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«BATHURST HIGH CAMPUS NEWSLETTER 23RD OCTOBER 2015 FOCUS ON CREATIVE ARTS Year 5 iExplore Creative Arts Program Here at Bathurst High Campus, we ran ...»

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Year 5 iExplore Creative Arts Program

Here at Bathurst High Campus, we ran the

Year 5 Iexplore Creative Arts program, in

which Year 5 students from Bathurst Public,

West Bathurst Public and Eglinton Public Schools come to Bathurst High once a fortnight to participate in specialised Creative Arts lessons, working towards a showcase at the end of Term 3.

Students performed in a range of Dance, Drama and Music pieces, showcasing some extraordinary talent coming out of these Primary schools. The showcase was a hit, with the audience filling the Performing Arts Theatre.

A special thank you to Tyson Mendham and Tahlia Stokes for helping run our sound and lighting for this very successful showcase!

ED Visual Arts The boys in the ED class have been busy over the last two terms designing and painting their skate decks. Each student was given a blank skate board to create a deck design and then work on stencilling and painting. The results are awesome and well done to the boys for creating some amazing work!

Denison College of Secondary Education—Bathurst High Campus—www.bathurst-h.schools.nsw.edu.au


Creative Arts cont…..

Visual Art, Photography & Digital Media Denison College of Secondary Education—Bathurst High Campus—www.bathurst-h.schools.nsw.edu.au


Creative Arts cont…..

Dance Vocal Group Students recently performed at the Bathurst Eisteddfod receiving first It has been a busy year again for place for the Dance Ensemble’s “Future Husband” and Year 11 the Vocal Group. With a major received a Highly Commended. It was a great achievement for our change in numbers and students performers and they received some very positive feedback from the in our Junior school, it has been adjudicator. hard work, but well worth it.

They participated in performances for the opening of our Performing Arts Theatre, HSC Music performanc

–  –  –

I commend the article later in the newsletter re the Gonski Funding Campaign. Bathurst High has received some money through the funding in 2014 and 2015 This funding has already made a large difference. Some of the things we have used the money to

implement are:

1. Appoint Renetta Woolfe as our Head Teacher Literacy Programs—she has already led a whole school initiative focussing on writing in the junior years. As a result our NAPLAN results in writing have improved markedly.

2. Implement a supported English as a Second Language program for students who arrive at the school with very little or basic English. We have never been able to do this before, giving a teacher the opportunity to develop the skills that assist all these students to acquire the language at a level that allows them to succeed in school.

3. Join with other schools to fund a Bring Your Own Device Consultant. Geoff Childs, originally based at Canobolas High in Orange, comes into the school to develop teachers skills in the use of Google classroom. Although in its infancy, our BYOD program has been compared very favourably to samples from quite wealthy Sydney schools.

4. Employ an additional Aboriginal mentor and tutor. This has resulted in increased attendance, reduced negative incidents on Millennium and improved performance in NAPLAN.

There are other initiatives but I have included these to show that the relatively small amounts of money that have been made available to the school have made a difference. Most of the funding from the Gonski reforms come in the 5th and 6th year of the funding cycle. Unfortunately, the federal government is not supporting that funding, only the first four years, and this school stands to miss out on the ability to develop and continue a host of initiatives that will improved student performance. I commend the article to you.

Congratulations to Des Crawford

Des Crawford, our relieving Head Teacher Administration and full time Careers Advisor has been successful in getting a Head Teacher Administration position at Kelso High Campus for 2016. Des will be missed for his administration skills, knowledge of senior curriculum as well as post school pathways and leadership role with our Aboriginal students. We are currently searching for a suitable replacement.

Bathurst Fresh Fish

It has been a long journey but we have finally obtained a commercial licence for the sale of our trout from the Aquaculture facility.

On Saturday, the 24th October, we will be selling the fish at the Bathurst Farmers Markets for the first time. This project has been a joint project between our Yr 10 Commerce class, our Yr 11 Retail class and our Agriculture students. We have come up with a company and a logo and will be in residence at the markets from opening time until all our stock are gone or all the customers have left. We will subsequently be able to sell fish at the farmer’s markets for quite a while before the stock is exhausted. Come by and say hello, even if you are not interested in the lovely and very fresh trout.

School Development Day

On Wednesday evening, 21st October, the teachers of Bathurst High worked back until 7.30. This is the second of two School Development afternoons we have gazetted and take the place of school on Friday 18th December. This day is earmarked as a School Development Day by the department. I led an evaluation of school performance against the new development frameworks.

Mr Hamilton organised some workshops on the connection of the Google environment to a proposed homework calendar and Mrs Woolfe led the teachers as we did further examination of our processes to support literacy with an emphasis on writing. Our previous afternoons/evening have been very productive and Wednesday was no different.

–  –  –

Welcome back to Term 4.

I would like to first of all wish all Year 12 best wishes for their Higher School Certificate examinations. The exams continue until Wednesday 4th November. Larger exams are held in the gymnasium and all other exams are in the upstairs classrooms in the new gymnasium building. Year 12 students are still organising their university admissions and accommodation for 2016. They should continue to contact myself, Sandra Chapman and Des Crawford if they need any assistance. They will receive their school references at their graduation. If they need them earlier for scholarship applications they should let their Student Adviser know as soon as possible.

Year 11 started the term with a transition week. All students have been interviewed by Sandra Chapman, Des Crawford or myself to determine their pattern of study for the HSC year. Students have forms to sign by parents and these must be returned to me as soon as possible. Their attendance, attitude to work and Senior Agreement were also discussed, Students must submit the signed Senior Agreement if they want to leave the school when they do not have timetabled lessons.

When students have study periods they are able to use the library study area and access laptop computers if required. Staff are also available if they are not timetabled on classes at this time.

Students were also issued with their assessment booklet containing the assessment policy and all their tasks for their HSC year. Students mapped their assessment task due dates onto their wall planner with their student adviser. Students must ensure they submit all work on time and that they are present for all examination periods.

Congratulations to the Year 10 students for their fantastic Biotechnology Expo last week. The enthusiasm of students was clearly visible and the knowledge gained through these was outstanding. Year 10 will have the opportunity to complete an optional work experience this term.

They will also celebrate their end of Junior School with a celebratory dinner at the Bathurst RSL on Thursday 10th December.

Their Commendation Assembly will be at 9.15am on the same day. Year 10 students should focus on completing all classwork and assignments to ensure they satisfactorily complete their Year 10 Record of School Achievement.

–  –  –

Welcome Back to Term 4 – I hope all our students had an enjoyable and restful holiday and are ready for our final busy term!

Well Being Framework On Friday 16th October I had the opportunity to work with teacher representatives from our PBL team as well as student representatives from the SRC and some of our Aboriginal students, on the School Well Being Framework. The Well Being Framework is being implemented into all NSW government schools. It has as its motto “Connect, Succeed, Thrive” and it covers all areas of school which affect the well-being of students. Although it is a new policy, it is really building on what we are already doing in the school and it is an opportunity to review and add to our current practices. On the day we reviewed some of our current policies on bullying and harassment, student conflict and student management and expectations, and we formulated some draft policies. These will be available soon on our website for feedback. We have also started a consultation process with P&C.

Year 8 Drumming Congratulations to all the Year 8 students who participated so enthusiastically in the Japanese Drumming (Taiko) Workshop on Thursday 15th October. Taiko workshops are an invigorating way for students to immerse themselves in the Japanese language and culture. A big thank you to Ms Wolfe for organizing the workshop.

Year 7 Literacy and Numeracy During the first week of Term I, had the pleasure of visiting the Year 7 Literacy / Numeracy class during an English lesson. They were writing a newspaper report based on their recent excursion to Mount Panorama.

I was so impressed by the ideas and creativity that was evident in the class. Students were working together, consulting their teacher (and even me!), editing their work. It was such a busy and productive atmosphere and students were taking such obvious pride in their work. Well done! And well done to Mr Kenny!

Year 9 Camp Another reminder that notes and payment are due for the Year 9 Camp to Milson’s Island on the 18th – 20th November. We are now getting very close. Please contact the school if you require a payment plan for the camp.

Year 8 Rewards Excursion to Wet ‘n Wild Mr Lawler and Ms Hennessy are in the process of asking for interest for a rewards excursion at the end of the year. A letter asking for expressions of interest will be sent out shortly. This is a rewards excursion available to those students who have consistently co-operated and tried hard all year. The excursion will require a certain number of students to attend if it is to go ahead.

–  –  –

Year 12 attended their final assembly on Friday 18th September where they received their portfolios. This was a wonderful celebration attended by a large number of teachers, parents, family, friends and supporters. Our graduating class of 2015 were officially recognised for their achievements and a special mention must be made to the recipients of the Major Awards.

–  –  –

Congratulations to the students who received the Academic Achievement Award: Bradley Stratton, Cameron Jones and Breezy Jacobson. This award is presented to the three highest achieving students in their HSC assessment (which is calculated mathematically averaging their HSC assessment positions).

BHC Graduate 2003 Jennifer Browning who is an ABC Network sports reporter gave a very inspirational occasional address.

Emma Farr’s audio visual presentation about her peers and their life at Bathurst High was very entertaining and brought a few tears to many eyes., as well as some wonderful memories and a few laughs.

–  –  –

A big congratulations to three of our Year 12 students who have taken out the Rotary Youth of the Month Award, Breezy Jacobson in May, 2015, Emma Farr in July, 2015 and Brandon Kober-Brown in October,

2015. These students were fortunate enough to be the recipient of this fantastic award, coming up against lots of other great candidates from around Bathurst for their civics, citizenship, community involvement and application to their studies and learning.

Breezy, Emma and Brandon will now go into the pool to take out the Rotary Youth of the Year for 2015, announced at the end of the year.

–  –  –

National Gonski Week, coinciding with National Children’s Week, will commence on Monday 26 October and conclude on World Teachers Day, Friday 30 October.

This event has been organised to help raise awareness of the benefits of this funding model and the need to maintain this investment to ensure continuing improvements in students’ education.

All major NSW political parties support budgeting for the full six years of Gonski funding. Our students need the same funding commitment from all major political parties at the federal level. Unfortunately the Federal Government has markedly scaled down this funding program.

The NSW Minister for Education, Adrian Piccoli, identified how much will be lost if the Federal Government doesn’t commit to years five and six of the Gonski deal.

“As Minister for Education I am bitterly disappointed that the Commonwealth Government has walked away from a signed agreement with NSW … This will cost NSW schools $1.2 billion in 2018 and 2019 alone, with Government schools losing $944m …” Adrian Piccoli, Minister for Education (Wednesday 14 May 2014) A major component of the Gonski campaign is the sharing of stories of how this funding has had a positive impact on Public Schools.

NSW Teacher’s Federation President Maurie Mulheron said the Gonski funding model was arguably the most important piece of social reform of the last 30 years.

“Already, in schools across NSW, the additional needs-based funding is having a positive impact, but it is at risk,” he said.

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