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«bespeak Dissertation online The following is an academic genealogy of computer scientists and is constructed by following the pedigree of thesis ...»

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bespeak Dissertation online

The following is an academic genealogy of computer scientists and is constructed by following the pedigree

of thesis advisors. == Europe == === Denmark === Peter Naur (Olivier Danvy) === Finland === Arto

Salomaa === France === Many French computer scientists worked at the National Institute for Research in

Computer Science and Control (INRIA). Marcel-Paul Schützenberger Maurice Nivat Philippe Flajolet

Gérard Huet Francois Fages Thierry Coquand Hugo Herbelin Xavier Leroy Christine Paulin-Mohring Didier Rémy François Pottier Bruno Courcelle Louis Nolin Bernard Robinet Emmanuel Saint-James Olivier Danvy (Secondary advisor: Emmanuel Saint-James) Jean-François Perrot Jacques Sakarovitch Jean-Eric Pin Pascal Weil Gérard Berry Gilles Kahn Patrick Cousot Alain Colmerauer === Germany === Karl Steinbuch Franz Baader Carl Adam Petri Martin Odersky === Italy === Corrado Böhm Ugo Montanari Paolo Ciancarini Roberto Gorrieri Nadia Busi Davide Sangiorgi === Netherlands === ==== Van Wijngaarden / Dijkstra ==== Adriaan van Wijngaarden was director of the computer science department at the Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica. It was influential in the development of ALGOL 68.

Cornelis Benjamin Biezeno (1933:

honoris causa. Universiteit van Amsterdam) Adriaan van Wijngaarden (1945: Enige toepassingen van Fourierintegralen op elastische problemen. Technische Universiteit Delft) Willem van der Poel (1956: The

Logical Principles of Some Simple Computers. Universiteit van Amsterdam) Gerard Holzmann (1979:

Coordination Problems in Multiprocessing Systems. Technische Universiteit Delft) Edsger Dijkstra (1959:

Communication with an Automatic Computer. Universiteit van Amsterdam) Nico Habermann (1967: On the Harmonious Co-operation of


Machines. Technische Universiteit Eindhoven) Lawrence Snyder (1973: An Analysis of Parameter Evalutation Mechanisms for Recursive Procedures. Carnegie Mellon University) Tim Teitelbaum (1975: Minimal Distance Analysis of Syntax Errors in Computer Programs.

Carnegie Mellon University) Sten Andler (1979: Predicate Path Expressions: A High-level Synchronization Mechanism. Carnegie Mellon University) John Ousterhout (1980: Partitioning and Cooperation in a

Distributed Multiprocessor Operating System: MEDUSA. Carnegie Mellon University) Philip Wadler (1984:

Listlessness Is Better than Laziness: An Algorithm that Transforms Applicative Programs to Eliminate

Intermediate Lists. Carnegie Mellon University) (Secondary advisor: Guy L. Steele, Jr.) David Notkin (1984:

Interactive Structure-Oriented Computing. Carnegie Mellon University) Martin Rem (1976: Associons and the Closure Statement. Technische Universiteit Eindhoven) (Secondary advisor: Frans Kruseman Aretz) Jan L. A. van de Snepscheut (1983: Trace Theory and VLSI Design. Technische Universiteit Eindhoven) (Secondary advisor: Edsger Dijkstra) Peter Hilbers (1989: Mappings of Algorithms on Processor Networks.

Rijksuniversiteit Groningen) Jan Tijmen Udding (1984: Classification and Composition of Delay-Insensitive Circuits. Technische Universiteit Eindhoven) (Secondary advisor: Edsger Dijkstra) Anne Kaldewaij (1986: A Formalism for Concurrent Processes. Technische Universiteit Eindhoven) (Secondary advisor: Frans Kruseman Aretz) Guus Zoutendijk (1960: Methods of Feasible Directions : A Study in Lineair and Nonlinear Programming. Universiteit van Amsterdam) Marc Nico Spijker (1968: Stability and Convergence of Finite-Difference Methods. Universiteit Leiden) Jaco de Bakker (1967: Formal Definition of Programming Languages: with an Application to the Definition of ALGOL 60. Universiteit van Amsterdam) Willem-Paul de Roever (1974: Recursive Program Schemes: Semantics and Proof Theory. Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) Paul Vitanyi (1978: Lindenmayer Systems: Structure, Languages, and Growth Functions. Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) (Secondary advisor: Arto K. Salomaa) Ronald Cramer (1997: Modular design of secure yet practical cryptographic protocols. Universiteit van Amsterdam) (Secondary advisor: Ivan Bjerre Damgård) Peter Grünwald (1998: The minimum description length principle and reasoning under uncertainty.

Universiteit van Amsterdam) Anton Nijholt (1980: Context-Free Grammars : Covers, Normal Forms, and Parsing. Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) Giuseppe Scollo (1993: The Engineering of Logics. Universiteit Twente) Ed Brinksma (1988: On the Design of Extended LOTOS; a Specification Language for Open Distributed Systems. Universiteit Twente) (Primary advisor: Christian Anton Vissers) John-Jules Meyer (1985: Programming Calculi Based on Fixed Point Transformations: Semantics and Applications. Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) Wiebe van der Hoek (1992: Modalities for Reasoning about Knowledge and

Quantities. Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) (Secondary advisor: Johan van Benthem) Joost Kok (1989:

Semantic Models for Parallel Computation in Data Flow, Logic- and Object-Oriented Programming. Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) Jan Rutten (1989: A Parallel Object-Oriented Language: Design and Semantic Foundations. Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) Frank S. de Boer (1991: Reasoning about Dynamically Evolving Process Structures: A Proof Theory for the Parallel Object-0riented Language POOL. Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) Marcello Bonsangue (1996: Topological Dualities in Semantics. Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) (Secondary advisor: Joost Kok) Reinder van de Riet (1968: Algol 60 as Formula Manipulation Language.

Universiteit van Amsterdam) Peter Apers (1982: Query Processing and Data Allocation in Distributed Database Systems. Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) Arno Siebes (1990: On Complex Objects. Universiteit Twente) (Secondary advisor: Martin L. Kersten) Martin L. Kersten (1985: A Model for a Secure Programming Environment. Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) (Secondary advisor: Anthony Ira Wasserman) Stefan Manegold (2002: Understanding, Modeling, and Improving Main-Memory Database Performance.

Universiteit van Amsterdam) Roel Wieringa (1990: Algebraic Foundations for Dynamic Conceptual Models.

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) Frances Brazier (1991: Design and Evaluation of a User Interface for Information Retrieval. Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) (Primary advisor: Sipke D. Fokkema) Hugo Brandt

Corstius (1970: Exercises in Computational Linguistics. Universiteit van Amsterdam) (Secondary advisor:

Frans Kruseman Aretz) Maarten van Emden (1971: An Analysis of Complexity. Universiteit van Amsterdam) Jonathan Schaeffer (1986: Experiments in Search and Knowledge. University of Waterloo) (Secondary advisor: Randy G. Goebel) Peter van Emde Boas (1974: Abstract Resource-Bound Classes.

Universiteit van Amsterdam) (Secondary advisor: Pieter Cornelis Baayen) Arjen Lenstra (1984: Polynomial

Time Algorithms for the Factorization of Polynomials. Universiteit van Amsterdam) Harry Buhrman (1993:

Resource Bounded Reductions. Universiteit van Amsterdam) (Primary advisor: Steven Elliot Homer) Herman te Riele (1976: A Computational Study of Generalized Aliquot Sequences. Universiteit van

Amsterdam) Dick Grune (1982: On the Design of ALEPH. Universiteit van Amsterdam) (Secondary advisor:

Cornelis H. A. Koster) ==== Brouwer / Van Dalen ==== Several of the students of Dirk van Dalen, a descendant of Brouwer, became the first Dutch theoretical computer scientists, which still has a strong focus

on lambda calculus, rewrite systems and functional programming. Luitzen Egbertus Jan Brouwer (1907:

Over de grondslagen der wiskunde. Universiteit van Amsterdam) Arend Heyting (1925: Intuitionistische axiomatiek der projectieve meetkunde. Universiteit van Amsterdam) Dirk van Dalen (1963: Extension

Problems in Intuitionistic Plane Projective Geometry. Universiteit van Amsterdam) Henk Barendregt (1971:

Some Extensional Terms for Combinatory Logics and Lambda-Calculi. Universiteit Utrecht) Roel de Vrijer (1987: Surjective Pairing and Strong Normalization: Two Themes in Lambda Calculus. Universiteit van Amsterdam) Pieter Hartel (1988: Performance Analysis of Storage Management in Combinator Graph Reduction. Universiteit van Amsterdam) (Primary advisor: Bob Hertzberger) Mariangiola DezaniCiancaglini (1996: Logical Semantics for Concurrent Lambda-Calculus. Katholieke Universiteit Nijmegen) (Secondary advisor: Corrado Böhm) Jan van Leeuwen (1972: Rule-Labeled Programs: A Study of a Generalization of Context-Free Grammars and Some Classes of Formal Languages. Universiteit Utrecht)

Mark Overmars (1983: The Design of Dynamic Data Structures. Universiteit Utrecht) Mark de Berg (1992:

Efficient Algorithms for Ray Shooting and Hidden Surface Removal. Universiteit Utrecht) Marc van Kreveld (1992: New Results on Data Structures in Computational Geometry. Universiteit Utrecht) Hans Bodlaender (1986: Distributed Computing - Structure and Complexity. Universiteit Utrecht) Harry Wijshoff (1987: Data Organization in Parallel Computers. Universiteit Utrecht) Gerard Tel (1989: The Structure of Distributed Algorithms. Universiteit Utrecht) Jan Bergstra (1976: Computability and Continuity in Finite Types.

Universiteit Utrecht) Frits Vaandrager (1990: Algebraic Techniques for Concurrency and Their Application.

Universiteit van Amsterdam) Linda van der Gaag (1990: Probability-Based Models for Plausible Reasoning.

Universiteit van Amsterdam) Chris Verhoef (1990: Linear unary operators in process algebra. Universiteit van Amsterdam) Jan Friso Groote (1991: Process Algebra and Structured Operational Semantics. Universiteit van Amsterdam) Wan Fokkink (1994: Clocks, Trees and Stars in Process Theory. Universiteit van Amsterdam) Jaco van de Pol (1996: Termination of Higher-Order Rewrite Systems. Universiteit Utrecht) (Secondary advisor: Marc Bezem) Jan Willem Klop (1980: Combinatory reduction systems. Universiteit Utrecht) Vincent van Oostrom (1994: Confluence for Abstract and Higher-Order Rewriting. Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) Albert Visser (1981: Aspects of Diagonalization & Provability. Universiteit Utrecht) Wim Ruitenburg (1982: Intuitionistic Algebra, Theory and Sheaf Models. Universiteit Utrecht) Catholijn Jonker (1994: Constraints and Negations in Logic Programming. Universiteit Utrecht) (Secondary advisor: Jan van Leeuwen) Anne Sjerp Troelstra (1966: Intuitionistic General Topology. Universiteit van Amsterdam) Gerard R. Renardel de Lavalette (1985: Theories with Type-free Application and Extended Bar Induction. Universiteit van Amsterdam) Hans van Ditmarsch (2000: Knowledge Games. Rijksuniversiteit Groningen) (Secondary advisor: Johan van Benthem) Ieke Moerdijk (1985: Topics in Intuitionism and Topos Theory. Universiteit van Amsterdam) Marc Bezem (1986: Bar recursion and functionals of finite type.

Universiteit Utrecht) (Secondary advisor: Dirk van Dalen) === Norway === Ole-Johan Dahl Kristen Nygaard Trygve Reenskaug === Poland === Grzegorz Rozenberg Antoni W. Mazurkiewicz === Sweden === Bengt Nordström Lennart Augustsson === United Kingdom === James H. Wilkinson ==== Edinburgh ==== Rod Burstall was one of the founders of the Laboratory for Foundations of Computer Science at the University of Edinburgh. Rod Burstall (1956: Heuristic and Decision Tree Methods on Computers: Some Operational Research Applications. University of Birmingham) Gordon Plotkin (1972: (dissertation title unknown). University of Edinburgh) Glynn Winskel (1980: Events in Computation. University of Edinburgh) Thomas Hildebrandt Luca Cardelli (1982: An Algebraic Approach to Hardware Description and Verification. University of Edinburgh) Eugenio Moggi (1988: The Partial Lambda Calculus. University of Edinburgh) Philippa Gardner Alex Simpson (computer scientist) J Strother Moore (1973: Computational Logic: Structure Sharing and Proof of Program Properties. University of Edinburgh) Panagiotis Manolios Michael J. C. Gordon Jeffrey Joyce Don Sannella (1982: Semantics, Implementation and Pragmatics of Clear, a Program Specification Language. University of Edinburgh) David Aspinall Martin Hofmann (Secondary advisor: Gordon Plotkin) Thorsten Altenkirch Michael Mendler (Secondary advisor: Michael P.

Fourman) Masahito Hasegawa Robin Popplestone Alan Mycroft ==== Cambridge ==== Maurice Wilkes was the first head of the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory Maurice Wilkes Peter Wegner Clement McGowan (Secondary advisor: Juris Hartmanis) Daniel M. Berry (Secondary advisor: Clement McGowan) Nancy Leveson (Secondary advisor: Anthony Ira Wasserman) Robin Milner never did a Ph.D.

Robin Milner Mads Tofte Faron Moller Chris Tofts David Wheeler Roger Needham Ross J. Anderson David L. Tennenhouse Peter G. Gyarmati ==== Oxford ==== Christopher Strachey was the first Professor of Computation at Oxford. Christopher Strachey Peter Landin (worked as the assistant of Strachey, did not do a PhD.) Chris Wadsworth Peter Mosses Jens Palsberg David Turner (Secondary advisor: Dana Scott) Tony Hoare established the undergraduate computer science course and led the Oxford University Computing Laboratory for many years. Tony Hoare Cliff Jones (computer scientist) Tobias Nipkow Bill Roscoe Peter Lauer (computer scientist) Eike Best Javier Esparza ==== Warwick ==== Mike Paterson Leslie Valiant == North America == === Church === Siméon Poisson (1800: (dissertation title unknown). École Polytechnique) Michel Chasles (1814: (dissertation title unknown). École Polytechnique) H. A. Newton (1850: (dissertation title unknown). Yale University) E. H. Moore (1885: Extensions of Certain Theorems of Clifford and Cayley in the Geometry of n Dimensions. Yale University) Oswald Veblen (1903: A System of Axioms for Geometry. The University of Chicago) Philip Franklin Alan Perlis Gary Lindstrom David Parnas Richard J. Lipton Dan Boneh Avi Wigderson Alonzo Church (1927: Alternatives to Zermelo's Assumption.

Princeton University) Stephen Kleene (1934: A Theory of Positive Integers in Formal Logic. Princeton University) Robert Lee Constable (1968: Extending and Refining Hierarchies of Computable Functions.

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