discuss who was responsible.

All children are welcomed into the busy club. Children learn about the diversity of their community and visit various local amenities. Staff have not yet fully considered introducing other strategies for encouraging children to fully explore differences in society. For example, although some staff are aware of the use of sign language and other non-verbal communication this is not shared with children to extend their broader awareness. Staff have fostered effective partnerships with the school and work with them to ensure that children's individual needs are met. This contributes to a consistent approach being developed to support children, particularly children with special educational needs and/or disabilities.

The contribution of the early years provision to the well-being of children

Children enjoy warm and respectful relationships with their key persons. They beam with pride when staff praise and comment on their behaviour and contributions to the club activities. This promotes their self-esteem and develops a sense of responsibility. They engage in registering their attendance and understand why such routines are important for their safety. Staff also complete an additional register to ensure that they are aware of exactly who is attending the club. This is important as the school also has activities taking place and the club staff are able to monitor the children they are responsible for.

Children are forming appropriate bonds and attachments with the staff and with their friends. Older children in the club support some of the younger children, engaging them in their games and reminding them about being safe when using equipment. Children's overall behaviour is good as they know the expectations and boundaries. Any minor disagreements are dealt with swiftly and effectively. Where necessary, staff work with parents to develop consistent strategies to meet the individual needs of their children and promote independence.

Children move around the setting with care, being able to seek out quieter spaces when noisier games are going on. They enjoy the social interaction at snack and meal times, chatting together with staff and each other about their day. They follow familiar and effective self-care routines and staff have linked a school project on germs by reinforcing children's awareness of the need for diligent hand-washing to promote good health.

Breakfasts and snacks are offered that are healthy and nutritious and care is taken Inspection report: Dollymixtures Nursery Allsorts Out of School Club, 14/01/2013 5 of 8 regarding safe storage of packed meals parents supply during holiday schemes. This ensures children's health and well-being. Children learn about how exercise and active play promotes their health and physical development. They participate in football and handball games, walk and jump along the benches to hone their balancing skills.

The effectiveness of the leadership and management of the early yearsprovision

The club has been in existence for some time and has recently moved to operate directly from the school setting. Consequently, the strong practice is based on the established experience, skills and commitment of enthusiastic staff. The manager and staff have a very clear understanding of how to protect children in their care. Staff are very aware of the procedures for child protection and know the reporting process if they have any concerns. Staff recruitment and selection processes are rigorous and the relevant records are maintained to assure parents of staff suitability.

Regular appraisals and supervisions are undertaken by the organisation to monitor staff practice and identify any possible training needs amongst staff. This promotes a professional and consistent approach and maintains the skills and enthusiasm of the staff.

Staff refer to the developmental guides to accurately assess the progress of children in the early years age group. Older children have a 'buddy book' that they can complete with staff assisting, where necessary, to show a record of their achievements. This was an idea from the manager and has been put into practice to ensure that all children feel valued and can share their achievements at home with their younger siblings.

Self-evaluation procedures are in place and reflect the views and opinions of all involved in the club. These are used effectively to frame improvements and changes to enhance children's enjoyment and experiences. For example, staff have reviewed the physical play opportunities when children arrive at the club after school, now that they no longer have to walk to the club as they previously did.

Partnerships with parents are very positive and they are complimentary about the care and activities provided for the children. They listen to the comments their children make about the club and speak about how children miss it when they do not attend. Staff have also established sound partnerships with outside agencies to promote a consistent approach to meeting children's specific needs appropriately.

The Childcare Register The requirements for the compulsory part of the Childcare Register are Met

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Inspection This inspection was carried out by Ofsted under Sections 49 and 50 of the Childcare Act 2006 on the quality and standards of provision that is registered on the Early Years Register. The registered person must ensure that this provision complies with the statutory framework for children’s learning, development and care, known as the Early Years Foundation Stage.

Setting details

–  –  –

Any complaints about the inspection or the report should be made following the procedures set out in the guidance ‘raising concerns and making complaints about Ofsted', which is available from Ofsted’s website: www.ofsted.gov.uk. If you would like Ofsted to send you a copy of the guidance, please telephone 0300 123 4234, or email enquiries@ofsted.gov.uk.

Type of provision

For the purposes of this inspection the following definitions apply:

Full-time provision is that which operates for more than three hours. These are usually known as nurseries, nursery schools and pre-schools and must deliver the Early Years Foundation Stage. They are registered on the Early Years Register and pay the higher fee for registration.

Sessional provision operates for more than two hours but does not exceed three hours in any one day. These are usually known as pre-schools, kindergartens or nursery schools and must deliver the Early Years Foundation Stage. They are registered on the Early Years Register and pay the lower fee for registration.

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