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«October 26, 1993 - Regular Meeting City Hall Council Chambers The City Council of the City of Lexington, Missouri met in Regular Session in the City ...»

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October 26, 1993 - Regular Meeting

City Hall

Council Chambers

The City Council of the City of Lexington, Missouri met in Regular Session in the City

Council Chambers of the City Hall on Tuesday, October 26, 1993 at 7:00 p.m. with

Mayor Pro-tem Randall Short presiding.

The Mayor Pro-tem called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. and roll being called,

the following members of the Council answered present: Betty McMillan, Connie

Pohle, Randall Short, Everett Hannon, and Charles Houseworth Absent: Mark Clark, Robert Holt and Susan Beckman. Also present: City Clerk Ghisalberti, City Administrator Tempel, and City Attorney Maycock. Whereupon the Mayor Pro-tem declared a quorum present.

Airport: met on 10/25/93. *Committee discussed the status of the airport at this time and received an update on the inspection by the FEMA representative of the airport site. The FEMA individual has requested comparative cost rather than just repair costs. One building is destroyed and a rehabilitation cost is required in addition to a replacement cost. *WWTP land application of sludge at the airport as done in the past and what other options are available and being followed by the City. *The FBO, Tom Dolphin was present to bring the committee current on his situation. The Airport Authority recommends that they approve excusing Mr. Dolphin for rental payments for use of the airport during the period of when the airport has been closed. To begin in July and run to whatever future date the airport is opened or the issue resolved in a different manner. Motion by Houseworth seconded by Hannon to approve the recommendation of the Airport Authority Board. Motion carried. The Airport Authority recommended the approval of the cost for 2 independent appraisals for the airport property for seeking of a possible buyer. The approximate of these would be $600 total. The appraisals will be based on if the levies are rebuilt and not rebuilt. This will include farm land and airport strip, 160 acres. Motion by Hannon seconded by McMillan to approve the appraisals at a cost of $600. Motion carried. Committee to meet on 11/18/93 at 7:00 p.m.

Public Safety: met on 10/20/93. Committee met with Bill Holman, Coordinator of the Reserve Officers and Kent Inman, Chairman of Police Personnel Board. Discussion was on the chain of command for the reserve officers. *An update on the Volunteer Firefighters training schedule. Committee discussed the inspection of the fire department ladders on the fire truck. The cost of inspection to be $800.00. *An update was given on the Police Department grant. Currently gathering 5 years of law enforcement statistics. *A letter was received from Chip Perry requesting that a lien not be filed on the Mary Helen Samuelson property (Winklers) for the cost of the engineers report. Abie stated the lien had already been filed and the Committee agreed. Committee to meet on 11/17/93 at 5:30 p.m.

Public Works: met on 9/15/93. *Committee reviewed proposal from MMEI to provide contract operations of the WWTP. Contract is being reviewed by the Administrator and City Attorney. The annual contract cost is $127,960 which includes 10% management fee for MMEI. The City would pay the utilities, bond payments, property insurance, and major capital improvements. MMEI will hire WWTP employees and provide medical and employee benefits. MMEI will handle the dayto-day operations of the plant and the City would maintain the ownership of the plant. The contract will expire 3/31/94 and then will be scheduled annually for a term of 3 years. If the repair and maintenance line item is not expended, it will be refunded to the City. Public Work and Finance Committees recommended the Council review, negotiate and approve a contract with MMEI. *Committee discussed a joint proposal by the Park Department and Little League Baseball Association to have the City make a 10 year commitment to fund $2,250 annually to help repay a $45,000 note to light the 4 baseball fields. The funding would begin in FY95 and must be reaffirmed annually. Motion by Pohle seconded by Hannon to give a commitment to fund $2,250 annually for lighting of the baseball fields. Motion carried. *A request of the Battle of Lexington State Park regarding use of the downtown areas for September 1994 reenactment. Areas to be use: 11th Street between Franklin and Main, the Franklin Street hole, and other parade routes.

Motion by Pohle seconded by Hannon to approve the use of the downtown areas.

Motion carried. *A request from Lexington Health Mart concerning streetscape plantings. Abie to meet further with Mr. & Mrs. Ritter concerning the issue.

*Committee tabled a sewer issue related to a residential site development by Tom Ehler on Highland Avenue, pending further discussion with the WWTP consultant.

*Committee discussed the need for a firm study of the old City Hall and Auditorium on alternative for rehab and use. Abie to pull together detail on prior studies and pursue architect firm proposals to develop cost studies. *A request from a utility easement from Bruce Gerry for his property on Lots 25 and 26 in Scottland Subdivision. Committee recommend an ordinance be drawn abating the unused utility easement. *An update from the Administrator on the sewer backup claims, an engineering report regarding the water runoff problem in Indian Hills Subdivision affecting Seymour Monat property. *Committee approved the Administrator submitting all necessary documents required under recent FCC-Cable regulations to ensure the City's ability to regulate cable activities. *A request from residents on South Street between 12th & 13th, to install stop signs on 12th street. Street Commissioner Winningham recommended installation of "Slow Children" signs instead of the stop signs. Motion by McMillan seconded by Pohle to install the "Slow Children" signs on 11th and 12th Streets. Motion carried. *Committee reviewed options for handling sewer delinquency account that warrant further research.

Administrator is to remove it from the active delinquency but retain the lien on the property, pending further research. *Committee was given an update on recent information presented by the Missouri Highway and Transportation Dept. on the 15 year proposition. Committee to meet 11/17/93 at 7:00 p.m.

Finance: met on 10/15/93 and 10/26/93. *Committee reviewed the MMEI proposal and the Park Department and Little League Baseball Assc. proposal. *Abie informed Committee that Jim Bertz, Agent of Record will have a presentation to make at the Personnel Committee meeting on the 125 employee benefit package. *Abie informed Committee that it is time to rebid all city insurance coverage, except workmens comp, health insurance and various bonds. Mike Keith has prepared the spec sheets. Legal notice to appear in the 10/27/93 newspaper issue with a deadline of 12/8/93 at 4:00 p.m. The Finance Committee to reconvene on 12/8/93 to open bids and select a company for recommendation to Council on 12/14/93 meeting. A bid would be solicited from MOPERM directly. *Abie reported that Mr. Shaw, new owner of Campbell & Assc. has approached her concerning their firm being hired to develop a personnel policy. Approximate cost to be $4,000/$5,000, which would be allocated in the current and upcoming fiscal years. Discussion tabled until 10/20/93 Personnel meeting. *A request from an Odessa resident, Mr. Corcoran, to be given 1 or 2 pickup loads of our sandbags from the flood. He would like the sand as mix for extensive concrete work to be done at his residence. Abie that he should sign an agreement stating he would not use the sand except as concrete mix per Dept of Natural Resources guidelines. *The Police Personnel Board would like a moving allowance allocation and a paid absence over Christmas for his/her family if they have not relocated. Committee approved a maximum of $500 moving allowance and a paid absence over Christmas for the new Police Chief. *Abie advised the Committee that a bid from Thomas Ditching for $1,400 to dig up the sewer service at Emanuel Mason's residence, 6 Oakdale Drive and install a new service line to the rear of this property. The work was done on 10/19/93. At the 10/26/93 meeting committee reviewed the specifications sheet for public request for bid on City insurance renewal. Motion by Houseworth seconded by Pohle to publish the legal notice in the 10/29/93 newspaper issue for City insurance. Motion carried.

*Committee discussed emergency expenditure of approximately $1,500 to televise main influent line at the WWTP. This is necessary to substantiate damage, to qualify for FEMA assistance. Committee to meet 11/10/93 at 7:00 p.m.

Ordinance: to meet 11/8/93 at 7:00 p.m.

Personnel: met on 10/20/93. Committee discussed the possible options regarding the filling of the Municipal Court Clerk position, a vacancy due to Dorothy Stapleton's retirement. *Several requests from the Police Personnel Board concerning the conditions for hire of a Police Chief candidate. *Committee reviewed several candidates for positions within the City. *A proposal from Campbell and Assc. to assist the City in development of a personnel policy and manuals.

Committee decided not to pursue at this time. *Jim Bertz, Agent of Record was present and recommended that the Council approve changing from Consolidated Services to Blue Cross & Blue Shield for the Section 125 Cafeteria Plan. The City is currently making the deductions from the payroll checks and paying the invoices.

The cost of the BCBS plan is $250 annually. Motion by Houseworth seconded by Pohle to change from Consolidated Services to BCBS for the Section 125 plan.

Motion carried. Committee to meet 11/17/93 at 8:30 p.m.

Show-Me Regional Planning Commission: none.

Park Board: met on 10/25/93 and are to meet on 11/8/93 at 7:00 p.m.

Planning & Zoning: met on 10/26/93 and held a public hearing and discussed 3 ordinances in regards to modular homes. The 3 ordinances are tabled at this time for further discussion. The regular scheduled meeting is set for 10/27/93 at 6:30 p.m. The Historic Preservation & Renovation Board is reviewing the current layout of historic areas as well as the Federal landmark areas. Then an overall layout of the City in regards to the historic areas will be reviewed.

District "F" Solid Waste: none.

Mayor: none.

Administrator: none.

Municipal Court: none.

Police Personnel Board: the candidates has been more defined and they are arranging the interviews.

Appointments: none.

FEMA-WWTP: An individual with FEMA had declined to look at the WWTP, due to the damages they thought a technical assistant was needed. The technical assistant toured the WWTP and looked at the damaged pipe. FEMA recommends televising the pipe line for receiving damages assistance. This is at a cost of $1,500. If further damage is confirmed after televising the lines, then FEMA will reimburse the cost of the televising and damages. If no further damage is discovered after televising, then the City will have to absorb the cost of televising. Possibly file a hazard mitigation grant for future preventatives. Motion by Houseworth seconded by Pohle to televise the pipe line for $1,500. Motion carried.

Highway 13: The Missouri Highway Department stated the North bound lane and shoulder has been poured and ready for use. The south bound has to reach a certain PSI, then it would be poured. It is possible the road/bridge will open Monday, 11/1/93 at 10:00 a.m. with a ribbon cutting ceremony, if the weather permits.

Secretary of Transportation may be present.

92-10-13 Corridor: on 10/20/93 Abie attended a meeting in Jefferson City on innovative financing sponsored by the Highway & Transportation Depts. This dealt with projects being funded by the $.06 gas tax that was approved under the 15 years proposition. Under those projects are the Highway 13 project and the Highway 13 bridge relocation. Current funding is not allowing the projects to be started as previously stated. Effecting these areas are the Clean Air Act, The Transportation Act, and inflation. Try alternative local financing to provide interim monies until grant money comes through or have all communities along that area come together for financing.

Utility Easement: The Public Works Committee reviewed a request by Bruce Gerry, Dundee Road to abate the unused utility easement on Lots 25 and 26 of Scottland Subdivision. There is no utilities currently on the easement. There is an easement along the back of the property which will remain. Public Works recommends approval of the abatement. Pohle presented Ordinance No. 93-21 AN ORDINANCE




Utility Easement: IN THE CITY OF LEXINGTON, MISSOURI. Motion by Houseworth seconded by Hannon to read the ordinance the first time. Motion carried. Ordinance read the first time. Motion by Hannon seconded by Houseworth to read the ordinance the second time. Motion carried. Ordinance read the second time. Motion by Hannon seconded by McMillan to place the ordinance on its final passage. Motion carried. ROLL CALL VOTE was answered as follows: Aye: McMillan, Pohle, Short, Hannon, and Houseworth. Nay: none. Absent: Holt, Clark and Beckman. Whereupon the Mayor Pro-tem declared the ordinance duly passed.

Refinancing Bonds: Abie stated about 6/9 months ago Steve Kennedy, Stifel Nicholas was notified about calling the sewer bonds. At that time it was not beneficial for the City to call the bonds because it would have cost the City more money than what they would save. Houseworth suggested checking the small loans in regards to the interest rate that is being paid.

Halloween: Houseworth asked if the Police Department has some type of plan for Halloween night to help hold back the vandalism. Abie stated that extra reserves will be on duty.

Motion by Pohle seconded by McMillan to go into Executive Session pursuant to Section 610.021 RSMo., under the following specific exception, Sub-section (1) litigation and Sub-section (3) personnel. Motion carried.

Motion by Pohle seconded by Hannon to reconvene in Regular Session. Motion carried.

Mayor Pro-tem stated that the Council discussed filling the vacancy of the Court Clerk.

Council acknowledged the resignation of the WWTP Chief Operator, Larry Hashman.

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