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«BATHURST HIGH CAMPUS NEWSLETTER 22 MARCH 2013 FOCUS ON.TAS Working on project in Metal technology Lathe work in timber Student enjoying tim- Wish ...»

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22 MARCH 2013


Working on project in

Metal technology

Lathe work in timber Student enjoying tim- Wish they washed

timber technology.

student carefully

Technology. ber lathe work up like this at home!

marking out Metal Technology stuHardworking Technology 1st lesson held in our out- Food Technology students dents producing a sheet students.

door learning centre built by enjoying the food they have metal tool box.

our senior VET construction prepared.


TAS classes across the board have made an impressive start to the school year. It is very important that all students maintain their efforts, work busily, each of you to the best of your personal ability.

Our photos showcase students working in our Trade Training Facilities.

We recently enjoyed hosting a visiting group of Japanese students from Toyo High school. Our students looked after them for the day giving them a range of experiences within our faculty. I’m sure they will remember their visit fondly for many years to come.

Our Aquaculture facility is now stocked to capacity with both Brook Trout and Jade Perch, a total of approximately 2400 fish. Students hope to grow out these fish to a marketable size in 5-6 months.

An interesting fact is that Jade Perch has an incredible 2483mg/100gm of omega-3 oils in the flesh.

Omega-3 is essential for promoting proper nervous system and mental function, and maintaining healthy cholesterol levels.

Students who are participating in our aquaculture programs develop both life and desirable work skills. Team work, problem solving, responsibility, animal care and communication.

We are continuing to extending our already diverse range of curriculum options to meet the needs of students within our local community.

Patrick Ford HT TAS Faculty.

Denison College of Secondary

–  –  –

TAS elective fees and footwear reminder TAS elective subject fees enable subjects to run. Please pay these fees. If help is needed please contact Mr Hastings, Mrs Stirling or Mrs Dunshea so arrangements can be made.

We require the support of Parents or Guardians to ensure students enrolled in TAS electives wear the appropriate heavy vinyl or leather upper shoes to school.

Any student not wearing the appropriate footwear will not be permitted to participate in a workshop/kitchen activities.

–  –  –

New Timetable The new timetable has been created and the extra classes are running in Year 10, Year 12 Construction and Year 8 Technology. Once again this will create rooming challenges for the school. We are entitled to another demountable but demountables remove significant areas of playground and green space and this could otherwise would be available at recess and lunch so we are not going to install the extra classroom. Our rooming challenges will be resolved when the new classrooms associated with the gym and the performance center come online. In the meantime, we will continue to use spaces that are not designed to be timetabled rooms such as seminar rooms for smaller classes so that all classes have the most suitable learning space. Thank you to Mrs Howard and Mrs Newell for the many hours of work that have been done to put together this timetable in such a short space of time. Thank you also to all the teachers and head teachers for their support with the administrative tasks necessary to get the timetable in place. Our wonderful administration manager, Mrs Burgess, came in on a Sunday to make sure all the timetables had been printed off so students could receive them Monday morning.

For a school of this size to put together a completely new timetable in three weeks is quite an achievement and it demonstrates the capacity and commitment of all the staff at Bathurst High to students and their learning.

New Arrangement for Newsletter Distribution This our first newsletter that we are distributing primarily through electronic media. Parents and students will be sent an email and text message when the newsletter is available as a pdf on our external website and our internal Millennium website. Parents who still want the newsletter to be given to their student in paper format, should contact the school office to arrange this. I am very happy to receive feedback ( either positive or negative ) on this initiative. Please email me at geoffrey.hastings@det.nsw.edu.au. Each e newsletter saves the school about $200.

Review of Wednesday Arrangements We are starting a review of the early finish arrangements on a Wednesday. Initially, the review will take place internally and these results will guide questions for parents and students. I hope to have the review complete by the end of term. The review will inform the school organisation but term 2 will run the same as this term will the results are analysed and considered. P&C will be the forum for discussions with parents if any changes need to be made.

Evaluation of the Community of Bathurst High Each year the Commonwealth government does an analysis of the make up of our community and publishes the results on the Myschool website. In 2012 the analysis shows that Bathurst High is a true comprehensive high school. Students come from all backgrounds, high socio economic to low socio economic, non English speaking, Aboriginal and so on. I am very proud to be the Principal of a comprehensive high school. Our students benefit in all sorts of ways, formal and informal. More of our students go on to university than is the average for Australian school but students are also very successful in achieving apprenticeships and work opportunities post school.

How You Can Help From next year, the funding we receive from the state is going to be delivered in a very different way. The Resource Allocation Model (RAM) will mean that the school will be funded based on it students and the nature of the parent community. It is important that parents have their occupation and education registered as part of the family enrolment information. It is not compulsory but every piece of information will help all the students of this school as the information will attract more funding and resources.

Easter It is many years since we have had an Easter celebration separate to the school holidays. I hope everyone has a safe 4 days and that Year 12 are studying hard in preparation for their Mid Course Exams.

–  –  –

Primary Partner Transition Activities The iLearn (KHC) and Iexplore (BHC) programs have commenced for 2013 and have been a huge hit with students and teachers alike. These are our transition programs for students who are currently in Year 6 and are anticipating enrolling at one of our campuses.

Students get the opportunity to visit the campus and participate in some secondary experiences and access some of our specialist facilities for the first time.

In the past, these activities have been supported by the Helping Hands: Transition to Year 7 grant from the NSW Government. Unfortunately, this funding is no longer available to schools.

For information about these programs, contact Mr McFarlane (KHC) or Ms Bertolin (BHC).

Enrichment Opportunities for 2013 The first college enrichment activity took place on Friday 22nd February with 25 students from both campuses participating in a Visual Arts Enrichment Workshop at headspace.

A combined College team drawn from students in Years 9 and 10 participated in the Science and Engineering Challenge hosted at James Sheehan High School in Orange on Tuesday, 5th March, accompanied by Mr Stelling (BHC) and Mr Luccarda (KHC). Late in the afternoon the team was coming first, but were pipped at the post in the last event for the day and came a very pleasing third place in a field of eight.

Planning is underway for the Mind Marathon hosted by East Hills Boys High School. The Denison College team performed extremely well in this activity last year and I am looking forward to similarly outstanding results in 2013. An exciting development in this year’s program is the opportunity for girls to also be involved in the expanded program.

Rotary Youth Driver Awareness Program Approximately 140 Year 11 students from both campuses participated in the annual RYDA program at Mt Panorama on Thursday 7th March. This is an exceptional safety awareness program. My thanks to Mr Bolus (KHC) and Mr Baillie (BHC) for coordinating the activity. Thanks, as well to Rotary for providing the opportunity.

Central West HSC Seminar Day The senior team are currently preparing the program for the annual HSC study day which will be held on Tuesday 25th June at Charles Sturt University. We are anticipating 300 students from throughout the central west will attend. Presenters will be HSC experts with experience teaching and marking the HSC. This year we are also hoping to have a significant keynote speaker to open the event. All students who are serious about maximising their HSC results must attend.

–  –  –

It is great to be back at school after a few weeks of long service leave. Thank you to Darren Hamilton who relieved in my position whilst I was away. We are already more than half way through the term.

Year 7 had three fantastic days at Lake Burrendong Sport & Recreation Camp last week. I would like to congratulate all the students for their outstanding behaviour and participation. Thank you also to the Year 7 student advisers, Mrs Withyman and Mr Downs for all their time spent organising the camp and to the other teachers who worked many long hours over the three days.

The Year 11 Peer Support leaders are always commended on their outstanding display of leadership by the camp staff and this year was no exception.

Year 9 will go to Milson Island Camp from the 14th to 16th of August. Initial letters will go out at the start of term two to allow plenty of time to pay off the excursion before it occurs.

Most students have assignments and homework and the majority of students are able to complete these within the designated timeframe. Please talk to your child and check that they are on track to complete these tasks.

If they are having difficulty with homework and assignments they should seek help from their classroom teacher. Their student adviser will also help them develop a plan to complete tasks and organise support if required.

The number of students late to school is continuing to improve. Students are reminded that if they are late to school they should bring a note explaining their reason for lateness. If they arrive during roll call they must attend the late roll call. If they arrive after roll call finishes they must see the Deputy Principal to sign in.

These students will be given a detention if they do not have a note explaining their lateness.

–  –  –

Congratulations to:

Emma Farr and Cameron Jones (Yr 10) for gaining positions on the Bathurst Youth Council. They will be active members working as a voice for young people in Bathurst.

–  –  –

Students in Year 11 who attended RYDA – Rotary Youth Driver Awareness at Mt Panorama last week. Our students were excellent representatives of BHC.

Attendance A reminder that it is essential to account for every absence you child might have. Please provide a note or ring the office to explain absences. Senior students who have frequent absences jeopardise their ability to complete specific courses and put their Preliminary and HSC at risk.

Uniform Leggings/tights are NOT part of our uniform. Students are expected to wear the uniform track pants, shorts or skirt. Students will be asked to change if they wear leggings or tights to school.

Welcome We have welcomed a number of new students to our school this week. It is great to see them settling into the routines and making new friends

–  –  –

Yr 7 Camp On March 13th-15th year 7 attended Lake Burrendong for their year 7 camp. A total of 164 students including year 11 peer support leaders, and 8 Bathurst High Campus staff went along for 3 days of fun, sun and peer interaction. Students represented Bathurst High Campus well and participated in a range of activities including kayaking, archery, rock climbing, mountain bike riding, canoeing’ grass skiing, raft building and orienteering.

Here are a few words from some of our year 7 students about their experiences at camp:

Joshua McIntosh: ―I had fun, it was really exciting and there were new activities that I hadn’t tried before.‖ Zarlia Griffiths: ―I had fun going canoeing but it wasn’t fun capsizing‖!

Shania Hammond-Brennan: ―Grass skiing was fun but very scary‖.

Jackson Duff: ―I thought it was great to have a chance to get to know your friends and peers better, while participating in a range of fun activities‖.

The year 11 peer support students did a great job supporting and encouraging the year 7 students during the 3 days of camp. They demonstrated excellent leadership skills and initiation running night time activities and peer support activities during the day. The year 7 students bonded well with the year 11 students and would turn to them for help and advice when they needed it. A huge thankyou to all the teachers involved in the camp. They gave up time away from their lives to provide this experience to the students. Peter and I were very happy with the success of the camp and very proud of our year 7 students. We have had a huge amount of positive feedback from parents, students and staff regarding the experiences we all gained whilst camping at Lake Burrendong.

Denison College of Secondary Education—Bathurst High Campus—www.bathurst-h.schools.nsw.edu.au


Music News from the Senior School Congratulations to Swing Factor's Danika Smith in Year 10 who has been offered the Second Tenor Saxophone position in the Jazz Workshop Australia National Jazz Orchestra. She has been selected as one of twenty of the most promising young Jazz musicians in Australia between 14 and 19 years of age and at 15 she is one of the youngest. The band will rehearse in Sydney throughout this year before flying out on a tour to New York and Barbados in January

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