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«2010 Thi Dedication s book is dedicated to our beloved friend and colleague, Representative Edmund Kuempel, who lived every day in the Christmas ...»

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s book is dedicated to our beloved friend and colleague,

Representative Edmund Kuempel,

who lived every day in the Christmas spirit.

The Honorable Edmund Kuempel

November 29, 1942 - November 4, 2010

The Lone Star Celebration Christmas Tree

Celebrate the season with us and view the creativity of Texans from across the state.

The Lone Star Celebration Christmas Tree is currently on display in the House Chamber and

showcases the Texas-sized talent of constituents state-wide.

Members of the Texas House of Representatives were invited to decorate the 2010 Lone Star Celebration Christmas Tree with an ornament created in their district. This unique collection from around the state now hangs proudly on a native Texas tree celebrating the many facets of our nation’s second largest state, home to 24 million people.

The following pages provide a closer look at these hand-crafted treasures. Many ornaments have been received with still more to come. Ornaments are featured by district number.

Should you need assistance, the link provided will help you find your representative and district number: http://www.house.state.tx.us/members/find-your-representative/.

*** The Texas House of Representatives would like to thank the Texas Christmas Tree Growers Association for the generous donation of this 18 foot Virginia Pine from Evergreen Farms in Elgin, Texas, and the five Fraser Firs placed throughout the Capitol Building from Silo Christmas Tree Farm in Temple, Texas, and Evergreen Farms in Elgin, Texas.

Representative Dan Flynn District 2 Thi s ornament, which utilizes hay in its design, symbolizes both the meaning of Christmas and District 2. Hay is a major symbol in the birth of Christ and also plays an important part in the agriculture of Van Zandt County, located in District 2.

Artist: Kelli Gill Canton High School Representative Betty Brown District 4 Thi s ornament, which was decorated by 5th grade students at Athens Intermediate School, features a picture of the students in front of the school's TEA Recognized banner. The ornament is adorned with maroon and white ribbons -- the school's colors.

Artists: Mr. Sanchez and Mrs. Rodriguez's Students Athens Intermediate School Representative Bryan Hughes District 5 Thi s ornament was hand painted by the teacher and students of the Mineola High School Advanced Art Class. The beautiful scenery was inspired by the piney woods of east Texas and the fantastic fishing lakes of the area.

Artists: Kari Callison and the Mineola High School Advanced Art Class Representative Leo Berman District 6

–  –  –

Thi s ornament, which depicts the dove of peace flying in a starry east Texas sky, is a result of a collaboration between J. L. Everhart Elementary School and Longview High School in the Longview Independent School District.

Both schools are International Baccalaureate authorized world schools. The dove represents both the natural beauty found in Texas and the peace that comes to all through the Christmas season.

Artists: Eusebio Aguirre, Kasie McBride, and Madison Branch Longview Independent School District Representative Byron Cook District 8 Thi s ornament, which depicts an oil derrick, was created by Representative Byron Cook's mother, Sue Cook. The oil derrick is placed atop a globe of silver paint, which represents the soil upon which oil rigs drill. This ornament has special significance to District 8, as the first commercial oil well west of the Mississippi was located in Corsicana.

Artist: Sue Cook, Mother of Representative Byron Cook Representative Jim Pitts District 10

–  –  –

Thi s ornament represents West Side Elementary School in Jacksonville, located in District 11.

West Side is a National Blue Ribbon School for 2010, one of only two in east Texas and only twenty-five in the state of Texas. West Side has had an exemplary rating for the last three school years, is a Gold Star Performance School for commended performance in math and reading, and has just been accepted into the ''No Excuses University'' network. Through NEU, administration, teachers and staff work together to instill college readiness in every student from pre-kindergarten through fourth grade. This ornament reflects the numerous accomplishments of wonderful West Side Elementary!

Artist: West Side Elementary School Representative Rob Eissler District 15 Thi s ornament depicts the Lighting of the Doves, which is celebrated every year in The Woodlands. This year marks the 28th annual Lighting of the Doves, which heralds the beginning of the holiday season in The Woodlands.

The doves remind the citizens of District 15 of the importance of peace in the world, especially during this special time of year.

Artist: Donna Lane Vadala Representative Brandon Creighton District 16

–  –  –

Thi s dual-sided ornament depicts the Jean and Price Daniel House, completed in 1983. The house was patterned after the Texas Governor's Mansion and includes the wings that were in Abner Cook's original plans for the mansion. The house preserves and displays the library, archives, furniture and mementos of Texas' 38th Governor. The other side of the ornament depicts the Sam Houston Regional Library and Research Center, which opened in 1977 and maintains and exhibits artifacts and documents from Southeast Texas. Both structures sit on 116 acres in Liberty County, donated by Governor and Mrs. Daniel, which is located in District 18.

Artist: Iva Votaw Liberty Art League Representative Mike Hamilton District 19

–  –  –

Thi s ornament, which was created by three students at Elkins High School, depicts three different aspects of District 26. One side, painted by Jacqueline Joyce, features the Elkins High School Knight dressed as Santa. A depiction of the Sugar Land Town Center, decked out for the holidays, was created by Matthew Mounzer. A Missouri City cow, illustrated by Chase Eggleston, completes the ornament and represents the livestock of the area.

Artists: Jacqueline Joyce, Matthew Mounzer, Chase Eggleston Elkins High School Representative Charlie Howard District 26

–  –  –

The artist was inspired to ponder what Baby Jesus might have thought of the wonderment surrounding His birth. District 29 has a rich heritage of celebrating the Christmas season, and Representative Weber and the artist celebrate the reason for the season each day of the year.

Artist: Michael Slattery Representative Geanie Morrison District 30

–  –  –

Di strict 31's ornament features a once-in-a-lifetime event that transpired in deep South Texas, from Laredo to South Padre Island, when it snowed on December 24, 2004, and lasted through the early morning hours of December 25, 2004. It was a blessed and wonderful "White Christmas" in Starr County and the rest of the Rio Grande Valley.

Artist: Arnel C. Sunga Representative Todd Hunter District 32

–  –  –

Thi s ornament, which depicts half of a grapefruit in a bowl, represents the Rio Grande Valley. The area is well known for its citrus, especially the Ruby Red Grapefruit which grow in the area. This ornament was created by IDEA Public Schools, which are charter schools located throughout the valley. The mission of IDEA is to prepare and send 100 percent of students to college.

Artists: Jessica Daniel and the art students of period 4B IDEA Public Schools Representative Veronica Gonzales District 41

–  –  –

Created by the Texas State University Metals Guild, this ornament, composed entirely out of metal, is inspired by the colorful wildflowers and blossoms of the Texas Hill Country. Represented in the ornament are the three counties located in District 45.

Hays County is illustrated by the vibrant maroon and gold Indian Blanket flower, which is the official flower of Texas State University. Caldwell County is illustrated by the watermelon plant's bright yellow blossom, which represents the renowned annual Luling Watermelon Thump, now entering its 58th year. Blanco County, known as the "Lavender Capital of Texas," is represented by the lavender flower and is home to the annual Blanco Lavender Festival, which is entering its seventh year.

Artist: Texas State University Metals Guild Representative Valinda Bolton District 47

–  –  –

Eastsi de Memorial High School, located in the heart of Austin's east side, is the first school in Austin to have two schools incorporated into one campus. The creed of Eastside Memorial is that all people, regardless of social or economic condition, must be provided with the capacity to take charge of their lives. Through new modes of teaching and learning, students are empowered to make critical decisions about their futures. District 51's ornament depicts beautiful poinsettias.

Artist: Eastside Memorial High School Representative Diana Maldonado District 52

–  –  –

Thi s ornament was inspired by Santa Claus' suit and enhanced with distinctive Texas touches. The globe is a rendition of Santa's belt, complete with a belt buckle inspired by the Lone Star Celebration logo and District 60. In addition to a belt, the ornament is finished off with cowboy boots and a Santa cowboy hat.

Artists: James Brookhart & Cathi Ball Representative Larry Phillips District 62

–  –  –

Thi s ornament is filled with hundreds of future hopes, dreams, and goals -both personal and professional -- that were handwritten by students and staff of Ronny Crownover Middle School located in Denton ISD. These seemingly small slips of paper serve as a reminder for students and staff to stay on the right track to achieve their dreams and for government to do what is in the best interest of the people it serves.

Artist: Ronny Crownover Middle School Art Club Representative Burt Solomons District 65

–  –  –

The ornament was made by children, interns and volunteers with Relief Nursery of Collin County. The ornament is adorned with ribbons representing Relief Nursery's credo, "Strengthening families and keeping children safe." Inside, the white stars represent the children served by Relief Nursery, and the blue Texas shapes represent the number of Texas counties in which Relief Nursery hopes to operate one day. The bottom of the ornament has the Relief Nursery logo so that when people look up they can see the children holding hands in the shape of a heart.

Artist: Beverly Harris Relief Nursery of Collin County Representative Rick Hardcastle District 68 A century and a half ago, Kiowa, Comanche and Apache Indians roamed the north central region of Texas, including District 68. The area's Native American heritage is illustrated in this ornament by turquoise stones. The ornament is further illustrated with small white flowers, which are Roadside Asters that grow wildly along the roadsides and in the fields of the area.

Encased in the ornament is wheat grown in Hardeman County and crowning the top is a deer antler button made from a Young County deer antler.

Artist: Anita Palmer Representative Ken Paxton District 70

–  –  –

Created by Representative Susan King, this ornament is the second in a series entitled "The Jewels of District 71." Named "The Sky's The Limit in West Texas," this ornament features three different depictions of the skies that are famous in west Texas. Decorated with Swarovski crystals and costume pearls, the first side illustrates day, with its blue sky and white fluffy clouds. The sunset depiction showcases the crimson, pink and amber masterpieces wondrously created by God and enjoyed in this area. The final sky that Representative King showcases is night, illustrated here as dark and deep and studded with glittering stars. The large star in the "East" symbolizes the birth of Christ, as it directed those to find Him.

Artist: Representative Susan King Representative Drew Darby District 72 Mari a de Agreda, also known as the "Lady in Blue," was born and died in Agreda, Spain, and entered convent life at the age of 15. She is credited for contributing to the evangelization of the Jumano Native Americans in the early 1600s, native to the area of District 72. It has been cataloged that she supernaturally appeared to early tribes in the region before official evangelization missions had even begun. Today, Jumano Native Americans gather with other tribes to honor the "Lady in Blue" annually in San Angelo.

Artist: Elizabeth Starnes Representative Doug Miller District 73 Thi s ornament depicts Texas scenery and is topped with a Santa Claus, complete with sleigh, reindeer and a Texas flag. The other side features a young baby's face in a lace wreath to personify the theme, "Doug Miller - Insuring a good future."

Artist: Jane Felts Mauldin Representative Pete Gallego District 74

–  –  –

Students from the Providing Opportunities for Secondary Transition (P.O.S.T.) program in Birdville ISD created this ornament, which features a beautiful scene from a winter wonderland, complete with sparkly snowflakes and glittery snow! An inspiring message of Believe is vividly displayed to remind everyone of the reasons why we celebrate Christmas.

Artists: Special Services Department/Birdville ISD Representative Todd Smith District 92

–  –  –

Thi s ornament, painted and decorated by preschool children at Vogel Alcove, is symbolic of their feelings of joy, hope, happiness, love and peace as they look forward to the holiday season.  Vogel Alcove is a nonprofit organization located in District 100.  Since 1986, it has provided free childcare for the youngest children, ages 6 weeks to 5 years old, of homeless families.  The families are referred from 18 homeless shelters throughout the Dallas area.  Artist: Sandra Elliott Vogel Alcove Representative Carol Kent District 102 This festive ornament, which is decorated with gold paint, crystals and ribbon, incorporates holiday colors to invoke joy and merriment.

Artist: Dorothy Rodgers Representative Rafael AnchÍa District 103

–  –  –

Thi s ornament, decorated with gift-wrapped presents, candy canes and educational symbols, delivers the artists' message: "Education As a Gift."

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