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«The growing popularity of home swimming and related activities has led to an increase in the number of swimming pools, spas, hot tubs and ...»

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The growing popularity of home swimming and related activities has led to an increase in the

number of swimming pools, spas, hot tubs and hydromassage bathtubs in use. Each of these

products has different UL markings and different installation requirements.

UL has developed the Swimming Pool Equipment, Spas, Fountains, and Hydromassage Bathtub

Marking Guide for code authorities, utilities, contractors, installers, users, designers, and other

interested parties to aid in understanding this equipment and the applicable codes and standards in order to facilitate a reasonably safe and code-compliant installation. This equipment is intended to be installed in accordance with the National Electrical Code® (NEC ®), as well as other mechanical, fuel gas, building and plumbing codes as applicable, and their listing. These markings are required by the applicable UL and other Standards, and are part of the Certification/Listing.

UL Marking and Application Guides are updated as necessary due to new product development, changes in the codes, or the need for clarification. To confirm the current status of any UL Marking Guide, please consult the Code Authorities page of the UL Web Site at http://www.ul.com/codeauthorities or www.ul.com/markingguides.

Your comments or suggestions are welcome and appreciated. They should be sent to:

Regulatory Services Department UL 333 Pfingsten Road Northbrook, IL 60062 ulregulatoryservices@ul.com 800-595-9844




1.1. General

1.2. Controls

1.3. Junction Boxes

1.4. Luminaires

1.5. Potting Compounds

–  –  –

Marking and Application Guide

1.7. Transformers and Power Units

1.8. Water Heaters

1.9. Heat Pumps

1.10. Water Treatment Equipment

Ozone Generators

1.11. 13


2.1. General

2.2. Listing Mark


3.1. General

3.2. Luminaires

3.3. Pumps

3.4. Water Treatment Equipment


4. 15

4.1. General

4.2. Blowers

4.3. Controllers

4.4. Luminaires

4.5. Pumps

4.6. Suction Fittings

4.7. Water Heaters

4.8. Water Treatment Equipment

4.9. Equipment Assemblies

Swimming Pool Equipment, Spas, Fountains and Hydromassage Bathtubs Marking and Application Guide UL and the UL logo are trademarks of UL LLC © 2016


5.1. General

5.2. Listing Mark

5.3. Field Installation

5.4. Special Markings


6.1. General

6.2. Listing Mark

6.3. Plumbing Assessment

6.4. Field Installation


7.1. General

7.2. Submersible Luminaires

7.3. Submersible Pumps

7.4. Control Panel …………………………………………………………………………… 22


8.1. General

8.2. Classification Marking

9. SWIMMING POOL AND SPA FENCING………………………………………….. …….. 23

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Swimming Pool Equipment, Spas, Fountains and Hydromassage Bathtubs Marking and Application Guide UL and the UL logo are trademarks of UL LLC © 2016.

Fig. 2 Underwater Luminaire for aboveground non-storable swimming pool.

Fig. 3 Underwater Luminaire for aboveground storable swimming pool.

Fig. 4 No-Niche Underwater Luminaire.

Fig. 5 Wet-Niche Underwater Luminaire.


UL Swimming Pool, Spa, Fountain, and Hydromassage Bathtub Product Categories ………………………………………………………….……………… 29

–  –  –


This guide is intended to assist code authorities, designers, and installers in determining the suitability of specific swimming pool, spa, hydromassage bathtub and fountain products in a particular installation and use, and to address concerns related to fire, shock, plumbing, gas, and/or mechanical hazards.

Products are Certified, Listed, or Classified by UL under an appropriate product category. A fourletter code (shown in parenthesis) following every category title in this guide is the UL product category code designation. A list of product categories evaluated by UL, along with the applicable standard(s), can be found in Appendix B.

Each UL product category code provides a direct link to the Guide Information for the product category. The Guide Information includes the scope of the products covered, information relating to limitations or special conditions applying to the product, the requirements used for the investigation of the products, installation and use information, and information on product markings and the UL Mark to be used on the product. Guide information is available on UL Product Spec at www.ul.com/productspec and UL’s Online Certifications Directory at www.ul.com/database.

The product markings identified in this Guide do not include every possible marking that could be provided either on a product or in its installation or operation instructions. The purpose of this Guide is to provide you with an indication of the type of text and location of markings that address features that may be critical in determining if a product is certified and/or if it is installed correctly.

Refer to the specific Guide Information for the product category for additional marking information.

The numbering for code sections used in this document may change as the specific code is updated. A list of model codes and standards applicable for each product can be found in Appendix C.

Additional information can be found at www.ul.com.


Most codes and regulations require the certification of this equipment to applicable safety-related standards. They also may require this equipment to be certified to energy performance standards as well. Products that are certified to safety-related standards have been evaluated with regard to all reasonably foreseeable safety-related hazards, including fire, electrical shock and mechanical hazards. Such products are termed “UL Listed.” Products that are certified to a limited range of hazards, or for use under specific conditions are termed “UL Classified”. Alternatively, any of these products can be “UL Certified” and bear the UL Certification Mark.

It is important to distinguish the difference between “UL Listed” and “UL Classified” and the relation these terms have with the term “listed,” as used in various codes. The term “listed” in the codes generally indicates that the product is required to be evaluated in accordance with the appropriate standard(s) by an independent third party certification organization such as UL. The term “listed” in the codes should not be confused with the term “UL Listed,” as explained above. It is important to recognize that not all certification agencies make this distinction in their certification services.

Swimming Pool Equipment, Spas, Fountains and Hydromassage Bathtubs Marking and Application Guide UL and the UL logo are trademarks of UL LLC © 2016.


There are several types of UL Marks that can be found on alternative energy equipment. General information on each of these Marks is provided below. Each has its own specific meaning and significance. The only way to determine if a product has been certified by UL is to look for the UL Mark on the product itself.

The UL Mark on a product means that UL has tested and evaluated representative samples of that product and determined that they meet the requirements in the applicable standard(s). Under a variety of UL programs, certified products are periodically checked by UL at the manufacturing facility to determine that they continue to comply with the standard(s).

The UL Marks may only be used on, or in connection with products certified by UL, and under the terms of a written agreement between the manufacturer and UL.

–  –  –

Marking and Application Guide


Launched in mid-2013, the enhanced UL Certified Mark can be used on both UL Listed and Classified products and is intended to make it easier and simpler for stakeholders to understand the scope of UL’s certifications of a specific product. The enhanced UL Certified Mark makes it possible to bundle multiple UL certifications for multiple geographies into a single Mark design.

Today, this mark is used for products certified to U.S., Canadian, European and Japanese requirements. This Mark utilizes a unique identifier to enable stakeholders to search UL’s Online Certifications Directory at www.ul.com/database to quickly to review detailed certification information.

All currently existing versions of UL’s Listing and Classification Marks remain valid and should continue to be accepted as an indication of certification.

UL expects the transition to the enhanced Mark to happen over time, so you may not see it in the immediate future. For more information on this important development, please go to www.ul.com/markshub Resources. Access to the Marks Hub is free and open to all regulators, but registration to use it is required.

UL Listing Mark This is one of the most common UL Marks. If a product carries this Mark, it means UL found that representative samples of this product met UL’s safety requirements. These requirements are primarily based on UL’s own published Standards for Safety, or other recognized third party Swimming Pool Equipment, Spas, Fountains and Hydromassage Bathtubs Marking and Application Guide UL and the UL logo are trademarks of UL LLC © 2016 standards. The UL Listed Mark includes the UL symbol, the word “Listed,” the product or category name, and a control number assigned by UL.

UL Classification Mark This Mark appears on representative samples of products that UL has evaluated but only with respect to specific properties, a limited range of hazards, or suitability for use under limited or special conditions. The UL Classified Mark includes the UL symbol, the word “Classified,” a statement of the scope of evaluation, the product or category name, and a control number assigned by UL.


You may encounter situations in which you are unable to determine if a product has been listed by a third-party organization. Or in other situations you might encounter a product bearing a listing label that may have been modified in the field, and now you question whether or not the product still complies with the applicable standard. UL offers a field evaluation service that provides data to assist you in making your decision whether to accept the product and/or approve the installation. Anyone directly involved with a product – including manufacturers, owners, contractors, and regulatory authorities – can request a Field Evaluation. Detailed information for this program can be found on UL’s Web site at www.ul.com/field.

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1.1. GENERAL This section covers UL Listed equipment that is wired and plumbed at the installation site for the construction of a swimming pool permanently installed in the ground or above the ground. The suitability of the interconnection of various components, as well as the supply connection is determined by the authority having jurisdiction. UL evaluates and Lists all electrical and mechanical components of these pools. This includes water heaters, pumps, luminaires, water treatment equipment such as ozone generators and chlorinators, junction boxes, transformers, potting compounds, pool cover operators, pool covers, pool alarms, and controls, as well as some pre-packaged assemblies of components referred to as equipment assemblies or “Skid Packs.” Equipment assemblies are usually intended for heated spas installed in the ground, but units without heaters are also suitable for small swimming pools permanently installed in the ground.

–  –  –

Listing Mark. The UL Listing Mark for these products includes a product name such as “Spa Controller,” “Swimming Pool Controller” or other similar product name.

Field Installation. UL Listed controls are intended for permanent connection to the electrical supply system and are intended to be mounted at a minimum of 5 feet from the inside walls of a swimming pool or spa. Some units have ground- fault circuit interrupter (GFCI)-protected convenience receptacles and are intended for mounting at a minimum of 10 feet away. These Listed products are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, unless they are marked “For Indoor Use Only.” Terminals On Load Side of GFCI Controls. A control with terminals on the load side of a ground- fault circuit interrupter (GFCI), provided to protect the field-installed conductors of an underwater lighting circuit, is marked to indicate that the field-installed conductors shall not occupy conduit, boxes or enclosures with the conductors of other circuits unless all other conductors are also on the load side of a GFCI.

Enclosures Intended For Direct Connection to a Wet-Niche or No-Niche Luminaire.

Controls intended for such use are marked “Suitable for direct conduit connection to a wetniche or no-niche luminaire” or equivalent where visible after installation. Conduit termination locations suitable for such use are specifically identified.

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