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«BATHURST HIGH CAMPUS NEWSLETTER NOVEMBER 28TH 2013 FOCUS ON English From Biography to Zombies - Project Based Learning in Year 10 English Project ...»

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FOCUS ON English

From Biography to Zombies - Project Based Learning in Year 10 English

Project Based Learning is an instructional approach built upon authentic learning activities that engage student interest and motivation. Project Based Learning teaches students 21st century skills such as communication, presentation, organization, time management, research and inquiry skills, self-assessment and reflection, and group participation and leadership skills.

In term 4 we give Year 10 the opportunity to select from a range of English project Based Learning electives.

This year we have students working on the following:

H.O.B - Humans of Bathurst:

One person at a time, students are creating a portfolio capturing a glimpse of the people who make up our local area.

Students are meeting and photographing a range of people from our community, collecting quotes, stories and information to place alongside these photographs in their portfolio. They are learning about photography as well as biography.

Students involved in this elective have already visited nursing homes around Bathurst and “made the day” for a number of our elderly Bathurst residents.

Zombies in life and literature:

Graphic novels are a growing and expanding form of modern literature, but zombie versions of the classic are also available. What is this phenomenon?

Students doing this unit are studying the design of graphic novels and the impact of graphic novels in modern society.

Students will combine these elements to construct their own zombie graphic novel and marketing campaign in the hope of preparing individuals for the impending apocalypse.

Writers at work!

Denison College of Secondary Education—Bathurst High Campus—www.bathurst-h.schools.nsw.edu.au


FOCUS ON English cont...

Write Across the World:

Do you spend all day wishing you were someone else, somewhere else, living a whole different life? Well, too bad, everybody else is taken, but you can do the next best thing. Write about it! Students who joined this have been working on their creative writing. They are composing an anthology of poems, a short story or a series of novels! Maybe one of them could be the next JK Rowling! A selection of their writing to date is included at the end of this report.

Magazine Madness:

These students are learning how to be a writer, photographer, columnist, editor and take a magazine from concept to publication. Do we have the next editor of National Geographic or a columnist for vogue?

Stay tuned!

Motoring On:

Students who are keen to go hell for leather and are high on horse power, are planning a road trip on a fabulous motorbike or souped up car and, like Ewan McGregor, could be revving the Long Way Round!

Get with the Groove:

For those who are feeling musical!

Students are creating music using computer software, then designing the CD cover, posters and campaigns to sell their sound. Can‟t wait to hear the results.

–  –  –

Nadia looked more like a supernatural creature from the pages of a dusty tome yellowing with age than a performer in the National Romanian circus. A woman as ageless as time itself, her deep indigo gown cascaded down her generous curves, complementing her flawless porcelain complexion. Her heavy eyelids dropped seductively beneath the elegant arch of her eyebrows as her rose painted lips beckoned in a sensual pout. Her glamorous aura drew them in, tempting, tantalising, until the audience succumbed to her hypnotic charm.

Sarvin Sadrzadeh

Ricky looked more like an athlete than a supermodel. A man of almost thirty, he was strong and determined.

He had an oval face, with a pale, salmon pink complexion; his short prickly beard revealing a prominent chin.

His eyes squinted with concentration, under the mask of his lightly tinted sunglasses, sitting right below full, coarse eyebrows, which curved towards his long broad nose. His mouth was closed in a thin line, slightly curved into an unseen smile. Why was he so focused, one would wonder….

Don’t Say ‘Disaster’ by Emilie Jeffreys Don‟t say Disaster Say an awful, unfortunate, jaw dropping, world changing event Don‟t say mistake Say an ugly, compelling, flat out, utter mistake Don‟t dismiss the captured image Spectate the commotion of the bloody, filthy, explosive and repulsive view that fills the frame Don‟t say it was a loud explosion Say it was a ginormous fireball filled with all the colours of the rainbow and it would have blasted all the life from your ears had you been there Don‟t say it‟ll be taken care of Say it is a danger zone and a playground for thick, black oil to engulf any natural organism Don‟t say sorry with your head hung low Say the truth with no excuses, no pity, no guilt

–  –  –

Don‟t say still Say paralysed, rigid and cold.

Don‟t say quiet.

Say lonely, abandoned and piercingly quiet.

Don‟t say dark.

Say shadows that swallow and consume.

Don‟t say there is no smell.

Say it smells stale and untouched.

Don‟t say blue.

Say the colour of a newborn‟s eyes that capture every image.

Don‟t say man.

Say being, trapped by his choices and destined to take them to his grave.

Don’t Say by Brad Stratton

Don‟t say fish, Say a sea of death that blocks the sun from below.

Don‟t say it smelt bad, Say it reeked of death and rotting flesh mixed with the salt of the sea.

Don‟t say he was unhappy, Say the veins in his red face expressed his fury.

Don‟t say the water felt gross, Say the waves of carcasses softly pushed against his shivering legs.

Don‟t say the sun was hot.

Say the heat of the sun‟s scorching rays blanketed his face with sweat.

Don‟t say the green goo.

Say the horrific liquefied fish guts oozed into the water swirling around in a deathly dance.

Don‟t say his muscles ached.

Say the weight of the dead fish pulled down on his muscles to the point of agony.

–  –  –

In January 2015, the school will be taking Ancient and Modern History students on the trip of a lifetime. To complement the syllabi of these 2 courses students will have the opportunity to spend a week in Italy and a week in Belgium and France. The trip will be available to students studying these courses in 2014 and 2015. The flier for the trip is attached at the end of the newsletter. An expression of interest form will be issued to students in the next few weeks. Parents are also invited to apply as the group prices offer fantastic value. Students who wish to attend will have to display exemplary behaviour throughout 2014.

–  –  –

English cont……..

LOTE Report We have had very productive Semester in Japanese. After a wonderful trip to Japan in April students have been reinvigorated to study hard and rehearse their skills as often as they can.

We enjoyed a fantastic visit from Ohkuma Junior High once again. Students were hosted by Bathurst High families and they came to school with their buddy each morning for English lessons and then Bathurst Regional Council organised their afternoon excursions. Again, it was wonderful for students to have the opportunity to meet their peers from Japan. Some friendships are so strong that students are coming back to visit their host family again these summer holidays!

Year 11 and Year 10 students have done a wonderful job of publishing small stories in Japanese this semester. At the end of term 3 Year 11 students presented their stories to the stage 1 classes using the smart boards. It was fantastic for our students to support one of our feeder schools studying Japanese at the time.

Just last week Year 10 students read their stories to the Year 9 students and our visiting delegation from Iiyama Japan.

The delegation from Iiyama Japan, including the Mayor of the city and the Director of Eduction, were here to inspect our school and town and discuss becoming a Sister School with Bathurst High. It was a very successful visit with both schools agreeing to become friendship schools until April 2015. In April 2015 the new Iiyama Senior High will open and we will be visiting Iiyama once more, as we did this April. We will formally be known as Sister Schools and continue to create wonderful opportunities for our students. Some that we discussed included using technology to communicate through video conferencing with each other and individual student exchanges for about 4 weeks at a time.

We would also like to congratulate Melanie Arthur on her dedication and success with Japanese all the way to Year 12. Ex-student Nethanel Farr went on to study Japanese at ANU and has been attaining Honour grades in the subject. Another ex-student Sarah Meadley has been accepted into a program to teach English in Japan after completing her degree, which included Japanese, at Wollongong University.

McPhillamy Park, Mount Panorama Visitors from Iiyama Japan, including the Mayor of the city and the Director of Education, were here to inspect our school and town and discuss becoming a Sister School with Bathurst High.

–  –  –

Assessment and Grades It is a truism of education that teachers must assess the learning of their students. As a consequence of this, it is necessary for students to demonstrate their learning. Assessment and evaluation are an integral part of the teaching and learning processes. Reporting on student progress is based on the assessment of students across a course. At Bathurst High there is a particularly transparent method of assessing students. The assessment tasks that count towards their report marks are all placed on Millennium and visible from early in the semester for every student and every course.

What concerns me is that students, are still receiving grades lower than necessary because they are not handing in their assessment items or not completing assessment items. We do have a program called assessment recovery where students can catch up on tasks and we are currently reviewing this in order to see how we can use it to maximum effect.

It is important that parents and carers are aware of the assessment schedule for their child and that they remind them of tasks that are due. Our aim is to have all students hand in all tasks on time so that their performance in reports reflects their knowledge, not how much of their knowledge they have demonstrated formally. If there are any doubts about the nature of a task, parents can ring their child‟s teacher for clarification.

Thank You Mrs Howard, Year 12 Year Advisor 2013 It is rare that a year advisor stays with their group from year 7 through to 12 but Mrs Howard, outgoing year 12 advisor has achieved that. She has been a constant in their lives at school and a mentor, supporter, advocate, organizer and occasional disciplinarian over 6 years. Her tenure has more or less finished with the very successful Graduation Ball held at Panthers and I ( and 94 year 12 students ) would like to thank her for her outstanding performance as an advisor and years of commitment to this group of young men and women.

Congratulations Students Having written the little piece about assessment and reports, I would like to congratulate our students for their achievement and effort this semester. School is primarily about learning but it is much more than that. It is about the building of values, consistency of attendance friendships, resilience and the ability to work in a number of different areas so students can discover their hidden abilities. I see all this in our reports in the bulk of our student body. I also see excellence and, in some cases, examples of students working at the highest possible level in individual or a number of subjects.

We recognise all of this in our Commendation and Recognition Assemblies and for the absolute best examples in the school, our Presentation Night. Well done students and enjoy your success! If you are disappointed with the results then use that as a spur to do better next year.

Leadership Assembly What an outstanding group of young people were inducted into our leadership structures at our Leaders Induction Assembly. From the School Captains and Vice Captains through to our senior leadership team, the Student Representative Council and the Peers Support leaders I am very proud of the committed and capable young people. We were joined by parents, grandparents, supporters and our Director, Peter Harvey to celebrate their achievements and the start of their leadership journey. Good luck to them!

–  –  –

Rural and Remote Education On Thursday, 7th November, I was privileged to be invited to attend the launch of Rural and Remote Education: A blueprint for action at Tamworth High School. At the launch, the Minister for Education, Adrian Piccoli, announced $80 million in new funding to support the initiatives outlined in the blueprint.

Check it out at http://www.dec.nsw.gov.au/about-the-department/our-reforms/rural-and-remote-education Whilst, in general, the strategies target schools in smaller and more remote communities than Bathurst, there will be potential benefits for some of our partner schools, and for our students. In particular, the new teach.Rural scholarships will be available to prospective teachers. Applications for these scholarships will be invited from high quality school students about to enter their first year of university study, who are prepared to teach in schools in rural and remote locations.

In 2014 the 20 successful applicants will receive $6000 per year of fulltime study, $5000 on successful completion of their course, and a guarantee of fulltime employment with the department in a rural and remote location.

Applications for these scholarships close on 15 November.

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