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«RECENT PUBLICATIONS IN MUSIC 2014 Page 1 of 190 RECENT PUBLICATIONS IN MUSIC 2014 Compiled and edited by Maureen Buja and David Sommerfield This list ...»

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Compiled and edited by Maureen Buja and David Sommerfield

This list contains citations to literature about music in print and other media, emphasizing reference

materials and works of research interest that appeared primarily in 2013.

Reporters who contribute regularly provide citations mainly or only from the year preceding the

year this list is published in conjuction with Fontes artis musicae. However, reporters may also submit retrospective lists cumulating publications from up to the previous five years. In the hope that geographic coverage of this list can be expanded, the editor of Fontes welcomes inquiries from bibliographers in countries not presently represented.


Argentina: Estela Escalada Kenya: Santie De Jongh Belgium: Johan Eeckeloo Macau: Yin Yee KWAN Canada: Sean Luyk The Netherlands: Joost van Gemert China: WU Xu New Zealand: Marilyn Portman Nigeria: Santie De Jongh Croatia: Željka Radovinović Russia: Lyudmila Dedyukina Cuba: Estela Escalada* Serbia: Radmila Milinković Denmark: Anne Ørbæk Jensen South Africa: Santie De Jongh Estonia: Katre Rissalu Spain: José Ignacio Cano, Maria José Finland: Tuomas Tyyri González Ribot France: Élisabeth Missaoui Sweden: Kerstin Carpvik, Lena Nettelbladt Germany: Susanne Hein Taiwan: Yin Yee KWAN Hong Kong SAR: Yin Yee KWAN Turkey: Senem Acar, Paul Alister Whitehead Hungary: SZEPESI Zsuzsanna Uganda: Santie De Jongh Iceland: Bryndís Vilbergsdóttir United Kingdom: Rupert Ridgewell Ireland: Roy Stanley United States: Matt Ertz, Lindsay Hansen Japan: SEKINE Toshiko Kenya: Santie De Jongh * = first time listing With thanks for assistance with translations and transcriptions to Heikki Paroila, Kersti Blumenthal and Taru Spiegel


1. Citations follow the original as closely as possible.

2. For titles in citations, “=“ is used in two ways: to indicate the title appears in more than one language on the resource, or to show the original language or script when a Romanized form of it must be given first in order for it to be alphabetized in this list and searched online in the alphabet Fontes Artis Musicae readers primarily use.

3. The official languages of IAML are English, French and German. If a title in one of those languages does not appear on the publication, a translation of the title into one of those languages has been added in square brackets. Names of authors Romanized from Chinese and Japanese are also given in the vernacular.

4. Though many publications contain several places of publication and ISBNs, only one place of publication and one ISBN for a set of volumes, or for an individual volume, is given in this list.

5. If the work cited is part of a series, the series and number, if there is one, are given in parentheses near the end of the citation.

6. Prices are included when supplied by the reporter.

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Analizar, interpretar, hacer música: de las Cantigas de Santa María a la Organología. Escritos

in memorian Gerardo V. Huseby [Analyzation, Interpretation and Making of Music:

From Cantigas de Santa María to Organology. Writings in Memoriam Gerardo V.

Huseby] Melanie Plesch (ed.). Buenos Aires: Gourmet Musical, 2014. 608 p. ISBN 978Dar la nota. El rol de la prensa en la historia musical argentina (1848-1943) [Giving Note The role of the Press in Argentinian Music History (1848-1943)]. Silvina Luz Mansilla (dir.) Buenos Aires: Gourmet Musical, 2012. 256 p. ISBN 978‐987‐25614‐3‐7.

Espel, Guillo. Escribir y escuchar música popular: escritos sobre forma, diseño y estética en composición [Writing and Listening to Popular Music: Writings About Shape, Design and Aesthetics in Composition]. Buenos Aires: Melos, 2009. 104 p. ISBN 978-9-87-611Everett, Walter. Los Beatles como músicos: De Revólver a la Antología [The Beatles as Musicians: From Revolver to the Anthology]. Traducción de Mónica Herrero. Buenos Aires: Eterna Cadencia, 2013. 576 p. ISBN 978-9-87-1673-22-3.

Translation of New York: Oxford University Press, 1999 Favoretto, Mara. Charly en el país de las alegorías [Charly in the Country of the Allegories].

Buenos Aires: Gourmet Musical, 2013. 192 p. ISBN 978-9-87-29830-1-7.

About the rock composer Charly García.

Frega, Ana Lucía y Sáenz Quesada, María. Mujeres de la música [Women in Music]. Buenos Aires: SB, 2011. 144 p. ISBN 978-9-87-1256-88-4.

García, Miguel A. Etnografías del encuentro: saberes y relatos sobre otras músicas [Encounter Ethnographies: Knowledge and Stories About Other Music].

Buenos Aires:

Ediciones del Sol, 2012. 147 p. ISBN 978-9-87-63240-3-8.

González, Juan Pablo. Pensar la música desde América Latina [Thinking Music from Latin America]. Buenos Aires: Gourmet Musical, 2013. 256 p. ISBN 978-9-87-25614-9-9.

Música populares: aproximaciones teóricas, metodológicas y analíticas en la musicología argentina. II [Popular Music: Theoretical, Methodological and Analytical Approaches to

Argentinian Musicology. II]. Federico Sammartino, Héctor Rubio (eds.). Córdoba:

Buena Vista, 2013. 196 p. ISBN 978-9-50-330676-5.

Nattiez, Jean-Jacques. Mito, ópera y vanguardias: La música en la obra de Lévi-Strauss [Myth, Opera and Avant-garde: Music in Lévi-Strauss’ Work]. Buenos Aires: Gourmet Musical, 2013. 224 p. ISBN 978-9-87-29830-0-0.

–  –  –

Sirimarco, Luis. Frases y secretos de los grandes pianistas del jazz [Statements and Secrets from the Great Jazz Pianists]. Buenos Aires: Melos, 2010. 36 p. ISBN 978-9-87-611-289Trias, Eugenio. El canto de las sirenas: argumentos musicales [Siren Song: Musical Arguments]. Buenos Aires: Galaxia Gutenberg, 2007. 1000 p. ISBN 978-8-48-109701-6.

–  –  –

Aka, Konin. L’art musical chez les Niaboua: un peuple krou du centre-ouest de la Côte d’Ivoire.

Tervuren: Royal Museum for Central-Africa, 2012. 70 p. (Collection digitale). ISBN 978http://www.africamuseum.be/museum/research/publications/rmca/online/niaboua.pdf.

Aka, Konin. L’art musical d’un peuple mandé-sud de la Côte d’Ivoire: cas des N’Gain de la sous-préfecture de Bonguéra. Tervuren: Royal Museum for Central-Africa, 2013. 33 p.

(Collection digitale). ISBN 978-94-91615-05-4.


Assis, Paulo de, William Brooks & Kathleen Coessens. Sound & Score: Essays on Sound, Score and Notation. Leuven: Leuven University Press, 2013. 228 p. (Orpheus Institute Series).

ISBN 978-90-5867-976-5. € 39.50.

Berghein, Stefanie, Bruno Blondé & Eugeen Schreurs. Music and the city: musical cultures

and urban societies in the Southern Netherlands and beyond, c. 1650-1800. Leuven:

Leuven University Press, 2013. 185 p. ISBN 978-90-5867-955-0.

Bloch, Pierette. Ostinato: dessin, musique, interactions [Exhibition catalogue]. Namur:

Province de Namur, 2013. 99 p. + CD.

Bossuyt, Ignace. Jean-Philippe Rameau (1683-1764): een kennismaking. [Jean-Philippe Rameau: an Introduction]. Leuven: Lipsius Leuven, 2013. 252 p. ISBN 978-90-5867 29.95.

Brokken, Jan. Waarom elf Antilianen knielden voor het hart van Chopin: een reis door de Caribische muziek. [A Journey through the Caribbean Music]. 6e herziene druk.

Antwerpen: Atlas Contact, 2013. 303 p. + CD. ISBN 978-90-450-2463-9. € 24.95.

Canguilhem, Philippe. Chanter sur le livre à la Renaissance: les traités de contrepoint de Vicente Lusitano. Turnhout: Brepols, 2013. 410 p. (Epitome musical). ISBN 978-2-503 80.00.

Chaillou, Christelle. Faire los mots e.l so: Les mots et la musique dans les chansons de troubadours. Turnhout: Brepols, 2013. 274 p. (Musicalia Medii Aevi ; 2). ISBN 978-2 70.00.


–  –  –

Chamber Music: Catalogue of Publications. Brussels: CeBeDeM, 2013. 84 p.

Publication in Dutch, English, French and German.

Cordy, Paul. Wij zingen Vlaanderen vrij: het verhaal achter 75 jaar Vlaams Nationaal Zangfeest. [We Sing Flanders Free: the story behind 75 years of the Flemish National Singing Feast]. Leuven: Davidsfonds, 2012. 256 p. ISBN 978-90-5826-919-5. € 29.95.

De Baets, Thomas & Luc Nijs. Muziekpedagogiek in beweging: onderzoek als motor voor onderwijsvernieuwing. [Music Pedagogy in Development: Research as an Engine for Educational Innovation]. Heverlee: Euprint, 2013. 96 p. ISBN 978-90-742-5323-9.

€ 20.00.

De Smet, Johan & Moniek Nagels. Mikalojus Konstantinas Ciurlionis: dromen van Litouwen.

[Mikalojus Konstantinas Ciurlionis: Dreaming of Lithuania]. Gent: Snoeck, 2013. 192 p.

ISBN 9789461611260.

Demeyere, Ewald. Johann Sebastian Bach’s Art of Fugue: Performance Practice Based on German Eighteenth-Century Theory. Leuven: Leuven University Press, 2013. 253 p.

ISBN 978-90-5867-940-6. € 39.50.

Depasse, Brice. Destins brisés: 50 stars de la musique entrées dans la légende. Waterloo:

Renaissance du Livre, 2012. 265 p. ISBN 978-2-507-05069-6. € 18.00.

Ducheyne, Jan. Beat is Beat, Jazz is Jazz. Zingem: Vita, 2013. 127 p. ISBN 978-90-73323-34-6.

€ 20.00.

Elders, Willem. Josquin des Prez and his Musical Legacy: An Introductory Guide. Translation by Paul Shannon. Leuven: Leuven University Press, 2013. 247 p. ISBN 978-90-5867 35.00.

Original title: Josquin des Prez en zijn muzikale nalatenschap.

Ferrard, Jean. Mélanges d’organologie offerts à Jean-Pierre Felix. Bruxelles: Sic, 2013. 480 p.

ISBN 978-2-96003-662-6.

Frassà, Lorenzo & Michela Niccolai. Verdi Reception. Turnhout: Brepols, 2013. IX, 330 p.

(Studies on Italian Music History ; 7). ISBN 978-2-503-54615-5. € 100.00.

Grétry, un musicien dans l’Europe des Lumières. Liège: Université de Liège, 2013. (Art&Fact ;

32). ISSN 0774-1863. € 25.00.

Publication in Dutch, English, French and German.

Grundy Fanelli, Jean. Vincenzo Manfredini, Regole armoniche. [Harmony Rules]. Turnhout:

Brepols, 2013. XVI, 350 p. (Musical treatises ; 1). ISBN 978-2-503-54883-8. € 110.00.

Facsimile of the 1775 Venice edition, with an annotated English translation by Robert Zappulla Hessel, Roger. De moorden van Beernem gezien door de ogen van de marktzangers: 47 marktliederen. [The murders of Beernem following the interpretation by street singers]. Torhout: Vriendenkring Kunst Houtland, 2013. 69 p. ISBN 978-94-91443-04-6.

€ 12.50.

–  –  –

Hesters, Delphine. Perspective: Artisti: the Position of Individual Artists in the Performing Arts in Flanders. Brussel: Vlaams Theater Instituut, 2012. 110 p. ISBN 978-90-7435-142-3.

Hubaut, Xavier. Cinq cents ans de chansons paillarde. Bruxelles: Auteur, 2012. 153 p. € 12.50.

Illiano, Roberto. Viva V.E.R.D.I.: Music for Risorgimento to the Unification of Italy. Turnhout:

Brepols, 2013. XII, 396 p. (Studies on Italian Music History ; 8). ISBN 978-2-503-55018 110.00.

Janssens, Guy. De Grooten Oorlog in Brusselse straatliedjes uit 1914-1918. [The Great War in Brussels Street Songs 1914-1918]. Leuven: Acco, 2013. 109 p. ISBN 978-90-334-9246Keunen, Gert. Alternatieve mainstream: over selectiemechanismen in het popmuziekcircuit.

[Alternative Mainstream: About Selection Mechanisms in Pop Music]. Leuven:

LannooCampus, 2013. 318 p. ISBN 978-94-014-0841-7.

Knoops, Rudi. Multiple Voice/Vision: An Inquiry Into Possible Forms of Interaction and Remediation in and between Musical Polyphony and Audiovisual Form. Leuven: Acco,

2013. 60 p. (Cahiers ; 27). ISBN 978-90-334-9191-7.

Lesaffre, Micheline & Marc Leman. The Power of Music: Researching Musical Experiences: A Viewpoint from IPEM. Leuven: Acco, 2013. 133 p. ISBN 978-90-334-8862-7.

Levitin, Daniel J. Ons muzikale brein: de wetenschpa van een menselijke obsessie. [This is your brain on music: understanding a human obsession]. Translated from the English by Robert Vernooy. Antwerpen: Atlas Contact, 2013. 346 p. ISBN 978-90-450-2456-1.

€ 24.95.

Leyns, Bert. Van Die Feen tot Parsifal: een inleiding tot Richard Wagners opera’s en muziekdrama’s. [From Die Feen to Parsifal: An Introduction to Wagner’s Operas and Music Dramas]. Kalmthout: Pelckmans, 2013. 141 p. ISBN 978-90-289-7136-3.

Louis, Serge & Sandrine Harmans. DJs et Djettes à Bruxelles: étude contextualisée de la musique électronique dans la capitale de l’Europe. Lasne: Maedia, 2013. 193 p.

(Brigadier PLIPP). ISBN 978-2-9600991-1-9. € 20.00.

Marchesani, Frédéric. L’opéra royal de Wallonie à Liège. Namur: Institut du Patrimoine wallon, 2013. 52 p. (Carnets du patrimoine ; 105). ISBN 978-2-87522-108-7. € 6.00.

Meine, Sabine. Die frottola: Music, Diskurs und Spiel an italienischen Höfen 1500-1530.

Turnhout: Brepols, 2013. 430 p. (Epitome musical). ISBN 978-2-503-54880-7. € 100.00.

Music and Francoism. Edited by Gemma Pérez Zalduondo and Germán Gan Quesada.

Turnhout: Brepols, 2013. 700 p. (Speculum musicae (SMUS), nº 21). ISBN 978-2-503Niccolai, Michela. Giacomo Puccini et Albert Carré: “Madame Butterfly” à Paris. Turnhout:

Brepols, 2012. 314 p. (Mise en scène ; 1). ISBN 978-2-503-54761-9. € 95.00.

–  –  –

Orchestra: Catalouge of Publications. Brussels: CeBeDeM, 2013. 34 p. Publication in Dutch, English, French and German.

Peleman, Axl. Bijna vergeten Antwerpse volksliekes. [Almost Forgotten Antwerp Folk Songs].

Lichtervelde: Hannibal, 2011-2013. 2 vol. + CD. ISBN 978-94-9137-647-4. € 22.50.

Pérez Zalduondo, Gemma & Germán Gan Quesada. Music and Francoism. Turnhout: Brepols,

2013. XI, 488 p. (Speculum musicae ; 21). ISBN 978-2-503-54899-9. € 110.00.

Potvlieghe, Ghislain. Het Grimbergse orgellandschap. [The Organ Landscape of Grimbergen].

Grimbergen: Eigen Schoon, 2013. 38 p. ISBN 978-90-8175-931-1.

Sala, Luca. Grandeur et finesse: Chopin, Liszt and the Parisian Musical Scene. Turnhout:

Brepols, 2013. X, 362 p. (Speculum musicae ; 20). ISBN 978-2-503-54884-5. € 100.00.

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