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Dear Heard on Hurd Applicant,

Thank you for your interest in our suburban festival. We are thrilled with the success of our first full season in 2015 and

cannot wait to see what 2016 will bring! With more than 100,000 attendees and averaging 15,000 per event, we aim to

bring the message of local food, local shopping, local music and local banking to many in the OKC metro area and

beyond. There were many events where our vendors sold out and the festival itself garners a good amount of local media attention. Our goal is to continue to bring awareness to local through the loudspeaker of Heard on Hurd. With a growing monthly presence in Edmond, booth and truck space is limited. Please review the vendor information packet carefully, complete all forms and return them to event organizers as soon as possible. Our committee meets on a monthly basis to pick vendors. Our goal is to have something for everyone and to pick local unique vendors with diverse products to fulfill the tastes of various audiences. We are looking for people who are passionate about what they do and want to highlight what great things there are to do, see, eat, hear and buy right in our local area.

Our event will be held every 3rd Saturday of the month starting in March and ending in October. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

Suburbia never sounded so good, Ann Chen Tori Jones Food Truck Main Contact Pop Up Shops Main Contact Citizens Bank of Edmond Citizens Bank of Edmond achen@citizensedmond.com tjones@citizensedmond.com Heard on Hurd Manifesto Citizens Bank of Edmond started Heard on Hurd to be a family-friendly, local community gathering where everyone can have a safe and fun time in downtown Edmond on a Saturday night. Heard on Hurd’s philosophy is to build positive relationships with all involved in the event. The success of the event is largely due to the amazing people who run, help and volunteer. In that effect, we do believe in working with the best people and lifting up those who do good and do well. We will do our best to make the event better for everyone, however cannot fulfill all requests and do appreciate your patience and understanding. Let’s lift up one another as we lift up the community! We appreciate the support of all of our vendors and look forward to your success.

Heard on Hurd Vendor FAQ’s and Checklist

Applications Checklist and Tips:

 Please be sure to complete all included forms (including health department state license number for food vendors and OK state tax permit number).

 Please be sure your vendor agreement is signed.

 Food and amusement vendors must be able to add “Citizens Bank of Edmond” to their insurance policy and provide documentation prior to participating in the event.

 Please be aware that the nonrefundable $100 food truck and $55 pop-up shop monthly fee and $10 tent rental fees must be collected 4 days prior to the event.

 If signing up for “all” months, nonrefundable fees for all months are due up front if accepted.

 Only emailed applications will be accepted.

o Food truck applications go to: Ann Chen at achen@citizensedmond.com.

o Pop-up applications go to: Tori Jones at tjones@citizensedmond.com.

 Nonprofits will be featured at Heard on Hurd on a monthly basis. Please inquire with Ann at achen@citizensedmond.com as to how you can be featured.

 If you do not have a physical product to sell, please be aware of the following:

o We will only allow a limited number of non-goods pop-ups at Heard on Hurd.

o You must provide a children’s activity or something beyond handing out fliers and merchandise in your application.


What kind of vendors do you normally accept into Heard on Hurd?

A whole variety of them! We love diversity and being able to provide many different types of merchants and cuisines at Heard on Hurd. For that reason, we do close off a certain type of category on a monthly basis as to not be too focused on one thing. We also love people who provide an amazing product who want to try their stuff with a bigger audience and also folks with awesome fans who want to “lobby” their favorite merchant into Heard on Hurd.

How are you rotating out vendors who fall into “a certain type of category” monthly?

Great question! New this season, we will do our best to provide a lottery system for different types of category of merchants to make it fair for everyone. There’s so many great vendors out there and we do have limited space. We will do our best to accommodate everyone who applies and gets accepted.

Why is electricity not provided?

Due to safety reasons, our circuits cannot support everyone being plugged into our outlets at Hurd and Broadway. For this reason and to keep it fair, we do not provide electricity. However, many vendors get around this by putting up decorative battery-powered string lights or by getting generators.

Why are state licenses and state tax permits required of vendors?

We aim to provide a high quality event that is safe and beneficial for the community. All food vendors must be approved by the health department and are often inspected on a monthly basis so that our attendees can receive the highest quality of food with limited possibility of foodborne illnesses. State tax permits are required so that the event can support the community holistically by benefitting the vendors who sell the merchandise and to the city who provides the space for us to have the event. It’s a win-win for the community!

What is each vendor responsible for?

Each vendor is responsible for their own set up and tear down. Rented tents must be picked up and dropped off at a certain location. Vendors MUST stay in their designated position for the duration of the event due to safety reasons.

Leaving prior to the event closure is grounds for not being invited back for future events.

What type of products for pop-up shops are you looking for?

Artisan products, clothing, gifts, vintage, home decor. We local unique products who have something different to offer.

We are not accepting direct sales representatives or consultants at this time.

Can I apply as an alcohol vendor?

Currently, we are not accepting any new alcohol vendors for the 2016 season. Heard on Hurd aims to be a family friendly event and therefore, we will limit the number of alcohol vendors as to provide a safe environment for all. However, our awesome downtown restaurants/bars have alcohol and includes a great environment to consume it. Check out some downtown Edmond establishments such as Othello’s or Patriarch! It’s also a great respite from the weather.

How can my band play at Heard on Hurd?

We partner with V3 Alliance to book all of our bands. Please email jenn@v3alliance.com for consideration.

Why is Citizens Bank of Edmond running this event?

We’re so glad you asked! Citizens Bank of Edmond is a community bank and its mission is to serve the community. Local microbreweries, farmers markets and shops are already catching national attention, however many forget that local banking is the reason why many small businesses exist! Citizens has been around for 115 years and has been deeply connected to its community since its founding. With Heard on Hurd, we are proving that we’re here to stay and want to invest in our special community, Edmond, and we’re putting our money where our mouth is by hosting and running Heard on Hurd. We don’t gain any profit from the event, but aim to provide a special place for people to hang in downtown Edmond and believe that it’s a catalyst to start a movement. If you’re on board with us, the best thing you can do is talk about it! Write a review for Heard on Hurd, share with hashtag #JoinTheHurd on social media, and bring your friends and family. By being at the festival and sharing about it, you’re an active part of the #JoinTheHurd movement. We thank you for your support!

Vendor Agreement and Requirements The event organizer, Citizens Bank of Edmond (Heard on Hurd), must approve each vendor for participation in the event. Vendors not included in the approved vendor list will not be permitted to participate in the event.

Vendors will not be approved by Citizens Bank of Edmond (CBE) Heard on Hurd organizers unless all requirements are met. Vendors shall submit all documents to the event organizer. Vendors shall NOT submit any CBE Heard on Hurd documents directly to the City Special Events Committee, Oklahoma City County Health Department (OCCHD), or other partner organization.

A vendor is any individual or organization who is participating in Heard on Hurd to provide products, services or information.

* Food / Beverage Vendors: Selling or sampling food / beverage products * Retail Vendors: Selling merchandise * Arts & Crafts Vendors: Selling handcrafted products (non‐food/beverage) * Amusements Vendors: Providing recreational activities such as inflatables or mechanical rides/devices


Insurance may be required of vendors depending on the nature and type of vendor. Below is a list of vendors who must provide insurance. Please contact CBE Heard on Hurd organizers for more information regarding insurance requirements.

–  –  –

If insurance coverage is required, the policy must name Citizens Bank of Edmond, its employees, agents, volunteers and officers as additional insureds as pertaining to the insured's participation in Heard on Hurd. Please send over a copy of the insurance information to Senior Marketing Officer Ann Chen at achen@citizensedmond.com.

Food/Beverage Vendors:

Food vendors include food trucks-trailers, stands, tents, canned and/or packaged foods, etc.

- All food/beverage vendors must have obtained all required State licenses with the Oklahoma City County Health Department (OCCHD). State licenses must be kept on-site and available for review by OCCHD.

- Food/beverage vendors must be present and setup by no later than 5pm on the day of event to allow time for an on-site, day-of-event inspection by OCCHD. Any vendors not present by 5pm will not be allowed to participate. Setup begins at 4pm on the day of event.

- Food/beverage vendors must provide a completed Food/Alcohol Vendor Information sheet 20 calendar days prior to event.

- The sale of alcoholic beverages will not be permitted by food/beverage vendors except for the designated alcohol vendor selected by event organizers.

- All vendors must have a valid Oklahoma Sales Tax permit and provide proof of permit to event organizers 20 calendar days prior to event.

- All food/beverage vendors must complete and return an Oklahoma Tax Commission sales tax report form provided by event organizers during event.

REMINDER: Use of open flame for cooking requires that you contact event organizers (405-715-5121) so that the Edmond Fire Prevention (405-216-7303) can be notified. This includes propane systems on food truckstrailers.

Retail/Arts & Crafts/Amusement Vendors:

Vendors selling merchandise, handcrafted products (non-food/beverage), those providing information, promotional materials or free services and those providing recreational activities.

- All vendors must have a valid Oklahoma Sales Tax permit and provide proof of permit to event organizers 20 calendar days prior to event.

- All vendors are required to complete and return an Oklahoma Tax Commission sales tax report form provided by event organizers during event.

- All vendors are responsible for their entire booth set up. (e.g. tables, chairs, extension cords, displays, signs etc.). A limited number of basic roof tents are available for rent. You are responsible for picking up, putting up, taking down and dropping off your own tent. Please indicate your needs on the Retail Vendor Information sheet and event organizers will try to accommodate you as best as possible.

- All vendors must provide a completed Retail Vendor Information sheet 20 calendar days prior to event.

- Setup for vendors begins at 4pm on the day of event (if you show up prior to 4pm, you must wait outside the barricades). All vendors must be present by 5pm. Any vendors not present by 5pm will not be allowed to participate.

REMINDER: Use of open flame requires that you contact event organizers (405-715-5121) so that the Edmond Fire Prevention (405-216-7303) can be notified. This includes propane systems, fire pits, etc.

Fee: There will be a nonrefundable $100/per event fee for food trucks and $55/per event fee for pop-up shops.

Banners: The hanging of banners are subject to approval by event organizers.

Tents or Tables: All tents and tables are subject to approval by event organizers and may be inspected by the City of Edmond Building Department.

Paint: Under no circumstances will paint or spray chalk or any substance that will remain visible for more than 48 hours be applied to the street or any part of the right of way or public/private property.

Event Contact:

Food Trucks: Ann Chen (achen@citizensedmond.com) Pop-Ups: Tori Jones (tjones@citizensedmond.com)

Social Media: Twitter and Instagram-@heardonhurd, https://www.facebook.com/heardonhurd Hashtag:

#JoinTheHurd I agree, to INDEMNIFY AND HOLD Citizens Bank of Edmond HARMLESS from all claims, judgments and costs, including but not limited to attorneys’ fees, and to reimburse them for any expenses whatsoever incurred in connection with any action brought as a result of my participation in Heard on Hurd activities.

I have retained, for my records, a copy of this agreement Yes___ No___. I have read, understand and agree to adhere to the above Vendor Agreement and Requirements.

X_____________________________________________________ Date___________________

Signature of applicant (must be over 21 years of age) For organizer use: ___ Approved ___ Denied

–  –  –


Business Name:___________________________________________________________

Owner’s Name:____________________________________________________________

Business Address:_________________________________________________________

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