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«EXTENDED LEARNING WEEK “FRIENDSHIP” Extended Learning Week is now an established part of the life of MGS. It provides a chance for students and ...»

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Extended Learning Week is now an established part of the life of MGS. It provides a chance for students

and staff to enjoy learning together outside of the prescribed curriculum. We want to give students the

opportunity to extend and develop their knowledge, skills, cultural and social experiences. ELW is a golden

opportunity to encourage and develop relationships across and between the year groups and Houses.

Indeed, ‘Friendship’ is this year’s motto. We also want staff to engage positively in this week and provide them with the opportunity to develop extended learning tasks that reflect their own creativity, interests, skills and cultural appreciations.

The last two Extended Learning Weeks have been a great success and we received some excellent

feedback from parents, including:

 “We have just read the ELW Newspaper to see what the other groups have been doing and it looks amazing.”  “He came home every evening full of the events of the day.”  “I said to you at parents evening, it sounded great on paper, and if you could deliver it then I would be impressed, and I was!” School Rules and Dress Code Normal school rules and expectations apply during this week, as in any other week. However, staff and students are permitted to wear smart and casual clothes, or specific clothing, as directed by your activity leader and the task that you are doing.

Normal attendance and punctuality rules apply. There will be registration at the start of the day and after lunch and it will be completed by your activity leader. Your Extended Learning Week base becomes the equivalent of your form room for the week.

Latecomers must sign in with a senior member of staff at the School Office.

The timings of the day will be different:

8.40-10.10am Session One To include AM Statutory Registration by the activity leader between 8.40-8.50am.

10.10 – 10.30am Morning Break 10.30 – 12pm Session Two 12.00 - 12.50pm Lunch (The Refectory will be operational as normal).

12.50 – 2pm Session Three To include PM Statutory Registration by the activity leader between 12.50-1pm.

2.00 – 2.20pm Afternoon Break 2.20 – 3.30pm Session Four There will be a slightly different arrangement on Friday 3rd July to accommodate the school performances, summer fete and an early finish at 3pm.

Swap over for 2.5 day activities is Wednesday 1st July at morning break. Students complete their first activity in Session 1 and start their second activity in Session 2.

If parents believe they are eligible for financial support for their child to participate in a costed activity then please contact Dr Everett or Mrs Sewell in confidence. Please note that, in some cases, the costs below may change marginally as numbers and prices are confirmed.

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A Russian Revelation: Perestroika, Putin and Sputnik Duration: 2.5 days Cost: £20 payable in advance of the week  One of the most frequently featured countries in the media.

 A population of around 143 million people.

 A country located across 9 time zones.

 Russia is a fascinating place – it still feels mysterious, dark and powerful.

Find out more about this powerful player on the scene of world politics, sports and space travel.

Experience the language (the 2nd most used on the internet!), ‘taste’ Russia through food and traditional everyday activities and join us on a visit to the Russian Embassy in London. The Russian Gifted & Talented Session – a must for budding linguists and those interested in current affairs.

Adventure Kent:Duration: 5 daysCost: £140 payable in advance of the week

Adventure Kent runs over 5 days and offers climbing, sailing, canoeing, rafting, camping and mountain biking. There will be 3 days in Kent, with day trips running out and 2 days in the South Downs National Park, including one night camping on the coast. Expect to learn many new skills, push your physical limits and have a great adventure!


Duration: 2.5 days Cost: £0 (although any breakages due to misbehaviour must be paid for) Come along and learn an Olympic sport. This 2.5 day course will include learning to shoot Barebow, different bows (can you name the different bows?) available for other forms of Archery and also personal shooting range safety. Team games and individual competition are also a part of the session. Comfortable clothing and footwear are required, and sun cream/hats may be needed if the weather is warm, as we will be outside on the school field for the entirety of the course.

Bake Off: Italian and French Cookery:

Duration: 2.5 days Cost: £10 payable in advance of the week We will be teaching you how to cook and eat like the Italians or French. You will be introduced to the eating habits in the two countries: what and when people eat or drink at a specific time of the day, why do they do that and how do they cook it. The morning will be dedicated to main dishes and snacks, which you will prepare under our supervision, and the afternoon to bakery only. You will be able to go home and show your parents how to prepare the dishes and eat with them.

The Great MGS Carve Up:

Duration: 2.5 days Cost: £5-£10 payable in advance of the week Ever wanted to explore the internal organs of a mammal? Ever wanted to know how your hand moves?

Ever wondered how big a pig’s brain is? Then this is the activity for you!!

During your 2.5 days, you will learn the art of dissection, exploring the digestive tract of a rat, developing an understanding of how the heart and lungs work together and dissecting a pig’s trotter to expose the tendons and discover how these help the trotter to move. Furthermore, you will witness the full dissection of a pig’s head, discovering the wonders of sight and the special adaptations this wonderful animal has to enable it to live in its natural environment. You will be able to discover the fascinating world of the brain and gain an understanding of its different lobes which control the different functions vital for life. Finally, you will be able to tell your story to the rest of the school when you produce a presentation at the end of the week.

So if you love the wondrous world of mammalian life, sign up today and learn the age old art of dissection in The Great MGS Carve Up.

Golf Academy:

Duration: 5 days Cost: £50 payable in advance of the week Golf’s winning combination of exercise, sporting skill and social interaction make it the perfect sport for good health and happiness. The Golf Academy is for beginners, or golfers of any standard. Monday to Thursday, you will be in small groups rotating around 4 activities (driving, video analysis, chipping and putting) all under the tuition of PGA qualified professionals at the Tudor Park Golf Club, Bearsted. Friday will be Tournament Day on all 4 activities, with prizes for winners!

Cost is £50 for the week. Those taking part will have to arrange dropping off and collection from Tudor Park each day. If you want to fine-tune your game for the summer ahead, or want to learn and play golf for the first time, join The Golf Academy!

I’m an MGS Student…Get Me Out of Here!:

Duration 5 days Cost: approx. £35 payable in advance of the week Ever wondered what you would be like if you had to handle spiders, snakes and giant bugs? Or run through an obstacle course for your team? Lighting a fire and cooking on it? Or how about those eating challenges?

Well, here is your opportunity to find out. During the 5 days, we will have a “Bug Man” come in to show us his collection of creatures and how to handle them, a trip to the Natural History Museum to help understand the natural world around us, a Bush craft day (led by a seasoned expert with some jungle treats to eat), along with fun activities involving obstacle courses, challenges and team building exercises. Please wear/bring comfortable cool clothing and some clothes you don’t mind getting very dirty.

Indulge your sense of adventure!

In the News:

Duration: 5 days Cost: £0 Do you fancy yourself as a Newspaper Editor or an Interviewer? Well, this may be your opportunity to do both – along with any other super job in the Media World of the Electronic Newspaper.

During Extended Learning Week, you will be part of a team running a daily blog on the various activities that are taking place in and around the school. You will also produce a Newspaper on Friday which will hopefully bring together all that has been happening and give the results of competitions. There will be opportunities to go around and interview staff and students and photograph the different exciting things that are taking place.

There will also be an introduction in to the KM Media Group Newspapers in Gillingham, where you will get the chance to meet an editorial team, speak to a reporter and see the process of a news story from shorthand notes to print. You will also get to meet the Kent-on-Line news team and see how the online stories now attract over 2 million unique users per month. You will also have the added bonus of meeting the KMFM radio news team.

So, if you fancy yourself as the next big Media Mogul, sign up!

“Lights, Camera, Animate!”:

Duration: 5 days Cost: £10 payable in advance of the week Stop motion animation is an art form which has seen a number of successes in the modern film industry, “Shaun the Sheep Movie” being a notable success already this year. Despite new technologies in CGI, stop motion is still a popular animation method, involving the creation of models and using slight movements and photographs to create moving images. In this 5 day activity, you will be given the chance to become an animator, to devise your own film narrative and iconic ‘clay-mation’, or Lego characters, and then to animate. This will be a great opportunity for anyone with an artistic talent, and interest in filmmaking, animation or storytelling. The end result will be an animated film we can all be very proud of, with a red carpet premiere screening of course.

Midsummer Mayhem:

Duration: 5 days Cost: £15 payable in advance of the week Calling all budding actors, musicians, singers, dancers and stage managers!

It can be tough rehearsing for a play when you have homework and lessons to go to. NOW you have the opportunity to spend a whole week devoted to the fun of putting a show together, with the added excitement of performing to an appreciative audience of primary school children on the last day. Based on Aladdin, our summer panto will include the very evil Abanazar, the heroic Aladdin himself, his larger than life mother – Widow Twanky, the very stupid Wishee Washee and the imperious Emperor. And there will be magic with the Genie of the Lamp!

Good musicians and backstage staff are essential to make the show a success. There will be opportunities to sing and dance as well as act.

MGS PE Sky Sports Week:

Duration: 5 days Cost: £0

2.5 days of multi-sports competitions based around the Olympic values, including “friendship”. We will be filming the events taking place so this is your chance to get onto the school big screen as a sporting superstar, using technology to analyse aspects of our own performances such as distance covered, speed, passes made, goals scored…….the full stats and sport science changes to our bodies.

2.5 days of collating data and producing a Match of the Day style TV show, magazine, or highlights reel, for you to take home with you. This is not just for you sportsmen, but also for those of you interested in the media, technology and statistics……future Sky Sports employees should apply!!

Paint Your World:Duration: 2.5 daysCost: £5 payable in advance of the week

Make YOUR mark on the back drive! You will design and paint murals to continue the transformation of the back walk-way. Your mural will focus on the theme of 'Friendship' - perhaps Kentish Towns twinned overseas, or reflections on the personal nature of friendship. You will learn how to scale your design, select colours and apply paint on a grand scale. You will enjoy the freedom that creativity nurtures and you will leave your mark on the MGS community for everyone to enjoy. Old clothes, a brush and a grin are all you need to enjoy this incredibly rewarding week.

Playing Historical Boardgames:Duration: 2. 5 daysCost: £0

Medieval warfare, financial power, cultural exchange, and gladiators are just some of the genres of games that we will play. Enjoy besieging castles in the Wars of the Roses? Skilled at plotting a financial trading empire in Renaissance Northern Europe? Or maybe you would like to try hand-to-hand mayhem in the Roman Coliseum? Then these games are for you. Both individual players and team play factor into an overall weekly scoreboard... with certificates awarded to the top three players.

Residential Fishing Course at Angling Projects in conjunction with Junior Coarse Angler:

Duration: 5 days Cost: £60 payable in advance of the week This is a residential fishing trip running from the Sunday evening until the following Saturday morning.

Parents will need to take their son to and from the venue, which is located near to Wraysbury, about a one hour drive from Maidstone. The accommodation and fishing are entirely free and will be exclusively ours for the whole week. Payment will only be required for food and drinks. Fishing tackle must also be taken, although some will be available at the venue. Money for bait and terminal tackle should also be taken.

The aims of the week are to develop pupils’ angling skills, their understanding and appreciation of the environment, team skills, and life skills. Fishing will take place from early morning until dusk. A broad range of technical tutorials will be running throughout the week. The fishery contains specimen Tench, Bream, Roach and Carp. It is essential that anybody considering this trip has a true passion for angling. You must really love angling to undertake this trip, but you do not need to be experienced. Further details of the

venue can be found below:

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