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VAT No: 122 7153 03

Upon instructions from Mr. Peter Simmons








AT 12.00 noon PROMPT


Ludlow Livestock Market, The Ox Pasture, Overton Road, Ludlow, Shropshire, SY8 4AA Tel: 01584 872251 Email: john@mccartneys.co.uk


Situation The position of Bronymaen Farm is shown on the plan attached to this catalogue. Proceeding north from Welshpool on the A490. On reaching the junction with the A495 turn left towards Meifod and the farm will lie on your left hand side after approximately two miles. There will be signposts in position on the day of sale.

Viewing On the morning of the sale.

Refreshments Light refreshments will be available on the sale day.

VAT VAT will be charged on all of the machinery and deadstock.

Payment All lots must be paid for on the day of the sale. A porters pass must be obtained prior to removal of any Lot. Unless purchasers are known to the auctioneers it will be at the auctioneers discretion to either release any lots prior to clearing of cheque or not to.

Removal of Lots All items will be at the purchasers risk following the fall of the hammer.

Conditions of Sale The sale is conducted subject to the Conditions of Sale as recommended by the L.A.A. and to the Auctioneers General Conditions of Sale as printed in the catalogue.

Registration of Buyers There will be a buyers numbers system for this sale. All buyers are asked to register at the auctioneers office on site before bidding. Any purchasers not known to McCartneys should prior to the auction give references so they may be able to purchase. The auctioneers reserve the right to hold any articles until cheques are cleared. The auctioneers will hold any log books for vehicles until the cheques are cleared. For large items in the sale payment must be cleared before they are removed.

Order of Sale

The order of sale will commence with:

A – Builders Items B – Fodder C – Sheep Equipment and Cattle Handling Items and Feed Bins D – General Farm Machinery E – Hay Making & Silage Equipment F – Tractors & Loaders Contact Numbers For further information contact:John Uffold 01584 841258 (home) 01584 872251 (work) Michael Thomas 01568 750402 (home) 01584 872251 (work) 07890 898239 (mobile) Nick Baxter 01905 841289 (home) 01584 872251 (work) 07934 617501 (mobile) CATALOGUE Auctioneers Foreword The sale is brought about by Peter Simmons desire to change his farming practices. It is a completely genuine dispersal of all of the equipment at Bronymaen Farm. The auctioneers believe this is the best quality sale of machinery in many ways that they have conducted for many years. The items warrant close attention. They have been well maintained and well looked after.

As regards the building items there are quite literally thousands of bricks, paving stones and concrete blocks together with a number of large baulks, some of which are oak which would be ideal for barn conversions.

There will be no buyers premium.

We thank Peter Simmons for his kind instructions to carry out such a sale with items that are in such good order and well maintained.


–  –  –

Section A – Builders Items 7500 Ibstock Etruria Mixture Bricks 65mm 2000 Terca Autumn Blaze Bricks 65mm 6900 Ibstock Manorial Mixture Bricks 65mm 600 Ibstock Atlas Red Sandface Bricks 65mm 2000 Hanson Red Wirecut Bricks 65mm 6700 V.I.P. Multi Handmade Bricks 65mm 200 Reclaimed Bricks 73mm 400 Red Concrete Bricks 65mm 4000 Ibstock Red Smooth Semi Engineering Bricks 65mm 1500 Ibstock Brindle Bricks 65mm 2700 Hanson Marshalls Smooth Red Brick 65mm 5500 Hanson Marshalls Brick Mixed Packs 73mm 120 Bricks Mixed Pallets 320 Butterley 70mm Header Plinth Bricks 750 Ibstock Copper Beech Bricks 500 Ibstock Dog Leg Bricks Multi Mixed AN2.2/AN3.2 500 Ibstock Buff Paviors Bricks 60mm 3100 Ibstock Manorial Mixtures 65mm 2600 Ibstock Atlas Sandown Red Bricks 65mm 3900 Ibstock Walmley Red Sandface Bricks 65mm 1000 Terca Red Wirecut Bricks 65mm 450 Butterley Cheshire Weathered Bricks 35 Blue Bullnose Bricks 65mm BN1.2 78 Blue Half Round Coping Bricks 65mm CP1.2 7500 Ibstock Etruria Mixture Brick 65mm 500 Baggeridge Blue Brick Slips 60mm 8800 Ibstock Walmley Red Bricks 65mm 6400 Ibstock Walmley Red Bricks 65mm 200 Blockley Charcol Paviors 52mm 1300 Marshalls Red Clay Paviors 60mm 400 Baggeridge Multi Clay Paviors 52mm 1000 Marshalls Red Clay Paviors 60mm 800 Baggeridge Multi Clay Paviors 52mm 800 Baggeridge Multi Blue Clay Paviors 52mm 400 Marshalls 60mm Red Clay Paviors 480 Baggeridge Multi Paviors Clay 52mm 1050 Ibstock Blue Brindle Sandface Paviors 65mm 330 Ibstock Red Paviors 52mm 700 Baggeridge Buff Kerbs (mixed) 50 450x450 Natural Slabs 19 600x300 Stonemarket Weathered Bronze Slabs 165 100mm Solid Concrete Blocks 13 450x450 Stonewold Riven Slabs 400 (approx.) 4” Hollow Concrete Blocks 50 (approx.) 9” Hollow Concrete Blocks 1050 4” Solid Concrete Blocks 900 6” Short Concrete Blocks 288 Insulated Blocks Plus others Various timber to include large oak baulks and beams.

To be sold in convenient lots.

Section B – Fodder Approximately 285 Big Round Bales of Silage 2013 made. Stored on stone Approximately 1600 Small Bales Hay – Barn stored Approximately 44 Big Round Bales Hay 2013 made – Barn stored Approximately 60 Big Square Bales Hay – Barn stored - 2013 made Approximately 50 Big Square Bales Straw – Barn stored – 2013 made To be sold in suitable lots Section C – Sheep Equipment & Cattle Handling Items and Feed Bins 5 x ‘new’ Portable Sheep Cratches and Troughs 3 x Lamb Creep Feeders 2 x Lamb Creep Feeders Approximately 50 Galvanised Iron Sheep Troughs for hanging onto hurdles.

To be sold in suitable lots.

Comprehensive Sheep Handling Race (x2) to include 4 drop gates, 5 slides, shedding gate, semi-circular forcing pen, sheeted hurdles and gates. To be sold in suitable lots Various Water Troughs Container full of Molasses (1m³) Circular Ring Feeders for Sheep Approximately 58 Metal Hay Racks to hang onto gates. Various sizes.

To be sold in various lots.

Approximately 100 6ft Sheep Hurdles. Galvanised, made of box.

Pins both ends Approximately 27 8ft Sheep Hurdles. Galvanised. Pins at both ends.

4 Walk Through Sheep Troughs 3 x Cattle Feeders Sheep Turnover Crate on Wheels Large Metal Hay Rack Bateman Cattle Scales & Crush 5 Portable, Heavy Duty Cattle Hurdles on Wheels Various Gates 3 x Freestanding, Galvanised Iron Bulk Bins – As New. 16.3 tonnes capacity. 1 containing cake, 1 empty, 1 with oats.

The contents will be sold with the bins.

Section D – General Farm Machinery Frazer Portable Roller Mill – Tractor Driven Ifor Williams back to Pick-up with gate Tractor Mounted Root Pulper – KW Services, Norfolk Ifor Williams Twin Axle Livestock Trailer with Sheep Decks (12ft 6in body).

Used only 3 times or thereabouts.

Complete with Livestock Divisions and Spare Wheel.

Large Buck Rake 33 series Lely Roatairer with Crumbler. 3m

2.7 Kuhn Flail Topper Parmater Mounted Chain Harrows on a Frame S350 Amazon Spinner Dowdeswell 2.4m Rotavator 10ft Flat Roller West 1300 Dual Muck Spreader Almond 6255 Sprayer Hi-Spec 1600 Slurry Tanker with Floatation Tyres. Done little work Sutton Mechanical Brush Twin Axle Griffiths Trailer Kuhn Primer 3560 Silage Feeder Abbey Twin Topper McConnell Power Arm 93 Hedge Cutter Heavy Duty Power Washer Feed Barrow 2 x Plastic Oil Storage Tanks – Heavy Duty 5,000 litres S350 Amazon Spinner Fella Reiker Mounted Grass ‘Harrow’ 4 in 1 Front Bucket for JCB 3CX (complete with forks) Section E – Hay Making & Silage Equipment Deutz Far 2 Drum Mower KM22 Marshall Twin Axle Bale Trailer with Ladders (25ft – done very little work – complete with brakes) Fella TH450 Hyro Turner – only three seasons Brown Flat Eight Bale Sledge International 445 Conventional Baler John Deere 1365 Trailed Mower Conditioner (done little work) Lely Hayzip 2 Mark 2 Turner Massey Ferguson 70 Mower John Deere 578 Big Baler – done little work McHale 991 BJS Big Bale Wrapper – done little work Hydraulic Bale Spike with Twin Tines for Big Bales – for Teleporter – Easy fix attachments Browns Flat Eight Bale Grab Section F – Tractors & Loaders John Deere 6200 2 Wheel Drive Tractor with Chief Super 16 Loader – 2,500 hrs reg. N307PTX John Deere 6630 4 Wheel Drive Tractor – 194 hrs – Top Specification with radio reg. DX12OLA John Deere 6530 4 Wheel Drive Tractor – 855 hrs – Top Specification with radio reg. DX09FRK JCB 53170 Agri-Plus Teleporter – Loadall – 2880 hrs reg. DX58KLA with large bucket, muck grab, fork, big bale grab and big bale spike


1. The highest bidder shall be the purchaser and if any dispute shall arise between two or more bidders, the lot in dispute is to be put up again at the sum last bid or the Auctioneers may declare the purchaser.

2. The bidding is to be ruled by the auctioneers who may without giving any reason refuse to accept the bid of any person.

3. No person shall retract a bid without permission of the Auctioneers, who reserves the right to himself of refusing a bid, and also the right of withdrawing any lot or lots from the sale.

4. No bidder may advance less at a bid than the sum named from time to time by the Auctioneers.

5. The Purchaser must declare their name and address and if required to, pay the Auctioneers or his clerk the amount of purchase money immediately on the fall of the hammer. In default of which the lot or lots shall be offered again and re-sold, and under no circumstances must any lot be removed without first obtaining a pass from the clerk.

6. Title to each asset sold will only pass on payment in full by the Purchaser. Purchasers’ attention is drawn to the Retention of Title clause 20.7 on the Conditions of Sale recommended for use in livestock auction markets by the Livestock Auctioneers Association as displayed in the sale office.

7. The Auctioneers reserve the right of deviating from the catalogue either by amalgamation or dividing the lots, as circumstances may require, and also by deviating from the order of sale.

8. The lots are to be under the immediate care of the Purchasers who must take the same with all faults, imperfections and errors of description (if any) and remove the same at their own expense and risk, and no purchaser shall be allowed to remove lots from the premises until the whole of the purchase money is paid.

9. All statements contained in this catalogue as to the authenticity, genuineness, date, age, condition, or quality of any lot are statements of opinion and are not taken as to implying, statements or representations of fact.

10. Intending purchasers must satisfy themselves by inspection as to all such matters as to the physical description of any lot.

11. Neither the Vendor(s) of any lot nor the Auctioneers make or give any representation or warranty as to fitness for purpose or the quality of lots sold.

12. If any lots are described at the time of sale as in ‘working order’ such lots shall have no defect which renders them incapable of the reasonable work for which they are intended and they must be capable of performing such work.

13. The Purchaser is to make good any damage done to the premises by the removal or otherwise of any lot or lots.

14. The Purchaser shall not be entitled to any right of “Set Off” against the Vendor or the Auctioneer.

15. In the case of lots upon which this is a reserve, the Auctioneers shall have the right to bid on behalf of the seller.

16. Upon failure to comply with the above conditions, the uncleared lots will be re-sold either by public or private sale & the deficiency (if any) & all expenses attendant thereon, shall be made good by the defaulters at this auction, who shall have no claim for any surplus that may arise.

17. The Auctioneers may rescind any sale within 3 hours of the final lot being sold if the lot has been sold under reserve. In the event of such rescission the purchase price or any part already paid by the Buyer shall be repaid but the parties and the Auctioneers shall be under no further liability to each other.







The Purchaser of any vehicle or trailer is responsible for complying with all legal requirements as to the construction & use of such vehicle or trailer & for obtaining all certificates, permits or other authorisations necessary before such vehicle or trailer can be used on the road.



The Purchaser of any lots is responsible for complying with all legal requirements as the safe use of lots purchased at the sale and shall ensure compliance with all relevant legislation relating to the safe use of such lots.

21. TRADE DESCRIPTIONS ACT 1968 The Vendor is reminded that under the terms of the Traders Description Act 1968 the Vendor of any lots to which a false description is applied may be guilty of a criminal offence punishable by fine or imprisonment.



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