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Green Cloaks

Core Rules

Version 2.5

Released March 2015




Welcome to Green Cloaks 6

Using This Book 7

What is LARP? 8

The Green Cloaks timeline 9

Part 1 – Playing the Game

Chapter 1: Glossary of Game Terms 14

Chapter 2: Out-of-character Game Calls 16

Chapter 3: Safety 17 Combat Safety 17 Non-combatants 17 Alcohol 18 Young Players 18 Chapter 4: Acceptable Behaviour 19 Respect for Other Players and Honour 19 Character Death 19 In-game Theft 19 In-character and Out-of-character Areas 20 Monstering 20 Referees 20 Chapter 5: Encounters 21 Chapter 6: Hits 22 Body Hits 22 Armour Hits 22 Global Hits 23 Chapter 7: Dying, Healing and Stabilisation 24 Chapter 8: Calls 26 Part 2 – Character Creation Chapter 9: Step-by-Step Guide to Character Creation 34 Chapter 10: The Regiments 36 Ranks 36 109th Light Infantry 37 23rd Heavy Infantry 37 Delmont 205th 38 Kingskeep 98th 38 Chapter 11: Playable Races of the Known World 39 Humans and Human Home Planets 39 Ardheim 39 Cantiacorum 40 Delmont 41 Durgan 42 3 Marazion V 43 Rossi 44 Terra 45 Tetrarch 46 Zennor

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Welcome to Green Cloaks The Green Cloaks game takes place within the Segovax Cluster, a significant star cluster far from Terra.

Five systems here form the bastion of humanity on this isolated fringe of the galaxy. The cluster is a place ringed in beauty, mystery and legend. It is here the fabric of reality is said to flex with the ebb and flow of time, and it is amongst these very stars that you will decide the future of humankind and its allies.

The human race, united under the banner of the Terran Sovereignty, has spread throughout the galaxy in the last 3000 years, colonising and terraforming planets to make them habitable, an expansion made necessary following a cataclysmic nuclear war and 1000 years of ruin. They share the galaxy with a multitude of other races, and informal alliances have been formed between them. Some of these races have the knowledge of technology far more advanced than others; some are pacifist in nature; others seem primitive but with a complex and deep sense of loyalty. Together they fight against their mutual enemies to push back the front lines from their homeworlds, and in some cases reclaim their lost planets from the aggressor.

Terran technology has advanced little in this time, as humans concentrated instead on spreading out to the stars lest humanity come close to extinction again, and the tech of the enemy is often superior. New tools must be designed, new weapons engineered to allow for the chance of victory.

You are enrolled in one of four regiments that make up a special taskforce in the Terran Sovereignty Army known as the Green Cloaks, named for their ballistic weave cloaks, the only armour that can be massproduced with the limited resources available at this time of war. Your missions are varied and dangerous, pitted against the enemies of the human race and its allies.

Join the regiments of the Green Cloaks as they seek to defend the Sovereignty, defeat their enemies and overcome the challenges of a seemingly hostile universe.

Green Cloaks is a NERF-based LARP system founded in 2012 by Enys Coggles with collaborator Adam Wojcik. As a grassroots system it is perfect for individuals new to LARP wanting to try out the hobby, but it has plenty to also grab the interest of more experienced LARPers and roleplayers. The system offers a friendly atmosphere and an enthralling plot for people of all levels of LARP experience.

With a friendly game team always willing and able to help enhance your experience and gameplay, our aim is to ensure that you are encouraged in your LARP experience, and to bring new people to the hobby.

–  –  –

Using this Book The Green Cloaks rulebook is divided into five parts, and not all of them are applicable to every character you may wish to play.

The Introduction gives you an explanation of what to expect at a LARP game, and features the timeline of events leading up to very recent years. This timeline is useful to give you a context in which to play the game, and a feel for the world in which Green Cloaks is set.

Part 1 is all about playing the game. This includes rules to keep everybody safe and acceptable behaviour, which we hope you will read at least once. However, this is also the place to look for some of the essential rules of the game, including the calls the game uses to indicate certain effects, how dying, healing and stabilisation works, how your character’s hits work, and what an encounter is. Many of the uses of skills in Green Cloaks rely on this concept of an encounter, so you must read this section to gain an understanding of it. Please note that although Chapter 8: Calls seems to list a lot of calls, they include all Omega ability calls (analogous to spell effects in other systems), which in many other LARP systems and RPG games would be listed separately. They are listed together so that you have a single section to reference rather than two.

Part 2 guides you through character creation, including lots of information about the different races you can play, the planets your character could come from, and the regiments you can join. This is also the place where you will find information on all the skills you can use, classes you can play, and equipment your character might use. This is pretty essential reading for any player, and no doubt you’ll refer to it frequently as you experience more of the Green Cloaks system.

Part 3 is where you can find information about four very specific areas of the game: Engineering, Pharmacology, Thaumaturgy and the Omega plane. If you don’t want to play somebody with the Engineering or Pharmacology skills, or don’t want to play a character that uses Omega powers, you can ignore this section (though you might find it interesting to know how this works).

Finally, the Appendices are useful resources, filled with handy skill times and costs charts for ease of reference, diagrams, sample character builds, and crafting lists. You’ll also find a guide to blaster safety provided by Blastersmiths UK, a guide to the categories that currently available blasters fall into, and copies of the character sheet and disclaimer you’ll need to fill out at events.

8 What is LARP?

LARP (Live Action Roleplay), is an immersive game that can be described as a mixture of collaborative storytelling, creative world-building, outdoor activity, and sport. It’s a game for everyone, regardless of background, profession, or gender: the only requirement is a little bit of imagination (which everybody has).

In a LARP game you create a character that lives in, and interacts with, a persistent world that is created and populated by the game organizers, referees and crew, in which there are other players doing exactly the same. Your character will have a personality, skills and abilities, and these will help you decide how to react to this world and what happens in it. You can create almost any kind of character, and that character has the chance to become a hero, earn a reputation as a villain, be a mad scientist or hard-working medic, excel as a warrior or investigate the hidden secrets of the world. Whatever character you choose to play is up to you, and the limit is your imagination.

LARP is also a hobby that has very passionate players, who demand engaging events, exciting storylines, and opportunity for character development. However, the amount of time or resources you put into the game is up to you. Players can spend time choosing or creating kit (armour, costumes, accessories) to suit them and their character’s personality, skills or profession; they may spend time practising combat with LARP-safe weapons; or they may spend time outside of events writing stories and songs to tell at the next event. LARP events are also often populated by traders who make LARP-safe weapons and armour, and who are just as passionate about the game as the players. Between the players, traders, game organizers, crew and referees, and entire world is collectively created and the stories of that world come to life.

A LARP game can be set in any world or setting (also called a system) and as a character you have the opportunity (or challenge) to fit into that world as a person or creature. When the game begins you are then let loose to explore the world around you and dive into it. From there it’s up to you to explore and react to what happens. The Game Team (referees, monsters and other crew) will work hard to bring the environmental and physical elements of that world to life. How you react to the events in front of and around you will directly affect you and other characters.

There is a combat element to most LARP games, in which LARP-safe weapons (carbon fibre and fibreglass cores encased in foam and painted latex, that look like real weapons but which are soft and safe to use) and/or foam dart guns are used. Small skirmishes, camp attacks, or large-scale field battles are played out during most games, and for many players these battles are the highlight of an event.

LARP can be a confidence-building activity for those who participate, and it is also a great way to meet people and make lifelong friends: after all, when you’ve faced down with somebody the challenges and terrors that the game organizers create, you have a strong foundation for a friendship!

We hope you that enjoy LARP as much as we, and the thousands of others already playing, do.

–  –  –

The Green Cloaks Timeline • 2209: Nuclear war on Earth with cataclysmic results.

• Circa 3300: After over a thousand years of conflict and ruin, global civilisation is re-established as a de facto sovereignty under its first king, Michael I. Emphasis is placed on rebuilding and searching for resources beyond those of Earth. Earth is renamed Terra in reference to great, ancient civilisations, and as a sign of new beginnings.

• 3500–3521: Humanity establishes the first colonies on the moon, Mars and Titan. Rich resource deposits are exploited and the resources shipped to Terra. Much of the previous infrastructure and knowledge has been lost, however, and some doubt if humanity has recovered enough of what it once knew. With the advent of space travel more effort is put into expansion rather than research.

• 3552: Sleeper ships are sent out to investigate potential habitable planets. Thousands of hopeful colonists are frozen and flown in sublight engines into the void. Most are lost or destroyed, however a few make it to their destinations and form the first human colonies outside Sol.

• 3750: Humanity’s first contact with an alien race. Sleeper ship 2339 reaches its destination to find a thriving pre-industrial civilisation. After an accidentally hostile first encounter the soldiers guarding the expedition decide that use of force is required, and nuclear weapons are deployed.

• 3811: Physicists make a breakthrough in the manipulation of space–time and develop the singularity drive, or “S-drive”. This allows travel over great distances at a much faster speed than before.

• 3850: Many nearby star systems are explored and planets are marked out as potential targets for terraforming, the process which should make viable planets habitable for human life.

• 3873: Sleeper ship 2339 is discovered; the planet it landed on is a radioactive husk. No life remains.

Logs are located in the ship detailing the attack on the natives and subsequent fusion of unknown radioactive particles, resulting in the ignition of the atmosphere.

• 3875: Despite an attempted cover-up, the bulk of humanity learns of the first contact with an intelligent alien race and its subsequent destruction. The next 10 years sees mass civil unrest over colonisation policies and the role of the military in them.

• 3900–3990: Mars is terraformed, allowing citizens to live outside of the habitation domes they were previously confined to. Several planets undergoing terraforming fail and are abandoned.

• 4000: First contact made with the vrede. Initial distrust is quickly swept aside as they appear pacifist and willing to share their highly advanced technology. Humanity’s technology advances many hundreds of years in a very short space of time; terraforming technology becomes relatively easy, and many planets are colonised as a result.

• 4006: Knowledge of the existence of the vrede is made public. Most of humanity regards this as the beginning of a new age of peace and opportunity. For some, however, learning that humanity is not the only star-faring race causes worry and doubt.

• 4119: Civil unrest breaks out. A faction known as Humanity First becomes popular, and many worlds are thrown into political turmoil. They preach that the vrede are not to be trusted, stating that humanity still knows almost nothing about them and that no race as advanced as they are would be without weapons.

• 4150: Humanity First gains traction on frontier worlds near the vrede border. Three sections of the Terran military stationed in the area side with them and declare they will assault vrede space. Forces are dispatched from Terra to prevent this from leading to full-scale civil war. Other planets join Humanity First’s cause after the Terran forces attack. No attack is ever launched against the vrede.

–  –  –

• 4797: Colonisation of the Segovax cluster, approximately 80 years travel from Terra, begins. It has an unusually high amount of viable planets for terraforming, as well as an abundance of natural resources.

Some planets already appear habitable after some initial samples are taken. A planet that would later become Delmont is colonised and used as a staging area, becoming a hub for settlers and trading. Its population skyrockets due to immigration.

• 4800: Report from scouts sent deeper into the cluster tell of strange creatures and monsters as well as other highly strange occurrences. These reports, however, are largely dismissed by colonisation command, and repressed fearing civil unrest.

• 4805: Cantiacorum, which would later become the capital of the Segovax cluster, is colonised. It is perfect for human life and becomes the political hub for the area.

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