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«Page 1 of 25 Excalibur Table Guide By ShoryukenToTheChin Page 2 of 25 Key to Table Image Above *Thanks to Community Member - Cloda for the Overhead ...»

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Excalibur Table Guide

By ShoryukenToTheChin

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Key to Table Image Above *Thanks to Community Member - Cloda for the Overhead Image*

1. Quest Sink Hole

2. Hidden Path Sink Hole

3. Left Orbit

4. Siege Orbit

5. Excalibur Ramp

6. Mordred Ramp

7. Merlin Ramp

8. Right Orbit

In this Guide when I mention a Ramp etc. I will put a number in brackets which will correspond to the Key

above, so that you know where on the Table that particular feature is located.


Introduction This Table was one of the first Downloadable Content Tables which were made available for Pinball FX1. It was one of the most welcomed additions to the Table Library as it implemented a lot of new ideas which the Zen Community had not come across before, such as Unlimited Kickbacks for 40 Seconds etc. The Table featured breath-taking Artwork and its Background Music as well as Audio Cues was just the icing on the preverbal Cake. I had a lot of Fun cracking open this Table again to produce this Guide and I hope my love for this Table will engulf you as it’s a real Gem.

Now when Zen Studios launched their new Platforms such as Pinball FX2 & Zen Pinball 2 etc. they decided to upgrade this Table among others to the new Platforms Physics & Graphics Engine. The Table does play differently on the new Physics engine but it’s still a lot of fun and as challenging as ever. Hopefully this Guide will make it less of a challenge  Make sure to try out the other classic Tables, as well as the newer Tables on the Platforms etc.

Notice: This Guide is based off of the Pinball FX 2 version of the Table on default controls. Some of the controls will be different on the other versions (Zen Pinball 2, Zen Pinball 3D, etc...), but everything else in the Guide remains the same.

Skill Shot To attain a Skill Shot you must adjust the Plunger which is done by using the ‘Launch’ Button on your Controller. The Target is to make the Ball fall into the lit ‘DUB’ Rollover of which there are 3 available but only one will be lit, hitting the lit Rollover will reward you with 500,000 Points. The Rollovers are located at the Top Right of the Table.

*Note - You can switch which of the 3 Rollovers is lit by using the Triggers on your Controller.* ‘D’ ‘U’ ‘B’ Page 3 of 25 Kick Back & Ball Save Kickbacks – Kickbacks are quite different on this Table instead of the usual Kickback mechanic that deactivates upon the Ball being returned from said Outlane, this Table gives you Unlimated Kickback for about 40 Seconds. Thus in those 40 Seconds its impossible to drain via said activated Kickback Outlane.

Now to activate the Kickbacks you must first hit the Wooden Seal which will either be on the Left or Right edge of the Excalibur Ramp (5). If the Wooden Seal is on the Left upon hitting that you will activate the Left Kickback likewise if its on the Right then the Right Kickback will activate.

To move the Wooden Seal to your chosen side if you want to activate a specific Kickback, just hit the Captive Ball and it will switch places with the Wooden Seal. For example, if the Wooden Seal is on the Right, then hit the Captive Ball on the Left and watch how they will change sides.

–  –  –

Ball Save – This Table has 2 Methods to activate this;

• Method 1 - this can be activated by hitting the Quest Sink Hole (1) when there is no Mission lit.

Once hit the Ball will then be released, you then need to hit the Ball with the Top Left Flipper, explained below;

–  –  –

As the Ball is being released from the Sink Hole you will notice that the Dot – Matrix will display a Target, basically if you hit the Ball with the Top Left Flipper at the correct time you will be awarded with a Skill Shot which will grant you a long Ball Save. Now if you hit it but it wasn’t a Skill Shot you may gain a “Nice Try!” which awards Ball Save but this one wont stay on as long.

• Method 2 - Also given via Special (explained below this page in the section ‘Specials’) on the Outlanes, as well as random award for lighting the 3 ‘DUB’ Rollovers (explained earlier in the Guide under ‘Skill Shot’ Section).

–  –  –

Extra Balls There are 5 Ways to achieve an Extra Ball award on this Table –

• Method 1: ‘DUB’ Rollovers Extra Ball; Lighting all the 3 ‘DUB’ Rollovers gives out a random reward when you go down the Outlane where ‘SPECIAL’ is lit, these include either an Extra ball, 500,000 Points, Raise the Multiplier or activation of Ball Save.

• Method 2: Expel the Invaders Extra Ball; Complete the Expel the Invaders Side Knight Mission (explained Later in Guide in the ‘Side Knight Missions & Hurry Up Modes - Expel the Invaders / Put the Fear of God into their Leader’ section) then put the Fear of God into their Leader, after which collect via the Quest Sink Hole (1).

• Method 3: Joust Extra Ball; Complete the 3rd Level (Expert Difficulty) of the Joust Side Knight Mission (explained Later in Guide in the ‘Side Knight Missions & Hurry Up Modes - Joust’ section).

• Method 4: Marching to Battle Extra Ball; Complete the Marching to Battle Side Knight Mission (explained later in Guide in the ‘Side Knight Missions & Hurry Up Modes - Siege of Mordred’s Castle – Side Knight Missions’ section) & then collect via the Quest Sink Hole (1).

• Method 5: Damsel in Distress Extra Ball; Complete the 3rd Level (Expert Difficulty) of the Damsel in Distress Side Knight Mission (explained Later in Guide at the ‘Side Knight Missions & Hurry Up Modes - Hidden Path - Side Knight Missions’ section).

Special Spelling out the 3 ‘DUB’ Rollovers will make Special available on 1 of the Outlanes, that Outlane can be switched by hitting the Slingshot for that side. Shown Below –

–  –  –

To raise the Multiplier Level on this Table you need to do one of these following things –

• Completing the Quest for the Holy Grail Side Knight Mission (explained later in Guide in the ‘Side Knight Missions & Hurry Up Modes – Quest for the Holy Grail’ section).

• Completing Knights of the Renowned (explained Later in Guide in the ‘Side Knight Missions & Hurry Up Modes – Knights of the Renowned’ section) Hurry Up Mode.

• Given as a random award for lighting 3 ‘DUB’ Rollovers and going down the Outlane where Special is lit (explained just above this Page/section of the Guide).

–  –  –

Multiball Modes There is only 1 Multiball Mode on this Table;

Merlin Multiball *4 Ball Multiball* To activate this Multiball Mode you must lock 3 Balls into the Caldron via the Merlin Ramp (7) this can only be achieved by hitting the Ball with the Top Left Flipper, so that it goes all the way up the Ramp and gets locked successfully. I do this by hitting the Quest Sink Hole (1) then timing my shot when the Ball gets released from the Sink Hole.

*Tip – When the Ball is released from the Quest Sink Hole (1) a Kick out Sound can be heard use this Audio Cue to base your timing on as to when you should hit the Ball* You will then see the Ball land inside the Caldron upon getting the 1st Ball up the Ramp – The 1st Locked Ball will award 500,000 Points, The 2nd gives out 750,000 Points and finally the 3rd Ball gives 1 Million Points and after which starts the Multiball Mode.

Once the Multiball Mode starts you can gain Jackpots by hitting the lit Ramps/Orbits. To increase the value of the Jackpots all you need to do is continually collect Jackpots awards over and over again, as each time you do you increase their value. Now if you want to get a Super Jackpot award you will need to hit the Ball up the Merlin Ramp (7) and it will allow you to collect Super Jackpots, but only for a short period of time.

–  –  –

Side Knight Missions & Hurry Up Modes Duel – This is activated by causing the Roundtable to rotate a total of 20 times, to do this just keep hitting it and eventually it will rotate enough times.

–  –  –

After he has been stunned his guard will drop (He will smash his Weapon into the ground), now here is your chance to attack him by simply hitting the Ball at the Weapon –

–  –  –

After a certain amount of hits the Expel the Invaders Side Mission will become available, after which you need to hit the Mordred Ramp (6) to enter the Camelot Playfield – Expel the Invaders *Timed* You then have to get rid of all the Invaders by hitting the flashing 3 Targets (shown in the Image below), remember this is a timed Mission so try to do this as fast as possible or your Castle will be taken. There are about 10 Waves of Invaders which need to be defeat, if you manage that you will be awarded with 2 Million Point Completion Bonus.

–  –  –

Fear of God *Completion of above ‘Expel the Invaders’ is required to activate* This is pretty much completed the same way that the Duel Side Mission is – 1 of the 3 Targets will then flash (They will alternate between those 3), you will need to hit the lit Target to cause the Knight to be stunned. When he is stunned he drops his guard (He will smash his Weapon into the ground), hit the Weapon to attack him. This can be seen in the below Image

–  –  –

Now after you have done the above you will be able to start the Side Mission, just hit the Quest Sink Hole (1). You then have about 30 Seconds to hit the flashing Ramp/Orbit which is indicated by a Gem flashing in front of its entrance. Each successful hit will reset the timer back to 30 Seconds.

–  –  –

After hitting the Orbits enough times you will hear “A Tournament has been announced!” now you will then need to hit the Quest Sink Hole (1) to begin this Side Knight Mission.

You will then be taken to the Joust Playfield (shown in the below Image), upon entering this Playfield you will need to beat your opponent a total of 3 times to win the Tournament.

Your Opponent which is represented by the armed Warrior at the top of this Playfield will begin to charge at you, working his way down the Playfield. You will then notice something rising from the lower part of the Playfield; it looks like a little White line, this is you and you are on a collision course with your Opponent.

Now I will explain how to attack the Opponent correctly because if you are too late or earlier the Side Knight Mission will fail, thus resulting in you needing to repeat the above to retry this Side Knight Mission.

Attacking the Opponent is as easy as pressing the ‘Launch’ Button on your Controller. The secret to completing this Side Knight Mission is; to press the ‘Launch’ Button just about when the Ball of the Opponents Joust is touching you (represented by the White line), this may take some practice but after a while it will become Muscle Memory.

White Line – This is when you should launch the Ball with the ‘Launch’ Button on your Controller!

–  –  –

Upon beating the Opponent 3 times you will win the Novice Tournament and be rewarded with a 5 Million Point Completion Bonus. There are 3 levels of the Joust Side Mission which are - Novice, Medium & Advanced. Each level is the same as the last in that you have to defeat 3 Opponents, but of course the Medium Tournament will have the Opponent moving towards you at a faster rate, even more so when you attempt to win the Advanced Tournament. You will need to repeat the process of activating the Joust Side Mission upon completion or failure, if you wish to attempt a higher difficulty or retry.

You are award 20 Million Points for winning the Medium Tournament & about 30 Million Points for the Advanced Tournament as well as an Extra Ball.

–  –  –

Knight of Renowned *Timed* – Send the Ball up the Excalibur Ramp (5) repeatedly until the Knights Renown is at level 11.

*Note – if you lose the Ball you will keep your Knights Renown Level. Also there is a faster way to level up – what you do is have the Ball pass through the Left Inlane (This Inlane has a Yellow Diamond visible on it) this causes the Level to increase by 2x if I’m not mistaken for a short amount of time.*

–  –  –

After you reach the desired Level, Merlin will then stop your Ball & you will then see a random Beast appear at the entrance of the Mordred Ramp (6).

An example of one of the Beasts –

–  –  –

Underneath it you will see a Sink Hole, to complete this you will have to hit the Ball into it about 5 times, you have about 15 Seconds to hit the Sink Hole each time and the timer will reset each time. Each time you hit the Sink Hole you are awarded with 500,000 Points, whereas completion grants you 3 Million Points and advances the Multiplier to the next stage.

–  –  –

Dungeons of Mordred's (Morgana's Lair) *Timed* You must first hit the Mordred Ramp (6) 5 times *Note – If you drain your Ball the count is reset!* Once you have done the above, hit the Ball up the Mordred Ramp (6) again but this time the Ball will divert into Mordred’s Castle. Once done the Side Knight Mission will begin; the objective here is to find your way out of Mordred’s Castle Maze, and you will see that a certain Ramp/Orbit will be lit. Hit the Lit Ramp/Orbit to advance through the Maze.

–  –  –

You will notice that the Dot – Matrix will display a certain amount of Points. This activates Hurry Up Mode which is active when all the Names under the Roundtable flash, hit the Roundtable repeated to multiply the Points.

–  –  –

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