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«The Newsletter of the Badenoch & Strathspey Community Transport Company BIG LOTTERY FUNDING SUPPORT FOR THE NEXT FIVE YEARS! After a year and a half ...»

The Newsletter of the Badenoch & Strathspey Community Transport Company



After a year and a half of hard work and months of nail biting

moments in waiting for the result, the Charity is now delighted to

confirm to our volunteers and service users that match funding has

been awarded to continue providing services to vulnerable older,

disabled or isolated folks living in Badenoch and Strathspey over the next five years. The project will be launched on April 1st please note it will not be an April Fool! (Other match funding is coming from NHS Highland and Highland Council.) The aim is firstly to improve or maintain the independence of our clients thus allowing them to continue living at home, and secondly to assist in making them better connected to their communities so they are less isolated.

As well as providing a valuable transport service BSCTC can now develop its friendship service to support individuals who are housebound and those with limited mobility to access social support, and who live in the rural communities of Badenoch and Strathspey.

The Befriending project will impact both the clients and the volunteers. By providing one to one support the project offers the client a choice of what activities or events they wish to engage in with their Befriender, how they will spend the time together and how they will make a transition back into community life, should they choose to do that.

The shopping projects, music afternoons and buggy hire will all continue, along with the Car Scheme and the silver bus on registered routes. The intention is to extend the number of registered routes especially when the 7-seater Where 2 Today Vehicle is replaced.

Volunteers are not forgotten as they continue to be offered training and other services to make their role all the easier. We look forward to working with you all over the next five years to make life more enjoyable for the clients.

Spring 2015


by Judy Carey One is often told that one will know when it is the right time to retire. I discover this to be absolutely true. My colleagues know exactly when it’s time for me to retire. Now.

The February Music Event was the sixtieth and final one for which I was responsible. It was held in Grantown, Ronnie Douglas was the main attraction and the original volunteer musicians and soloists were there too.

Wonderful volunteers, many of whom have helped each month from the start came to make sure that the rumours of my retirement were true and if you weren’t there to see the spread of cakes and home baking you wouldn’t have believed the extent and variety of it.

I came away laden with flowers, gifts... and soggy tissues. The warmth and generosity of clients and volunteers alike was humbling and completely overwhelming. I am incredibly lucky and very, very grateful.

THE OFFICE TAKE ON “THE” RETIREMENT No more will be treated to the acrid comments from the corner of the office or a slap on the back of the chair when she is having a temper tantrum......and yet we will all miss Judy!

We planned her leaving doo with great precision to ensure it was just up her street.

There were lots of balloons and banners in the Winky when we went for lunch and a picture for her to unveil - comprising all the photos of Judy’s antics over the past 6 years. But the piece de résistance was her very own Miss Daisy - a dressmakers dummy for her newly created craft room, something we knew she wanted. A green paper mache head was created for Miss Daisy then she was dressed up in sexy underwear, complete with colourful stripey socks hanging from the suspenders. This succeeded in confusing Judy who took some time to realise what her gift was, as she wondered why we were giving her such an effigy. However, when the penny dropped she was so delighted that she hugged her new best friend.

In our 6 years working with Judy we have learned that she always has to have the last word.

Even in retirement Judy has the last word as we find lots of notes she has left for us....including one in the fridge!

Judy, we wish you a long and happy retirement. We miss you already! Can we sign you up as a volunteer?


The training is all organised for the spring. Please take a look below to see what is on offer. We encourage all of you to take up the offer of free training as it helps to equip you for your volunteer role. A light lunch is served at most of the training events - this allows you to get to know the other volunteers.

Car Maintenance - The lads from Cairngorm Auto Repairs are giving us an hour of their time to educate us on the basics of looking after our cars - they are always very good at showing us what to do and answering all our questions - a good fun evening for all who attend.

Visual Impairment Awareness - This is always an education. Gillian from Sight Action comes armed with practical exercises to enlighten her students as to how visually impaired people cope.

First Aid - This is an all day course with a certificate at the end, which lasts for 3 years. We are using the same trainer as we had in October who received high praise from the volunteers who attended then.

Deaf Awareness - Bert and his hearing dog, Zak, are firm Car Scheme favourites. Bert gives a very good grounding into understanding and helping people with hearing difficulties.

–  –  –


Here are some valuable tips to improve your driving style that Maggie found

on the Internet:

As these guidelines should already be part of your daily practice, they should be easy to maintain.

1 – Pay attention to speed Excessive speeding is not part of a good driver code of conduct, it is not safe and, not only is it against the law, it does not help your fuel economy.

It is a risky activity that can be devastating to you, other drivers, as well as pedestrians, cyclists and other road users. It can also cost you a lot in fines, and your insurance rates could be affected by frequent speeding violations.

So pay attention to the speedometer, to speed limits on the road, and plan your travel in advance.

Speeding to be on time, is not a sensible or professional attitude. Try to begin your travel in advance, as speeding won’t realistically save you that much time anyway.

2 – No penalty points If you drive safely, you will significantly minimise the possibility of getting penalty points.

Penalty points remain on the licence record for a period of three years.

3 – Pay attention to your driving Distracted driving is one of the top causes of car collisions. There are three types of distracted driving: visual (taking your eyes off the road),manual (doing something that requires drivers to remove their hands from the steering wheel) and mental (thinking hard about something other than driving). Texting while driving involves all three.

Whenever you get behind the wheel, take steps to eliminate whatever distracts you from driving.

Eat before you get into the car. Let the phone call go to voicemail. Give the kids something to keep them entertained that isn’t distracting and allows you to focus fully on the road. Don’t be shy about asking your passengers to tone it down for a minute if you need to concentrate.

–  –  –

THREE CHEERS By Lewis Thomson I became a volunteer driver back in 2008. I drove people around and got to know them. I did the phones as well, taking bookings from Car Scheme clients and finding drivers. It was fun.

After a while as a volunteer, I worked for the Company for five and a bit years, recruiting volunteers and doing a variety of other things. In the spring of 2014 I decided that the time had come to retire. I wound up my time with the Company in August and had a wonderful holiday in the USA.

I stayed on the list of volunteer drivers and let Dorothy know I would be happy to do the phones again. I did some Car Scheme runs. Then, in early October, things went wrong. After a set to with the crash barrier on the Motorway north of Kinross, I found myself forbidden to drive by the Doctor and I was referred to Raigmore for investigation. That's finished and I'm having very effective treatment. I'm driving again. But back then...

, said the doctor. How was I to get about?

I have my Entitlement Card. I can use it on the local buses (including the BSCTC silver bus) and also on the services that take me to the Central Belt. I also have my Senior Rail Card courtesy of Tesco.

I have good and generous friends who were really helpful. A very special mention must go to a gentleman in Kincraig who has two rumbustious dogs and a venerable Volvo. Peter! You were a huge help.

During that five months I was a client of the incredible Community Transport Company. I used the silver bus on Tuesdays and Thursdays to get to Torcroy to see my friend Tina. As a presenter on Speysound I had to get to the Studio and whereas the service bus generally got me there I had to use the Car Scheme to get home. All of BSCTC's services are friendly and reliable. I knew how good they were but having to use the services really does drive it home. It helped me to keep my life going.

For all those involved I must now give, on whom happy pensioners depend, it appears*. That's Kirsty, Dorothy, Keith, Billy and Maggie who makes it all happen. Huge mention also goes to the Car Scheme volunteers. You all are truly worth your weight in gold... or chocolate.


Age Scotland are working in partnership with Autodotbiography to offer people a chance to write their life story. This is a fabulous gift to leave for your family. The author does not have to be a good writer as Autodotbiography provide all the support necessary. For £250 you get access to the program for 12 months and a lavishly illustrated hardback

book that you have written. Use the following link for more info:

www.autodotbiography/agescot and then Age Scotland will receive a £50 donation.



We are exploring the possibility of a pop up charity shop in aid of funds in Kingussie in June (the exact date is still to be arranged). However, to decide if this is a viable proposition we need to know if we have

enough man power. We would need people to:

1. Collect goods from donators in each village.

2. Set up the shop before opening.

3. Man the shop during opening hours.

4. Sort out and bag up left overs when shop has closed.

If you or anyone you know would be interested in helping us out please contact the office.

–  –  –


TO LANDS END John Kirk from Nethybridge is taking his vintage tractor out on a sponsored event to raise funds for the Car Scheme. On the same day in June, John, along with many other vintage tractor enthusiasts, will be giving his tractor an airing by driving for 3 hours, part of the route between John O Groats and Lands End. The whole route is to be covered within the same 3 hour period and the money raised given to local charities within each of the geographical areas. John has decided to give his takings to the Car Scheme. He is now looking for sponsorship.

For more information or to sponsor John please contact him on 01479 821348.


Billy the CTV Driver does love an Ecclefechan Tart. Wherever he goes, Billy has to try out the Ecclefechan tart. So this recipe is especially for him. It has very little to do with Easter but enjoy it anyway.

2 eggs - beaten 4oz (125 gm) melted butter 6oz (200 gm) soft brown sugar 1 tbsp vinegar 8oz (250 gm) mixed dried fruit 2oz (50 gm) chopped walnuts Prepared shortcrust pastry

–  –  –


There's no need to switch on the computer anymore to use easyfundraising. The new easyfundraising app offers a convenient way to raise free donations on iPad and iPhone for BSCTC.

Here’s how it works; when you’re shopping online start at easyfundraising. Choose a retailer, make your purchase, and as a reward for using easyfundraising you’ll earn money to turn into a donation for BSCTC! Easy!

There are over 2,700 retailers to choose from including, Amazon, John Lewis, Argos, Tesco, Sainsburys, M&S, Boots, Currys and thousands more!

It’s free to register, and raise money! Download on the App Store.

Happy Easter to all our Volunteers

–  –  –

– Anna Rainy Brown A little prize awaits each of you ladies in the office.

The deadline for contributions for the next newsletter is Friday 5th June.

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