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«Project No : FP7-610582 ENVISAGE Project Acronym: Engineering Virtualized Services Project Title: Collaborative Project Instrument: Information & ...»

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Project No : FP7-610582


Project Acronym:

Engineering Virtualized Services

Project Title:

Collaborative Project


Information & Communication Technologies


Deliverable D5.6

Market Analysis and Initial Exploitation Plan

Date of document: T12

Start date of the project: 1st October 2013 Duration: 36 months

Organisation name of lead contractor for this deliverable: ENG Final version STREP Project supported by the 7th Framework Programme of the EC Dissemination level Public PU Restricted to other programme participants (including Commission Services) PP Restricted to a group specified by the consortium (including Commission Services) RE Confidential, only for members of the consortium (including Commission Services) CO

Executive Summary:

Market Analysis and Initial Exploitation Plan This document summarises deliverable D5.6 of project FP7-610582 (Envisage), a Collaborative Project supported by the 7th Framework Programme of the EC within the Information & Communication Technologies scheme. Full information on this project is available online at http://www.envisage-project.eu.

This document comprises the initial analysis of the Cloud Market targeted by ENVISAGE. It analyses the market and the competitive environment surrounding the project.

List of Authors Domenico Presenza (ENG) Amund Tveit (ATB) David Costa (FRH) Contents 1 Introduction 4 2 Market Analysis 5

2.1 Modelling and Simulation of Big Data Jobs............................ 5 2.1.1 Customers........................................... 5 2.1.2 Value Proposition....................................... 5 2.1.3 Go-to-market......................................... 6 2.1.4 M

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Chapter 1 Introduction This document comprises the initial analysis of the Cloud Market targeted by ENVISAGE. It analyses the market and the competitive environment surrounding the project. The rest of this document is structured

as follows:

• Section 2 analyses the three major potential market segments for the ENVISAGE outcomes

• Section 3 summarizes the document in Conclusions Appendix A provides an overview of the ENVISAGE assets.

Chapter 2 Market Analysis We have identified three relevant customer segments for potential ENVISAGE business models: Modeling and Simulation of Big Data Jobs, E-Commerce SaaS solutions, Cloud-enabled Managed hosting. Each of the

following three subsections describes them in terms of:

• Customers

• Value proposition

• Go-to-market

• Market size

• Market growth rate

• Industry cost structure

2.1 Modelling and Simulation of Big Data Jobs 2.1.1 Customers

1. developers of big data jobs - helps them develop, tune, maintain and run big data jobs in a more cost efficient way.

2. managers/system administrators - help them plan and forecasting for cloud resources and budgets

3. cloud infrastructure vendors - help their customers make it easier and safer to develop big data processing jobs

4. buyers of big data jobs - can use these tools as signoff criteria (e.g. using simulation as a requirement specification) 2.1.2 Value Proposition Big data jobs requires lots of expensive resources (e.g. CPU and storage) to run, and by using the modelling and simulation tools from Envisage one can cheaply experiment, tune parameters and estimate costs for the various big data job outcomes before running the actual big data job.

This can lead to a more rapid and affordable way of getting to a good or optimal big data job configuration instead of having to run actual big data jobs potentially several times. As well as the opportunity to do more risky experiments through simulation with outlier configurations that you would not have done at larger scale.

Using modelling and simulation of big data jobs prior can reduce overall costs and also risks since one can learn about the jobs with actually running them at large scale.

Envisage Deliverable D5.6 Market Analysis and Initial Exploitation Plan 2.1.3 Go-to-market We will target the service towards the customer groups described in 2.1.1, and in particular towards developers of cloud services. The product offering will be a SaaS service where people can upload jobs and configurations

- in similar manner as actually running the actual big data job, and allow for easy experimentation with models and configurations, simulate and finally analyze and visualize results.

Promotion of the product will be done using traditional Internet advertisement on select and relevant sites (e.g. reddit.com, stackoverflow.com and github.com to reach developers), as well as blogging about case studies. Presence at relevant conferences and events will also be done.

2.1.4 Market Size The Hadoop technology stack is a significant subset of the Big Data market, so that can be used to estimate market size. The global Hadoop market is forecasted to reach $50.24 billion in 2020 as shown below in the figure provided by Allied Market Research (Figure 2.1).

Figure 2.1: Hadoop Market Size, Adoption and Growth Through 2020 (Source:Allied Market Research) 2.

1.5 Market Trends A clear market trend is that the big data market is strongly connected to the cloud market, so that most adopters of big data is going to use it within cloud services.

2.1.6 Market Growth Rate The Hadoop market is going to grow 58.2% in the period 2013-2020.

2.1.7 Industry Cost Structure What are the most important costs inherent in our business model? The most important costs are cloud costs needed to run the simulator, as well as human resources (e.g. developers, system administrators, sales and marketing) need to develop and sell the service. The human resources are likely to be more expensive than the computational resources needed to run the simulator, with development and continuously fine-tune the modelling and simulation tools will be the key cost driver.

2.2 E-Commerce SaaS solutions Market Segment 2.2.1 Customers ENVISAGE contributions provide value for customer-facing software as a service applications, and FRH industry partner in the ENVISAGE consortium is validating the value of the contributions in large scale eCommerce SaaS application capabilities.

Envisage Deliverable D5.6 Market Analysis and Initial Exploitation Plan In Forrester’s Forrsights Software Survey, Q4 23, North American and European enterprise software decision-makers indicated that over the next two years, budgeted enterprise application spending will remain mostly for on-premises systems (53%) and licensed software that is externally hosted in a dedicated environment (25%). SaaS spending accounts for the remaining 23%. However, when considering the prior year’s survey results, we see that there is movement away from on-premises systems and toward SaaS. The budget for on-premises applications is about 16% lower in 2013 than in 2012 (63% versus 53% in 2013), and SaaS spending budget is about 53% higher in 2013 than 2012 (15%, versus 23% in Q4 2013), with hosted spending holding fairly steady. Hence ENVISAGE target customer is getting more defined and become more prominent.

By drilling down into the types of applications being adopted as SaaS, we see that customer-facing activities have the highest levels of adoption. Sales force automation, marketing automation, commerce software (i.e., eCommerce), SCM, and customer service and support all show actual and planned adoption rates of 70% or higher for both hybrid and replacement scenarios. That also shows the relevance of the FRH industry use case that fits right into the eCommerce market segment.

2.2.2 Value Proposition One of the key differentiators of ENVISAGE methodology is the fact that service-level guarantees are first class concepts and part of the design model of the application and also part of the deployment model.

That ensures that Service Level guarantees are managed at design and at runtime. The ingredients for a comprehensive and transparent service-level agreement are therefore built-in and provide the basis for a comprehensive control of service level agreement. Market data confirms the relevance of ENVISAGE methodology in the value chain of any SaaS Application provider - a provider that can offer a comprehensive service level agreement has a 38% more chance of being chosen. According to Gartner’s Forrsights Software Survey from Q4 2013, the key criteria clients use to select a SaaS solution are still security, comprehensive servicelevel agreements of the vendors, and compliance with local privacy laws. Vendors that adopt ENVISAGE toolset and methodology will have that value in their offering.

Another key differentiator of ENVISAGE toolset and methodology is the automated and less error prone methodology to monitor and manage changes of applications. The applications developed and deployed using ENVISAGE methodology yields autonomous dynamic configuration of computing resources which minimizes the cost related with changes or elastic usage patterns. Additionally the dynamic configuration capability means that it will respond adequately and guarantee business agility - the ability of the business unit’s stakeholders to adjust the applications as requirements evolve (e.g., process flows, organizational structures, business rules, and terminology). Seventy-five percent of software decision-makers in enterprise companies that use or plan to use SaaS consider business agility important or very important. Seventy-two percent of these same respondents indicated that speed of implementation and deployment was a key benefit of SaaS. This expectation is justified based on numerous discussions with SaaS vendors and customers.

With no infrastructure to assemble, SaaS customers can proceed more quickly through implementation stages. The ease of configurability in products built for SaaS benefits implementation agility as well as post-implementation business agility.

The Forrsights survey data indicates that 21% of survey respondents are very concerned that higher total cost is a potential barrier to adoption. Therefore, costs may either be a benefit or penalty to SaaS adoption, depending on a variety of factors specific to the customer.7 The software-as-a-service delivery model can offer fast deployment speeds, low upfront costs,and ongoing flexibility to scale up or down as needs change.

Many of these benefits are part of ENVISAGE offering, whether applied to customer service applications, eCommerce platforms, or IT software management tools.

2.2.3 Go-to-market Subscription-based pricing that lowers the cost to get in the game. For many firms, the key benefit of SaaS is its simple, subscription-based pricing model: Firms pay a subscription fee per month (or year) per user Envisage Deliverable D5.6 Market Analysis and Initial Exploitation Plan that covers everything needed to operate, including support and maintenance. This model eliminates the capital investment required for on-premises hardware and software licenses.

Simple implementation and upgrades that minimize staff effort. A SaaS-delivered tool only requires a web browser and an Internet connection to function - there’s no client to install, no hardware to support, and nothing to upgrade locally. SaaS also offers seamless, automatic upgrades, typically two to four times per year (but note that customizing your SaaS tool can cause problems with future upgrades). In contrast, on-premises upgrade cycles average between 18 and 24 months.

Reduced support needs. I&O pros can expect a far lower support burden for the ITSM SaaS platform itself than for a comparable on-premises deployment, because the SaaS provider typically includes support and maintenance in the subscription (the provider does patching and bug fixing).

Greater opportunity of use. A per-seat SaaS subscription will usually cover access to capabilities across multiple service management processes. Thus, I&O pros won’t need to waste time arguing with the supplier about whether you need to pay more for multiple licenses across multiple ITSM products or modules (a common and costly annoyance in the on-premises mode). This gives I&O teams the freedom to continue their adoption of service management over time without additional costs other than those for additional users and seats.

2.2.4 Market Size According to Gartner revenue for the worldwide software-as-a-service (SaaS) market will expand up to $22.1 billion by 2015 from the $14.5 billion market size it had in 2012.

–  –  –

2.2.5 Market Trends The market will begin to focus more on applications in the cloud rather than infrastructure. This means the migration of enterprise applications as well as new development. Thus, both the PaaS and IaaS spaces will continue to expand to support this focus on cloud-based applications, as well as processes and tools to support this migration. In most instances, these applications will operate within multi-cloud environments, which will be a mix of private clouds and public cloud providers.

Envisage Deliverable D5.6 Market Analysis and Initial Exploitation Plan

Figure 2.3: Greatest Positive Impact on Business

Cloud management platforms will continue to dominate as the hot technologies as most enterprises move to complex multi-cloud deployments. Cloud performance management technology will come into focus as enterprises understand that they will get big cloud bills and need to monitor and manage performance of these clouds to find the value. Cloud financial systems will become more relevant. They include systems that monitor clouds for use-based accounting, financial projections and so on. It becomes important as we learn to live with clouds, and thus need to monitor and allocate costs within the enterprise.

1. Enterprise decision makers will no longer debate whether cloud services are reliable or secure enough to handle their corporate needs and will aggressively pursue strategic cloud initiatives that will transform the way they operate to better compete in an increasingly challenging business environment.

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