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«The Chartering Petition for the Delta Colony at Quinnipiac University Brothers, Over the past year, the members of the Delta Colony at Quinnipiac ...»

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Phi Gamma Delta

The Chartering Petition for the

Delta Colony at Quinnipiac University


Over the past year, the members of the Delta Colony at Quinnipiac University have put

in countless hours of their time and hard work to help create something that had not previously

existed on this campus. When we were getting started, submitting a petition to charter seemed

like such a distant goal. However, looking back on our achievements and everything we have

accomplished, I say with optimism and a great deal of pride that today is that day.

Since the beginning, my brothers and I have maintained one goal: to create something special. Our journey has been one filled with trials and tribulations, but also with progress and prosperity. Throughout our journey, our unwavering determination and dedication to the Fraternity of Phi Gamma Delta never faltered. Because of this we were able to become one of the most respected Greek organizations on campus. Last spring we were awarded Quinnipiac’s Scholastic Commitment Award as well as Fraternity of the Year in only our seventh month on campus. Thanks to our recent and continued success we have been provided this opportunity to demonstrate why we deserve to be a chapter.

The brothers of the colony now understand what it means to be a FIJI Gentleman and the many ways to exemplify our values. By demonstrating friendship, knowledge, service, morality, and excellence, our brothers have been able to make an immediate impact in diverse areas of the Quinnipiac Community during our short time on campus. I look forward to our expansion and growth so we can continue to instill these values in young men, which they may use them to overcome obstacles and hardships in their lives just as we have learned to do.

A great deal of our progress and success would not be possible if not for the contributions of others. The Colony holds a great deal of gratitude for the staff members at IHQ that have worked diligently with us throughout this process. We also want to give thanks to the graduate brothers from UCONN, Drake, NYU and other universities throughout the country for acting as Big Brothers to the Alpha Class and their continual assistance and support since the start of this process.

We hope after reading the contents of this petition, you will agree with my brothers and me that we have accomplished our goal. We have created something special, not only for the brothers of Phi Gamma Delta here at Quinnipiac, but for other student organizations, our community, and brothers across the globe. Hopefully our dedication and efforts toward upholding the values and traditions of Phi Gamma Delta are evident in this petition and you will allow us to take the next step and continue our mission of creating something special and fulfill our vision of creating a long-lasting, resilient chapter of Phi Gamma Delta.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any comments, questions, or concerns at sjmccormack@quinnipiac.edu Mighty Proud to be a FIJI-to-be!

Steven McCormack ‘16 President of the Delta Colony at Quinnipiac University Academics/Scholarships Since the founding of the Delta Colony of Phi Gamma Delta at Quinnipiac, we have stressed academic excellence. Academics are mostly an individual responsibility. That is why, as brothers of the Delta Colony at Quinnipiac University, we help each other reach academic success. Our chapter has created its own way of holding brothers responsible for our academic standards and the University’s academic standards. The Delta Colony created a program called “Fantasy FIJI”.

Fantasy FIJI started as strictly a scholarship program based on Fantasy Football. The program features teams of no more than 7 brothers who are all responsible for bi-weekly study points requirements. The team with the highest average number of points receives an award at every other colony meeting. In the two semesters since it was created, the scholarship program has expanded beyond just study hours, including professor meetings, tutoring, and submitting to the ‘A-List’. Fantasy FIJI now also includes areas such as community service, recruitment, fundraising, intramurals, and public relations. The pie charts below show the results of fantasy FIJI and cumulative GPA’s.

–  –  –

Brothers above a 3.07 GPA Brothers below a 3.07 GPA The Colony has a minimum by-law requirement of a 2.75 GPA for our members and 2.75 for any pledges wishing to join our fraternity. Academics is very important to each of our brothers and we understand it is an individual responsibility. We are here to help our brothers reach academic excellence by helping them in any way we can. Within the few semesters we have been on campus we have already been ranked number two in academics. As a brotherhood we are making it our personal goal to receive the number one ranking at Quinnipiac. The chart below shows the rankings of us amongst each fraternity on our campus.

–  –  –

Since the Delta Colony at Quinnipiac University was founded, recruitment has been one of our main focuses. It is how we continue to grow with men that share the same five values that attracted all of our current brothers to the fraternity. Finding this type of man is not easy;

however, by using recruit 365 tactics we have become very successful. Some of these tactics include consistently meeting new people outside of the formal recruitment period. We also emphasize the importance of having each brother speak with every potential new member.

With each brother personally getting to know each potential new member we can effectively recruit and choose strong new brothers to join our brotherhood.

While recruiting year round is very important, our recruitment events during the two formal recruitment periods play a pivotal role in our growth as a colony. These events allow for current brothers and potential new members to meet each other and interact in a relaxed environment. Some successful events we have had include a dodge ball tournament, meet the brothers’ night, and finally, a speaker's night where graduate brothers from chapters in the area came to speak about their experiences and how Phi Gamma Delta is “Not for College Days Alone”. There have been many others as well, all varying in what the recruits can attain from attending, as well as what the brothers are able to learn about the recruits. This period is very beneficial to show how our fraternity is greater than others, and recruit men that hope to reflect that. The graph below shows our total colony membership from alpha class to Gamma class.

–  –  –

60 64 57 50 47 46 46 40 30 20 10 12 12 12 12

–  –  –

The Delta Colony at Quinnipiac University has been consistently committed to creating a strong financial foundation for our fraternity. Our brothers have continually shown a strong determination to holding brothers accountable to pay their dues. The fraternity primarily uses LegFi.com as the online method of paying dues, brothers can also pay by check or cash to the Treasurer. Payments are made in increments over the course of the semester, but can also be paid upfront. If a brother fails to pay on time, a $10 late fee is incurred every week that the brother fails to pay. The Treasurer will bring this to the individual brother’s attention. If failure to pay is a recurring issue, then it is brought to the attention of the Judicial Board who will meet with the brother to find a solution for both parties moving forward. During this semester, every single brother has paid on time or in advance.

At this time, the Delta Colony has no outstanding accounts payable to any party. The fraternity is only owed money by two brothers, who are both abroad and will meet with the Judicial Board upon their return.

The fraternity’s main source of income is revenue from dues, which amounts to $13,629.42 for the Fall 2015 semester. The total income for this semester totals $9,369.86, and the total account balance of the fraternity as of the creation of this petition is $19,969.74 (Check after first draft, next dues payment is coming up soon. Then we will have exact amount set aside for chartering). The fraternity has also received donations from graduate brothers that has gone towards savings and chartering. (Inserting chart to show success of fundraising letter being handed out over thanks giving) Expenses

–  –  –

Many fraternities and sororities all over the country often participate in, and hold events that raise money for philanthropic causes. The same is true here at Quinnipiac. The Delta Colony of Phi Gamma Delta at Quinnipiac University has held two successful philanthropy events since being on campus. In December 2014, our brothers sold donuts and coffee to students at Quinnipiac University in order to raise money for the USO. Our brothers also had people sign Christmas cards to send to soldiers overseas. We raised over $150, invested nearly 15 hours in the event, and were able to send hundreds of Christmas cards overseas to soldiers who were not home for Christmas. On November 7, 2015, our brothers held our first annual FIJI Truck Push. Students and faculty from all over the school signed up to be on teams of 10 and had to push the gigantic diesel truck 20 yards. The team who had the fastest time secured bragging rights and were determined the champions. Ultimately, our brothers raised $1,000 dollars towards the philanthropy cause, while investing 30+ hours into planning and executing this successful event. Our bothers eventually won the championship title competing against many competing teams and fraternities, but the greatest overall benefit came from helping raise money for the USO.

The brothers of the Delta Colony have not only held some philanthropy events, but have many brothers have attended philanthropic events held by other fraternities. These include,

but are not limited to:

• Beta Theta Pi’s Stand Up to Cancer

• Delta Tau Delta’s QTHON for Kids

• Pi Kappa Phi’s Electric Ability Carnival

• Zeta Beta Tau’s Sign the Ball on the Quad Many of our brothers have also attended numerous events held by sororities that raise

money for philanthropic causes. These events include, but are not limited to:

• Chi Omega’s Quidditch on the Quad

• Kappa Alpha Theta’s Dodge ball for Casa

• Kappa Delta’s Shamrock the Rope

• Phi Sigma Sigma Katie’s Game

• Phi Sigma Sigma/Pi Kappa Phi Sets on the Beach

• Kappa Alpha Theta’s Kicks for Casa

• Alpha Delta Pi’s Diamond Dash

• Alpha Chi Omega’s Walk a Mile in Your Shoes

• Pi Beta Phi’s Angels in the End zone Not only have our brothers raised money for our own philanthropic causes, but we have also helped raise a lot of money that has been donated to other philanthropic causes. These include the Make-A-Wish Foundation, the Ability Experience, CASA, and many more.

The photo below shows our brothers participating in the FJIJ truck push listed above.

Campus Involvement The brothers of the Delta Colony firmly believe that it is essential to be involved in as many campus clubs and organizations as possible. Our brothers are involved in over 30 campus

organizations and are still seeking involvement in others. The clubs and organizations consist of:

–  –  –

[Recipient Name] Phi Gamma Delta 1201 Red Mile Road Lexington, KY 40544

Dear Archons of Phi Gamma Delta:

I have worked with these men since the inception of the Quinnipiac Colony in 2014. Over that time they have worked hard to learn, and live by, the values of our fraternity. They have proven success in areas of Recruitment, Finance, Philanthropy, and Scholarship.

Their unique take on recruitment, by utilizing original ideas, has validated their ability to sustain the growth needed to be successful for years to come. Their desire to give back came to fruition in Fall 2015 with the FIJI Truck Push. They intend to make this their annual philanthropy event for the USO. Additionally, they demonstrate their commitment to scholarship by holding brothers accountable through Fantasy Fiji. This has resulted in them achieving one of the highest GPAs on campus. Their desire to achieve greatness has brought many accomplishments for the fraternity and has allowed them to excel as leaders around campus.

I whole-heartedly believe every member of this colony has embraced the values of our fraternity. Friendship, Knowledge, Service, Morality, and Excellence are engrained into their daily lives. These gentlemen have proven loyalty to one another and dedication to the fraternity. I fully support for the chartering of the Delta Colony of Phi Gamma Delta at Quinnipiac University Fraternally, Bobby Slauson Bobby Slauson (UConn ’13) Purple Legionnaire Perge!

To whom it may concern, My name is Ben Preller and I am the Interfraternity Council President at Quinnipiac University. I am writing this letter to recommend the Delta Colony of Phi Gamma Delta to become chartered at Quinnipiac University.

The Delta Colony has done a fantastic job of establishing themselves as an academically successful fraternity on campus. FIJI has been successful academically not just because they are intelligent people, but because they have come up with creative ways to push each other toward academic success with their, “Fantasy FIJI” program. Their hard work and ingenuity is evidenced in the fact that they are they have the second highest GPA on campus amongst all fraternities.

The Delta Colony hit the ground running with recruitment and has continued to bring in excellent men. They have found the balance of recruiting in a way that works at Quinnipiac, while hosting original recruitment events that distinguish them on campus.

The brothers of FIJI have had a strong showing at philanthropy events around campus. They also just recently held a successful FIJI Truck Push event. The colony faced some early logistical problems that were out of their control, but they adapted smoothly to the problem and were able to still run a successful event.

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