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«Page 1 of 29 Epic Quest Table Guide By ShoryukenToTheChin Page 2 of 29 Key to Table Image Above *Thanks to Community Member - The Albin0 Rhin0 for ...»

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Epic Quest Table Guide

By ShoryukenToTheChin

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Key to Table Image Above *Thanks to Community Member - The Albin0 Rhin0 for the Overhead


1. Orcanium Ramp

2. Left Orbit

3. Smash Target

4. Shield Ramp

5. Loot Sinkhole

6. Mill Ramp

7. Forest Mini-Orbit

8. Sword Ramp

9. Right Orbit

10. Cave Sinkhole

In this Guide when I mention a Ramp etc. I will put a number in brackets which will correspond to the Key above, so that you know where on the Table that particular feature is located.


Introduction Epic Quest really pushes the envelope of Virtual Pinball; it manages to blend RPG (Role Playing Game) elements with the core elements which make it Pinball. You really get the sense of personality from the Max character with his funny 1 liners like “Bats you’re blindness doesn’t scare me!” I mean come on that’s good scripting right there. I really think this is a game changer for Zen Studios and their Pinball games as it opens up a World of possibilities.

Make sure to try out Epic Quest, it’s available on so many platforms now so no excuse. Epic Quest will seamlessly integrate into Pinball FX2 on Xbox LIVE Arcade, Zen Pinball on PlayStation Network, Zen Pinball on the Apple AppStore, and Zen Pinball THD on Android Marketplace. The presentation of the Table is beautiful which is becoming a precedent for Zen Studios; the Music implemented on the Table is excellent as well. It changes when you enter a Monster battle etc. giving you a sense of Epicness  Page 3 of 29 Character Progression Now to start of this Guide I will try and explain to you about the Character Progression that’s in place; I will split it into 2 Parts which can be seen below – Levelling Up As a Knight it’s your sworn duty to defend your Princess from all the Monsters out there, now the more experience you get the better you will become at dispatching them. The Table achieves this by implementing a Level Up system which is tied to the Players experience bar which can be seen at the bottom of the Table as shown below – This is the Experience Bar; it will be filled up with a Red Bar which increases as you beat

–  –  –

You level up by defeating Monsters in the 12 Monster Battles available on the Table, by doing Combo Shots, Starting & Completing Multiball Modes etc.

You start at Level 1; your goal is to reach Level 100 which apparently you get awarded a special multiplier bonus for reaching that. When you Level up you will hear “Level Up!” you will also see Max light up with a Yellowish glow –

–  –  –

Now as you increase your Level you will notice these changes to the Gameplay –

• The Monster Battles will become harder; the Monsters will attack you with more strength etc. They will also start to have Elemental Strengths and Weaknesses which can be seen in the Dot-Matrix within the Battle.

• The Princess Multiball Jackpots and Super Jackpots will increase.

• The Princess Multiball Spinner seems to move around faster.

• You will find better Loot *To be detailed later in the Guide* so this will mean a better chance of finding Epic Items, as well as dishing out more punishment to the Monsters etc.

• The Ball Out bonus will increase.

• The amount of Experience points need to level up again.

To view your Knight Rank and Experience/Level look at the Dot-Matrix when outside of a Multiball Mode or Monster Battle etc.

–  –  –

The Loot of this Table is Weapons & Armour; you acquire Loot by completing various tasks on the Table such as –

• Defeating Monsters in the 12 Monster Battles available on the Table.

• Perform Combo Shots for example hit the Shield Ramp (4) then the Sword Ramp (8) quickly and so forth. By doing this you can reach a Combo score of 1 Million points if you keep it going.

• Staring & Completion of Multiball Modes. *Detailed later in Guide*

• As a Random Award from a Skill Shot or as a Traveling Award etc. * these will be detailed later in the Guide*.

–  –  –

*Note –Don’t select the Equipment based on this image because as you play the Table more some items can be awarded as an Epic Item for example and it looks like one of the Minor items above but since your of a higher Rank it becomes stronger etc.* You will notice that there is 3 different types of Loot; Minor, Major and Epic. They are easily spotted on the Dot-Matrix as if they are Colour Coded– Minor the text will be in a front colour of Yellow, Major will be in Blue and Epic will be in Purple.

Now I just make sure to pick the strongest item from the Dot-Matrix, you will notice that in the lower bottom right hand corner it displays the properties of the Item. Always try to go for the item with the highest stat and try to either get a Blue Text or Purple Text item which I explained in the previous paragraph. The better the Items you equip then the easier it will be to dispatch the Monsters etc. in the Battles. To cycle through which items are available use the Left & Right Triggers on your Pad. Then to equip the one you want, just press the Launch Button. You will notice that Max will be wearing said item and that now the Dot-Matrix will say either “Old Item Sold” or “New Item Sold” basically whatever item you don’t select it gets sold off for points.

Another thing which can be given as a Bonus for collecting Loot is that if you collect all the Epic items you will be awarded with the Epic Set Bonus of 10 Million points. Shown below –

–  –  –

To achieve a Skill Shot you must position the Plunger in the correct place then release. Shown below is where you should have the Plunger set to acquire a Skill Shot, you can manually move the Plunger with the Left Stick on you pad. Shown below is where the Plunger needs to be –

–  –  –

Collecting Elemental Spells – Now instead of trying to get a Skill Shot you can get the Ball into the Orcanium, this is done by using the Top Left Flipper to hit the Ball into the Orcanium Ramp (1) and then use the 4 Plungers (Activated by a Trigger press on your Pad) to make the Ball drop into one of the 4 available holes. There is 4 different Elemental Spells available –

–  –  –

Another way to gain access to this is if you hit the Smash Target (3) about 3 times you will be taken to the Launch Lane, and then just follow the above process to gain access to the Orcanium. If you manage to collect all 4 of the Elemental Spells as shown in this image above you will notice that when you do a Skill Shot and get the Ball into the Orcanium you will be given a Skill Shot award of 2 Million points each time as long as you have all 4 Elemental Spells. The Spells don’t deactivate after losing a Ball either but if you restart the game they don’t carry over like the Level experience etc.

You can only use these Elemental Spells within a Monster Battle or in Bat Frenzy, only 1 Spell of each of the 4 can be active so don’t think that you can just stack up on Scrolls.

*Note – The Elemental Spell activated lights are not lit unless you are in a Monster Battle or in the Bat Frenzy Mode, this makes it harder to remember which Elemental Spells you have already collected.*

–  –  –

Random Awards Random rewards can include –

• Experience Points – These add to the Experience Bar etc.

• Loot – Allows for collection of Loot from the Loot Sinkhole (5).

• Kickbacks - Lights an unlit Kickback.

• Elemental Spells - gives you one of the four Spells that have not been collected yet.

• Magic Potion – You start off with 3 of these enabled & can stock up to 5.

• Extra Ball lit up - only from defeating 15 Bats in Bat Frenzy or defeating 20 Skeletons in Skeleton Swarm.

• Monster Encounters - only from Left Orbit (2) & Right Orbit (9) which is a Traveling Bonus Award.

• Monster Trophies - only from Left Orbit (2) & Right Orbit (9), defeating 5 Bats in Bat Frenzy or defeating a set number of Skeletons in Skeleton Swarm.

Random rewards are obtained by a Skill Shot, getting a Traveling Bonus by hitting the 2 Orbits Shots, entering any of the 3 Monster areas (Orcanium, Forest & Cave) when all Monsters in that area have been defeated, and after defeating Monster.

Kick Back & Ball Save Both the Left & Right Kickbacks are activated automatically when you start a game. You can relight a Kickback by gaining it as a Random Award detailed above or by Maxing out the Level Up Bar. Both of which will only light 1 Kickback, if you have 1 Kickback lit already it will light the one which is deactivated etc.

*Note - This Table doesn’t reset the Kickbacks earned if you lose a Ball* As for Ball Save, hit the Smash Target (3) a couple of times and you will be taken to the Launch Lane and all you have to do is Launch the Ball out and you will notice that Ball Save will be lit for a short period of time. Shown below you can see where the Smash Target (3) is located –

–  –  –

Extra Balls The 3 Ways to achieve an Extra Ball per Ball– *Note - Extra Balls from the Skeleton Swarm Multiball & Bat Modes do not stack on the Orcanium, you must make sure to collect that Extra Ball before activating the Extra Ball light again. It would have been good to hit it through and collect 2 at once *

• Princess Multiball Spinner (Extra Ball Outlane Activation) *View the Multiball Modes/Frenzy Modes of this Guide to find out more* – After you defeat one Monster you have to send the Ball up the Shield Ramp (4) then have the Ball drop into the 'Extra Ball Lane' this enables the Extra Ball Outlanes in the Princess Multiball Mode. Now you need to lock another Ball into the Spinner, so you need to defeat 1 More Monster to do this and then repeat the above process but this time have the Ball drop onto the ‘Multiball'. The 3 Ball Princess Multiball will then begin you will now need to have 1 of the Balls go down one of the Outlanes to collect the Extra Ball. Shown below is the Outlanes.

*Note - If you don't collect the Extra Ball from the Outlane during the Multiball, it will be deactivated and you will need to repeat the above process.*

–  –  –

• Bats Frenzy *View the Multiball Modes/Frenzy Modes of this Guide to find out more* Defeat 15 Bats, you need to hit the Ball up the Shield Ramp (4) enough times to light ‘BAT’. Now you then are just required to hit as many Ramps/Orbits etc. you can to slay Bats, to increase the Timer hit the Forest Mini-Orbit (7) so the Ball hits the Bumpers behind the Loot Sinkhole (5). When the Time is up if you have managed to defeat 15 Bats you will light Extra Ball & will be awarded with the Vampire Monster Trophy, if you are given Extra Ball you must then proceed up the Mill Ramp (6), then hit the Ball with the Top Left Flipper into the Orcanium Ramp (1) from there you must hit the Ball into the hole which has 'EXTRA BALL' hovering over it to collect, using the Plungers at the right time by pressing any of the Trigger Buttons on your Pad. Shown below is an example of where it will be – *Note - If you lose your Ball it will remain lit in the Orcanium to collect on the next Ball* As you can see the 3D Text saying ‘EXTRA BAL’ it hovering over the 4th Hole so to collect you will need to have the Ball drop into it.

• Skeleton Swarm Multiball *View the Multiball Modes/Frenzy Modes of this Guide to find out more* - Defeat 20 Skeletons, to start this Multiball Mode hit the Sword Ramp (8) enough times to light 'SWARM' when this is done you are given a 2 Ball Multiball. Now the objective is to defeat as many Skeletons as possible, Defeat 20 Skeletons and you will be awarded with lighting Extra Ball & the Skeleton Monster Trophy. if you are given Extra Ball you must then proceed up the Mill Ramp (6), then hit the Ball with the Top Flipper into the Orcanium Ramp (1) from there you must hit the Ball into the Sinkhole which has 'EXTRA BALL' hovering over it to collect using the Plungers at the right time by pressing any of the Trigger Buttons on your Pad. Shown below is an example of where it will be – *Note - If you lose your Ball it will remain lit in the Orcanium to collect on the next Ball*

–  –  –

Raising the Ball Out Multipliers To do raise the Ball out Multipliers you must first light the ‘SMASH’ rollover lights on the In’s and Outlanes. As shown below –

–  –  –

Multiball Modes/Frenzy Modes There are 2 Multiball Modes on this Table – Princess Multiball *3 Ball Multiball* To activate this Multiball Mode you are require to defeat one Monster; after you defeat one Monster you have to send the Ball up the Shield Ramp (4), you will then be taken to the Princess Multiball Spinner and you will need to drop the Ball down into it using either of the Trigger Buttons on your Pad. To lock another 2 Balls you need to repeat the above process twice. Now when the Spinner is available you will notice on the Shield Ramp (4) at the entrance that a Yellow ‘Princess Multiball’ light will be flicking which indicates that the Spinner is accessible. Also the Princess will appear on the Right Lower Bumper as shown below –

–  –  –

There are a couple of different things available in the Spinner which I will list for you below *Note –only 3 Balls can be locked in the Princess Multiball Spinner* –

–  –  –

To select which one you want follow the instructions detailed in the below image – When the one you want is In line with the bottom left of the Experience Bar, press any of the Trigger Buttons on your Pad.

The Ball should now be dropped into the lane you wanted.

Now depending on what you have on the Spinner is what defines how the Multiball Mode will be. If you just do for the Instant Multiball you will only have the Jackpot light lit on the Mill Ramp (6). To collect it you need to get the Ball up there and with the Top Left Flipper hit the Ball into the Orcanium Ramp (1).

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