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«M.T.H. HO SD70ACe/SD70M-2 Diesel Engine DCC Ready ENGINEER’S GUIDE Congratulations! You've just purchased the most technically advanced HO diesel ...»

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Diesel Engine

DCC Ready


Congratulations! You've just purchased the most

technically advanced HO diesel locomotive ever

produced! This highly detailed model includes a

broader range of features than you’ll find on any

other HO scale diesel, including operating

flashing ditch lights; smooth performance from a

12-Volt 5-Pole Precision Flywheel Equipped

Skew-wound motor; and a DCC-Ready plug-in

receptacle for any DCC receiver. If you’re looking for modern motive power that’s accurately detailed, smooth running, and a great deal of fun to operate, it doesn’t get any better than this.





Removing and Unwrapping Your Engine 4 What Else is in the Box? 4 PRODUCT OVERVIEW 5 Getting to Know Your Engine 5 Engine Diagram 6 Removing the Body 6 SET-UP 9 Lubrication 9


Analog DC (standard DC power pack) 10 DCC Digital Command Control 10 Alternate Lighting Supply Jumper 11 Installing your DCC Decoder 12 SPECIFICATIONS 14 CARE AND MAINTENANCE

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WARNING: When using electrical products, basic safety precautions should be observed, including the following:

Read this manual thoroughly before using this device.

M.T.H. recommends that all users and persons supervising use examine the hobby transformer and other electronic equipment l periodically for conditions that may result in the risk of fire, electric shock, or injury to persons, such as damage to the primary cord, plug blades, housing, output jacks or other parts. In the event such conditions exist, the train set should not be used until properly repaired.

Do not operate your layout unattended. Obstructed accessories or stalled trains may overheat, resulting in damage to your layout.

l l train set is intended for indoor use. Do not use if water is present. Serious injury or fatality may result.

This Do not operate the hobby transformer with damaged cord, plug, switches, buttons or case.

l This product may be protected by one or more of the following patents: 6,019,289;

6,280,278; 6,281,606; 6,291,263; 6,457,681; 6,491,263; 6,604,641; 6,619,594; 6,624,537;


©2010, M.T.H. Electric Trains®, Columbia, MD 21046


Of course, you should read your manual over before running your engine, but if you just can’t wait you’re in luck. Your MTH DCC Ready engine is ready to run out of the box. Follow the three simple steps below to get your new engine up and running. Now, after a few minutes, shut her down and read through your engineer’s guide.


Step 1: Unpack your Engine. (refer to unpacking instruction on pg 4)… Step 2: Set the engine on the track … Step 3: Apply increasing DC voltage until she starts up and pulls out!

CAUTION: M.T.H. HO engines DO NOT OPERATE ON AC VOLTAGE. Applying AC power to your locomotive could cause permanent damage and will void your warranty.

M.T.H. HO SD70ACe & SD70M-2 Diesel Engine


Removing and Unwrapping Your Engine Carefully remove and unwrap the model on a soft surface. By nature, models with high levels of detail have some small fragile parts.

Carefully remove any foam packing pieces that may be surrounding the model.

What Else is in the Box?

The following items are packed with your engine.

Engineer's Guide (1) You probably know that since you're reading it.

ALT-L Pad Jumper (1) This is for the ALT-L pad on the MTH DCC Ready Engine Board M.T.H. HO SD70ACe & SD70M-2 Diesel Engine


Getting to Know Your M.T.H. HO Locomotive Key Features Your new HO Diesel Engine is equipped with a DCC-Ready receiver receptacle.

In plain English, this means your locomotive is ready-to-run using any DC power supply and can be quickly updated to command control with any DCC decoder.

This HO model has directionally controlled LED's, has locations for DCC decoders to drive the Number boards and Ditch Left and Ditch Right LED's (extra F functions on applicable DCC decoders).

Compatibility Compatible with any DC power supply Compatible with DCC decoders that use the standard 8-pin NMRA connection Lights As you read on, you'll notice there are no instructions for replacing light bulbs in your diesel. That's because there aren't any. We use specially designed and controlled LEDs to create realistic lighting effects that occur automatically. All the lights for this model are LED’S (headlight, two number boards, two ditch lights and a tailight) Again, NO PROGRAMMING!!

More… No other HO locomotive has features like these. There are so many more things to learn and enjoy about M.T.H. HO Engines, we could write a book. But, that's no fun. So, if you haven't already done so, flip to the Quick Start Guide and let's run your new engine!!

–  –  –

Removing the Body Follow the below steps to remove the body and access the DCC ready control tabs. You will need to remove 4 handrails.

First remove the two handrails in the front of the engine. Use tweezers or needle-nose pliers to carefully pull the handrail from the body. To prevent damaging the paint wrap the pliers or tweezer tips in masking tape.

–  –  –

M.T.H. HO SD70ACe & SD70M-2 Diesel Engine Then remove the handrails on the left and right side front of the engine. You can either remove the stanchions from the body or pop the handrail off the stanchions. Use tweezers or needle-nose pliers to carefully perform this. To prevent damaging the paint wrap the pliers or tweezer tips in masking tape. Take care not to deform the handrail or break the handrail stanchions.

To access the front and rear body tabs you must first remove the

truck bottom plate and wheel sets. To do this:

1. Remove the truck bottom plate using a thin-bladed screwdriver. Once removed note the orientation of the bottom plate. It only goes back on one way. The end that has the angle cut into it goes towards the fuel tank

2. Using tweezers or needle-nose pliers, gently pull both truck sides outward to release them from the wheels. NOTE - The pick-up wires are attached to the truck sides so take care not to pull them out too far or the pick-up wires could be damaged

3. Lift all three wheel sets up. Note the gear location on each wheel set so they can be re-installed correctly M.T.H. HO SD70ACe & SD70M-2 Diesel Engine

4. Using a small-bladed screwdriver gently push the tabs outward to release them from the chassis

–  –  –

5. Now that you have the body tabs released gently lift the body away from the chassis

6. Re-install the wheels sets into the front and rear trucks ensuring the gears mesh

7. push the truck side back over the wheels axles making sure each axle is in their respective bearing

8. Snap the truck bottom plate back into place. NOTE - The truck side MUST BE seated all the way towards the center of the truck because the truck bottom plate holds the truck sides in place

9. Check that your truck sides are parallel to one another and that each wheel set axle is seated in the bearing in the truck side. If one of the truck sides isn't parallel then remove the truck bottom plate and ensure the truck side is pushed all the way towards center and re-install the truck bottom plate. Again, the truck bottom plate's angled end goes towards the fuel tank.

To re-install the body:

1. Slide the body over the chassis taking care not to catch it on the handrails you removed earlier

2. Press down evenly on the front and rear of the top of the body to engage the clips onto the chassis

3. If you have the body clipped to the chassis correctly you should be able to pick the model up by the body

4. Re-install the handrails you removed earlier

–  –  –

Lubrication Using light machine or household oil, apply a very small amount to all axles points as shown.

Your gearbox is properly greased at the factory and probably never needs service however, if you run excessive hours pulling heavy loads, it's a good idea to remove the 2 screws from the gearbox cover and re-grease using M.T.H. gear grease or equivalent.

–  –  –

Couplers MTH DCC Ready engine comes with Kadee-compatible couplers already installed.


Now, for the fun stuff! Your new M.T.H. HO Diesel Engine has more features and operating capabilities than any HO engine ever built by any manufacturer.

We're going to walk you through everything she does in general but, you'll probably find a few we forgot to mention on your own.

Conventional Operation Jumpers

Your MTH DCC Ready engine has pre-installed jumpers that allow for out-ofthe-box operation. However, you can remove these jumpers to change the lighting to your liking. You can shut off the Ditch Lights or the Number Board Lights by removing the jumpers on the engine's circuit board. Please refer to Removing Jumpers in the DCC Operation section of this manual.

It is important to note that there two sets of jumpers that route track power to your engine's motor. These must be installed when operating in Conventional DC mode.

Don’t worry. We’ve taken care of the hard part for you. Your MTH DCC Ready engine already has the jumpers installed at the factory so all you have to do is set it on the rails, apply DC power and away you go.

–  –  –

Modes of Operation Analog DC This is when there is nothing connected to the rails except a conventional DC power pack. These power packs generally have at least one variable output controlled by a throttle of some sort and a means of reversing DC polarity on the track to change the direction of your engine.

DCC The user connects their DCC decoder of choice to the MTH DCC Ready board's 8-pin header following the DCC decoder's manufacturer's instructions.

Analog DC Not much explanation is required here, and that's exactly why you run your trains this way! Here's the good news, even if you like to keep it simple, your MTH HO engine is outfitted with lights, features, that you're going to love.

Running the Engine Set the engine on the rails, and apply DC power. Refer to the Set-Up section of this guide for instructions on how to lubricate the chassis.

As you increase power, at about 3 volts, the lights will come on and she'll move out! Continue increasing the voltage all the way to 16 volts DC for maximum speed.

Changing Direction Reduce the throttle until the engine stops, flip the direction switch, and then increase the throttle again.

Lighting Your model is equipped with a headlight, operating ditch lights, and number board lights. In analog DC mode, lighting operation is fully automatic.

M.T.H. HO SD70ACe & SD70M-2 Diesel Engine Alternate Lighting Supply Jumper This exists on your MTH board in case you have a DCC decoder that doesn't have an appropriate lighting supply line. Most all current DCC decoders have a lighting supply line so in most cases you won't need this jumper installed. If you have programmed your DCC decoder correctly and you still have no lights then you will need to install this jumper. Again, this is why it is recommended that you operate the model with the body off after installation of any DCC decoder.

DCC Lighting Control Tabs These tabs provide wiring locations for DCC Decoders that have extra F functions available. The tabs are labeled on the board – D_R = Ditch Right, D_L = Ditch Left, NUM = Number Board.

–  –  –

M.T.H. HO SD70ACe & SD70M-2 Diesel Engine

To install your DCC decoder:

Step 1: Remove the engine's body. (See pages 6&7) Step 2: Remove the Alternate Lighting Supply jumper removal reference

- Number Board

- Ditch Light

- Alternate Lighting Supply

- NMRA Header (both jumpers) Step 3: Connect your DCC decoder to the 8-pin NMRA header on your MTH engine board. Follow your DCC decoder's manufacturer's instructions carefully NOTE – If your DCC decoder has the extra F – Functions (and wires) available you can connect the DCC decoder board to the 3 tabs at the end of the board to control Ditch lights and Number Board lights If your DCC decoder has only a headlight and a taillight available and you want to keep your ditch and number board lights active, leave the pad jumpers installed for Ditch and Number Board on your MTH board. The tabs on the end of the MTH board are available for you to wire your DCC Decoder’s function control lines to them to allow control of the Number Board and Ditch lights. For example, if you want your DCC Decoder to control the Number Board lights and you have the function control line to do so, remove the Number Board pad jumper then wire the control line from your DCC Decoder to the NUM pad on the MTH board.

To mount your DCC Decoder to the MTH board it is recommended that you use double-sided tape and ensure your DCC decoder board doesn't touch your MTH board (keep the two boards insulated from one another). There is quite a bit of room available inside your model so for most DCC decoders you will find it easy to mount them Step 4: If you are connecting the extra lighting function wires from the note above then simply slide the plastic wire clip off the tab on the MTH board and insert the wire then slide the clip back on. This provides a secure, yet, quick and easy way to connect the added function wires from your DCC decoder using the existing LED's on your MTH engine.

If you are adding a 28mm speaker and want to utilize one or more of the existing cut-outs in your MTH engine's fuel tank you will most likely need to desolder the wires from the speaker in order to get them fished down through the model. To

continue please go to Step 5:

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