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«TtlBY ASSOGfA-TI^)^; EST JTQBTY-THJ.KX).STREET HI h: I xhibition of Portraits owned by Columbia University arch 16th to March 31st, 1908 (inclusive) ...»

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xhibition of Portraits

owned by

Columbia University

arch 16th to March 31st, 1908




D T f t f e ' O•f•e•r•t•f r '• f R•f• • i l L g s o^ *^«T i•M * :•• '

i r G •-

• «

•t • • • •••• • • •••• t 7 WEST I •• • « \ *STREET :.: :••: •: : / •••••• • • • • * * • Exhibition of Portraits owned by Columbia University March 16th to March 31st, 1908 (inclusive)


1908 15388


Robert Adrain, LL.D.

Born 1775, died 1843. LL.D., Columbia Uni- versity, 1818. Professor of Mathematics, Natural History and Astronomy, 1813-25. Professor Mathe- matics, University of Pennsylvania, 1827-34, and Yice-Provost, 1828-34; Professor of Natural Philos- ophy and Mathematics in Rutgers College, 1810-13.

Portrait by Ingham (see page 26) presented by the Class of 1823.

Henry James Anderson, LL.D.

Born 1799, died 1875. Class of 1818, A.M., 1821, M.D., 1824, LL.D., 1850. Professor of Mathematics and Astronomy, 1825-43; Emeritus, 1866; Trustee, 1851-75.

Portrait painted for the Trustees by J. O. Eaton (see page 26) in 1866; was shown at the Forty-first Exhibition of the National Academy of Design, in 1866.

Charles Anthon, LL.D.

Born 1797, died 1867. Class of 1815, LL.D., 1831.

In 1820 was appointed Adjunct Professor of Greek and Latin; made Jay Professor of both languages in 1830, and in 1857 was appointed to Jay Professorship of Greek language and literature. Rector of Columbia Grammar School from 1830 to 1864. He was widely known for his elaborately annotated editions of school 3 and college classical text-books, and for his classical dictionaries.

Portrait painted for the Trustees by John W.

Ehninger (see page 26) in 1867.

Samuel Bard, M.D., LL.D.

Born 1742, died 1821. Honorary M.D., 1768;

M.D., University of Edinburgh, 1765; LL.D., Prince- ton University, 1815. Various professorships, 1767-87;

Dean Faculty of Medicine, 1792-1804; Trustee, 1787- 1804; second President College of Physicians and Surgeons, 1811-21. Effected in 1814 the transfer of the medical professors of Columbia into the Faculty of the College of Physicians and Surgeons. Physician to George Washington.

Portrait painted by John Vanderlyn (see page 31), was u procured by subscription of the Trustees " soon after the death of Dr. Bard in 1821.

Frederick Augustus Porter Barnard, LL.D.

Born 1809, died 1889. President of Columbia College 1864-89. A.B., Yale, 1828, A.M., LL.D., 1859; LL.D., Jefferson College, Mississippi, 1855;

S.T.D., University of Mississippi, 1861; Officer Legion of Honor, 1863; L.H.D., Eegents University State of New York, 1872; D.C.L., King's College, Nova Scotia, 1887.

Portrait painted for the Trustees by Eastman Johnson (see page 27) in 1886.

J o h n Bowden, S.T.D.

Born 1751, died 1817. Class of 1772, A.M., 1775, S.T.D., 1797. Professor of Moral Philosophy, 1801-17;

4 Ordained in London in 1774, elected Assistant Minister of Trinity Church the same year.

Portrait, painter not known, presented in 1822 by the Alumni of the College.

John William Burgess, Ph.D., LL.D.

Born 1844. A.

B., Amherst College, 1867, A.M.,

1870. LL.D., 1884; Ph.D., Princeton University, 1883.

Various professorships of Political Science, International and Constitutional Law, 1876-1904; Theodore Roosevelt Professorship in University of Berlin, 1906-7; Dean of Political Science since 1890.

Portrait painted for the Trustees by Irving R.

Wiles (see page 31) in 1906.

McholasMurrayButler, Ph.D., LL.D., Litt.D.

Born 1862. Class of 1882, A.

M., 1883, Ph.D., 1884;

LL.D., Syracuse University, 1898; Tulane University, 1901; Johns Hopkins University, Princeton University, Yale University, and University of Pennsylvania, 1902; Manchester University and St. Andrew's University, 1905, Cambridge University, 1907, Litt.D., Oxford University, 1905; Assistant in Philosophy, 1885; Tutor, 1886; also Lecturer on History and Institutes of Education, 1888; Adjunct Professor of Philosophy, Ethics and Psychology, 1889; Professor of same, also Lecturer on Education, 1890; Professor of Philosophy and Education, 1895; Dean of Faculty of Philosophy, 1890-1902; Director of Summer Session, 1900-1901; President of the University since 1902.

Portrait painted for the Trustees by F. D. Millet (see page 28) in 1907.

5 Charles Frederick Chandler, Ph.D., LL.D.

Born 1836. Ph.

D., Gottingen University, 1856, renewed, 1906; M.D., University State of New York, 1873; LL.D., Union College, 1873; Sc.D., Oxon., 1900.

Professor Analytic and Applied Chemistry, 1864;

Professor Chemistry, 1877; Mitchill Professor Chemistry, 1904; Dean Faculty Mines, 1864; Faculty of Applied Science, 1897; Chemist and President, Health Department, 1867-84. Chemical Editor Johnson's Encyclopedia.

Portrait by John W. Alexander (see page 25), presented April 27, 1905, by Alumni of the School of Mines and others.

Alonzo Clark, M.D.

Born 1807, died 1887. A.B., Williams, 1828;

M.D., College of Physicians and Surgeons, 1835;

LL.D., University of Vermont, 1853. President Medical Society, State of New York, 1853; Professor Physiology and Pathology, 1848; Professor Pathology and Practice of Medicine, 1855, Emeritus, 1882; President College of Physicians and Surgeons, 1875-84.

Portrait painted by Daniel Huntington (see page

26) in 1871, and was presented to the College by a number of the professors and alumni.

De W i t t Clinton, LL.D.

Born 1769, died 1828. Class of 1786, A.M., 1789, LL.D., 1826; Rutgers College, 1812, and Ohio University, 1825. Governor of New York, 1817-21,1825-28.

Broke ground for the Erie Canal July 4, 1817, and opened it by traversing its entire length in October, 6

1825. A popular statesman of majestic presence and dignified manners.

Portrait, artist not known, was presented in 1857 by Alexander E. Hosack and others, students of David Hosack, M.D., LL.D. (see page 12).

Rev. William Cochran, S.T.D.

Born, died. A.M. 1788, and Trinity College, Dublin. Professor of Greek and Latin, 1784-89;

Head Master, Grammar School, 1784 —.

Portrait painted by John Trumbull (see page 31), and presented by him to the College in 1821.

Myles Cooper, LL.D.

Born 1735, died 1785. A.B., Oxford University, 1756, A.M., 1760, D.C.L., 1767; LL.D., King's College, 1768; Fellow and Professor of Moral Philosophy, and assistant to President, 1762; second President of King's College, 1763-75.

Portrait, probably by Copley (see page 25), presented by the New York Historical Society in 1820.

J o h n Green Curtis, M.D., LL.D.

Born 1844. A.

B., Harvard University, 1866, A.M., 1869; M.D., Columbia College, 1870; LL.D., 1904.

Assistant Demonstrator Anatomy, 1870; Demonstrator, 1871-75; Adjunct Professor of Physiology, 1876-83, Professor since 1883.

Portrait painted by William T. Smedley (see page 30), given by colleagues, former pupils and other friends, October 7,1907.

7 Charles M. D a Costa Born 1836, died 1890. Class of 1855; A.M., 1858.

Law Lecturer, 1888-90; Trustee, 1886-90.

Portrait painted for the Trustees by Daniel Huntington (see page 26) in 1891.

J o h n Call Dalton, M.D., LL.D.

Born 1825, died 1889. A.B., Harvard University, 1844 and M.D., 1847; LL.D., Princeton University, 1886 and Columbia College, 1887. Professor of Physiology and Microscopical Anatomy, 1855; Physiology and Hygiene, 1869-83; Emeritus, 1889; President, 1884-89.

Portrait painted by Eastman Johnson (see page

27) in 1885. It was done for a number of the professors, medical trustees and alumni, and was presented to the College on their behalf in 1887.

Lorenzo Da Ponte Born in Italy, 1749, died 1837. Professor of Italian Language and Literature, 1826-37. Wrote librettos of u Don Giovanni" and u La Nozze di Figaro."

Artist unknown.

Charles Dayies, LL.D., L.H.D.

Born 1798, died 1876. United States Military Academy, West Point, 1815; LL.D., University of Geneva, 1840, Union College, 1841; L.H.D.,University State of New York, 1874. Professor of Mathematics, 1857-59; Higher Mathematics, 1859-65;

Emeritus, 1865-76.

Portrait painted for the Trustees by Joseph O.

Eaton (see page 26) in 1866.

Edward Delafield, M.D.

Born 1794, died 1875. A.B., Yale, 1812; M.D., College of Physicians and Surgeons, 1816. Fellow, 1821; Professor Obstetrics and Diseases of Women and Children, 1826-29; Emeritus, 1855; Trustee, College of Physicians and Surgeons, 1839-75; President, 1858-75. Studied surgery with John Abernethy and Sir Astley Cooper in London. Effected in 1860 the union with Columbia College. Active in forming the Alumni Association. Zealous for the reputation and devoted to the prosperity of the College of Physicians and Surgeons for more than fifty years.

Portrait copied from an original by William H.

Powell (see page 29) in the possession of Dr. Francis Delafield, his son.

William Henry Draper, M.D.

Born 1830, died 1901. Class of 1851, A.M., 1854, M.D., 1855. Lecturer Diseases of Kidneys, 1867-70, also Clinical Lecturer Diseases of Skin, 1867-1869;

Clinical Professor, 1869-79; Professor Clinical Medicine, Emeritus, 1880; Trustee, 1889-1901.

Portrait painted by Miss Ellen Emmet. Presented in 1904 by one of Dr. Draper's associates.

9 Henry Drisler, LL.D.

Born 1818, died 1897. A.B., 1839, A.M., 1842, LL.D., 1864, and Harvard University, 1886. Tutor Greek and Latin, 1843-45; Adjunct Professor, 1845-57;

Professor Latin Language and Literature, 1857-67;

Jay Professor Greek Language and Literature, 1867-94; Emeritus, 1894-97 ; Acting President, 1867 and 1889. One of the most distinguished of American classical scholars.

Portrait painted, 1890, for the Trustees by Daniel Huntington (see page 26).

William Alexander Duer, LL.D.

Born 1780, died 1858. LL.D., University State of New York, 1829. Judge Supreme Court, 1822-29.

President of Columbia College, 1829-42.

Portrait painted by Henry Inman (see page 27).

Theodore William Dwight, LL.D.

Born 1822, died 1892. Graduated at Hamilton College, 1840; LL.D., 1860. Professor of Municipal Law, 1858; Professor of Law of Contracts, Maritime and Admiralty Law, 1878; Emeritus, 1891; Warden of Law School, 1864-91; Founder of the Columbia Law School and a famous teacher of the law.

Portrait painted by Daniel Huntington (see page

26) for the Trustees in 1891.

Manton Eastburn, S.T.D.

Born 1801, died 1872. Class of 1817, A.M., 1820, S.T.D., 1835. Bishop of the Protestant Episcopal 10 Church of Massachusetts, 1842-72; Lecturer on Poetry, 1830; delivered semi-centennial oration in 1837.

Portrait, painter not known, given June 4, 1906, by D. Maitland Armstrong, executor of the estate of Meta Neilson.

Hamilton Fish, LL.D.

Born 1808, died 1893. Class of 1827, A.M., 1830;

LL.D., 1850, Union College, 1869 and Harvard University, 1871. Lieutenant-Governor of New York, 1847-49;

Governor, 1849-51; United States Senator, 1851-57.

Secretary of State, 1869-77; President-General Society of the Cincinnati, 1854-93; Member Joint High Commission to arrange u Treaty of Washington " in 1871, and United States Plenipotentiary to sign same.

Trustee, 1851-93 ; Chairman of Trustees, 1859-93.

Portrait, by Daniel Huntington (see page 26), painted for the Trustees in 1893.

Joseph Florimond, Due de Loubat Born 1831. Bach, es Lett., Paris, 1847; Doctor of Jurisprudence, University of Jena, 1869. Title conferred by the Pope in 1893. In March, 1898, gave property providing for the Gaillard-Loubat Library Endowment Fund.

Portrait, painted by Don Raimondo de Madrazo (see page 28), presented by the Due de Loubat, December 17, 1899.

Laura Drake Gill, A.M., D.O.L.

Born 1860. A.

B., Smith, 1881, A.M., 1885. D.C.L.

University of the South, 1907. Dean of Barnard 11 College, 1901-8; Adviser graduate women students, 1903-8.

Portrait painted by J. Eedding Kelly (see page 27) presented Commencement Day, June 12,1907, by Miss Fannie M. McLane, of the class of 1907.

Alfred Dwight Foster Hamlin, A.M.

Born 1855. A.

B., Amherst College, 1875, A.M., 1885.

Instructor in Architecture, 1887; Assistant Professor, 1889; Adjunct Professor, 1890; Professor of the History of Architecture since 1904.

Portrait, painted by J. Eedding Kelly (see page 27), presented by School of Architecture in 1907.

William Harris, S.T.D.

Born 1765, died 1829. A.B., Harvard University, 1786, A.M., 1789, S.T.D. and Columbia College, 1811.

Eector of St. Mark's Church, New York, 1802-11;

President, 1811-29; presided at the "Eiotous Commencement" in 1811.

Portrait painted for the Trustees in 1819, artist not known.

David Hosack, M.D., LL.D.

Born 1769, died 1835. A.B., Princeton University, 1789; M.D., College of Philadelphia, 1791; LL.D., Union College, 1818. Professor of Botany, 1795, also Professor Materia Medica, 1796-1811; Midwifery and Surgery, College of Physicians and Surgeons, 1807-26.

A pioneer of botanical study in America.

Portrait painter and source unknown.

12 J o h n Jay, LL.D.

Born 1745, died 1829. Class of 1764, A.M., 1767 ;

LL.D., Harvard University, 1790, Brown University, 1794 and University of Edinburgh, 1792. Chief Justice, New York, 1777, of the United States, 1789-94; Governor of New York, 1795-1801.

Portrait, a copy, from an original by Gilbert Stuart (see page 30) owned by Hon. John Jay of Katonah, N. Y., made by Mrs. James H. Canfield (see page 25) and presented by her June 6, 1904.

Samuel Johnson, S.T.D.

Born 1696, died 1772. A.B., Yale University, 1714; A.M., Oxford and Cambridge Universities, 1723, S.T.D., Oxford, 1743. The first President of King's College, 1754-63, and at first the sole instructor.

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