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«BATHURST HIGH CAMPUS NEWSLETTER 15TH MAY 2015 FOCUS ON TAS 2015 Animal Nursery and Bathurst Show Another great Bathurst Royal Animal Nursery due to ...»

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15TH MAY 2015


2015 Animal Nursery and Bathurst Show

Another great Bathurst Royal Animal Nursery due to

the fantastic effort of our wonderful students and staff.

The weather forecast looked worrying but the rain held

off at the busy times.

What makes our animal nursery so superior and unique is the interaction of our students with the public and the quality of the displays and we continually receive complements from visitors regarding the assistance and involvement of students.

A tremendous amount of work before, during and after the show goes into running a successful animal nursery and special thanks goes to Mr Hardy for his tireless efforts, Mr Ford and Mrs Hood for helping supervise the nursery and to Mr Walsh and Mr Madden for their assistance in producing equipment used in the displays.

Year 10 Agriculture students were also exhibiting stud Border Leicester and Poll Dorset sheep which they did with great success achieving a reserve champion and number of place awards.

Denison College of Secondary Education—Bathurst High Campus—www.bathurst-h.schools.nsw.edu.au


TAS cont…….

TAS classes across the board have made a very impressive start to the school year. It is very important that all students maintain their efforts, work diligently and to the best of their personal ability.

We recently enjoyed hosting a visiting group of Japanese students from Toyo High School. Our students looked after them for the day giving them a range of experiences within our faculty. I’m sure they’ll remember their visit fondly for many years to come.

Our Aquaculture facility is now stocked to capacity with Brook Trout. In Term 3 we will be fullylicenced to sell our fish products to the broader Bathurst Community.

Throughout the school holidays we were extremely busy preparing and running the Animal Nursery at the Bathurst Show. We put on a display of a variety of animals to enable the public to walk through and observe and also have the opportunity of a hands on experience.

Bathurst High Students play an integral role in setup, upkeep, running and packing-up of the Animal Nursery.

Students who have not had a negative millennium entry this year are eligible to put their name down on our show supervision roster. The Bathurst Show is a great opportunity for our students to liaise with the local community and promote the wonderful things we do at Bathurst High.

TAS elective fees reminder Most elective TAS subjects have a compulsory fee which is necessary for the resourcing of the elective.

Students who have outstanding fees Term 2, end of Week 3, may not be permitted to work on practical activities.

Please note: If you are having financial difficulty paying fees please contact the one of Deputy Principals or the Principal so alternative arrangements can be made.

TAS footwear reminder We all need to play a part in ensuring student safety at school. A TAS priority is to follow and maintain good safety practices within the faculty.

All students who have elected a TAS subject with the exception of computing subjects must wear appropriate footwear for practical activities.

Footwear such as open weave cloth type shoes, shoes with openings at toes or heels, platforms or high-heel shoes cannot be worn in a workshop, kitchen or agricultural area. They present a potentially hazardous situation.

Appropriate Footwear: Fully enclosed shoes with a leather or heavy vinyl upper material.

Students who do not wear the appropriate footwear will not be permitted to participate in workshop/kitchen activities.

The following photos showcase our students enjoying working in our Trade Training Facilities Patrick Ford HT TAS Faculty

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TAS cont…….

Food Tech Report We have had a busy start to 2015 in the Food Technology and Hospitality area. The students have begun the year with enthusiasm and have been creating some mouth-watering culinary delights in all their practical lessons.

In Term 1, the Year 11 and 12 Hospitality students were responsible for catering for the Principals Conference which was held at Bathurst High. Principals were treated to a sit down meal consisting of slow cooked Lamb Shanks, served on a bed of Potato and Celeriac Super Mash with Seasonal Vegetables, followed by red Velvet Cupcakes with cream cheese icing. All students involved worked professionally and tirelessly to create this memorable dining experience. The students were encouraged by words of support and gratitude by the Principals who were present at the lunch.

Year 11 Hospitality students this year have been involved in lessons where they have prepared fish supplied to us from our Aqua Culture centre. Students learnt how to fillet, skin and bone the fish then used the meat to make a beautiful Thai Coconut Fish Hot Pot. The students embraced this activity and were also surprised at the percentage of meat they cut from the whole fish. Students also learnt how to use the whole fish by using the off cuts to make stock.

We have many more fantastic opportunities planned for the students throughout the year and look forward to enriching their lives and experiences through these. The students enjoy participating in their lessons as the outcomes are achievable and very rewarding.

Ms Withyman

–  –  –

Bathurst Celebrates 200 years as a City

It has been a terrific two weeks of celebration and Bathurst High has been to the fore in contributing to the celebrations. Our contibutions have included:

 The nomination and completion of 9 entries in the Peoplescape project by Year 9 VisualArts  The selection of Bernadette Wood, our Visual Arts teacher as the speaker at the opening of Peoplescape project.

 The selection of Laurie Crawford, one of our Peoplescape nominations, as a speaker at the opening.

 Year 9 Aboriginal boys were instrumental in the building of the bark canoe and other objects at the Wiradjuri camp under the direction of Aboriginal elders.

 20 wonderful lanterns were created for the Ilumination festival and lantern march. Year 9 students marched in the parade.

 Students from the elective history classes joining in tours of Machattie Park and Kings Parade  The students of the vocal group joining the combined schools choir.

 Captains and Vice Captains representing the school at the official celebration of Bathurst’s Bicentennial.

The Mayor came to the school to present our senior leaders with their commemorative bicentennial medallion in front of Year 12 and Year 7 at an assembly. All the other students will receive their medallions at our whole school assembly on Tuesday.

Well done Bathurst High students and teachers!

Bring Your Own Device Project Work in class using the Google platform continues to expand. I have been into many classrooms and seen teachers using the technology as an integral part of the lesson. I have also talked to many students who are now bringing their own devices and nearly without exception, they are finding them absolutely reliable and useful, no matter what device they bring. We have had a couple of exceptions with Chromebooks and parents who are considering whether to get one of these devices may wish to ask their child to talk to our Technology Support Officer. The problem is very specific to one brand being able to switch wireless network automatically between home and school.

We will continue to purchase devices for students to share in class where students cannot afford to bring something themselves. But to put a price on these devices, one pod of fifteen laptops, bottom of the range with charging and carrying trolley, costs the school about $6,500. We can only buy a maximum of two per year and these are more for replacement as other stock ages than additions to our fleet of computers. We try to roll our technology over every four years. There is so much call on our computers that they quickly date and become unreliable. Devices used by one student only will last a lot longer.

Parents have purchased devices for $250 that are absolutely reliable and effective to support their learning.

Head Teacher Administration Congratulations to Ms Joanne Cormack who has been successful on Merit for the Head Teacher Administration position in an exceptionally strong field. Joanne is currently relieving Head Teacher Administration at Orange High School. She is also a highly credentialed Visual Arts teacher. Ms Cormack will commence her duties at Bathurst High at the start of 2016.

–  –  –

College Development Day Term 2 After a great Easter break, staff returned to school on 20th April for a combined College professional learning activity with all teaching staff participating in technology training at the Kelso High Campus. The focus was on supporting teachers to further develop their understanding of Google Apps and Microsoft Office 365 and tools including Nearpod, Quizlet and ThingLink which can be used to increase student engagement and participation in class.

HSC Seminars We will be hosting the annual Central West HSC Enrichment Seminars at CSU on Tuesday 16 June. All of the major HSC courses will be covered. A highlight of the day will be workshops on The Tempest run by Bell Shakespeare. We are also expecting a range of outstanding guest presenters and experienced HSC markers to be delivering sessions. It is expected that all Year 12 students will attend this event.

Year 7 2016 It was a pleasure to attend the Year 7 2016 Information Nights which were held at both campuses on Tuesday 5th May. Parents and Year 6 students were introduced to campus staff and had the opportunity to inspect the fabulous facilities that will be available to them when they start Year 7 next year.

Iexplore and iLearn, our Year 6 Transition programs, which started last term, continue with students from our partner schools getting the opportunity to participate in activities at the secondary campuses.

Families seeking additional information should contact their local secondary campus. Ms Townend (Kelso HC) and Ms Burt (Bathurst HC) can also provide additional assistance.

Kids Teaching Kids Miss Townend and Miss Burt have started work with students from both campuses on this wonderful initiative as part of the College’s enrichment strategy. This project, which you may have seen advertised on television recently, focuses on sustainability as a project and giving students the knowledge and confidence to teach their peers. After some prepatory work, our students will be visiting local primary schools to deliver lessons to their younger peers.

Senior Assessments Year 12 mid-course examinations were completed during the last weeks of Term 1. Year 11 students are currently preparing for the mid-course assessment cycle which is coming up shortly.

It is critical that all students are fully prepared for the ongoing assessment items throughout their senior years, and that they work closely with their class teachers, Year Advisors, Deputy Principals as well as the Head Teachers Senior Studies (Mrs Murphy and Mrs Chapman). In the event of illness or misadventure, or for any other reason that a student might need to apply for an extension, there are clear processes that need to be followed. Information on this is available in the HSC Assessment Book for each campus.

–  –  –

CSU Future Moves and Your Tutor CSU Future Moves are piloting the YourTutor online tutoring service in 9 selected partner schools across the Central West and Port Macquarie regions in 2015. Due to the strong working relationship between Charles Sturt University and Denison College we have been invited to participate as part of this pilot.

CSU staff, Ben Morris and Allison Charters, introduced the program to students at Kelso High on Tuesday 5th May and will be visiting Bathurst High on Tuesday 12th May to kick off the initiative.

YourTutor is an online tutoring service operating 3pm-10pm Sunday to Friday. Your Tutor includes access to Maths, English, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, plus assignment research for all subjects, writing and grammar, and high school and university study skills. More information is available on the Your Tutor website www.yourtutor.com.au. This service will be provided free of charge to our students by Future Moves.

Future Directions Night – Claim the Date Future Directions is the process that we use across the college to support students in planning for the transition from Year 10 to future study or work. In addition to having the Year 11 2016 Subject Selection Procedures outlined, parents and students will have the opportunity to talk to teachers from both campuses about the wide variety of courses available for study.

There will also be the opportunity to meet representatives from a range of other employment and training organisations including Charles Sturt University, TAFE, VERTO and Skillset. This is a must for all students and parents who are considering enrolment in either campus in Year 11 2016.

This year’s function will be held at BMEC from 6:00pm on Wednesday 23rd July (Term 3 Week 2).

–  –  –

Congratulations to Kate Hamer. Kate has been given the opportunity to attend school in France from October to January as a participant in the AFS Cultural Exchange program.

She will live with a host family and attend school in Saulet. Kate has been studying French via Distance Education and will get the opportunity to develop her language skills during her 4 month visit.

A very successful Year 11 and 12 Parent Teacher Night was held on Wednesday 13th May from 4pm to 6pm. When these parent teacher nights are coming I encourage parents to make appointments via the Millennium parent portal. If you do not have access please phone the school to gain access. The office can also make appointments for you.

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