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«Best practices for HP 10000 Series and HP 10000 G2 Series Racks best practice Abstract 10000 G2 Series overview Product availability Specifications ...»

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Best practices for HP 10000 Series and HP 10000 G2

Series Racks

best practice


10000 G2 Series overview

Product availability



Additional Resources

Certification and regulatory compliance

Product certification

HP General Specification for Environment compliance

Information Technology Equipment

Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment directive

Integration services and software

HP Factory Express

Additional resources

HP eCo-Enterprise Configurator

Additional resources

HP UPS Sizing Tool

Additional resources

Rack documentation CD

Rack deployment considerations

Levelsof rack security

HP 10000 G2 Series rack front doors

HP 10000 G2 Series rack rear doors

HP Side Panel Option Kit

Stabilization requirements

Leveling feet

HP 10000 Baying Kit

HP 10000 Stabilizer Kit

HP 10000 Ballast Option Kit

Stabilization for seismic activity

HP 10000 Series Plinth Option Kit

HP 10000 G2 Series Tie Down Option Kit

Space and cable management requirements

Extension kits

Cable management kits

Thermal requirements

Additional resources

Rack assembly guidelines

Additional resources

Installation and maintenance precautions

Moving racks with casters

Connecting and disconnecting power to hot-pluggable power supplies

Rack-mountable products

Data Center planning and considerations

Environmental considerations

Thermal considerations

Third-party thermal considerations

Power considerations

Power redundancy


High line voltage versus low line voltage

Grounding and Earth leakage current

Additional resources

Equipment clearance and floor loading

Rack and accessory footprints

Front door clearance

Qualified shipping

Qualification of rack components for shipping

Rack shipping enclosures

Standard shipping pallet

CTO shock pallet

Horizontal crate

Vertical crate for rack options

Shipping specifications

10000 and 10000 G2 Series Rack packing materials

Preparation for shipment

Site preparation for receiving Integrated Racks

General considerations (all shipments)

Special shipping considerations

Door Height Clearances

Modes of shipment


International Air Transport Association labeling

Mode of receiving and delivery

10000 and 10000 G2 Series Rack packing and shock pallet assembly

Dismounting a 10000 G2 Series Rack from a shock pallet

Installation service

Spares kits

Additional tools and equipment

Battery decals and boxes

Appendix a: glossary

Appendix b: torque values

Abstract This document outlines recommended practices for configuring, installing, transporting, and establishing a work environment for the HP 10000 and HP 10000 Generation 2 (G2) Series Racks,

which includes the following models:

• 10000 Series rack models – S10614 • 10000 G2 Series rack models – 10622 G2 – 10636 G2 – 10642 G2 – 10647 G2 – 10842 G2 10000 G2 Series overview 10000 G2 Series racks (see Figure 1) provide an integrated platform for mounting computing solutions and are designed for strength and durability.

Figure 1. 10000 G2 Series rack HP racks and rack accessories ease the centralization, protection, organization, and access to hardware for servicing and upgrading.

HP racks are flexible, secure, and designed to industry

standards. HP racks are designed be populated with the following HP products:

• HP ProLiant servers

• HP BladeSystem servers

• HP 9000 servers

• HP Integrity servers

• HP StorageWorks products

• HP rack mount power protection products

• HP rack mount switches

• HP rack mount monitors The 10000 G2 Series racks are designed for greater ease-of-use. The 10000 G2 Series rack design is based on the original 10000 Series racks.

Table 1 lists the key features of the 10000 G2 Series racks.

Table 1. 10000 G2 Series rack key features

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Standard and New, improved standard and heavy duty stabilizers which also address heavy-duty ease of installation.


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Product availability The 10000 Series rack Model S10614 is available.


The following 10000 Series rack models are discontinued:

• 10622 • 10636 • 10642 • 10647 • 10842 Specifications The 10000 and 10000 G2 Series racks are graphite-metallic in color and are available in the rack heights listed in Table 2. The racks are one-meter deep allowing more room for cable management and for accommodating deeper server and storage equipment.

Additional cable management features are as follows:

• Wide (or 800-mm) rack models can accommodate network cabling on the sides of the rack.

• A cable egress in the top of the rack allows for overhead data center cabling.

• Split rear doors provide greater efficiency with respect to service access.

• A removable access panel on the rear door provides added flexibility for cable routing out the rear and bottom of the rack.

• Velcro straps for bundling cables within the rack are included in the hardware kit and also available as an option.

Dimensions Table 2 lists the dimensions of the 10000 and 10000 G2 Series rack models.

Table 2. 10000 and 10000 G2 Series rack dimensions

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Additional Resources

Additional resources are available as follows:

• For a complete list of HP rack options and accessories, go to the main rack page at www.hp.com/products/racks or to the main rack options page at www.hp.com/products/rackoptions.

• For a list of ProLiant servers and options, go to www.hp.com/products/proliant.

• For a list of HP power products such as UPS and PDU, go to www.hp.com/products/ups.

• For a complete list of HP server storage equipment, go to www.hp.com/products/serverstorage.

Certification and regulatory compliance Product certification The10000 and 10000 G2 Series racks are defined as non-functional mechanical storage bays and therefore, are not certified individually as a stand-alone product. The rack does not serve as an overall safety or EMI rated enclosure nor does it carry any other Agency compliant rating. However, any product intended for use in an HP rack should be individually certified as a stand-alone product.

For example, HP Power Distribution products, such as uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs) and power distribution units (PDUs) are fully certified as stand-alone products.

Certain third-party products may not be fully certified as stand-alone products. Any product that does not meet stand-alone certification is not included in any HP-specified rack configuration and should not be installed in an HP rack.

HP General Specification for Environment compliance HP General Specification for Environment (GSE) specifications prohibit or restrict the use of certain chemical compounds in products or in the manufacture of products. HP complies with the GSE specifications and restricts the use of these compounds in the development or manufacture of any HP product (including third-party supplier product).

Information Technology Equipment The 10000 and 10000 G2 Series racks are designed to comply with the applicable safety requirements for Information Technology Equipment (ITE) when the rack is configured with properly certified equipment. The 10000 and 10000 G2 Series racks are considered ITE compliant when the

following conditions are met:

• The rack is populated with individually certified products

• All installation guidelines and instructions are followed Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment directive Figure 2. WEEE disposal symbol The directive on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) requires manufacturers to finance the take back and recovery of waste from electrical and electronic equipment at the end of its useful life.

Any product or product packaging marked with the symbol in Figure 2 must not be disposed of with other household waste. The customer must dispose of the product by delivering the product to a designated collection point for the recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment.

For more information about locations to drop off equipment for recycling, please contact a local city office, the household waste disposal service, or the business where the product was purchased.

Integration services and software Several resources are available for planning rack configurations.

HP Factory Express Factory Express is a robust portfolio of flexible, pre-priced, configured, customized and integrated factory solutions and deployment services – supporting HP products from the desktop to the data center with Windows®, Linux, and HP-UX 11i.

Additional resources For specific information, please see the HP Factory Express link: www.hp.com/go/factory-express.

In addition to this available integration option, HP also provides information links and contacts for problem solving of rack and product compatibility in support of Build to Order on site locations

through several venues. Please refer to the following resources:

• Frequently Asked Questions about Rack and Power products and interoperability http://iss.tsgonline.hp.com/iss/workgroup/rackandpower/download/Rack 20System 20faqs.doc

• Contact your sales representative for the Interoperability guide to fit and HP ProLiant servers into HP

Rack System/E and 9000/10000 racks:


• To specifically request help on rack and power solutions:

http://iss.tsgonline.hp.com/iss/workgroup/rackandpower/requestform.asp HP eCo-Enterprise Configurator If you require factory default racking for our HP hardware portfolio, you may still use the HP eCoEnterprise Configurator. If you require "custom" rack configuration capabilities, please contact the HP Customer Business Center or an HP Authorized Partner for assistance.

Additional resources

For more information on the eCO Custom Builder tool, refer to the following HP websites:

• eCO-Enterprise Configurator: http://h30099.www3.hp.com/configurator/

• eCO-Enterprise Configurator features: http://h30099.www3.hp.com/configurator/features.asp

• Frequently asked questions: http://h30099.www3.hp.com/configurator/docs/eCo_FAQ.doc

• What's new: http://h30099.www3.hp.com/configurator/about.asp

• Technical support: http://h30099.www3.hp.com/configurator/support.asp HP UPS Sizing Tool The UPS Sizing tool is an online tool that collects information on power consumption requirements and then provides the correct UPS product for those requirements.

Additional resources For additional information on the UPS Sizing tool, refer to http://www.upssizer.com/selector.asp.

Rack documentation CD The Documentation CD shipped with the rack provides documentation for installing and optimizing the rack.

Rack deployment considerations The following sections describe the components and HP options available for the 10000 and 10000 G2 Series racks that may be necessary to achieve safety, regulatory compliance, or functionality requirements.

Levels of rack security

Either of the following conditions may be necessary for compliance with certain safety certifications:

• Racks must be located in a restricted access area that is only accessible to trained personnel.

-Or Racks must be configured with lockable hardware.

HP rack front doors, rear doors, and side panels support this locking requirement. Rear split doors are standard on 10000 and 10000 G2 Series racks. (The 10000 Series rack Model S10614 is not configured with split rear doors).

HP 10000 G2 Series rack front doors All 10000 and 10000 G2 Series rack Models ship with front doors. The 42U and 36U front doors (and necessary hardware) are available as option kits are backwards compatible with the 10000 Series racks of the same heights; this enables customers to have all racks standardized with the same updated look, if desired.

NOTE The front door option kit is not compatible with the 9000 Series racks.

HP 10000 G2 Series rack rear doors All 10000 and 10000 G2 Series rack models ship with rear doors as part of the standard configuration. The 10000 G2 rear door has been upgraded to provide a more ergonomically and cosmetically pleasing handle.

HP Side Panel Option Kit Side panels aid in providing proper front to rear airflow and a first level of security. 10000 Series rack Models S10614 and 10622 ship with side panels installed. Side Panel Option kits are available for all other rack models.

Stabilization requirements Rack stability is of special concern when equipment is routinely installed, removed, or accessed within the rack. Stability is addressed through the use of leveling feet, baying kits, fixed stabilizers, and/or ballast.

Leveling feet Leveling feet are adjustable stabilizers that provide leveling of the rack at the installation site and ship installed to the racks. HP 10000 and 10000 G2 Series racks ship with leveling pads for stabilization;

these parts are found in the hardware kit – also shipped with each rack.

HP 10000 Baying Kit Baying kits are used to physically connect adjacent racks to create a row of two or more units. Racks that are bayed together with a baying kit are more stable and reduce the potential tipping of the rack. The same baying kit supports the 10000 and 10000 G2 Series Racks.

HP 10000 Stabilizer Kit Fixed stabilizers are anti-tip feet (front and side) that provide stability and support when equipment is installed, removed or accessed within the rack.

The following stabilizers are available:

• HP 10000 G2 600 mm Stabilizers

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