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«BUREAU OF LAND MANAGEMENT Fire and Aviation Directorate National Interagency Fire Center Lead Agency for the Joint Fire Science Program Joint Fire ...»

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Fire and Aviation Directorate

National Interagency Fire Center

Lead Agency for the Joint Fire Science Program

Joint Fire Science Program

The Joint Fire Science Program provides funding for scientific studies to address problems associated with managing wildland fuels, fires, and fire-impacted ecosystems.

Department of the Interior and Related Agencies Appropriation Act for FY 1998 and subsequent years (P.L. 105-83; H.R. Report 105-163) PROJECT ANNOUNCEMENT No. FA-FON0014-0003 GRIN Announcement (1 Task Statement) CFDA No. 15.232 ISSUE DATE: September 26, 2013 JFSP Funding Opportunity Notice (FON) 2014-3


November 22, 2013 5:00 p.m. MST The closing date has been extended to December 11, 2013 5:00 p.m. MST

Contact Information:

John Cissel Becky Jenison Program Manager Administrative Analyst Phone: 208-387-5349 Phone: 208-387-5958 Email: jcissel@blm.gov Email: bjenison@blm.gov BLM/JFSP Project Announcement No. FA-FON-14-0003 Page 1 of 18




A. Legislative Authority

B. Project Background Information

C. Program/Project Objective

D. Statement of Joint Objectives/Project Management Plan

E. Period of Project


A. Expected Number of Awards

B. Estimated Total Program Funding

C. Award Ceiling

D. Assistance Instrument


A. Eligible Applicants

B. Funding Cooperator

C. Cost Sharing or Matching


A. Proposal Submission and Agency Contact

B. Steps to Create and Complete a JFSP Proposal

C. Task Statement(s)

1. Graduate Research Innovation (GRIN) Award

D. Budget and Funding Policy

1. Funding Cooperator

2. Indirect Costs

3. SBIR Costs

4. Salary Policy

5. Budget

E. Data Management Plan

F. Additional Application Requirements

1. Proposal Submission

BLM/JFSP Project Announcement No. FA-FON-14-0003 Page 2 of 18

2. Profiles

3. Contacts

4. Confirmation Page

5. Attachments

6. Data Management Plan

7. Budget

8. Task Statement Intent

9. Format

10. Page Limits

11. Project Location

12. Signatures

13. Indirect Costs

14. In-Kind Contributions

15. Support Letters

16. Salary Justifications

17. Past-Due Projects



BLM/JFSP Project Announcement No. FA-FON-14-0003 Page 3 of 18


A. Legislative Authority: Department of the Interior and Related Agencies Appropriation Act for FY 1998 and subsequent years (P.L. 05-83; H.R. Report 105-163).

B. Project Background Information: The Joint Fire Science Program (JFSP) is a partnership of six federal wildland management and research agencies with a need to address problems associated with managing wildland fuels, fires, and fire-impacted ecosystems. The partnering agencies include the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service and five bureaus in the U.S. Department of the Interior: Bureau of Indian Affairs, Bureau of Land Management, National Park Service, Fish and Wildlife Service, and the Geological Survey.

For further background on the JFSP, those considering submitting proposals are encouraged to visit our website at www.firescience.gov C. Program/Project Objective: The U.S. Congress directed the Department of the Interior and the USDA Forest Service to develop a Joint Fire Science Program and Plan to prioritize and provide sound scientific studies to support land management agencies. Current priorities are identified as task statements in the Funding Opportunity Notice (FON).

D. Statement of Joint Objectives/Project Management Plan: The JFSP Governing Board and Program Manager will establish an oversight relationship with the Principal Investigator on each funded project. Projects will be required, at a minimum, to provide a written progress report annually.

E. Period of Project: The JFSP Governing Board generally anticipates that individual projects can be accomplished within three years or less.


A. Expected Number of Awards: Approximately 3-6 B. Estimated Total Program Funding: Approximately $150,000 C. Award Ceiling: $25,000 D. Assistance Instrument: To be determined at a later date by the JFSP


A. Eligible Applicants: The JFSP encourages proposals from all interested parties. All selected awardees must provide a valid Dun & Bradstreet number (D&B). You can reactivate or obtain this at http://www.dnb.com or by calling 800-333-0505. There is a federal agency link on the Central Contractor Registration system (CCR) at http://www.ccr.gov.

BLM/JFSP Project Announcement No. FA-FON-14-0003 Page 4 of 18 B. Funding Cooperator: JFSP will enter into only one agreement with the PI institution or the funding cooperator agency. Budgets must be reviewed by your Budget contact and your Agreements contact prior to proposal submission.

Funds will be awarded through a federal agency, a university, or a non-governmental organization (NGO). Proposals that included budgeted funds to be spent by a federal agency and that do not have a federal PI must list a funding cooperator from the federal agency requesting funds. Similarly, proposals with a university or NGO PI that do not include funding for federal agencies do not need a funding cooperator and funds will route through the PI’s institution.

All proposals with a PI from other organizations, e.g., states or private business, or have any international funding, must also identify a funding cooperator to receive and process the funds. If the funding cooperator is from the Forest Service, the cooperator must be from a Forest Service research station. The Agreements contact and Budget contact must be from the funding cooperator’s institution.

Proposals where the PI or funding cooperator is an employee of a university or NGO will be funded directly by an award document (e.g., a cooperative agreement) between JFSP and the PI’s institution. The institution will be required to respond to a second non-competitive posting on grants.gov to initiate funding.

Upon receipt of a fully executed award document, the institution receiving funds from JFSP will be responsible for all sub-award transactions to cooperators or contractors related to the project. The end date and indirect costs for all sub-awards must match the end date and indirect costs in the original funding award document.

(See funding cooperator flowchart below) BLM/JFSP Project Announcement No. FA-FON-14-0003 Page 5 of 18 C. Cost Sharing or Matching: This program has no matching requirements. However, inkind contributions are desired and are an evaluation factor.


A. Proposal Submission and Agency Contact All proposals must be submitted by 5:00 p.m. MST December 11, 2013, using the electronic submission process provided on the JFSP website (www.firescience.gov). Proposals should not be submitted in Grants.gov. There will be no exceptions to this closing date and time.

All proposals must meet all requirements in this FON (see especially Section IV. E below).

Proposals that do not meet all requirements in this section will not be considered for funding.

Proposals must be submitted for the appropriate task statement being addressed. The proposal will be reviewed and its merits judged in the context of this one task statement only.

Questions should be directed to:

–  –  –

B. Steps to Create and Complete a JFSP Proposal There are multiple steps necessary to create a JFSP proposal, some of which are dependent on prior steps. We recommend that investigators plan ahead, start early, and use the following

process to create a proposal:

Step 1 – PI establishes profile, updates password Step 2 – PI initiates proposal (select task, receive proposal #, enter proposal title) Step 3 – Enter contacts (all contacts establish profiles, update passwords; PI assigns roles) Step 4 – Investigators develop proposal (templates, requirements) Step 5 – Complete budget (template, narrative) Step 6 – Attach all documents (proposal, budget, budget narrative, data management plan, CVs, support letters (optional), salary justification (if needed)) Step 7 – PI enters final details (project location, budget summary, start/end dates, abstract, project category) Step 8 – Budget Contact and Agreements Contact certify reviews Step 9 – PI submits proposal (convert to Final Draft status first if not previously done)

–  –  –

C. Task Statement(s) BLM/JFSP Project Announcement No. FA-FON-14-0003 Page 7 of 18

1. Graduate Research Innovation (GRIN) Award In partnership with the Association for Fire Ecology, the Joint Fire Science Program (JFSP) invites current M.S. and Ph.D. graduate students enrolled in U.S. colleges or universities in the fields of wildland fire and related human dimensions and ecological sciences to apply for a

Graduate Research Innovation (GRIN) award. The purpose of the GRIN awards is to:

 Enhance graduate student’s exposure to and interaction with fire and fuels managers  Develop understanding of fire and fuels managers information and research needs  Augment ongoing research to develop information and/or products useful to managers JFSP recognizes that graduate students of today are the managers, scientists, and leaders of tomorrow. These awards allow graduate students to conduct research that will supplement and enhance the quality, scope, or applicability of their thesis or dissertation, and to build skills needed for independent inquiry.

Proposals must describe new, unfunded work that extends ongoing or planned research that is the subject of a thesis or dissertation that has been approved by the graduate student’s advisory committee.

Proposals must be directly related to the mission and goals of JFSP to be considered. Applicants are encouraged to search the JFSP website (www.firescience.gov) to learn more about the scope of JFSP activities. Additional relevant material about management and policy requirements can be found in recent reports from the National Cohesive Wildland Fire Management Strategy (http://www.forestsandrangelands.gov/strategy).

Proposals must directly address one of the following topics:

 Climate change and fire (e.g., fire behavior, fire effects, fire regime)  Fuel management effectiveness and effects (e.g., treatment longevity, T&E or invasive species, carbon balance, pile burning, mastication treatments, WUI issues)  Smoke or emissions assessments  Fire weather  Social issues and fire (e.g., community preparation, transfer and use of science, public perceptions) Proposals must be authored by the student and must be reviewed and submitted by the student’s advisor, who acts as the formal Principal Investigator (PI) for the project. A letter of recommendation from the student’s advisor is required stating that the student’s thesis or dissertation topic has been approved by the student’s advisory committee. If the student does not complete the project, the student’s advisor (project PI) must return unspent funds. The student must be listed as a Student Investigator on the proposal.

Funds are intended for student use and support. Each award is capped at $25,000, including

university indirect costs as limited in the proposal instructions. Funding may be used to:

 Conduct a significant field or laboratory data collection campaign BLM/JFSP Project Announcement No. FA-FON-14-0003 Page 8 of 18  Complete a comprehensive synthesis, modeling, or data analysis  Develop an appropriate application or tool for fire and fuels managers.

Appropriate budget items include graduate student stipends, field or laboratory assistance, research equipment or materials, and travel.

Funds may not be used for faculty salary or student tuition.

Proposals will be evaluated on:

 Scientific merit  Credentials of the applicant  Extent to which the proposed work extends or enhances an approved thesis or dissertation  Relevance of the research to JFSP goals Recipients of the GRIN award are expected to produce at least one peer-reviewed publication or a management tool based on the funded project. Awardees are expected to present their work at one regional, national, or international fire conference or workshop. The awardee is also expected to write a final report for the JFSP prior to the project end date.

GRIN awards are one-time awards, and no supplemental funds will be granted.

D. Budget and Funding Policy

1. Funding Cooperator Proposal may require a funding cooperator. See Section III.B above.

2. Indirect Costs The JFSP Governing Board recognizes the need of agencies and organizations participating in the program to recover reasonable indirect costs. However, cost effectiveness of the individual projects is a determining factor in the final selection process. Indirect rates for JFSP proposals are limited to a maximum of twenty (20) percent of the direct costs for each institution. The maximum indirect rate that a funding cooperating institution may charge for pass-through costs is ten (10) percent. Proposals with indirect rates higher than twenty (20) percent will not be considered. Proposal funding through a federal funding cooperator must reflect either the prevailing indirect rate for the cooperating federal agency or the JFSP maximum limit of twenty (20) percent, whichever is less.

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