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«Underworld Rulebook v.5.2.3 ©2009 Garrotte Productions Inc ~1~ Acknowledgements Garrotte Productions Inc. would like to thank the following people: ...»

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©2009 Garrotte Productions Inc



Garrotte Productions Inc. would like to thank the following people:

Bevin Ashby

Amanda Thompkins

Geoff Simpson

Mat Horsman

Shawn Murphy

Misha Schneider


Vault 404

Team Armour Marshal

Player artwork courtesy of James LeClair

And to every single player who has helped with contributing something positive to the rules and / or the game

and to our wives Heather and Bevin for putting up with us.

Original Works are copyright to: Garrotte Productions Inc.

©2009, Garrotte Productions Inc.

563 O‟Connor Drive Toronto ON M4C 2Z7 Canada E-mail: William Ashby: shbe@underworldlarp.ca Edward Watt: edward@underworldlarp.ca No reproduction without explicit permission of the owners.

Underworld LARP, Underworld L.A.R.P., Underworld Rulebook v5.2.x are copyrighted to Garrotte Productions Inc.

~2~ Table of Contents Chapter 1 ROLEPLAYING

Welcome to Live Action Role-Playing

Your First Event

Arriving at Game.


The Shaper Team

Counted Movements & Declared Actions

The Honour System

How to Create a Character




Defined Choices Regarding Character Creation

True Names

Character History

Experience & Character Points

Life & Death

Body Points



Bleeding Out and Death

Natural and Magical Healing

Drinking, the Effects of Alcohol, and Stamina Points


Killing Blow Delivery

Death in Underworld


Hostile Circles

Final Death


Maximum Life Expectancy

In Game and OOG Colours

Thieving and You: A Bandit‟s Guide to Skullduggery

Chapter 2: RACES

Character Races


Bestial Races

Construct Races

Dwarven Races

Elven Races

Fae Races

Goblinoid Races

Humanoid Races

Chapter 3: Occupations & Abilities









Witch Hunter





Chapter 4: Skills & Descriptions



Production Skills

Scholar Skills

Warrior Skills

Rogue Skills

Racial Abilities

Chapter 5: Production Skills & Crafting

Production Skills


Elixir Production List



Magical Scrolls




Combat Rules

Chapter 7: ARMOUR

Armour and Costume

Armour Points & Guidelines

Chapter 8: MAGIC

Spell Focus

Spell Durations

Some Basic Regulations Concerning Spells

Using Magic Items

Spheres of Magic

Spell Pyramids

Chapter 9: SPELL LISTS

Quick Reference Spell Lists






Chapter 11: Gods

Greater Gods

Lesser Gods

Appendix 1: Synergies


Ritual Magic



–  –  –

~5~ Welcome to Live Action Role-Playing Welcome to the world of Live Action Role-Playing! In this section, we will attempt to explain some of the basic concepts of what Live Action Role-Playing is. This will hopefully give those who are new to the idea an understanding of how it works, allowing them to envision our world, and how they can fit in. Although some describe Live Action Role Playing (or LARPing) as "Improvisational Theatre", it requires no special training.

Everyone can do it. In fact, we all do it on a daily basis whenever we daydream ourselves into different situations. The difference with LARPing is simply the ability to let go and act on how you believe you (or your character) would respond to a certain catalyst. Role-playing at its best should come naturally and fluently, requiring very little in the way of pretending. This concept is sometimes hard to imagine to those who are new to the idea, but when everyone else around you is role-playing; you should find it hard to act "normal".

When you play Underworld for the first time, you create a character for yourself. This character is who you will be in the game and it can be as close to, or as different from, your real personality as you would like. You design the personality and quirks of your character as you see fit, limited in scope and detail only by your own imagination. Once your character is designed and registered with game officials (known as Shapers), you insert him or her into our world and act them out as you desire. No one tells you how you should play your character, because you created him or her and you know best. At first, your character concept might be a little hazy, but as you become immersed in different situations, you will find that your character will grow naturally and you will discover more of what makes them tick. Do your best to be realistic in your character. This is normally achieved by diving headlong into your character. Don't be shy (unless your character is shy). At first, think to yourself, "What would/should my character do in this situation? How would s/he react to what is going on here?" By following this simple questioning, your character will develop naturally in your mind and it will become easier over time to slip into character.

Many people value LARPing as an outlet for personal expression, or as a valuable escape from the mundane world. Others do it simply because it's fun; exercise for both the body and mind. Once you experience LARPing a few times, we think you will realize what a healthy concept it is. Everyone is an expert in Live Action Role-playing, the better ones are simply those who can get into their characters to a higher degree and who don't concern themselves with thoughts on "acting". Remember, this is improvisational. It is far more important to know your character than it is to pre-think acting techniques and worry about how you will look.

Once you figure this out and become comfortable with it, we think you will realize just how easy and, more importantly, fun Live Action Role-Playing is.

Your First Event Arriving at Game.

At the beginning of every event, you will check in at Logistics. As it is your first event, they would give you a small amount of starting money and some tags that represent items your character has when starting out. Each new character is allowed to bring in a two Normal (not silver or Magical) weapons. These weapons must be of a type the character can use once in game. In addition to this, you may also bring a shield. During your first event, you will be provided with temporary tags for these items. Casters will also be provided temporary spell tags to represent any spells that they are able to cast.

These temporary tags must be replaced when you come to your second game. You are not provided permanent tags because you will have the option to totally re-write, or re-mort as it is called, your character once after your first game.

~6~ Most importantly, you will be provided your character card. A character card contains all vital information relating to your character, such as, what their occupation is, how many Body Points they have, what their level is, what skills they are able to use, etc. This should be kept with you at all times. It helps you, other players and Shapers keep track of your abilities and to settle any disputes which may arise.

After you have collected your character card and tags, it is on to the armour marshal station. Our armour marshal team diligently checks all armour and weapons for safety and quality.

You will be given an Armour Card that represents the Armour Points that your character has. Armour Points (AP) are awarded depending on what type of Armour you are wearing. It is important during a battle to keep track of the amount of AP you have left, and whether or not your armour has Breached. (For more information on AP and Breached armour, refer to the Armour section.) After Logistics and the Marshall, you find your campsite. Your friends have already arrived and set up. They show you the out-of-game post, which has a plastic envelope attached to it. Inside the envelope is a list that the players who stay at this camp have made. The list records any traps that have been laid in the encampment as defense; which tents or buildings are warded; and descriptions of any other important features about the camp.

This list is kept here so that any Shaper can look at it and make rulings while you are not there. A thief might want to break into your camp while you are gone. To do this they must find a Shaper to accompany them. You have nothing to add to the list.

You notice however, when looking at the list, that your friend, whose character name is Duncan, has laid a very large trap in the grass just to the north of the tent. Unfortunately, you are looking at an out-ofgame document and your character cannot know this information unless Duncan actually tells your character.

The game begins. Fortunately, Duncan tells everyone in your camp not to walk into the trap in the grass and shows everyone where it is.

This is good. It means that if you avoid the trap now you will not be accused of meta-gaming. Meta-gaming means using information you have learned out-of-game for in-game means. It is considered to be cheating.

Your friend Duncan, (who is a Nightblade) informs Ariel (an Assassin) and you, that there is a man in town named Jeremiah, and that Jeremiah has a bounty on his head which was put there by a nearby Thieves' Guild.

Unfortunately, Jeremiah is also the mayor of the town, so collecting on this bounty might be considered illegal. All of you decide that money is very important right now. Your group is going to try to capture Jeremiah alive and take him to the Thieves' Guild encampment outside of town. You wait until night falls and then make your way to the mayoral residence.

When you get there, you find that there is a guard posted at the front door. He looks tough and is wearing a great deal of plate mail armour, but no helmet. The three of you do some whispering and decide to take him out quietly. Ariel begins walking past the mayoral residence and fakes twisting her leg. The two of you wait in the shadows watching as she curses under her breath and falls in the roadway near the guard, pretending to be in great pain. The guard watches suspiciously for a moment and then comes over to help her. Now Duncan leaves his hiding spot and walks over to where Ariel and the guard are.

"What's wrong?" asks Duncan.

"This woman has sprained her ankle it would seem." says the guard. The guard is now bent over Ariel's twisted foot.

"Just a minute" says Duncan, "I may have a Healing potion in my pack." Duncan stands over the two of them and begins to root around in his pack. But instead of taking out a Healing potion, he produces a dagger and nods to Ariel. Ariel produces a dagger as well, from behind her hip, and strikes at the guard.

~7~ "1 Normal", says Ariel, to signify that her character is striking at the guard for 1 point of Normal damage. The guard is surprised, but answers with, "Magic Armour." Magic Armour is a spell-protection which blocks the first attack from a weapon strike. Duncan and Ariel suspected that the man might be wearing one and that is why Ariel struck first. Now Duncan uses his Out of Game Sap tool, which represents the butt end of his dagger, and strikes the man between his shoulder blades, saying "1 Sap". Sap is an attack which surprises the target and is an attempt to knock the person out from behind.

In this case Duncan is successful because he struck squarely between the shoulder blades (this represents smashing the victim on the head) and the guard slumps over into unconsciousness. Ariel then jumps up and motions for you to come over to them. Before going into the mayor's house, however, the three of you decide to search the guard. This always takes 1 minute of time to do, unless the player being searched prefers that you really search them, or they have unlocked an advanced skill. If you want to take less than a minute, you may do a detailed search by telling the victim exactly where you are looking.

In this case, Ariel says, "I look in your purse." The player who is playing the unconscious guard opens his purse, pulls out some gold coins and gives them to Ariel.

"Come on," says Ariel, “we should hurry before anyone comes along." The three of you hurry up the front walk of the mayor's house and enter the door. Immediately a middle-aged man looks up at you.

"Who the hell are you?" he asks, "What do you want?" "We're here to collect on a bounty," says Duncan.

The man bolts suddenly for a back door and rushes through it. The three of you follow running and find that the man has ascended a small staircase. Duncan rushes up the stair first. Ariel follows him and you follow third. Halfway up the stairs you hear an electronic buzzer go off from the top of the stairs. "HOLD!" says a voice from upstairs, and everyone stops and gets down on one knee.

The Hold command is an out-of-game expression and should not be used any other time. It means to stop what you are doing and get down on one knee. Usually it means that someone has hurt themselves for real or that there is possible danger of injury. Sometimes it is used when fighting becomes confused and rulings must be made. In this case, Duncan has set off a trap that the mayor has laid at the top of the stairs for just such emergencies. You realize that there is an out-of-game Shaper upstairs. Good thing, otherwise you might have had to go find one. You hear the Shaper say, "Sleep Poison trap, Duncan. Ten foot radius." The Shaper determines that Ariel was not caught in the trap and then calls a Lay-on. "3, 2, 1, Lay-on" says the Shaper, and the action resumes.

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