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«Thank you for your interest in Zoobilee 2015 – Feast with the Beasts. By participating, you will help generate funds which support the valuable ...»

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Thank you for your interest in Zoobilee 2015 – Feast with the Beasts. By

participating, you will help generate funds which support the valuable work

done by Roger Williams Park Zoo. The event itself, known as the “party of

the year”, also produces terrific exposure for the Zoo and all Zoobilee


Each year, Zoo staff and volunteers make it their goal to provide

participants with a fun, well-organized event that truly highlights our food

and beverage providers. This booklet will provide you with all the information you need to better understand the event, what is required to participate and how to make it a successful experience for your company.

I have worked with the Zoo for over 12 years and am very excited to be a part of the Zoobilee 2015 Committee. Zoobilee – Feasts with the Beasts is a true Rhode Island summer tradition which is only made possible by the generosity of our food and beverage providers.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions about Zoobilee or the information contained in this booklet. I look forward to working with you to create another fabulous event.

Sincerely, Jennifer Foster Zoobilee Restaurant Coordinator jlfoster@cox.net Cell: 401-258-2842 Fax: 401-941-3988 Table of Contents General Overview of the Event

Participant Benefits…………………………………………………………….4 Event Logistics

How to Participate

Participation Fees

Arrival and Serving Time

Board of Health Regulations

Event Materials

Food Serving Selections

Food Ingredient Requirements



Decoration and Promotional Materials

Alcohol Beverage Policy

Other Sponsorship Opportunities

Zoobilee Forms

Restaurant Confirmation Form

Restaurant Application Form

Restaurant Event Staff Form

Board of Health Application

Wine Bottle Auction & Raffle Form

–  –  –

Every year, since 1992, Roger Williams Park Zoo and the Rhode Island Zoological Society host Zoobilee! – Feast with the Beasts – a premier event that marks the beginning of summer here in Rhode Island!

This is the largest, single night fundraiser for Roger Williams Park Zoo.

Money raised from this wild and fun occasion will be used throughout the Zoo to finance necessary exhibit improvements, support our education and conservation programs, and save threatened and endangered species around the world and in your backyard.

Zoobilee is unique because it allows over 1,500 adult guests the opportunity to stroll the Zoo at night while enjoying bite size treats from over 40 of Rhode Island and Southern Massachusetts’s best restaurants, eateries, caterers and beverage outlets. Animal encounters and roaming entertainers help create a party atmosphere. The evening culminates with entertainment by the Boston based, Red Line band. This dynamic group never fails to get the crowd clapping and dancing – it is a fabulous evening!

This year’s event is scheduled for Saturday, June 27th from 6:00 pm to 11:00. Food and Beverage participants are asked to serve from 2.5 to 4 hours based on their location in the Zoo.

–  –  –

Restaurants, caterers and beverage providers that participate in the

Zoobilee event will enjoy the following benefits:

 Participants can dazzle our 1,400+ guests with their menu selections.

 Participants can market their establishment to our 1,400+ guests.

This includes handouts, coupons, games and other promotional materials determined by participants (we encourage creativity!).

 Participants will be included in our Zoobilee invitation which is mailed to over 14,000 households in May.

 Participants will be listed in the Zoo’s eNewsletter which is sent to over 58,000 households.

 Participants may be featured in our Zoobilee promotional television spots.

 Participants may be featured in Zoobilee Press Releases which are run in major Rhode Island news mediums.

 Participants will be included in our Zoobilee event program distributed to 1,400+ event guests.

 Participants will be listed in a Rhode Island Monthly Thank You Ad which is run in September.

 Participants are listed on Zoo’s website which sees approximately over 60,000 visitors on average each month.

 Participants are encouraged to enjoy the event once their serving obligation is complete.

 Through their contributions, participants are helping to raise funds for the Zoo’s mission of providing a unique education experience for our guests while contributing significantly to conserving the earth’s natural resources.

** Please note, the availability of benefits is dependent upon when confirmation is received by Roger Williams Park Zoo.

–  –  –

If you are interested in participating in Zoobilee 2015, please either:

 Contact Jennifer Foster directly at 401-258-2842 or jlfoster@cox.net,  Mail the completed Restaurant Confirmation Form to Rhode Island Zoological Society, ATTN: Jennifer Foster/Development, 1000 Elmwood Avenue, Providence, RI 02907, or  Fax the completed Restaurant Confirmation Form to Rhode Island Zoological Society, ATTN: Jennifer Foster/Development, (401) 941-3988

–  –  –

Roger Williams Park Zoo does not charge establishments to participate in the event. We understand and appreciate the commitment and cost of serving at the event and believe that is payment enough.

–  –  –

All establishments are required to arrive at the Zoo early, any time between 2:00 pm and 4:30 pm to drop off equipment and/or begin set up. We stress that all restaurants and caterers must be setup and ready to serve by 5:00 pm for the Board of Health inspection or we cannot start the event on time.

Based on the assigned location, we ask that Food and Beverage providers

serve during the following hours: Africa: 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm; Upper Zoo:

6:00 pm to 10:00 pm. Assignments will be received closer to the event.

Arrival gate assignments will be forwarded in June along with the gate number cards for display in vehicles.

The event cannot open to ticket holders until all restaurants have been inspected by the Board of Health. Restaurants that are not ready to be inspected at 5:00 pm will not be able to participate in the event.

–  –  –

The Rhode Island Board of Health will arrive at the Zoo between 4:30 and 5:00 pm to inspect restaurants as they enter and set-up as well as perform an inspection of each establishment’s serving area before the gates open.

All restaurants/caterers must comply with the RI Department of Health “Requirements and Guidelines for Participants of Temporary Food Service Facilities”.

We would like to call special attention to the following requirements:

All restaurants/caterers will supply the Zoo with either:

 a. a copy of their current Catering License or b. a copy of their current Food and Beverage License Hot foods will be served 140 degrees or more, cold foods will be served  41 degrees or less.

Restaurants will bring an insulated beverage urn or equivalent container  with warm water, a soap bottle and paper towels for their staff to utilize for hand washing.

Restaurants must bring sufficient amounts of ice to cool down food  products and keep products cold.

Sanitize utensils, cutting boards, and food preparation surfaces  Restaurants must be set up and ready for the Board of Health inspection  by 5:00 pm. The event cannot open until all restaurants have been inspected.

–  –  –

RIZS will provide many of the materials to help make the evening a success. However, restaurants/caterers are asked to provide specific items. Please review the following lists for more details.

 RIZS will provide:

 (2) eight foot tables w/ skirts  9’ x10’ Hospitality Tent  6 inch plates or 5 oz. bowls  Plastic forks or spoons  Napkins  Plastic Gloves (for serving)  Publicity (invitation, program, signs, press release)  Electrical outlets and lighting  Booth sign  Booth trash receptacle  Event wristband for working staff  Restaurants/Caterers will provide:

 Food item samples sufficient for 1600 attendees  Staffing (21 years of age and over) needed to serve Zoobilee attendees.

 Food prep/serving equipment (including food protection containers and a dial face stem thermometer 0°F-220°F)  Hand washing facilities (container w/ warm water, soap, towels)  Table/station decorations  Fire extinguisher  Extension cords  Food ingredient lists  Food Service License  Ice (to cool food and keep products cold)  Hair restraints

Food Serving Selections

Deciding what to serve can often be one of the biggest challenges for participants. It is important to select an item that showcases your talent and individuality, yet is easy to transport and serve. We ask that each restaurant submit their selection as early as possible to the Zoo before the event. This way we can ensure that several restaurants are not serving the same item.

Participants may choose to use a gas grill at the event. Local rental companies are familiar with Zoobilee and will deliver equipment directly to the Zoo the day of the event. Please inform Jennifer Foster if you are having equipment delivered to the Zoo so it can be delivered to the appropriate gate. All establishments using gas grills will be required to have the appropriate fire extinguisher at their tent.

Items should be sample-sized portions with ample quantity to feed 1,600 guests throughout the evening.

We ask that establishments serving food not offer alcohol at their tents.

We have several established sponsors that offer wine or beer tastings each year. Serving alcohol also cuts into our bar sales which provide significant income for the Zoo.

Please be sensitive to the Zoo's mission "to contribute significantly to the conservation of the earth's dwindling natural resources" and do not offer food selections from threatened or endangered species. Contact RIZS for more information.

–  –  –

Due to potential food allergies of our Zoobilee guests, it is critical that our

participating restaurants/caterers follow these instructions:

 Restaurants/caterers must have an ingredient list available to patrons the evening of the event.

 All restaurant/catering staff working Zoobilee 2014 must be aware of food ingredients used.

 Restaurants should take particular care in identifying the ingredients associated with popular food allergies.

 If serving raw seafood, please post the appropriate disclaimers.


The Zoo will provide each tent with lighting and electricity for the event. We ask that you provide us with any electrical requirements by June 1, 2015.

This includes voltage and amp requirements of the equipment you are bringing. By providing us with this information, we can assure that you will be placed in an area that has the electrical capacity you need. It is impossible to change your location the night of the event so it is imperative that we have this information prior to establishing a location for your tent.


Participating establishments are allowed 6 staff members to serve at the event. We ask that staff be 21 years or older. Each staff member will be asked to register upon arrival and will be given a bracelet to wear so they can exit and re-enter the Zoo as necessary. A staff participation form can be faxed or emailed to the zoo any time prior to the event.

Restaurants requiring extra staff can purchase up to 4 extra tickets to the event at the Zoo employee discount of $50.00 per person. Please contact Jennifer Foster if you require additional ticketing for staff.

–  –  –

We will provide each establishment with a tent, identifying signage, two (2) tables, plastic table covers and skirting. Restaurants/Caterers are encouraged to be creative with their spaces, which may include decorations, logo napkins, menus, business cards etc. We ask that restaurants do not bring helium balloons or tiki-type torches to this event.

Alcohol Beverage Policy

For your safety and the safety of our guests, we ask that you do not bring alcohol for personal consumption into the event. You and your staff are welcome to join the festivities when you are finished serving. Any staff member arriving or serving intoxicated will be asked to leave the premises.

–  –  –

Each year the Zoo holds an on-line silent auction and a wine & beer bazaar in conjunction with Zoobilee.

If you would like a further opportunity to promote your business, we welcome the donation of a gift certificate to your restaurant for the event.

Items valued from $25.00 - $100.00 are greatly appreciated. Donations will be featured in the program and on-line.

–  –  –

Restaurant Confirmation – Send in to let us know you are participating.

Not required if you have been in contact with Jennifer Foster by phone or email.

Restaurant Application –This provides us with contact information, proper name and address information for publishing and helps us determine the best location for your establishment based on electricity needs and type of item to be served.

Employee List – Please fill in the names of the employees who will be working at the event. We will have this information at the gate when you check in. Names can be substituted by contacting Jennifer Foster prior to the event.

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