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«Assured (non shorthold) Tenancy Agreement Your agreement with Hounslow Homes Assured (non shorthold) Tenancy Agreement Translations If you need this ...»

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Assured (non shorthold)

Tenancy Agreement

Your agreement with Hounslow Homes

Assured (non shorthold) Tenancy Agreement


If you need this Tenancy Agreement for assured tenants in another

language or format please contact 020 8583 2299 or minicom 020

8583 3122.

Nese keni nevoje te keni kontraten per banuesit e sigurt (assured tenants) ne gjuhen shqipe

ose ndonje format tjeter, ju lutemi kontaktoni 020 8583 2299 ose minikom 020 8583 3122.

 020 8583 2299.020 8583 3122 Haddii aad u baahantahay heshiiska degganaanshaha ee dadka deggan guryaha bermanka ah (Assured Tenants)oo afsoomaali ku qoran ama ku daabacan qaab kale fadlan la soo xidhiidh 020 8583 2299ama minicom 020 8583 3122.

Welcome This is your Assured tenancy agreement with Hounslow Homes. This agreement sets out your rights and responsibilities as our tenant and our responsibilities to you as your landlord. Hounslow Homes was set up in 2002 to manage and improve housing on behalf of the London Borough of Hounslow. Hounslow Homes is a not-for-profit organisation that is owned by the Council.

Hounslow Homes will manage your home, ensuring that the services we provide are of a high standard. We expect you to look after your home and to treat your neighbours in the way that you would like to be treated. These are reasonable expectations and we will enforce the terms and conditions of your tenancy agreement if these expectations are not met.

If we do not meet our responsibilities as outlined in this tenancy agreement we expect you to tell us; giving us the opportunity to put things right.

You will receive a tenants handbook which gives you helpful details on a wide range of topics relating to your tenancy.

Assured (non shorthold) Tenancy Agreement Contents Assured (non shorthold) Tenancy Agreement 5 Section 1 - General Terms 7 Section 2 - Our Obligations 10 Section 3 - Your Obligations 13 Section 4 - Your Rights 21 Section 5 - Signatories 25 Assured (non shorthold) Tenancy Agreement This tenancy agreement is between Our name and address


(‘we’ ‘us’ or ‘our’) of St Catherine’s House, 2 Hanworth Road, Feltham TW13 5AB and Name of Tenant(s)

(‘the Tenant’ or ‘you’) (In the case of joint tenants, the term ‘Tenant’ or ‘you’ applies to each of you and the names of all joint tenants should be written above. Each Tenant individually has the full responsibilities and rights set out in this tenancy agreement).

Address in respect of

Assured (non shorthold) Tenancy Agreement Details of the property Flat/Maisonette/bedsit on the ……………



Other (please specify)………………………

The property has (tick which applies)

–  –  –

If shared please state which part………………………



–  –  –

Shed location and number………………………………..................

Payments for your home

payments for your home at the start of this tenancy are:

(i) the rent £……......... per week (ii) rent arrears of £……......... payable at £……......... per week (iii) service charge of £……......... per week Total weekly payment (“rent charge”) £……......... per week Permitted Number Under overcrowding legislation, the maximum number of people allowed to live at your home is …………………

The tenancy This tenancy begins on ………………………………….................

for a week and thereafter weekly until brought to an end, and it is an assured non-shorthold tenancy the terms of which are set out in this tenancy agreement.

Section 1 - General Terms

It is agreed as follows:

1. Payments for your home The weekly Rent and service and other charges for your home at the start of the tenancy are set out in this tenancy.

The payment of Rent and service and other charges is due in advance on the Monday of each week.

2. Services We shall provide the services set out in Appendix 2 of this tenancy for which you shall pay a service charge.

Where we provide services to your home, details of these are shown in the service charge schedule which you will receive at the start of your tenancy and which is attached to this tenancy at Appendix 2. The service charge is what is known as a fixed service charge and is payable as part of your total rent charge.

We may, after consulting the Tenants affected, increase, add Assured (non shorthold) Tenancy Agreement to, remove, reduce, or vary the services provided or charges to the services or introduce new services for which there will be a charge.

3. Rent arrears If you have rent or service charge arrears when this tenancy is granted, you agree to pay off those arrears. If you do not make the payments to clear the arrears, we may start court proceedings to end this tenancy.

–  –  –

4.3 Service of notices This condition gives you notice under Section 48 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1987 that our address for receiving legal notices, and any other communication arising from this

tenancy agreement, is:

–  –  –

5. Altering the agreement Except for any changes in Rent or service charges or where permitted under future legislation this agreement may be changed by • Agreement between us and you; or • By us providing you with written details of the proposed changes and a statement explaining their effect. We will ask for your comments and give you a reasonable time to reply, usually 28 days • We will consider any comments we receive before making a decision • We will then issue a written ‘Notice of Variation; giving you 28 days before the changes take effect.

Assured (non shorthold) Tenancy Agreement

–  –  –

4. Succession – general

4.1 If you die, certain people who are specified in the conditions below may in most cases succeed to this tenancy. This condition 4 will not apply if you have already succeeded to this tenancy (either under condition 4 in this tenancy or similar succession conditions in a previous tenancy).

4.2 In certain circumstances, if your home is larger than the needs of the successor or has been provided or adapted for an elderly or disabled person and the successor is not elderly or disabled, the successor will be offered suitable alternative accommodation.

4.3 People entitled to succeed to this tenancy

–  –  –

5. Housing Management To provide you with information on our housing management policies.

6. Insurance To insure the property (the buildings only, including any fixtures and fittings provided by us) for such amount and against such risks as we believe appropriate. However, we will NOT be responsible for insuring your furniture and personal possessions. We strongly recommend that you arrange your own home contents insurance.

Section 3 - Your Obligations

You agree:

1. Possession To take possession of your home at the start of the tenancy and not to part with possession of your home or sub-let the whole of it.

2. Rent To pay the Rent and service charge and any other charges weekly in advance.

3. Outgoings To meet all outgoings applying to your home including water charges and electric and other costs whether metered or billed.

4. Use of your home To use your home for residential purposes as your only or principal home and not to operate any business at your home without our written permission which will not be unreasonably withheld or delayed but may be given subject to reasonable conditions.

You will not display any business or trade signs on or around the property.

5. Nuisance Neither to cause, nor to allow members of your household or visitors to cause, a nuisance or annoyance to other persons in the Local area or to any of our tenants, agents, employees or contractors. Where we have provided areas to be used for play including open spaces, you are responsible for ensuring that Assured (non shorthold) Tenancy Agreement your, or visiting children do not cause a nuisance in relation to excessive noise, damage to property or risk to the personal safety of themselves or others.

6. Racial and other harassment Neither to commit, nor to allow members of your household or invited visitors to commit, any harassment, or threat of harassment, on the grounds of race, colour, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age or disability that may interfere with the peace and comfort of, or cause offence to, other persons in the neighbourhood or to any of our tenants, employees, agents or contractors.

7. Domestic violence Not to assault or use threatening behaviour towards your spouse or civil partner, or former spouse or civil partner or other member of your household or family whether they are living with you or not and not to harass them or use mental emotional, financial or sexual abuse that might be expected to cause anyone who lives with you to leave your home.

8. Noise Not to make, or allow any one else to make excessive noise or cause excessive vibrations at the property. This includes (but is not limited to) playing or to allow to be played, any radio, television, musical or other recording or musical instrument, as well as using power tools and other electrical or similar equipment, in a way that causes a nuisance or annoyance to other persons in the local area.

9. Pets You may keep a domesticated pet(s) e.g. dog (s) or cat(s) as long as you keep them under strict control and not allow them to cause a nuisance or annoyance to your neighbours other people in the locality; nor allow them to cause damage to your home and is subject to the following limitations;

Not to keep a dog(s) should your home be located within a tower block. For the purposes of this agreement a tower block is a building of over five floors inclusive of the ground floor but excluding any sub-ground basement.

Not to keep a dog(s) should the property in which you live be located within a warden assisted sheltered housing scheme for elderly persons.

Not to keep more than one dog should the property in which you live not have a private garden.

Neither to, nor allow any person living at or visiting the property to let any animal foul the inside of the premises or shared areas for example passages, footpaths, grassed areas, play areas, lifts or stairways, laundry or drying areas. You must not let any animal(s) foul the private gardens of the property so that it becomes a public health nuisance or annoys neighbours or visitors. You must repay our reasonable costs of any cleaning or other expenses that are needed as a result.

10. Firearms Not to keep, or allow others to keep, or possess within the property any ammunition, firearm, including but not limited to a shotgun or air rifle or air pistol. You may only keep a firearm if it is licensed and/or certified under current or successor legislation and you first obtain the written permission of Hounslow Homes.

You and any person living at or visiting the property must not Assured (non shorthold) Tenancy Agreement discharge a firearm, shotgun, rifle, air rifle or air pistol in, or in the locality of the property.

11. Repairs and Maintenance To repair and maintain fences, gates and paths which are your responsibility.

To keep in reasonable order any garden, shed, patio or balcony which comes with the property that you have sole use of; not allowing it to cause a danger or a health and safety risk to anyone or to obstruct a public right of way.

Not to plant any trees or shrubs in any shared or communal areas.

If your property has its own garden not to plant any tree or shrubs within 4 meters of the property and 1 meter of a standalone wall unless it is in a tub or container.

To obtain written permission before cutting down or removing any trees on the property.

To repair and maintain any fixtures and fittings that you or any previous tenant have installed.

To be responsible for minor repairs to your home (refer to your tenants handbook for guidance).

If, for any reason we need to carry out repairs or other works to the property, the building it is in or the estate it is on and we cannot reasonably do so while you are living there, you will be

required to move out temporarily. If this happens we will:

• Provide you with alternative temporary accommodation while we carry out the work.

• Tell you when the work is completed.

Once the work is completed you will be required to move out of the temporary accommodation and return to your permanent home.

12. Internal decoration You are responsible for decorating the inside of the property;

ensuring that the condition of the property does not pose a health and safety risk to you, other occupants, our officers or our contractors (refer to your Tenants handbook for guidance).

You must not hoard or allow to be hoarded any items within the property or any such items to constitute a health and safety risk or fire hazard.

13. Damage To repair any damage caused to the property, its fixtures and fittings, or to any shared areas, either by you, by any other person living at, or visiting the property. This does not include normal wear and tear. If you do not carry out these repairs, we may carry out the

work and charge our reasonable costs to you. This will include:

• The cost of any special cleaning that is needed to the property because you have allowed the property to become unreasonably dirty or infested.

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