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Proceedings of the Association for Financial Counseling and Planning Education, 2007


Editor’s Note vi

Recognition of 2007 Reviewers vii

2007 AFCPE Board, Conference Committee, and Other Committees viii

Papers and Summaries (in order of presentation)

Application of the Transtheoretical Model of Change to Saving Behaviors of 1 College Students Benjamin F. Cummings and Jean M. Lown, Utah State University Personality Type and the Preference for Qualitative vs. Quantitative Information 2 from a Mutual Fund Prospectus Mike Smith, Roanoke College; Irene Leech, Julia Beamish, Alex White, Virginia Tech;

and Kevin Baker, Roanoke College Should I Purchase Long-Term Care Insurance? 3 Lyle Hansen, University of Idaho Extension Tricks of the Trade for Luring Consumers into Money Traps 4 Irene E. Leech, Sophia Anong, Patricia J. Fisher, and Celia Ray Hayhoe, Virginia Tech Investment Education for Spanish-Speaking Audiences 5 Kathryn L. Sweedler, Karen M. Chan, Jennifer Hunt, Paul E. McNamara, and Pat Hildebrand, University of Illinois Extension Workshop Demonstration of a Consortium of Colleges and Universities to Promote 6 Financial Education in the Workplace Alan Gappinger, Heartland Institute of Financial Education Long-Term Care: Planning for Quality of Life in Later Life 7 Beverly Healy, Marilyn Bischoff, Lyle Hansen, Luke Erickson, Marsha Lockard, and Audrey Liddil, University of Idaho Extension Reducing Identity Theft Risk Exposure: Has FACTA Made a Difference? 8 Barbara O’Neill, Rutgers University; and Jing Jian Xiao, University of Rhode Island Assisting Families in Poverty: The Creation of A Holistic Approach 9 Leslie E. Green Pimentel, Lance Palmer, Andrew Carswell, Joan Koonce, Teresa Mauldin, and Lee Johnson, University of Georgia i Proceedings of the Association for Financial Counseling and Planning Education, 2007 Usefulness of a Debt Management Program to Reduce Financial Stressor Events 10 and Lower Financial Distress Benoit Sorhaindo, InCharge Education Foundation; Aimee Prawitz, Northern Illinois University; and E. Thomas Garman, Personal Finance Employee Education Foundation Exploring Perceived Norms, Financial Education, and College Student 11 Financial Behavior Christine Renner, University of Wisconsin-Madison; and Michael Gutter, University of Florida Impacts of Race and Ethnicity on Retirement Adequacy, Life Insurance 12 Adequacy, and Dual Adequacy Travis P. Mountain, University of Wisconsin-Madison; and Michael Gutter, University of Florida Advice from the Experienced: Analysis of Open-Ended Responses on a Student 14 Credit Card Survey Deanna L. Sharpe, University of Missouri

–  –  –

“Financial and Economic Issues” are the Number One Problem Facing the 16 American Family: A FiveYear Study of College Students William Bailey, University of Arkansas Happy Money: Integrating Happiness Research in Middle and High School 17 Financial Education Nicole Chinadle, University of Arizona; and Deborah Haynes, Montana State University Financial Management Practices of Couples with Great Marriages 18 Alena C. Johnson, Linda Skogrand, and Amanda M. Horrocks, Utah State University;

and John DeFrain, University of Nebraska

–  –  –

Financial Behavior and Quality of Life of College Students: Implications for 33 College Financial Education Jing Jian Xiao, University of Rhode Island; Soyeon Shim, University of Arizona;

Bonnie Barber, Murdoch University; and Angela Lyons, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Get Financially Fit: A Financial Education Toolkit for College Campuses 44 Brenda J. Cude, University of Georgia; Frances Lawrence, Louisiana State University;

and Joseph Goetz, University of Georgia The Effect of Religiosity on Financial Risk Taking 45 John Grable and Farrell Webb, Kansas State University; Sonya Britt, Texas Tech University; and Joo-Yung Park, Kansas State University Helping Your Clients and Students Become Financially Fit 55 Lois Vitt, Institute for Socio-Financial Studies; and Karen L. Murrell, Higher Heights Consulting/New America Foundation Assessing the Use and Usefulness of Current Financial Resources for 56 Civilian Military Spouses Jennifer Plantier, Towson University; and Dorothy Bagwell Durband, Texas Tech University

–  –  –

Effect of Health and Wealth Changes on Portfolio Allocation of Older Americans 69 Yueh-Ju Lin and Deanna L. Sharpe, University of Missouri-Columbia Financial Fitness for the Best Rest of Your Life: What Older Adults (Age 50+) 77 Need to Know About Money Barbara O’Neill, Rutgers University

–  –  –

The Use of Motivational Interviewing Techniques to Achieve Behavioral Change 79 William C. Bailey, University of Arkansas; and Dorothy Bagwell Durband, Texas Tech University

–  –  –

Credit Cents Basics - The Essential Elements for Building Good Credit 93 Marsha Lockard, Marilyn Bischoff, and Barbara Petty, University of Idaho

–  –  –

Measuring Entitlement and Conscientious Money Attitudes in Adolescents: 94 Scale Development and Validation Ivan Beutler, Lucy B. Beutler, Laura Nelson, and Clinton Gudmunson, Brigham Young University

–  –  –

Changes in Financial Distress and Financial Well-Being as a Result of Financial 104 Literacy Programs E. Thomas Garman, Personal Finance Employee Education Foundation;

Becky MacDicken and Hilary Hunt, Pennsylvania Office of Financial Education;

Pete Shatwell, TwoMedicine Health and Financial Fitness; George Haynes, University of Montana ; Kyle C. Hanson and Earl Hanson, TwoMedicine Health and Financial Fitness; Patricia Olson, University of Minnesota Extension Service;

and Mary Beth Woehler, The Institute for Financial Literacy Missouri Taxpayer Education Initiative (Mo Tax): Financial Education through 117 Taxpayer Assistance Andrew Zumwalt, Annette Fitzgerald, Wendy Brumbaugh, Deborah Whiston, Rebecca Travnichek, Cathy Oesterling, and Brenda Procter University of Missouri Extension Insights on Predatory Mortgage Education: Expert Views 118 Luke Erickson, University of Idaho Extension; Lucy Delgadillo, and Kathy Piercy, Utah State University

–  –  –

The Financial Management Practices of Experts in Personal Finance: 123 A New Collaboration Elizabeth B. Goldsmith, David W. Eccles, and Paul Ward, Florida State University Are Perceptions of Retirement Financial Resource Adequacy Consistent with 124 Estimated Ex Ante Financial Resource Retirement Adequacy?

Michael S. Gutter, University of Florida; and Dan Zhu, University of Wisconsin-Madison Older Adults in Virginia with Estate Planning Documents 133 Cynthia Horkey and Celia Hayhoe, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

–  –  –

Xtreme Xplorations: Powering the Potential to the Leaders of Tomorrow 144 Melinda Burke and Juan Ciscomani, Take Charge America Institute, University of Arizona

–  –  –

Get It Together: Organizing Personal Records 146 Marilyn Bischoff and Beverly Healy, University of Idaho Extension; Elizabeth Gorham, South Dakota State Extension; and Joanne Bankston, Kentucky State Extension

–  –  –

University of Minnesota Financial Literacy Community Mentorship Program 148 Cindy M. Petersen, Rosemary K. Heins, Rebecca Hagen Jokela, Patricia D. Olson, and Susan E. Hooper, University of Minnesota Extension Marshall (Minnesota) Financial Empowerment Collaborative 150 Shirley Anderson-Porisch, University of Minnesota Extension Teaching Financial Literacy Using E-Learning to Limited Resource Audiences 151 Evelyn Prasse and Susan E. Taylor, University of Illinois Extension Teaching Financial Education in a Project Based-Active Learning Approach 152 Nicole Chinadle, University of Arizona Lifestyle Risk Factors, Health Status, and Financial Distress: Framing Interventions 153 Using the Transtheoretical Model of Change Aimee D. Prawitz, Illinois University; Pete Shatwell, TwoMedicine Health and Financial Fitness; George Haynes, Montana State University; Kyle Hanson, Earl W. Hanson, TwoMedicine Health and Financial Fitness; Barbara O’Neill, Rutgers Cooperative Extension;

and E. Thomas Garman, Personal Finance Employee Education Foundation Healthy, Wealthy and Wise Financial Education Program 162 Bobbie Shaffett, Susan Cosgrove, Charlestien Harris, Grenell Rogers, Tawnya Crockett, Teresa Lyle, Mary Linda Moore, and Shretta Varnado, Mississippi State University Extension Service

–  –  –

Editor’s Note Welcome to the 2007 AFCPE Conference Proceedings! The program committees have selected an outstanding array of presentations for this year’s meeting. Every member should find useful, thoughtprovoking, and even challenging topics. I greatly appreciate the assistance of my graduate assistant, Chris Balas-Spence, a Virginia Tech master’s student, and Cara Defibaugh, AFCPE Member Services Coordinator, in the completion of the 2007 AFCPE Conference Proceedings.

Whether you are a practitioner, an academic, a student, a vendor, or another supporter of financial counseling and planning education and service, please take the time to peruse these presentations by our colleagues.

They have been reviewed by committees of peers and are presented here as a written record.

Posters and workshops have abstracts that are only one page long. They are easy to read quickly. However, don’t let the length of the research papers discourage you. If you aren’t into the technicalities of the statistical analysis, skim over that and focus on the findings and recommendations. Use the author contact information to ask the authors to help you apply their findings to your work. Even the references may give you solutions to problems you face or ideas for future work. If you aren’t a grass-roots program provider and don’t care about how programs are presented, seek to understand the theoretical basis of that education and use the author contact information to gain deeper understanding or to launch a mutually beneficial program evaluation/research project. Benefit from your colleague’s knowledge and experience!

Don’t just focus on topics and processes that are familiar – push yourself to really understand a new research finding or a highly successful practical application. If you are an academic, especially pay attention to the practitioner work presented here. If you are a practitioner, take time to learn what researchers are doing.

Each role supports and informs the other. From the beginning, our organization was designed to provide true communication among and support of each segment of our membership. If we fail to view AFCPE as a broad organization and segment ourselves into narrow interest groups who only seek their own specific current needs, we will fail as an organization and a profession.

As we continue to discuss our profession, its name, the theories we use, and the unique niche our work represents in today’s world, and seek to position ourselves to grow and meet the needs of our members and society, consider the work included here. What are we truly doing? Are we doing everything that is needed by our membership and society both now and into the future? Are we developing and supporting the necessary research base, professional preparation programs, and professional support systems? Where are there gaps that we need to address? How can we best prepare for a productive, useful future? How can we document the impact of our work so that those outside our profession understand and value it?

I believe that AFCPE has an important role for all who care about influencing the well-being of families, individuals and society through providing financial education, counseling, and planning. I hope that each of us will contribute positively to the future of our profession. These proceedings offer each of us the opportunity to take stock of where we are individually, as an organization, and as a profession. Take advantage of them! Use them to launch your work in the coming year.

Please consider submitting your work for publication in the 2008 AFCPE Proceedings and for presentation at the conference to be held in Orange County, California. Visit the AFCPE website (www.afcpe.org) for conference details and submission guidelines.

Irene E. Leech, Virginia Tech 2007 Proceedings Editor ileech@vt.edu

–  –  –

2007 Board of Directors President – Ray Forgue, University of Kentucky President–Elect – P.J. Gunter, Personal Financial Educator Past President – Judith Cohart, AARP Secretary – Michele Schull Reinowski, U.S. Air Force Treasurer - Glenn Muske, Oklahoma State University At–Large Members Lynne Boccignone, Private Practitioner Bill Heaberg, U.S. Air Force Diane Johnson, The Ohio State University Cooperative Extension Service Jean Lown, Utah State University Angela Moore, Boeing Employees Federal Credit Union Gregory O’Donoghue, Private Practitioner Oliver White, Naval Postgrad School 2007 Conference Committee Program Chair – Virginia Zuiker, University of Minnesota Research Papers – John Grable, Kansas State University Student Papers – Lance Palmer, University of Georgia Posters – Glen Jennings, Texas Woman's University Practitioners’ Forums – Kelli Jo Anthon, Fort Belvoir Federal Credit Union Proceedings – Irene Leech, Virginia Tech University Other Committees Awards – Mary Spear, U.S. Navy Certification Programs – Mary Ann Barry, U.S. Air Force Distinguished Fellow – Karen Chan, University of Illinois Extension Electronic Communication – David Evans, Ohio State University Ethics – Judith Cohart, AARP Investment – Glenn Muske, Oklahoma State University Journal Editor – Frances Lawrence, Louisiana State University Life and Retirement Planning – Sally Hass, Weyerhaeuser Member Services – Sharon Cabeen, National Student Loan Program Newsletter Editor – Jill Ladouceur Nominations – Judith Cohart, AARP Personnel – Ray Forgue, University of Kentucky Strategic Planning – Judith Cohart, AARP

–  –  –

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