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1950–1957 by Shoghi Effendi

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Title: Messages to the Bahá’í World: 1950–1957 Author: Shoghi Effendi Release Date: September 2006 [Ebook 19280] Language: English



Messages to the Bahá’í World:

1950–1957 by Shoghi Effendi Edition 1, (September 2006) Baha'i Terms of Use You have permission to freely make and use copies of the text and any other information ("Content") available on this Site including printing, emailing, posting, distributing, copying, downloading, uploading, transmitting, displaying the Content in whole or in

part subject to the following:

1. Our copyright notice and the source reference must be attached to the Content;

2. The Content may not be modified or altered in any way except to change the font or appearance;

3. The Content must be used solely for a non-commercial purpose.

Although this blanket permission to reproduce the Content is given freely such that no special permission is required, the Bahá’í International Community retains full copyright protection for all Content included at this Site under all applicable national and international laws.

For permission to publish, transmit, display or otherwise use the Content for any commercial purpose, please contact us (http://reference.bahai.org/en/contact.html).

Contents Baha'i Terms of Use..................... v Review of World Progress of the Faith........... 1 An Enterprise Transcending Any National Institution... 5 Opening Door to Pilgrimage................ 7 Formation of First International Bahá’í Council...... 9 Spiritual and Administrative World Center......... 11 Transcending in Sacredness................. 13 Pilgrim Kings to Pay Humble Tribute........... 15 Epoch-Making Events.................... 17 Reorientation........................ 21 Invite Valiant Co-Sharers in Holy Enterprise to Join Me in Prayers.......................... 23 Acquisition of Area on Mount Carmel........... 25 Old and New Covenant-Breakers.............. 27 Jubilee Centenary...................... 29 The Guardian Announces Appointment of Hands of the Cause.....

–  –  –

A TRIPLE RESPONSIBILITY.......... 341 Hands at New Delhi Conference to Aid in Attaining Goals....................... 343 Further Additions to Roll of Honor........... 345 Valíyu’lláh Varqá Passes; Son Appointed....... 347 Passing of George Townshend............. 349 George Townshend Passes; Agnes Alexander Appointed351 Remains of Mírzá Buzurg Transferred......... 353 Review of World Progress of the Faith Hail the valiant acts during the course of the last twelve months of members of firmly knit, world embracing, divinely propelled Bahá’í Community, singly, collectively, both sexes, all ages laboring in near, and distant fields, in Eastern and Western hemispheres, gathered from diverse classes, creeds and colors;

as administrators, in the respective home lands or as settlers or itinerant teachers overseas; whether serving in private capacity or in official association with authorities.

Second half of opening decade of second Bahá’í century befittingly ushered in.

Recent exploits in virgin territories of Western hemisphere, Arabian Peninsula, South and East Asia raised to one hundred the number of sovereign states, and dependencies, enrolled under the banner of the Faith.

Forthcoming celebrations, commemorating the Hundredth Anniversary of the Martyrdom of the Herald of the Faith, doubly glorious, through association this historic victory, representing an increase of no less than twenty-two countries in the brief span of six years, since the Centennial of the Declaration of His Mission.

Number of centers in Australasia now exceeds sixty; Canadian Community nearing ninety centers already established;

Alaskan territory eleven centers; European goal countries thirtyfive, number of newly declared believers almost doubled during course of past year.

Bahá’í literature enriched by translation into Welsh, Eskimo, Swahili, Hausa, Chinyanja, raising the total number of languages 2 Messages to the Baháâà World: 1950â1957 to sixty-three.

Languages in process of translation, eleven.

Official recognition, constituting a unique victory in the annals of the Faith in the East, and West, extending to newly formed National Spiritual Assembly of the Dominion of Canada, through granting act of Parliament, enabling the National elected representatives to incorporate as religious organization.

Additional contract placed for the construction of the parapet, crowning the Arcade of the Báb’s Mausoleum on Mount Carmel, raising the total tonnage ordered to almost eight hundred.

The erection of the ornamental columns of the Temple interior commenced; ventilation and heating systems installed; number of visitors since the opening of the edifice to the public, over four hundred thousand.

Six year plan of the British Bahá’í Community triumphantly concluded; almost quintupled number of Assemblies in the British Isles; laid basis administrative structure of the Faith in the capital of Eire and in the chief cities of North Ireland and Scotland.

Plan initiated Persian Bahá’í Community consummated 31 Assemblies, 17 Groups, 11 Isolated Centers formed beyond prescribed objectives.

Recognition, long last, accorded by Iráqí authorities to all marriages solemnized by Bahá’í Assemblies in ‘Iráq through official registration of the marriage certificate by court, first instance setting a momentous precedent throughout the Muslim East, constituting a significant landmark in the process of the emancipation of the Oriental followers of the Faith from the fetters of religious orthodoxy.

Certificate authorizing the celebration of Bahá’í marriages issued by the District of Columbia court.

Eight islands of Hawaii granted authority to recognize Bahá’í marriages.

Review of World Progress of the Faith 3 Bahá’í marriage contract legalized by attorney general throughout the territory of Alaska.

Bahá’í Holy Days recognized by Educational Department of the State of Victoria, Australia.

Second European Teaching Conference convened in the capital city of Belgium, attended by hundred and thirty representatives from nineteen countries.

The historic first all-Swiss Bahá’í Conference the latest, most promising fruit of the transatlantic enterprise initiated by the American Bahá’í Community, held in the Swiss capital, presaging the acquisition by the goal countries of an independent status within the family of Bahá’í national Communities.

The process of extension of Bahá’í endowments accelerated through the donation of twenty acre property near Anchorage, Alaska; purchase of twenty-two acres in neighborhood of Auckland, site of projected New Zealand summer school; grant of burial ground by Egyptian authorities to Port Said Bahá’í Community.

Ties binding the Bahá’í International Community to the United Nations reinforced through participation in European Regional Conference of nongovernmental organizations in Geneva; and in Latin American Conferences in Chile, Uruguay; and in similar conferences in Kansas and Lake Success; through submission in response to the request of the UNO Committee of statement on the Bahá’í concept and method of community worship, subsequently transmitted to the Secretariat responsible for the planning of permanent headquarters in the United Nations.

Last but not least, nay the crowning achievement of the year just concluded, are the stupendous exertions of the vanguard of the resistlessly advancing Bahá’í World Community resulting in the raising of half a million dollars, virtually attaining the objective set for the two-year drive to ensure the completion of the interior ornamentation of the Mother Temple of the West in anticipation of its approaching jubilee.

4 Messages to the Baháâà World: 1950â1957 First stage of austerity period resolutely embarked upon, successfully traversed.

Resolution no less grim, self abnegation no less heroic, solidarity in sacrifice no less striking, must needs distinguish the final phase of the stern struggle, still facing the dauntless highminded spartan-souled American Bahá’í Community, designed to liquidate the deficit in the General Fund, marring the otherwise spotless record of collective achievement, as well as to provide financial support imperatively required to meet, through prompt despatch of substantial number of competent pioneers, the emergency existing in Central and South America, thereby ensuring the glorious consummation of the thirteen-year-old enterprise through the formation of the projected twin National Assemblies in Latin America.

—Shoghi [Cablegram, April 25, 1950] An Enterprise Transcending Any National Institution Announce to believers, through all National Assemblies, termination initial stage of construction of domed structure designed to embellish and preserve the Báb’s sepulcher on Mount Carmel.

The two-year enterprise launched on the eve of the gravest turmoil rocking the Holy Land in modern times, involving the expenditure of a quarter of a million dollars, necessitating the transportation and placing of almost eight hundred tons of stone and marble mosaic, was consummated on the eve of the Centenary of His martyrdom. My soul is thrilled in contemplation of the rising edifice, the beauty of its design, the majesty of its proportions, the loveliness of its surroundings, the historic associations of the site it occupies, the sacredness of the Sanctuary it envelops, the transcendent holiness of the Treasure it enshrines.

My gratitude is deepened by the miraculous recovery of its gifted architect, Sutherland Maxwell, whose illness was pronounced hopeless by physicians. I acknowledge the valuable service rendered by Ugo Giachery, through his supervision of the work of shipment of consignments to Haifa.

The hour is ripe to undertake the preliminaries for the erection of the octagonal first unit of the superstructure, another milestone in the process set in motion sixty years ago by Bahá’u’lláh’s visit to Mount Carmel. This process which gathered momentum through the transportation of His Holiness, the Báb’s remains to the Holy Land after fifty years’ concealment, through the erection of the sanctuary by ‘Abdu’l-Bahá in the darkest years of His Ministry, through the entombment of the remains by Him on the 6 Messages to the Baháâà World: 1950â1957 morrow of His forty year incarceration, through the commencement of the construction of the arcade on the fortieth anniversary of the interment of the Holy Dust, through the termination of the parapet on the eve of the Centenary of the Báb’s martyrdom, must be accelerated through the erection of the dome, attaining consummation through the emergence of the institutions of the world administrative center of the Faith in the vicinity of its world spiritual Center, signalizing the sailing of the Divine Ark on God’s Mountain, prophesied in the Tablet of Carmel.

I appeal to entire body of believers to seize this priceless opportunity to stimulate the unfoldment of this process through generous, sustained contributions for the furtherance of an enterprise transcending any national institution whether Hazírá or Mashriqu’l-Adhkár, reared in the past or in process of construction. The hour is propitious, particularly during the three year interval separating the Centennials of the Báb’s martyrdom and the birth of Bahá’u’lláh’s Mission, coinciding with the hundredth anniversary of the greatest holocaust in the history of the Faith, to repay part of the infinite debt of gratitude owed its martyrs, through hastening the conclusion of the holiest enterprise since the dawn of the Revelation, interwoven with the ministries of Bahá’u’lláh, and ‘Abdu’l-Bahá, linking the Heroic and Formative Ages of the Bahá’í Dispensation, cementing the ties binding the communities of the East and West with the World Center of the Faith and shedding imperishable luster on the first and second centuries of the Bahá’í Era, which posterity will hail as the most befitting tribute to the One Who made the most precious sacrifice for the sake of the most sublime Faith in mankind’s spiritual history.

—Shoghi [July 7, 1950] Opening Door to Pilgrimage Announce to friends the delivery after more than fifty years of key to Qasr Mazra’ih by Israel authorities. Historic dwelling place of Bahá’u’lláh after leaving Prison City of Akká now being furnished in anticipation opening door to pilgrimage.

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