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«BATHURST HIGH CAMPUS NEWSLETTER AUGUST 2012 FOCUS ON.TAS Iexplore Iexplore is a program initiated by Bathurst High Campus which assists children in ...»

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Iexplore is a program initiated by Bathurst High Campus which assists children in the transition from year 6

into high school. In term 2, the TAS faculty hosted students from surrounding primary schools. The program

took place over a total of three days. Students were offered new learning experiences and the TAS staff enjoyed their excitement and the enthusiasm with which they undertook both the tasks and the process of meeting new classmates. Activities ranged from cooking culinary delights in the food technology area to performing agricultural tasks at the school farm.

TAS Electives Students have recently participated in the elective information evenings held for year 8, as well as our College Future Directions evening for year 11. These information sessions result in the development of campus and college elective offerings in 2013. Prospective student course selections have been extremely promising.

When enrolling into a TAS elective in stage 5 or 6, it is important for students to be aware, performance and skill building develops throughout the length of the course. In general, the longer students remain in the course, the greater the level of skill they exhibit when they finish. TAS subjects build a range of life and learning experiences which support success in the future.

Trade training facility Our new Trade Training facility is now complete and fully operational. Students now have access to state of the art facilities across a wide range of technologies. We have been extending our already diverse curriculum to meet the needs of students within our local community. Please view more photos of our exciting new facility on the following page.

TAS elective fees and footwear reminder Outstanding TAS elective subject fees must be paid ASAP. We require the support of parents and carers to ensure students enrolled in TAS electives wear the appropriate heavy vinyl or leather upper shoes to school. Any student who has not paid their fees or is not wearing the appropriate footwear will not be permitted to participate in workshop/kitchen activities. If anyone has difficulty with the fee payments for electives, they should contact Mr Hastings or the Deputy Principals as arrangements can always be made to help students.

Denison College of Secondary Education—Bathurst High Campus—www.bathurst-h.schools.nsw.edu.au


FOCUS ON……TAS (cont.) New trade training facility

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Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL) A very interesting data exercise was conducted as part of our regular review on school progress. Data on Millennium regarding entries against students as part of our Safe, Respectful, Learners PBL ethos. Parents and carers should know that this school will record as many events as possible. These events are put down by teachers on Millennium, our tracking software, under the headings of safe, respectful, learning or positive behaviour. For example, a student who is distracted and talking despite reminders from teachers may have an entry put against learning. A student who is found wrestling or similar would have an entry put against safe. Students who have done excellent work on a consistent basis may have a positive behaviour entry. We tracked records from 2010 by semester.

So what did the data show:

1. The school is an incredibly safe place in terms of interactions between students and between students and teachers. The number of safety incidents was very low and getting lower every year. The students and teachers can be proud of the way they work together in the overwhelming majority of cases.

2. Students are overwhelmingly respectful. While there are still cases of disrespect, these have been dropping consistently since 2010.

3. The number of positive accolades from teachers to students has increased many fold. In first semester this year, there were, on average, over 7 positive records in Millennium, per student, entered by teachers. These do not include Semester Recognition and Commendation Awards.

4. While it is not an excessively large area, our greatest challenge is the learning area. This includes, amongst other things, homework not done, assessment tasks not completed and distraction during class time. Interestingly, this is the area that the school‟s PBL team means to tackle next. Despite the fact that, because of other priorities, this hasn't been a focus area for the PBL team, these notations by teachers have also reduced in number over the last three years.

If the status of the school is to be summarised, the data shows a school with students who are very safe and respectful, who are learning and progressing through the curriculum better than they were in 2010. It also shows that the whole school community can do better and improve our learning to even higher levels as our PBL focus shifts.

Congratulations I commend all the wonderful achievements of individual students who are mentioned in this newsletter.

There have been some exceptional individual triumphs in recent weeks. I would also like to sincerely thank our elders for the Cultural Awareness Day - Aunty Gloria, Uncle Bill Senior and Aunty Sally. I value their commitment to our students and the interaction I observed between all our year 7 bronze students and our three guests, was a living example of mutual respect, the power of reconciliation and the sharing of knowledge.

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News From The Senior School The Year 12 Countdown Students in Year 12 are preparing for their Trial HSC Examinations starting Monday 13th August. Students have been asked to see me if there are any issues with illness or misadventure leading up to, or during the exam period. Students who are ill or experience an accident, disaster or tragedy are to have documentary evidence, for instance, a medical certificate. The timetable is on the school website. Please call me if you have any questions about the exams. There are only four weeks left after the Trials and students are encouraged to take advantage of all opportunities provided by teachers for extra assistance, particularly in regard to completing draft responses and obtaining feedback. Before we know it, we will be celebrating the end of Year 12 on the 21st September at the Year 12 Presentation Assembly at 10am. Best wishes Year 12 for Your Trail exams. Please keep in mind Careers Adviser, Des Crawford, is available for parent/student interviews. Just call the office to schedule an appointment.

Year 11 Countdown The Preliminary Course finishes at the end of Term 3. Students will sit their final examinations in the last two weeks of term. At this stage of the course, students should be completing assessment tasks and demonstrating in-class application and focused attention to systematic study to prepare for the End of Course Examinations.

There are some students who have received N Determination Warning Letters and it is essential that the work listed is cleared by the date specified on the letter. If not, students will jeopardise their Preliminary Certificate and their ability to continue to the HSC. Parents can check their student‟s status on the Millennium portal.

Any N award warning will be labelled as such in the register link.

Year 10 News It is full steam ahead for the Transition planning process. Timetable lines are being sorted and interview dates for parents are organised. Thank you to all parents who participated in the Future Directions Night. It is exciting and a little daunting for Year 10 students to look ahead to the HSC and post school life. We hope the transition process will assist in making wise choices so your child is set up to make the most of opportunities for the future. I am looking forward to the interviews and discussions about each student and their plans.

Thank you to Mr Browning, Head Teacher Senior Studies, for his organisation of the Transition process. Mr Baillie, the Year 10 Student Adviser is available for any queries.

Student Success Stories Students at BHC are often awarded and recognised for various extra-curricular activities. I would like to congratulate the following students from year 10, 11 and 12 on their very special achievements.

Uttam Rana Magar, Year 10 Has been accepted into the NSW Pubic Schools Urban Dance Crew, after an audition with the Sydney Dance Company. He was one of 15 selected out of 202 applicants. Uttam will be involved in State Dance Festival, School Spectacular and contest Platform Hip Hop Festival at Sydney Olympic Park.

Sarah Davey, Year 10 Sarah Davey year 10, has been presented with a Bathurst Arts Council Youth Arts Award.

Sarah is a singer/songwriter who also plays guitar, flute, clarinet and now teaching herself to play keyboard. Sarah loves to sing as a form of expression and recently recorded her first CD called You Don't Realise. Sarah has donated profits from the sale of her music to the Bathurst Base Hospital and the Credit Union Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation that helps people in developing countries gain access to basic financial services. Sarah has also sung with local choir The Mitchell Young Voices and is excited about her musical future.

Sarah is now in the running for the $500 2012 2BS Youth Arts Award.

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Madelaine Howarth Year 11 Has won the Bathurst Beanie Festival Competition (junior section) with her original and very beautiful „under the sea’ themed beanie. Congratulations Madelaine!

Eric Mayhew Year 12 Has been selected to represent NSW in Indoor Bowling. He will take part in the Australian Championships in Launceston, Tasmania.

Emma Smith Year 12 Has been awarded Rotary Youth Citizen of the Month. Congratulations on this prestigious achievement Emma!

Ruby Conolan-Barrett Year12 Has been selected as the Regional finalist in the Sydney Morning Herald Young Writer of the Year Awards.

There are only 13 finalists from across NSW and Ruby's story will be published on the SMH website this week.

Final judging will take place in September.

Lauren Inwood Year 12 Has won Highly Commended in the Eureka Prize, National competition for her video of the open star cluster NGC2215. The purpose of the competition was to teach a scientific concept in an entertaining way.

Felicity McKeller, Year 12 Felicity has been selected to be part of a live panel discussing the future of photography at this year‟s Australian Photographic Society‟s Annual Conference (APSCON) to be held during the week 15 September to 21 September 2012 inclusive. Felicity has been chosen to provide a youth‟s perspective. Congratulations Felicity!

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News From the Middle School Year 7 We are at present finalising applications for our Year 7 Academically Talented class for 2013. If you have a child in year 6 who may be interested in applying for this class, applications have been extended until the 22 nd August. Application forms are available from the front office.

An Indigenous Cultural Awareness workshop was attended by Year 7 students in bronze classes last week.

Information on this appears later in the newsletter. I would like to thank our Bathurst Aboriginal elders for their involvement in this most inspiring morning of activities.

Year 7 students who changed classes at the start of the semester have settled in well to their new classes. They should be congratulated on their ease of transition to these classes.

Congratulations to Year 7 students Kimberly Campbell, Aiden Carstens, Keira Mallard, Sam Neary and Grace Kelly who participated in a debate against Kelso High Campus last week. Students were trained in debating skills on Tuesday then debated at the Probus meeting in front of 50 members on Wednesday.

Members praised students for their skills and students enjoyed morning tea with Probus members after the debate.

Year 8 and 9 Year 8 and 9 students have all received elective booklets for 2013. These were due back to me on Tuesday 7th.

If students have not submitted these they should do so as soon as possible. Elective lines will be determined on what has been submitted to date.

Year 9 students study three electives and in year 10 they drop one of these and study two electives. Two new vocational electives are on offer this year for students. They are Certificate 1 in Creative Industry and Information Technology.

The Creative Industry course is designed for students who have an interest in developing both technical and performance skills in the music and theatre industry. The course includes technical units of competency on audio, lighting, vision systems and staging as well as performance elective units for music and drama.

The Information Technology course can include web page design, animation and hardware modules depending on the topics chosen. Students at Bathurst High are very lucky to be able to study such a broad range of electives!

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NSW Training Awards Eric Mayhew was one of 3 students selected from an arduous application process and interview as a regional finalist in the NSW VET Student of the Year. Any student studying a VET subject at school is eligible to enter this competition. Eric is a Retail Services trainee with Eagle Boys and studies Retail Services as part of his HSC.

Eric attended a dinner in Orange on Friday 29th June along with his mum, his employer and Mrs Sharon Mendes (his retail teacher) for the announcement. Unfortunately, Eric was not selected to move onto the next level of the competition. Sarah Jordison who is a Business Services trainee with the Commonwealth Bank in Gilgandra and a student from Gilgandra High school was successful. It was an extremely strong field this year, students were not only judged on their progress in the VET course but also on their contribution to the community, participation in sporting and cultural events, their application and interview. Eric should be congratulated on his efforts and proud of his achievements. This is the first time that we have entered a student in this competition and feel it was a very valuable exercise.

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