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«NOTICE OF MEETING MINUTES (Original version signed and archived) Date and time: March 1, 2016 at 1:30 p.m. Title of meeting: Board of Directors ...»

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Board of Directors Public meeting


(Original version signed and archived)

Date and time: March 1, 2016 at 1:30 p.m.

Title of meeting: Board of Directors

Location: Best Western Plus Bathurst

Purpose of

Public meeting

Acadie Room


Chairman: Paul Couturier

Secretary: Sonia Haché-Lanteigne


√ √ √ Paul Couturier (Chairman) Gabriel Godin (Vice-Chairman) Sonia A. Roy √ √ √ Adélard Cormier Bonnie Mae Martin Paulette Sonier Rioux √ √ √ Roger Doiron (left at 3:30 p.m.) Pierre Martin Anne C. Soucie √ √ √ Philippe Ferguson (Treasurer) Christian Mercier Donald Thériault √ √ √ Rita Godbout Tracy Peters (teleconference) Lester Young Ex officio members √ √ √ Gilles Lanteigne Dr. France Desrosiers Linda Sunderland (left at 3:45 p.m.) Leadership team √ √ √ Gisèle Beaulieu Stéphane Legacy Pierre Verret √ √ Jacques Duclos Richard Losier


1. Call to order The Chairman of the Board of Directors welcomed the participants and called the meeting to order at 1:30 p.m.

2. Constitution of quorum and notice of meeting The meeting was duly called and quorum was achieved.

3. Adoption of agenda The agenda was presented and adopted as read.

MOTION 2016/03/01-01P Moved by Christian Mercier;

Seconded by Sonia A. Roy;

That the Board of Directors adopt the agenda as presented.

Motion carried unanimously.

4. Declaration of potential conflicts of interest No conflict of interest was raised.

5. Adoption of the minutes of the December 1, 2015 meeting

The minutes of the December 1, 2015 meeting were presented and adopted with the following change:

Item 12.4 should have read: “Seconded by Anne Soucie” instead of “Seconded by Anne Paillard.

” MOTION 2016/03/01-02P Moved by Adélard Cormier;

Seconded by Lester Young;

That the Board of Directors adopt the minutes of the December 1, 2015 meeting as changed.

Motion carried unanimously

6. Business arising from the minutes and follow-up

6.1 MRI For various reasons Dr. Caroline Giguère’s team of radiologists did not agree to assess the quality of

–  –  –

images. Vitalité Health Network continues to improve the quality of examinations with the company and, at the same time, is beginning to assess another option, i.e. enhancement of the existing unit.

6.2 Catch-up plan The government will invest an additional $1.9 million in the catch-up plan, except that this amount is in accordance with the plan tabled. In other words, it is not an addition to what was planned. It is nevertheless good news as it confirms anticipated resources. The $1.9 million is the difference between the 2015-2016 funding versus the 2016-2017 funding.

As for dialysis services at the Stella-Maris-de-Kent Hospital, the Network is waiting for an answer from the Department of Health following the modernization and transformation plan and also the Clinical Services Plan – Phase 2. A follow-up will be done with the DOH about this in the upcoming weeks.

A geneticist position will be included in the catch-up plan, which is being validated for the following year.

7. Report by the President and Chief Executive Officer (President and CEO) The President and CEO’s report covered the period from December 1, 2015 to February 19, 2016. It included the main accomplishments in meeting the objectives of the 2015-2018 Regional Health and Business Plan and other

priority files for the Network. The report addressed the following topics:

 Engagement of employees and medical staff:

 Development of phase 2 of the Clinical Services Plan;

 Nomination period – 2016 recognition awards;

 Raising awareness of rational antibiotic utilization;

 Financial and physical resources management:

 Results obtained as at December 31, 2015 – performance indicators;

 Human resources management:

 Walking track for staff in Edmundston;

 Relations with partners and community groups:

 Receiving Syrian refugees;

 Representation meetings and steps;

 Strategic management/communications:

 Organizational renewal;

 Link to the New Brunswick Health portal for physicians;

 Implementation of a quality and patient safety culture:

 MORE Program (AMPRO) award to the Obstetric Unit of the Edmundston Regional Hospital;

 New smoke-free environment policy: a success!

 Relations with the Board of Directors:

 Clinical Services Plan – Phase 1;

 Integration of strategic and operational initiatives:

 Better diabetes management;

 Development of an integrated strategic plan for the Network.

A member asked for an explanation after the media advertised that the final date for the surgical suite project at the Dr. Georges-L.-Dumont UHC was 2020. The hospital surgical suite will be ready in 2020 and the entire project will be completed in 2021 (step-down sector). A correction will be sent to the Communications Department about this.

A member suggested that the President and CEO’s report include indicator data as in the past. The President and CEO explained that this was entirely possible and that currently the information was sent to the Finance and Audit Committee as well as to the Quality and Risk Management Committee. If this is what members want, these indicators will be communicated at public meetings.

–  –  –

Paul Couturier presented the report on the February 17, 2016 meeting of the Executive Committee. The

following item was raised:

 Renewal of the organization.

–  –  –

8.2 Governance and Nomination Committee Tracy Peters presented the report on the January 25, 2016 meeting of the Governance and Nomination

Committee. The following items were raised:

 A training plan, including four themes, was presented to Board members:

1. Governance;

2. Organizational ethics;

3. Quality and patient safety;

4. Relations with stakeholders and the community;

 The Governance Standards Subcommittee held two regular meetings (November 27, 2015 and February 2, 2016). It ensures the implementation of the action plan from the governance standards selfassessment;

 Appointment – LMAC of Zone 6 – Dr. Sylvain Matteau (MOTION 2016-01-25 / 03GMC);

 Policy and procedure CA-255 “Scanned Confidential Documents” (MOTION 2016-01-25 / 05GMC);

 Policy and procedure GEN.2.40.10 “Relations with the Media” (MOTION 2016-01-25 / 06GMC);

 Policy and procedure CA-120 “Terms of Reference of the Board of Directors and Governance Structure” (MOTION 2016-01-25 / 07GMC);

 Assessment of Board of Directors’ meetings; it was agreed to keep the same assessment model for future meetings.

MOTION 2016/03/01-05P Moved by Paulette Sonier-Rioux;

Seconded by Adélard Cormier;

That the Board of Directors adopt the appointment of Dr. Sylvain Matteau as Department Head of Internal Medicine in Zone 6 for a three-year term ending in 2018 (to replace Dr. F. Shabani).

Motion carried unanimously

–  –  –

Tracy Peters presented the report on the February 19, 2016 special meeting of the Governance and

Nomination Committee. The following items were raised:

 Appointment of Dr. Khurshid Haque as Department Head of the Psychiatry Department in Zone 5 for a three-year term (MOTION 2016-02-19 – 01GMC);

 Appointment of Dr. Christian Dufour as Department Head of Family Practice in Zone 5 for a three-year

–  –  –

8.3 Finance and Audit Committee Philippe Ferguson presented the report on the February 18, 2016 meeting of the Finance and Audit

Committee. The following items were raised:

• Presentation of the 2015-2016 audit plan (MOTION 2016/02/18-02FV);

• Cost for the new RHC – contract with SNC-Lavalin;

• Presentation of the financial statements as at December 31, 2015 (MOTION 2016/02/18-04FV);

• Approval of additional budget amendments for 2015-2016 (MOTION 2016/02/18-05FV);

• 2016-2017 capital and operational budget.

–  –  –

8.4 Quality and Risk Management Committee Anne Soucie presented the report on the January 27, 2016 meeting of the Quality and Risk Management

Committee. The following items were raised:

 Report from the Office of the Auditor General of New Brunswick;

 2015-2016 Quality Plan and quality scorecard;

 Complaint and incident report – 3rd quarter;

 Report on outstanding legal actions and claims;

 Summary of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) in New Brunswick from 2003-2004 to 2014-2015 report;

 2017 accreditation update;

 Surveys on the quality of work life (Pulse);

 Patient experience.

In response to the question asked by a member regarding the collection of information on complaints, it was explained that a regional complaint team was in place within the Network. Effort is made to learn from complaints as there are often improvements that can be made. This can also prevent similar situations from occurring.

–  –  –

and Risk Management Committee.

Motion carried unanimously

8.5 Strategic Research and Academic Affairs Committee No meeting of the Strategic Research and Academic Affairs Committee has taken place since the last meeting of the Board of Directors.

8.6 Medical Advisory Committee Dr. France Desrosiers presented the report on the February 9, 2016 meeting of the Medical Advisory

Committee. The following items were raised:

 Results of the Pulse survey on the quality of work life for physicians that will guide some objectives for the Network in the next year;

 Quality plan progress report;

 Regional medical complaint quarterly report – January 2016;

 Policy approvals:

 Legal representative policy (Motion 2016/02/09-01-CMC);

 Warfarin management policy (Motion 2016/02/09-02-CMC);

 Respiratory tuberculosis policy (Motion 2016/02/09-04-CMC).

–  –  –

Dr. Desrosiers also presented her report as Regional Chief of Staff:

 New local Chief of Staff in the Northwest Zone;

 Health Professionals Advisory Committee;

 New Brunswick Quality and Patient Safety Provincial Advisory Committee;

 Assistance in dying provincial committee;

 Clinical Services Advisory Committee.

–  –  –

8.7 Professional Advisory Committee Linda Sunderland presented the report on the January 26, 2016 meeting of the Professional Advisory

Committee. The following items were raised:

 Follow-up on the presentation of data for the Integrated Risk Management Report and Infection Prevention Report – Hand Washing;

 Professional Practice activity update;

 Follow-up on a previous recommendation from the PAC regarding no-shows and work done by a Board subcommittee;

 Update provided by Mr. Lanteigne on the Clinical Services Plan and Network transformation plan and upcoming changes in the Network’s organizational structure;

 Presentation of the following reports:

 Inpatient satisfaction summary - July to September 2015;

 Infection Prevention quarterly report – July to September 2015;

 Accreditation update.

–  –  –

8.8 Ad Hoc Committee – Medical Travel No meeting of the Ad Hoc Committee – Medical Travel has taken place since the last meeting of the Board of Directors. However, Donald Thériault presented an update from this committee. The update covered the

following items:

 Clinical appointment memo;

 Update on the booking process review;

 Analysis regarding no-shows;

 Presentation of the results of these analyses to the committee at its next meeting;

 Analysis of patients who travel more than 50 km for services.

9. Temporary privileges The Network President and CEO signed temporary privileges since the last meeting of the Board of Directors and a list was presented for endorsement.

MOTION 2016/03/01-15P Moved by Gabriel Godin;

Seconded by Sonia A. Roy;

That the Board of Directors endorse the list of temporary privileges tabled by the President and CEO as presented.

Motion carried unanimously

10. Legal matters No new file was opened since the last meeting of the Board.

11. Correspondence A list of correspondence received or sent by the Board was presented to members.

12. Other issues

12.1 Patient experience history The patient-centred approach is the actual interaction between the patient and the system and it is part of the care process (patient as a partner). As for patient satisfaction, which is the patient’s perception of some pre-established aspects and is part of the result of care, the Network is committed to raise the bar and create an added value in patient- and family-centred care by capitalizing on a client experience strategy focused on the creation and support of mutually beneficial partnerships.

One of the first steps in this approach is to have a testimonial from a patient or a case history at each meeting of the Board and discuss opportunities for improvement.

A first real life situation was presented by Philippe Ferguson. Then, a discussion of about 15 minutes was held on a few issues related to the most relevant aspects of the situation.

Management will take the comments of the Board members into consideration and will use them to improve the quality of care and services.

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